The Void Moon in Virgo

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Steven Klein

We are just two hours into a nearly 22 hour long Void Moon in Virgo AND it’s a Dark Moon.  The Daily Mystic email for Thursday had some ideas for how to handle this surreal buzz, as do your Horoscopes.

Weekly From Oct 1 is up, Daily for Friday is up and voila v.soon the Monthly Horoscopes for October will up. This Void Moon in Virgo as a cue to get super on point for (yes) the return of a Zap Zone like vibe from mid-Oct.  Explanation pending. Meanwhile, the details consciousness, pattern recognition and nuance mastery vies with the usual Dark Moon carboholic torpor for supremacy.

Neptune on the South Node ensures that the distraction from having to feel your feelings or let something go is basically labyrinthine.


Image: Steven Klein

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75 thoughts on “The Void Moon in Virgo

  1. Wow. It’s so amazing. I did the tarot last new moon and it said I had to release a heap of crap and do a cleansing ritual right before the next new moon, and it turns out to be a Dark moon in virgo–woo! Love it.

  2. Another Zap Zone, I am scared…and I just got back to sleeping soundly. I thought September was the existential crisis of the year, now October is going to be rocky too? OK, Virgo moon, closet’s clean, now for some micro orga…

    • I know same here. I thought we were through with crises. 🙁 Apparently not. Work colleague got slapped with $4500 bill that affects me too. Somehow $ has to magically appear before oct 5th. This is the worst new moon yet but mid-sept was also terrible even though the damage was more to self-esteem and internal.
      I had 2 blissful weeks of finally sleeping soundly with dreams, now this. Hello insomnia. At least money problems can be solved by more $ and more work.

      • omg me too.
        Two weeks of awesome sleep and now insomnia and money worries and languishing in low self-esteem city wondering how best to pump up bank account before Oct 4th.

        • I took extra gig as courier and she took extra gig as Uber type driver. Cash is coming together nicely! We can do it! Just need some extra wind in sails from the Universe!
          A few days before i received the bad news my root chakra kept going out of alignment despite doing meditations, kriyas, and mudras for it. I ignored it cos i was thinking it was the low self-esteem ego spanking I was still smarting from from mid-september. But no, i think it was trying to warn me of impending $ shortage. So i at least learned a cool new thing about myself.
          Good luck getting your money stuff together!

  3. Is anyone else doing the eat, wanna sleep, void moon apathy dance?
    It doesn’t burn any calories but the carb cravings are unprecedented.
    Watch for self-guilting and or falling asleep at your desk, on your feet etc.
    The funny noises are coming from your tummy trying to make sense of all those carbs you gulped down earlier.

    • I hear ya.
      I’m getting the wanna eat half of a roasted chicken and drink red wine on the couch and then go to sleep at since Wednesday and that I don’t wanna leave the bed in the morning (I am usually and early morning bird).

  4. Transiting Venus on my own Ceres trine Neptune now on the south node to me adds beautiful depth…I’ve a water moon trine this and retrograde mercury in Pisces in wide conjunction…

    I’m fine with the labrynthine!

  5. How synchronicitous, a friend just told me her Leo partner has Labyrinthitis, am sure he’d love to let that go.

    Cake, crystal baths and meditation are my dark moon joy. 😉

  6. Been doing the usual dark moon house cleaning routine & last night burned a combo of herbs for a smudging & also to get rid of pesky mosquitos. Anyways, this morning i woke up really exhausted from the intense & wild dreams i’d had. When i hit the kitchen for breakfast, I found my partner & the 2 kids staying with us all raving about the insane dreams they’d all had.
    So feeling a bit sheepish, i checked the herb container – and sure enough, i had accidentally picked up the container that included mugwort in the mixture. I’m sure the cat was affected too, because she’s just been sitting around all day looking stunned.
    That is one potent herb – do not burn at night, unless you want wild dreams & flashbacks all day.

