Mercury Retrograde Mash Up


The media flow is its usual Mercury Retrograde what the fuqery but with a Virgo twist.

The Lena Dunham-Odell Beckham Jr Met Gala fracas was and is super weird. I could see those thoughts (of hers) being aired with a close friend but they seemed too idiosyncratic, irrational and off point to air more broadly than that. I don’t think anyone “owes” you their attention. This is what i am always telling my teen daughter when skeevy guys act like she has to automatically enter into dialogue with them or she is somehow being impolite. It applies to everyone.

Beckham Jr is a 23 yro Scorpio football player probably out of HIS natural habitat at the Met Gala – why wouldn’t he be on his phone? Or looking out for A-List “names” on his radar? Eg; Beyonce et al.  Dunham has Mercury opposite Pluto – it can give you a big hotline into your generation (as the success of Girls shows, obviously) but also make you a walking trigger for various issues. I love how he (so far) hasn’t said a word on all this. Class.

The artist Louise Bourgeois (who died recently at nearly 100 still hard at work planning her next exhibition) was a Haute Version of Mercury opposite Pluto. This quote from her nails it:

Some people go right to the crux of the matter–they are brutal, and sometimes wrong in the consequences, but right in their motivations. They go to the heart of the matter and it gives them a kick, it gives them the feeling, not that they can overcome it but that they can understand it. They can tear it apart and put it back together again, which gives them the feeling that they can understand.
— Louise Bourgeois

And then there was the stairway snub or Mercury Retro cock-up to President Obama at the G20 with the fairly predictable retort from Trump that he would have turned around and stormed out, teenager at a crap party style.

On the local news level, it is a blur of weird and then this – one of my pet health/government grudge flashpoints – proven!   Talc also in the media.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.03.14 AM

The inspirational work of the “solitary Mason bees” who make these amazing nests out of flower petals. We need to somehow connect with these geniuses.


This workmanship, style and focus is honestly how to get through an Eclipse Season/Saturn-Neptune square finale with Mercury Retro in Virgo. Make that your center while the Vortex of Weird swirls around your calm, only slightly anal-obsessive, task flow.

And, of course, don’t forget that it is a brilliant time to cast spells and do divination.

Miquel Carbonell

Image: Slim Aarons – Boulder Reign

Image 2: Miguel Carbonell

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98 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Mash Up

  1. My experience of merc retro in Virgo: no soap AT ALL in my apartment rental for the week. NYC is way hotter than usual this time of year. And I stink!!! Literally. Going too buy soap right now.

  2. Asc virgo at 9 degrees, moon in Scorpio . Since last week I have really been CRANKY just at the same time that my work has gone international and making some money to pay off a mountain of debt. I feel on one level things are finally paying off on another level I just want to rip the necks of those around me

    • Hey Astro twin : ) am Virgo Asc 4* (+Sun/Pluto/SN conj) and a Moon (conj Neptune) in Scorpio and feeling the feels!

  3. As to hand sanitizer – I bought a box of small spray bottles and I regularly make a solution myself. Usually about 70% vodka, 30% water and either lavender or peppermint oil.
    Great when you have sticky kids and if you gross out over tables, handrails, toilet doors (as I do). At home I spray light switches and door handles, I also use it for cleaning phones and screens and over pillows. Vodka is the best! You could use ethanol but it is the same price and not edible so not as safe.

  4. Legal. Jupiter/mercury transitting first house . Saturn t third, neptune sn, 6.
    Ascendant 18 virgo, but eclipse on part of fortune.

    Was in no way out situation Tha I started two months ago. Signed contact on 1st. He ditched on the second, the company “voided” it. He’s using high magic.

    Nonsense. I’m being grown and reasonable with the technological know how of a four year old. Calling lawyers.

    It’s so funny, I know this will all be over by october. But it is like “the most grand mutable cross during mercury retrograde and eclipse season” I could have concocted.

    Kudos to whoever I was before being born and picking this chart. You wanted me to be strong. Let’s get jupiter into libra and some solid rest and I’ll do this.

    Goddamn I’m tired and want to kiss that boy. I’ll see you in Rivendell I guess.
    Signed, from with tbi

    • Pah hahahaha. You know that’s too true. I’ve never ever used the stuff. I’ve always figured I’ve got an immune system. I’m lasting pretty well so far.

    • My partner’s job, is in part, dealing with toxic-arse chemicals and they got it through work as a professional update thing.

