Virgoness Is Next To Godliness

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Albert Maignan

Even if you are not a Virgo or have zero Virgo in your chart, make like one this week.

It’s not just their well-documented knack of coming out looking correct/right/appropriate/morally superior/clean even emerging from a sewer.

Although that level of godliness could really confound your Muggle friends, colleagues and enemies this week. Especially if you perfect your smile of mild, mindful condescension.

Note: Muggles do not acknowledge Mercury Retrograde/Eclipse/Saturn-Neptune fuqery – you at least can initiate Volatility Protocol – for example, the Shizz List Spell in the Daily Mystic for Monday.

But in a week like this, cleaving to Virgo Vibe will bring you basic serenity and help to balance out the existential crunch of it all.

Image: Albert Maignan

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91 thoughts on “Virgoness Is Next To Godliness

  1. Yaa cleanliness is next to godliness. Being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness. It is a good habit to keep our surroundings and ourselves clean and tidy.
    the most important activity of human life is worshiping God and
    the next important thing is cleanliness.

  2. My job is detailed orientated, skilled, with organization benefiting my effectiveness and product.

    I am Venus conjunct my ascendant in Virgo natally.

    I finished my 4th project in the past 6 weeks today. I have been paid for the first two which was a nice and a huge paycheck.
    Thank you Jupiter in Virgo!

    • I have seen a few others mention that they have been staying sober too. I thought I reward myself after finishing 2 large projects, but no.

  3. The last few days have been virgoing out, with 100% sobriety, getting up to date on outstanding work issues (started at 5 am Wednesday morning!) and being super cool re a new special person in my life – but I hit the wall Weds night with tequila, terrible abandonment dreams and woke today feeling rats**t!

    thanks for all the lovely posts fellow travellers – we’re all ‘getting there it seems’ – I’m now making a healthy breakfast and just getting my head around the day’s demands. Sun, merc, venus, pluto in virgo.

  4. Drive to work 45min, no slow trucks today, Work as art teacher clean clean clean, drive home picking up Gym Junkie child, go shopping, make dinner, two big loads in the machine onto the clothes line, dishes, jnr in the shower and to bed, early for a change, tidy up and a sneaky binge of GOT. Bed….rain!…dream dream dream

  5. Fudging hell that was the weirdest non-date I’ve ever been on. Last few weeks our mutual friends have been telling me to go for it, the vibe is there, and he’s implied that he’s into me. Hell, after he met me he told one of my best gal pals that it was especially lovely to meet me. We hang out in a big group, spend most of the night making goo-goo eyes, I decide to ask him out, and I have NEVER asked someone out MERCURY RX BE DAMNED! I score us free cinema tickets, the dude falls asleep halfway into the movie. He can’t pay for drinks afterwards because they don’t take card payments so I pay for myself. He spends the rest of the night referring to Alex or Ali (his ex?? idk last time I saw him two weeks ago he was 100% single) and promptly drops me off at the tube at half past nine, and says “thanks for the ticket, but why did you decide to come out all the way to hackney?” ( …………….because i was expecting to go in to work with a guaranteed fat hickey on my neck mate)
    so obviously i spent the tube ride home texting several peeps in our mutual friendship group asking for clarification, everyone is as confused as i am.
    at least i managed to maintain my dignity and i flipped the switch to friend mode as soon as vague ladies were mentioned. and he is a cool dude, triiple virgo, i like him regardless and think he’s really cool as a friend although i would be lying if i didn’t say i was a little bit disappointed. He invited me, three times (also he has asked me to come over fb after out non-date) to come to his birthday party. not sure whether to go. i would almost be relieved if there is another gal in the pic because my mind is so fried. should i embrace cap stoicism and bow out or rock up looking chic af and vibe out the situation?

    Dates are so expensive man.
    I spent an extra £3 on travel.
    I spent 24 mt free membership tickets.
    I bought a lip stain so I could snog guilt free.
    I bought an egg cress sandwich so I wouldn’t get drunk too quickly.
    I bought knickers.
    I bought gum.

