Were The 1960s Peak Leo Male?

Jerry Garcia

“You need music. I don’t know why. It’s probably one of those Joe Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic, and bliss, and power, myth and celebration and religion in our lives and music is good way to encapsulate a lot of it.”
Jerry Garcia

At quick glance, the Sixties seem to have been a fabulous era for the Leo male vibe.


Arnold Schwarzegger


“Art is what you can get away with.”
Andy Warhol

Mick Jagger

Yves St Laurent

Jerry Garcia
Robert Plant
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Andy Warhol
Mick Jagger
Yves St Laurent – With Catherine Deneuve

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Hahaha Arnie, casually enjoying a beverage at the bar wearing nothing but undies. Only a Leo…


60s were pluto in Leo and hence peak male lions and lionesses. It’s interesting too the difference between the typical rock star back then and the ones now with pluto in “not leo” LOL. Big difference.


Like who are some of today? Would be curious to know.


Interesting, but maybe a little discriminatory πŸ˜‰
Rock and roll doesn’t really live anymore, other than renditions of past creative glory.

I ask the question, is it the music that makes the man, does it form the players or is it the creative power of the individual to birth the sound that forms the nature of music and spawns the variety of expressions. Where is it’s source ?


Omg so good mystic


That jerryis dead spit for a Leo ex of mine but I would never tell him how hot he looked when he was younger. Would never hear the end of it and at the mo he is going through a must shun ex gf/friend of 10 years (moi) for a younger woman cray cray.
Leo males are my fatal attraction and I’m the bunny


And in the film world….robert Redford, dustin Hoffman, Robert deniro, Stanley kubrick….alot of bravado and…..fearlessness


yay percy plant!
i would argue his era was the 70s tho
please dont make me choose between led zep and the stones….i just cannae do it


oh my god that guy behind the (milk)? bar with Arnie


Awww, i saw …. he’s just a meerkat.


i’m no mere Kat


Leos look great – but multi Gemini Dylan, you’ll be pleased to know – has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. …. about time.


Just saw that, so thrilled


Yeah – the Sun was exactly ON his Libra MC today – with both Jupe & Merc (Chart ruler) in the zone of his POF conjunct the MC too. Cool astro.


Yeah I felt like an elation when I heard this ! Some good news !


Plant > Jagger. Always. Don’t care how much shit I get for that, either – I much prefer Zep over the Stones. And there’s no question he’s got the better hair, too, so that’s a big Leo win right there!

There were indeed a disproportionate amount of cool Leo cats back then, weren’t there? The Pluto-in-Leo Leos were a different breed altogether – that Hadean force really concentrated the Leonine essence into something incredibly potent.


You will never get any flack from me. Got myself a live dose of the action at the almost Zepp tour of Plant/Page in the 90’s.


Hey, where’d my other β€œp” go?? Musta been saving it for you – :-p ! #Jealous πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

If I could time-travel to see a few bands back in their heyday, Zeppelin would be one of the top for sure – Floyd & The Doors would be up there, too. The rest of you guys can have The Stones & The Beatles (I’m such a heretic for saying this, I know – pure BLASPHEMY! Try not to hate me, LOL)!


Call me an undiscerning pop slut, but I’ll take them ALL thank you v much. Maybe it’s my changeable Kataka nature or Uranus- Mercury that needs to mix it up – the deep with the shallow, the profane with the soulful. i’ve enjoyed them all for different moods.


Hehe..wouldn’t dream of it Skarab. Grazing far and wide is cool too x


Yes I missed Floyd and had ticket options. My bad.. and timing. I’d have to throw in Hendrix from that era too…it’s a same birthday (not year) lefty guitar thing and we have a lot of chart synergy πŸ™‚

I like early Stones but would never trade the Zepp. They had a hurdy gurdy man too…probably the only time I’ll see that instrument played live.


OK, Jimi Hendrix is my rock GOD. Didn’t mention him coz he’s a Super Sagg – but he does have Pluto, Vertex, POF, NN – AND his own Jimi Hendrix asteroid in Leo. I could also bore anyone shitless with his and my composite & synastry charts – but i’ll spare you. πŸ™‚
I would gladly have swapped all of my live concert tickets (and there have been many) to have seen him live – Including Dylan’s, Zepp’s & Manu Di Bango’s.


Dibango …gawd i loathe spellcheck.


Can’t not mention him right ?

I have quite a few ticket stubbs to trade too…


I wonder if Yves was an inspiration for Austin Powers?


Excellent observation M. The cravat covering the chest hair !
Maybe YSL was a British secret agent ?? Would make a great Mockumentary πŸ™‚

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

And the 70s were peak Saggo?


And that Leo Pluto-Mars-Saturn circa 1948–

Unicorn Sparkles



And Andy got away with alot.


Hmmm if the 60s were peak leo I feel like 80s hair metal was hyper Leo. Seems like the perfect excuse for everything Leo.


haha too true


Was there anything ultra-Leonine happening at that point?


Astrologically that is (sorry, still perving at Robert, can’t think straight)


and totally on board with Jerry Garcia’s sentiments, I miss that psy-adventurer-rock-shaman 70’s vibe (I was only little when all that was going on but it really impacted my world view)

The Venus Fly

Ditto. Funk Punk Rock Disco brilliance abounded. From stadiums to Loft and garages that led to Paradise. I swear I was there in a past life :p


mmmm…Robert Plant…… *wanders off and walks into a lamp post*


LOL! I get that daze.

I am such a bad person! I saw that picture and went, “BOOBIES!!” Like, involuntarily.

But gosh, how lovely.


Uh-huh – well he didn’t win the Chest O Rama award in ’74 fer nothin, you know.

The Venus Fly

Virgo sexiness maximus.


Have to admit Robert Plant is some kind of amazing. I didn’t know he was Leo, but he is Saturn conjunct Sun, so perhaps that gives him that craggy mountain goat look?

Love the Moon conjunct Lilith in Pisces opposing Sun/Sat Leo. Saggi Rising for the ultimate hippy style with the Pluto Leo for dark star rising vibe.

Catfish moon

Ha! I have Saturn conjunction my sun…craggy mountain goat…lol.


Ooh I am Saturn conjunct Sun too. And Leo rising. He’s obvs my soul mate lol

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