      I guess the costs far outweigh the benefits of use. Thinking of all those little kids with fussy parents who insist they wash their hand properly with antibacterial soap. Always erred on the side of caution with stuff like this.

      He’s been doing lots of reading about the nasty shit that’s in fire fighting foam (and also in Teflon). Urgh. I kill Teflon – like its my superpower. I guess that turns out to be a good thing!

  5. I’m happily out-of-the-loop.
    Why was this even an issue? She made a comment pointed out he was rude (IHO), then apologized. Faux drama created. No need to even make the news.
    I’ve been recording in the studio and I’m happily disconnected from pop-culture reality.
    So far this Mercury Retrograde is going smoothly. Stay hyper-focused, cut out all distractions and dramas esp ones that don’t concern me. Applying a Zen approach to life. De-cluttering, selling lots of stuff. Life is good!

    • I read the article and my main take away was the nebulous, almost listless, writing style. Dunno either of the dudes.

      Phillipines Prez is more of a story.
      “He/She who throws mud loses ground”

      • I somehow missed that news story too. I just went back to read it. Snub? or no snub?
        Mercury in Retrograde is having a heyday messing with people.

  6. I am so happy somebody captured the weirdness of the Lena Dunham stuff lol. This whole week, i’ve been in awe that this was even an issue.. but never considered the mercury retrograde aspect..

  7. HELP I don’t understand : (
    I went to tarot to ask “How do I bust this guy out of my head once and for all” – that thing going since 12 months now that i’m up and down all over the place but trying to be super wu wei if you love something set it free , the experience was like soul-acupuncture etc

    CUPS everywhere. king, knight, ace, page, 10 cups, sun, plus temperance (3rd house) and some ‘incoming’ wands thrown in

    oracle is cagey and/or being (appropriately) random

    I ching says plz chill omg let it gooooooooooo ommm etc

    I even clicked on the little flower thing on the MM image on the main tarot card to ask because MM drinking the shroom juice and i requested xtra special visionary juju

    in conclusion:

    • i mean is the tarot just reflecting my own state of mind back at me? does tarot do that? should i just shut up and get on with my life etc.

      • I’m going through the same situation, on and off with a cancer since March. Get out of my head already. He is consuming my free time, only reprieve I have is while at work. I even dream about the SOB. haven’t spoken to him in a month but I know he’ll come crawling back like before once he gets over me being a twat to him on his bday. Yes I apologized but that wasn’t enough, he has to shun me until he’s no longer upset. I wont to be long gone when he does come back. That way I can say I told you I wasn’t sticking around for your disappearing acts. Meanwhile I just need to find someone to distract me. Hurry Up Jupiter in Libra I’ve been waiting so long for you!

    • Maybe the Tarot + I Ching are trying to tell you he will soon become irrelevant because someone else is arriving on scene.

      • thank you LV… yes I was wondering about this as a possibility as in ‘we interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement’ …
        “how do i get X out of my head, you ask? by falling in love with someone else, of course” – says the tarot.

        • ts not over tip its over..some bit of war keeps you hooked in not understood? Do some ritual, releasing , cutting the ties that bind, prayer feather..shift the energy on the higher levels

          • I like the idea of the prayer feather. I might go with the transiting planets all exact selecting my natal planets to have a conversation with my higher selves about this one… And his, if they’re open to it.

  8. I think the best moment so far for me was watching the Philippines Prez call Obama “a son of a bitch!” LOL Priceless.

    But then, what about Freddie Mercury getting an asteroid named for him yesterday, on his 70th solar return?! It’s on the far-side of Mars. Awesomeness!

  9. “…when skeevy guys act like she has to automatically enter into dialogue with them or she is somehow being impolite”

    UUUUUUGGHHHH! That little tidbit of wisdom holds so much resonance for me, I can’t even begin! Here is my perpetual dilemma as a Venus/Pluto girl – it’s something I’ve lived with since my teens:

    A guy wants something from me (information, a date, whatever), so what he does is offer something to me first (personal information, a gift, whathaveyou) to obligate me into feeling as if I must reciprocate. And let me tell you, as a Libra, this one is real a motherfuqer of a conundrum for me – he might not even necessarily be being skeevy about it, but this kind of fuqed up power struggle where I’m made uncomfortable and pushed into a situation where I either 1) yield with misgivings or 2) do not and thus be labeled a “bitch” drives me up a wall. I realize I don’t owe anyone anything, but all things being equal I like to be nice and don’t want to be in a situation where I’m potentially misinterpreting someone’s intent as bad when it’s not. I’m big on “do unto others” and tend to prefer to give the benefit of the doubt because I would want the some done for me if the shoe were on the other foot – as a Pluto Rising, I am so easily myself (mis)interpreted in a negative light.