  6. Yes!

    I’m super Virgo-ing out, and it’s helping my sense of self-efficacy, even though I have some very serious financial/work/career problems right now, and feeling somewhat fragile psychologically. Staying sober, though!

    I have Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and, Venus in the 6th house (in Cap). So, that’s plenty of Virgo, and of course being lit up by all the Virgo transits, but I’m not always as ‘on it’ and ‘across it’ as I am this week, and it feels refreshing. (I also have a lot of stuff in Pisces!)

    I’m using matcha tea and ginkgo to keep my mind sharp, as I am still somewhat ailing from that general anaesthesia brain hijacking I suffered at the end of 2014. The tea and herbs are working very well, I’m happy to say!

    It’s feeling pretty good and trying to just flow, like MM said, even though things aren’t perfect. Getting in ‘flow’ is helping to tolerate that things are not perfect.

    Another blog did a whole thing on ‘control and perfectionism’ this week and I thought that was just so fitting for Virgo season! It came out on the 6th, which is my Virgo mother’s birthday, and I have control and perfectionism issues from my family of origin situation, so again, it was just perfect timing and very helpful to read that blog.

  7. At work currently while reading this (in background, shhhh….), and boss hears me dealing with an asshat customer on phone (one of many), and as he walks by says that he admires my composure while dealing with such people… cool, calm, and collected.

    Small synchron but I love it anyway.

  8. hmm as a Taurus conjunct madonna asteroid just mosey around clearing altars putting up fairy lights and loving the DARK NIGHTS quite happy with a few cobwebs. Virgo son had his birthday yesterday (29) managed to get all the right pressies such a lovely warm charming young man, a teacher..and very into cleaning. But my approach is more well organic…lots of sweeping . salt and smudging . Clean sheets though . Nothing in Virgo in my chart but close to my son, and my Scorpio daughter though in very different way. My cleaning is more about changing energy, I don’t do minimalism really

  9. Sag dailies could not have been more accurate. Unexpected pocket of sadness, solace in cleaning, etc. I scrubbed my whole bathroom, did two loads of laundry, swept, mopped with nice-smelling washing up liquid, and gave myself a salt scrub in the shower. I really do feel in the thick of things all of a sudden. Lots of second house issues cropping up, namely the difference between using resources properly vs. the desire to not feel status anxiety. All kinds of money epiphanies, but also awareness that money is only one resource. Before the one I’m in now, I had never had a stable relationship that I could rely on for everyday emotional support and I kind of just realized that it was okay for me to do that in this one. But like, this is a dynamic resource rather than wish fulfillment. No happily ever afters, just more work to be done — which I should be very happy to do.

  10. Did the schizz list – it was long LOL

    As a Toro sun, I live to harbor grudges but like everything else lately I am just letting them go.

    People who irked me all the sudden have no reaction from me because I am seeing the reaction and NOT responding to it. Virgo superpowers activated!!

  11. Have to style an unethically beautiful just-teen for a modelling comp this weekend. Cancerian style your Ascendant is helping as is Moon Rising.

    Am thinking Cancer Rising Twiggy prim style is the right vibe with all this Virgo Godliness around?
    I know she’ll want the Kylie Jenner treatment tho :-/
    Must find way to sell Twiggy as Kylie J.

    She is Pisces Sun with Moon in Aqua conjunct Neptune. Venus in Capricorn. Kataka Asc.
    Any styling tips appreciated!

    • She ought to wear Confidence 😉 Posture, walk, chin & eyes up: most important! Whatever her dress, she should feel good in it. Make-up is ideally minimal, to show off her natural fabulousness, but again, she’ll have the best time & the best chance for snagging a prize if she feels like & radiates *supastar* 😀 What fun! Good luck!!

      • Ew, confidence, are you sure? Sounds a bit garish! She has Sun/8th too. Was thinking petulant might have more Je nai se quoi, lol.