  7. Carboholic, yes – always! Torpor, no – this machine needs long-burning fuel for its endurance runs & lengthy workouts!

    I was looking at a too-large zucchini my garden had gifted me (the last of the season) and wondering WTF I should do with it. I didn’t want to throw it out, so the Virgo Moon gave me some very practical culinary inspiration to just peel it, scoop out the seeds, and shred for zucchini cake. Not only did I make one, but I actually had enough to double my pleasure and try making it two ways! The first was a decadent double chocolate version, the other a totally freehand riff on the classic. They were both super moist and the best examples I have personally ever made or eaten 😉 I took some of each over to a Virgo Moon friend in a care package – she & her husband have been under the weather, so I thought this would make a nice little pick-me-up for them along with some tea <3

    Hey so it’s carbs, but it’s carbs w/ a veggie in it – that’s gotta count for *something*, right?? 😛 😀

      • LMAO! TY for scientifically justifying my love of carbs and validating my penchant for baking, LOL! Even if it does not actually make me live longer, I know it makes me live *happier*, and I think quality of life is huge. All Good Things In Moderation, after all – including carbohydrates! 😉

      • Great link!
        If only my body could digest carbs I’d live on them.
        Bought bread and butter for this dark moon end of week and weekend and just inhaled it all in two sittings. Like any allergic thing the cravings were insanely strong but my body was like “wtf have you done to me bitch?”
        I had a night of insomnia followed by two hours of one one those nightmares where you know it’s a nightmare but you stay in it because at least you are asleep. I was arguing with Donald Trump and becoming LIVID with annoyance. Not quite the lucid dream I had in mind!
        I blame the bread, totally.

    • To be fair, carbs are awesome when they’re healthy carbs.
      I hate how entire food groups get a bad rep because of a few common offenders. Bread does not agree with me, or pasta but I LOVE complex carbs like winter squashes and sweet potato. I love fat as a food group too although I know many people are anti fat, I find it so satisfying and recently started tracking my food with an app to discover most of what I eat is fat and a lot is carbohydrate. I mean we need them.
      Protein is great but there are lots of undesirable sources of protein out there being sold as health foods too.

  8. I am Virgo Venus in 12th conjunction my Virgo ascendant.

    I got my lab results today and everything was great!!! So happy.

    I also got more work! I was going to come home and start but decided me time and nap were preferred. My schedule is my own, so I will start when I get up.

    • I had to load up on carb and jars last week cause my blood sugar kept dipping oddly. Now I am all better,no desire for carbs, except rum.

  9. Omg Leo dancer daughter had massive hair redo that cost a fortune and failed her expectations big time. It’s been 24 hrs and we are all still tip toeing around the house wearing fake smiles and fear in our hearts. All attempts to soothe this savage beast are met with snarls and unsheathed claws. I am the easy target, so right now I’m quietly packing a bag and making arrangements in case all hell breaks loose.

      • I’ll fail to mention that .. along with any other advice. No use prodding the beast at this juncture.
        She’s just headed off to the unsuspecting boyfriend, hehe

          • Oh lord, poor thing. I had a particularly bad haircut 18 months ago when it was already pretty fragile and thinning from stress, the hairdresser decided to back comb the whole lot (I figured he knew what he was doing: wrong), then a lot of it snapped off at top-of-the-ear level. 18 months and it is still only down to jaw length. I have the world’s longest neck and a strong curl. 2 weeks you say, Powderfinger? Hehe. My husband never mentions hair anymore, he steers very far away from that bomb.

              • I started cutting my own hair out of a mixture of wanting to be more frugal – or needing to be and some weird mistrust of hairdressers I’ve developped. I don’t mistrust ALL hairdressers, I actually really like them, generally and think it’s such a fun thing to do as a career, play with people’s hair, give them a new look or a confidence boost (the odd disaster notwithstanding) but it is a costly fix and oftentimes a questionable one for me as I change my mind so frequently then end up going back or to another and THEN going back. I got so tired of the smugness and patronising “but I told you” vibe and of handing over my money for the privilege to boot that I’ve got a pair of clippers and currently rock a short mohawk. I’m okay about it and like the independence of not relying on anyone else to keep looking the way I do. There’s something addictive about cutting my own hair. Or maybe I just like being in control, and that it’s cheap!

