NASA & The 13th Sign

Hajin Bae

Every so often, a blast saying “YOU ARE NOT THE STAR SIGN YOU THINK YOU ARE”, or some such guff, cycles through the social media channels. It might have NASA tagged to it, as if they’ve made some recent discovery that changes everything, but no. That’s not true.

The real question here is which zodiac are you using, though it’s much less sensational for those trying to debunk astrology. BTW, this difference in the zodiacs was first noticed by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus who predates NASA several thousand years.

The Explanation:

As simply as possible, there is more than one zodiac used in astrology.

Western horoscopes use the Tropical Zodiac; Hindu horoscopes use the Sidereal Zodiac. What’s the difference? Right now, about 26 degrees. (Tropical starts Aries on March 21; Sidereal on April 15) This is because the Tropical system does not account for the precession of the equinox (cyclic wobbling of Earth’s axis as it rotates), and Sidereal does.

There Is No 13th Star Sign

Both zodiacs divide the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun around the earth) into 12 pieces of pie, each named for a constellation, but the Tropical begins the Zodiac with the Vernal equinox and the sidereal with the constellation of Aries. Back in Hellenistic times, the two were one and the same, but because of the precession, they have been drifting apart at the rate of about 1.4 degrees every century.

What does that mean to you and your star sign?


Your sign is correct for Western astrology. If you have your Hindu chart done, it might give you different signs, which are interpreted differently as well.

If you want more deets on this, look up the precession of the equinox and Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac.

Bottom line is, like all other symbol systems, each is unique and true within its own context. If you see those 13th Star Sign headlines, give them a toss.

They’re just out there to stir the uninformed.

Image: Hajin Bae

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Ah, yes – this pile of recycled crap again! When I saw the story making the rounds (amidst all the other horrible shit hitting headlines lately), I actually LOL’d for a hot second – of course this kind of garbage is going to regurgitate as Mercury is retrograde & stationing in aspect to Pluto! Misinformation from “science” abounds, and yet even though they decide to rehash this during Mercury Retrograde, astrology is given no credence at all. *massive eyeroll* Riiiiight. Yes, I LOL’d….right before I settled into a slow burn and then subsequently used it to fuel an incredibly lucid… Read more »


I’m actually really grateful for this idiocy, though – I do my best writing when passionate and fiery. There is a strength and forcefulness flowing through my words that I don’t get when I’m not deeply moved like this. So all in all, it worked out great!


“Astrology isn’t astronomy”… so we’re (as astronomers) going to educate you on the “changing” zodiac. Oh the irony. Also the basis for comparison (as science equaling prediction) made no sense, “Astronomy is the scientific study of everything in outer space. Astrology is something else. It’s not science, No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future…” – not even going there re: astrology and prediction, but most importantly: Astronomy doesn’t predict the future, so how is that even at all relevant to the contrast between the two? Since when has prediction been an indication of something… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Oh phew. People have been baiting me with that lately….

Maxene Schreck


Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



What I really want to know is if there is such thing as a pre-saturn return return? Because I most definately am going through the grinder. Office politics, some mistakes from my side, shitty friends. Low health point.

I’m so out of balance emotionally. I’ve stopped being caring, compassionate, gentle. I’m self undoing myself. I have a stellium in the 12th which I think plays a part in this. I am surrounded by qi vamps at work. I am dreading my saturn return – which funnily enough my manager is going through right now.


Where is Saturn transiting right now in your chart? A few months before I turned 26 I had some of major hell raising crises and tests sometimes associated with Saturn Return — the time god was entering my career sector and activating my natal Pluto + squaring my sun. Now I’m in actually Satirn return territory and feels like a steady fulfillment and maturation of some of things that blew up in my life in late 2012 and which I’ve rebuilt over the last three and a half years. Mystic also has a post about the quarter life crisis being… Read more »


At some point Pluto transits our natal Neptune, that can be tough.

Maybe you need a holiday? Not even joking. Perspective is vital and there’s nothing like spending time somewhere else to get it.

Stress and stressful circumstances is bad for health and emo well-being.


Ppl that put this stuff forward don’t about astrology and its machinations.
If you go into a fight, “Know thy Enemy”, clearly they don’t.


Someone told me about NASA changing the zodiac and adding a sign last week. I said “bullshit…Mystic would have told us about it…”




Wow a pie sounds so good right now. 12 pieces? Naw just quarter it.


I’ll have Peach n Apricot with pure cream.


Ok so is that one pie, or two? One pie swimming up, one swimming down? 😉 Pisces stellium.




this sounds like the perfect pie.

The Venus Fly

My Western and Vedic are literally identical.

Truth be told it’s Draconic I find the most telling about the TRUTH of your soul character. My Draconic is uber Sagg and Scorp and the theme of adventure, freedom, lust and obsession have been both Muse and proverbial Devil :p


Funny- I just went and looked at my Draconic- it looked exactly the same as my natal. Googled “reading Draconic charts” and found that it puts 0 Aries at the North Node. Well, my NN is already 0 Aries! Ha. I have no idea what to make of that


My friend has the same thing, and she’s come to the realization that it basically means you wear your soul on your sleeve! Where some have to dig deep down to find.


Well now i am curious about my draconic.


Totally agree re the Draconic. If you really want to get to the motivating core of someone, that’s the chart i look at. We just did an amazing Astro Hack on it last week – truly A-HA moments. My Draco chart just flips over – everything’s the same ‘xept all the planets are in the opposite signs…. it’s the same ongoing cosmic joke of my life.


Motivating core. Aha. Thank you
I like my draconic chart. Might do a general reading for it to see what Other Pi is like.


There’s more than two?


Mine is 180 (almost). Dunno what to think; it feels alien. Cap Sun and all.

(Don’t tell Pi l have a Pisces Stellium)


I just checked out someone’s draconic chart and they have a personal planet literally exactly on a cusp – 0.00 between cancer and leo….this is the first time I’ve seen this. Does anyone know anything about this sort of placement?


actually they have 2 such placements, another at 0.00 between pisces/aries…wow


I can’t believe people still fall for this stuff. 🙁 Sometimes i think it is astrologers who want to boost the popularity of 13 signs style astrology doing it to make themselves look more legit.

But yeah I love Western and Vedic. They are all just different lenses to look at my life through.

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