        I am nervous that she will win something as I truly don’t want it for her, neither does her mother, which is why I am doing it with her!

        But I would like to see her confident and shining – you remind me that to be that, one must cleanse & clear the energy field too. Aha! A worthy lesson out of this hoopla.

        • Good call: cleanse & clear the energy field too!

          But I’m confused. You guys do not want her to succeed in this endeavor?

          • We want her to be happy and succeed but not to become an anorexic along the way, just fears for her well being in a peculiar industry…

            • Ah. Sure. If it’s any consolation, i modeled in my teens, no eating disorder ever about myself. Of course eating disorders are about so much more than “looks,” & shame on fashion for glamorizing what is a mental illness.

              • Thank you! I modelled for a minute & found it really stressful so perhaps I am projecting! Will keep it in check and be happy for her, xxx.

                • xxx 🙂 Interesting! I never found it stressful, only boring lol. That 20-30 secs down the runway & back was great, but the rest of it? Meh. I think a lot of us, once we get a feel for what modeling is really about, move on to bigger aspirations. You know, work that is truly self-expressive & values our thoughts & ideas. Modeling, of course, is none of those… I’m glad I had opportunity to try it on, tho! Some good memories/experiences.

    • All that Pisces Neptune kataka, work the eyes. Venus in cap, cool headed structure. practical magic. I still have no concept of Kylie Jenner other than tabloid wraith (sorry if she’s reading this) but you could go that without the social media approval frenzy maybe. Drum into her that this may be a beauty contest but she does not need its approval to validate beauty. That dgaf vibe could be the trick? Not sure

  12. Hi folks 🙂 Sun in Virgo here turning 30 by weekend. Seems like I’m going to be challenged and tested until the very last day as a 29 yr old. Wow is this really what Saturn return is all about? Ps pls forgive as much as I’ve found solace in astrology since I was 9, Ive only began exploring about a year ago.

  13. ok
    mountain peak is in sight. only a few days’ walking. all provisions in order: just have to walk, rest, walk, rest, sleep, repeat.

  14. Im vdecluttering my psyche like a born again virgo. Taking a retreat to the country this weekend for 5 weeks. Should be interesting and very very quiet for me. Shall switch off. and zen i hope.

  15. Amazing stuff!! I’m Virgo sun, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon… In the last four days I’ve gotten poison ivy, stung by a bee, fell into the fire pit while camping (very symbolic!!) and now have it flowing out both ends!! Guess that’s one way to cleanse!! All while I have so much to organize and clean up!! To top it off my Scorpio husband said the other day, you know I don’t believe in any of that Mercury Retrograde stuff!!

    • Holy shit! You got the super ultra purge package!! Beats going coach tho, right? 😉 So soon you’ll have it all out of your way & then you can get back to your Virgo biz. Did your husband take a different flight? Haha x

    • Dunce cap for the Scorpio huz! His Virgo (Mercury-ruled) wife suddenly having a slew of things detrimentally interfering with her wellness as Mercury backtracks in heath-conscious Virgo and he can’t see a possible correlation there?? Write on the blackboard 50x “I will not diss Mercury Retro”!

      As an aside, both malefics currently traversing Sagittarius to me = bad time to go camping…especially if you’re Mutable. Pukey Scorpio Moon’s almost over, so hope you’re feeling better soon!

      I think I have just decided to shun all prospective partners who are staunch non-believers, LOL. Seriously, though – I’ve spent too much of my life peacefully co-existing with people who have differing beliefs/philosophies/politics and think I would like some similarity in my life for once. #JupiterInLibraLifeGoals

      • Does this mean we’re breaking up?!

        😉 You know I enjoy some political rough-housing with a worthy opponent. Respect, LV. Always. x

        Yes: sharing time with like minds is one of the greatest joys in life! God speed, you heroine of liberation!