    • Pissing myself. I have Leo rising and I did that to my hair last week. It wasn’t the tragedy your daughter is experiencing, but a Leo Hair Fail produces a very acute pain that can’t be described, only experienced. Give your daughter a kiss for me, if you can get close enough without being hurt. And DO NOT SAY “it’s only hair” or “it will grow back”…!!!

  10. Un4tunately l have not been able to Yin-out. I have had deadlines and all attempts to do things have been frustrating.

  11. I’m updating the computer today. Just like I upgraded the Blu-Ray in my room yesterday. Everything must function at high optimum as one cannot wing this awesome – one must be prepped for it ;D

  12. Dark moon spent driving to the west coast of the North Island of NZ. This holiday has been non-stop and I’m looking forward to going home to rest.

    But turns out the hotel room tonight has a spa! I know exactly what I shall be doing. The moon will go new somewhere between here and Auckland tomorrow lunchtime.

    I was reading about this being the second new moon of the month for half the world. And that it’s super potent as a consequence. Won’t be here as we have already clicked over into October.

  13. Today was rough!

    Woke up with a cold, had no energy, yelled at the dog + cat, got in a fight with my husband, cried, went to work, had a meeting about a sexual harassment claim I made against a customer with my brand new manager that I hardly know, felt awkward and questioned the point of filing said claim, yelled at my mom, cried, made up with husband, cried, called mom back and apologized, told mom about a deeply held secret that has been triggered by sexual harassment at work, cried some more.

    Soooo yeah it has been a bit surreal….

    • Bringing a claim against harassment means you are put under the spotlight. Its so wrong how it is handled. You are made out to be the cause. I speak from the point of having had to do the same. But in my case a positive was that it got me into the Astro

      • You are so right. The light is shining ON me.

        I usually like to be quiet + agreeable but this was YEARS of continued behavior. Saint Taurus finally has had enough.

        Thank you for sharing your experience as it makes me feel less alone in this. xx

        • That was my prob too. I was quiet & agreeable, in my work (Mars Pluto Venus in Virgo 2H trined by Sat in Cap 6H). I always did above and beyond. After being abused, because l was doing a good job and being the ‘cult-hero’ teacher, l learnt not take shit from these ppls. Pluto was conjuncting my Saturn at 2° Cap at the time and applying opp my Asc.

          Now l just say basic shit to anyone, including pricipals, its my new principle. It is one of the the things l have learned from Pluto opp my Asc and in a few years my Sun. Plus the ZZ of 12-15 put me thru more inurement and out of the monurement.

    • Oh mate, sounds rough. You are standing up for yourself despite the triggering from the past and that is great. It is no wonder you have a cold and yelled at a couple of people, but don’t worry, they love you and they can take it, and your mom will likely be feeling pretty comforted that you trusted her enough to tell her. This is all a very normal reaction. I say this as one who had to change jobs due to a badly handled situation where I was being stalked at work by a customer and no-one helped, they even suggested I meet with the stalker in an office to thrash it out. I mean, wtf. I am sorry that you are being met with a similar attitude by your manager. Your employer has a duty to protect you. Rest up as much as you can this weekend. I wish you all the best.

      • Have also been reading about asteroid Pandora, as it came up in the scopes, currently conjunct Jupiter in Libra. This is from Lua astrology:
        “The Sabian symbol of Pandora is An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest. This symbol is in keeping with the original intention of Zeus for Pandora to be a punishment to mankind. Pandora herself is the ‘unexploded bomb’. It’s as though Pandora is charged with unreleased potential. There is a sense of force behind her yet it can be unused, dissipated, defused – or perhaps twisted to a different purpose. There’s a feeling that it is only through exploding the bomb or opening the box that Pandora’s true potential is realised.”
        I think maybe you exploded the bomb and Jupiter is making it feel huge, and it is huge, but only good can come of it I reckon.

          • Mystic as I read Ampersand’s reply to me I had this huge moment of clarity in regards to how I am being treated and really not being taken seriously with my claims.

            I realized that I have to quit a job that I love, students that have been with me for years all because of it. I would have never in a million years ever had the guts to do this but all the sudden it’s like the only option. Saint Taurus is DONE. xx

      • THIS x a billion, Ampersand. I feel like you were with me in the room!! I am having this A HA moment after reading your reply – my doubt/second guessing myself was from the condescending attitude of my manager. And yes, they are like, we’re working on it, until then he can’t come take your classes (I’m a yoga teacher) but he can still come to the property so you may run into him.

        This is someone who one of my managers confided in me “just between us” that she thought he might be mentally ill. And this is someone that I may have the potential to see until this is all “taken care of?” WTF indeed

  14. Being a Cancer rising is literally such a pain in the ass. Every moon phase I feel intensely, especially Dark moons. Why do Void/Dark moons always happen when I have shit to do? It’s so inconvenient.

    I think I need to start detaching from lunar cycles. I see no point in following them besides new/full moons. Other than that, it’s just annoying as hell.

    • good luck detaching from those moon cycles dewdroplets
      I am virgo with sag rising, no cancer anywhere but I feel the moon’s movements SO intensely. It could be because I have a 12th house moon and neptune – just a very active 12th house but yeah. I currently have saturn conj my moon so I’ll be feeling this heavy moon/ serious emo – moon vibe till end of 2017
      I always wonder why I’m so affected by the moon’s movements because my chart is so un-watery but yeah, if you figure out how to detach from the moon can you let me know?

  15. The only reason I am feeling much enthusiasm for going to work today is because we have a cake and coffee morning for charidee. Let’s all eat loads of sugar to fight cancer bollocks. I cannot even really believe this is an actual strategy by a national cancer research charity, let alone that I am taking part. Goes to show what a fuckton of crap abounds in the orthodox wisdom about cancer. Still, I will probably have to be rescued from doing a pig-in-a-trough at the scones and cream.

    • Things in society that don’t add-up.
      1 Dairy companies giving advice on how to handle asthma
      2 Ronald McDonald House for kids who get….cancer.
      3 Bikers Toy Runs; how many have given Teddy Bears to THEIR own off-spring unwittingly?

      • Don’t even get me started. Big multinational supermarkets advertising themselves as “local”. We are so local and lovely it is like shopping in a country market, we have even called the pastry aisle “Ye Olde Pie Shoppe”.

        Then you get the story in the local rag about how a local farmer had to dump 3 tonnes of carrots because the supermarket just didn’t want them anymore, sorry, and your contract with them means you can do nothing about it and they have you by the balls because you have signed up to be a supplier to them only.

    • It did indeed.
      I HATED it, twas foul.
      Made sauerkraut today and came here because I have insomnia again. bleh but at least the void moon in virgo is done.

  16. My granddaughter is Kat Sun and Asc with Scorp Moon plus Kat Merc n Venus. She KNOWS whats what and where is everything.


    She is in what the Tibetans call the 4th bardo. This is considered possibly the most important phase of ones whole life. A positive view of the events of this life before passing over dan create a better transmigration to the next.

    All the best to you and your family x

  18. Love and strength to you, Aquariscorp. I’ll light a candle for you and your mom tonight. I did that with my stepdad a month ago and it was an indescribable honour; a deeply, deeply spiritual experience. May she pass peacefully and comfortably with words of love and reassurance whispered in her ears. X

    • Ah… oops! That didn’t read well. Where’s that edit button… I meant that I was there when he died. Not that I lit a candle for him! Although that in itself can be a deeply, deeply spiritual experience!

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