        • My darling, there’s never been any hard feelings – I completely respect you and think you a lovely soul! No, I was strictly speaking of my family of origin/Significant Others…I have a large degree of tolerance for a difference of opinion; I think mostly because I have an acute awareness that *I* am the anomaly. I am just so used to feeling “different” and functioning outside of established norms that it’s never been a priority or a requirement for me to agree with someone in order to like or respect them. And it’s very rare when I encounter those who see things the same general kinds of ways that I do. Lovely people do come in all packages, but now I want to meet people on a more similar wavelength. I’ve never had a “type” in friends or partners and believe that we grow through an occasionally opposing perspective – how else would we grow, learn, & change if not through being presented with a different point of view? Discourse fosters understanding, and it is my belief that people who have no interest in this only wind up living in solipsistic little bubbles. But at this stage of my life, I am ready for more harmonious covalent bonds – I feel like the time for opposition has passed and now it’s all about union.

          TL;DR version: Like attracts like & all that jazz.

          Muchas smoochas – besos!

          • I’ve felt this incredibly!! Surrounded by Muggles and Qui Vampires!! Thought I’d my vibration is higher it won’t matter!! I was wrong!! You become what you interact with! I was so high vibration up to eight years ago! Then allowed(thinking I was helping- LMAO!! Don’t ever let anyone in your sacred space- meaning home! BIG lesson! I’m jazzin that up- my

            • Sooo feeling- tired of interacting with not my philosophical kind!- I can’t change them! I’ve tried! All these Vampire shows and stuff– really I’m awaken and I want to interact with others who are as well!! I understand!

  16. Work and woo basically sums it up for me. There is only one person left in my orbit with whom I’m having issues with. Maybe I should look at all the people I have systemically cut out in the last tn years?

    I think the one thing they probably all have is an inauthentic core?!

  17. Oh good! For once, i am in sync! I have been channeling my venus in virgo cleaning house, exfoliating, etc. good manners. Crisp white and neutral stylishly classic but practical clothing. Will work on the more mental Virgo Fu!

    • I did the coffee grinds body scrub that Mystic suggests months ago. I felt so good afterwards. It’s been a mega work ethic week interlaced with loads of journaling, tarot and meditation.

      • Ooh coffee grounds! I bet you smell great now! Ilove the smell of coffee but unfortunately coffee hates me. Alas i am a slow metabolizer. But yes i bet the grounds are less obnoxious to me topically than the drink is internally.

        • I have a love hate relationship with coffee too. It generally gives me terrible stomach pains but if I only have it every now and again I seem to be okay.

  18. My Virgoan hubs, whose birthday is today, just had a nice little life lesson that I think will up his Virgoness. Not to sound condescending, he just needs a wee jolt sometimes. He’s got a party on his Libran moon/Pluto/Merc and a Scorpio IC for the Lilith and recent Mars biz. He’s seriously a Phoenix – def a diamond that I found in the rough.

  19. man, i have virgo ascendant, but i am in the mire … maybe the venusian swamps. i haven’t vacuumed in an age, and i LOVE to vacuum. my excel sheets are out of date … cleaning and organizing have ALWAYS brought me peace and serenity … now i can’t get out of my own way (and goddess help me you should SEE my kitchen table) … ffs, something is SERIOUSLY out of whack. ~grumbles and wanders off~

  20. GASP! Yes, got it now, thanks……And yes! GASP!

    B*stards GRRRRRR
    But Morrrrral Highgrrrrrrrround, yes!

    The PassAggNess of this day was astonishing. I was fully convinced it was MOI and then my husband rang to tell me about a customer service incident with a telco (and a *free phone* they sent him) that was so bad it was funny and I told him things and he said, ‘not you honey, calm ya farm.’

    Virgo Moon here is organising the crap out of things

    Upgrade upgrade upgrade……

  21. Well will spell soon by the sounds!

    My new boss is raving about me and my work ethic/ charm (Multli Outerplantery Virgo – Libra conjunction with have the universe at the party)

    Am feeling the Saturn vibes too but remaining calm / stoic and upping the Yoga and Yin trying not to get to emotional re deadshit ex and life since 2008 basically ha!

    Have Moon in Scorpio natally and those deep feelings are hard for a Vigin to process was remembering this morning in the drive to work how derailed I am after each break up and trying to live in the now and keep putting those feet in front of each other

    • I keep telling myself that i am going to look back and laugh one day at the goings on of 2008 to present. I *have* to believe that maybe i turned a corner for the better.

  22. Guests coming for dinner last night at the last minute. Our house was in a state !
    Mrs. Kataka couldn’t give a shit and continued on with her latest masterpiece.
    Son 1 is going on a hiking trip and has left all the packing etc till the last minute while ripping all the clothes out of every draw. Son 2 has the flu and has made the lounge room his bedroom and it’s covered in tissues and breakfast and lunch .. they are all like calm down, chill dad. I had 45 mins and in that time I ‘did’ the house including 2 bathrooms, helped pack for the hike and prepared korma chicken to be BBQed. As I lit up the Nag Champa the guests walk in, the first thing they say, OMG your house is so serene, so tidy and peaceful. We left a total mess at home. I’m like, awww, come and sit down while I get you a drink. Excuse me for a minute I’m just going to warm up the BBQ.
    Seriously someone had to give a shit !
    Pluto in Virgo 3rd House

  23. Off topic I just want to say the movie “Moonlight” is getting rave reviews. And the lead character’s name is Chiron ;P <3

  24. Hells teeth mystic, that thing you said about the condescending smile to a muggle enemy, the iching just said the same thing not half an hour ago. I don’t abuse the iching or your tarot (once a quarter maybe, or on a really obvious change in life), but given current events and the amount of changes recently, I have done both twice within the space of a week.

    I got Hexagram 51: Thunder, to cut a long story short I recently told mother in law to do one (politely) and iching says there are a lot of people who are pissing themselves laughing (I think this means the extended family in my case), because it’s about time she got called on her shit and I have more allies than I know (which corresponds to real life, an elderly relative of MIL sent me a message saying nice one, she does my head in too). it was about a short sharp shock, but I was told I have the moral high ground and to plaster on that smile. Virgo rising at 0 degrees and a fart, I loved Jupiter’s trip through my first. Talk about finally knowing who I am. And having the gob to back it up when necessary.

    And your Tarot was all about dysfunctional families and how there were no Aristo parents to rescue me, that it was entirely me and that was enough. And how I do not have to see them if I don’t want to.

    I felt a little better about this all happening in Mercury retro, but I couldn’t not say anything, I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t let another emotional assault go.

    Where’s me pencil for the Shizz List… I knew there was something I forgot to do. 🙂

    • When the daily Taurus told me a month NO being venemous I took that on. So easy to banish vamps with meanness but than their resentment latches on, too. Just glide on.

      Pisces, though – those Pisces scopes are really documenting the inner Phoenixing trip.of the last year. Uber grateful for the alliance.

  25. I am crazy sick. Can’t do cleaning right now but I am DRAGGING myself to prepare healthful food. I just want this cold to pass over so I can start this new exercise regime!

      • I prepared home-made Dashi earlier. In 1.5 hours I cooked up a pot of Japanese Hotpot and used up the left-over Pumpkin to make my awesome Caribbean Pumpkin Salad for lunch tomorrow.

        Been REALLY cutting down on foid wastage. Buy what I eat lonely. Taking all scraps to the corner neighborhood compost. I promised the fairies on the latter and dammit, I’m keeping my word :p

    • We cleaned the tea cupboard yesterday after I had a meltdown about bench clutter. Hope you all get better soon. I’ve got my son home with an evil cough.

      • any suggestions to store tea? Not the loose kind but boxes and tins of the tea bags?
        the Virgo in me is seeking a better more organized and visually aesthetic solution.

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