    I loathe being forced into a position where I’m labeled a bitch, and it’s all too easy with Pluto Rising. I see it for the manipulation it is, but that doesn’t make it feel any better. Jesus, I recall I time in my 20’s where I went on 2 dates with a guy and he asked me to go away with him to his place in the Caymans for a week – who does that?! I knew at that point – despite being to all appearances a gentleman – that he was obviously looking for sex in return…it was the one of the two times I’ve ever ghosted someone in my life.

    More recently, a guy was trying to get chart deets out of me (which I told him I don’t divulge) but I softened this by picking a middle ground response that humored the question he had asked without giving up my vital stats. He then (completely unbidden) proceeds to volunteer his own deets while saying “no pressure” and then (accurately) extrapolates that my Venus squares his placements so he “understands if I don’t reciprocate”. He didn’t get what he wanted from me and I took away a rather predatory vibe from the interaction, so we’ll see how long it takes for him to label me a bitch for not giving up the goods.


    This is precisely why I don’t give out my chart deets. I don’t let people read my energy on a whim – I have to trust first. I need to know you’re not an idiot, not going to use the info to validate a bias/make me out to be some kind of monster, and that you won’t use it for nefarious purposes.

    • Interesting! I am kind of transparent about my chart as I assume we are all reading each other all the time anyway.
      What part of the person reading your chart makes you feel vulnerable?

      • Everything – I’m a Pluto Rising w/ Pluto also aspecting my Sun & chart ruler… I distrust forced intimacy greatly, as it feels like a violation. Privacy is sacrosanct in my world. So let me share voluntarily, as I allow you do as your comfort level sees fit. I rarely ask someone for personal information and figure disclosure is solely at their own discretion – I do not harbor expectation. The moments where my curiosity gets the better of me (and I am nothing if not curious), I am never mal-intentioned and still completely respect a person’s right to keep their cards close to their chest without taking it personally. I really don’t need chart details to “read” a person anyway – I sense the world through energy and trust my own internal radar implicitly in this respect.

        As to my feeling exposed, unfortunately there are predators in this world. And there are also those who are just plain fuqed up….I want no truck with either lot, and have run into both. Being into astrology doesn’t automatically mean you use this as a tool for self-healing & personal growth, though I certainly do.

        For anyone who is even remotely Plutonic, handing someone your chart deets may give them license to project all sorts of negative crap onto you – we tend to be magnets for this kind of stuff, so I am selective about who I let in. I like to give the benefit of the doubt when possible, but not everyone that can read a chart is necessarily a nice person, nor are they necessarily sane or ethically above-board. People who are into astrology can be nutters too, ya know – we’re not exempt. People are still people regardless of whether or not they are into astrology.

        I don’t expect you to understand this way of being, my love…as a Leo Sun, you are a Child of Light. To a greater or lesser extent, I will always be a Child of Darkness…

        • I feel the same… Scorpio moon in 4th, sextile Pluto.

          Privacy and personal space are sacrosanct, yes. No personal questions, please.

          One of the most disturbing things about moving out West after being a New Yorker is.. the hugs. Everyone wants a hug. I do not want a fuquing hug, unless I know and love you.

          • I understand – intentional or not, it comes across as a level of forced intimacy.

            I like hugs. But only once I’m familiar enough with you and have determined that I definitely like you – I lead with a firm handshake as a general rule. I would never want someone to feel uncomfortable with a hug – I’d feel quite bad if they did!

            • Out here it’s like, you’ve had one conversation and you end it with a hug. Ick.

              I had a guy in my bar the other night, we had a decent convo because he was the only one in there, and at the end, he wanted a hug. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also wore too much cologne, so now my sweater smells like him. B L E C H

              • Yeah, no – that would not work for me! Not unless that first meeting was 8-10 hours long and we had some kind of crazy rapport going. Barring that, a handshake’ll do, thanks!

        • Perhaps also it’s kind of blithe, naive, or even arrogant to feel that the inner sun can shuck off the vilest of creeps, certainly I have had lessons in that regard. I can be impulsive and trusting and that is a tendency I cage when working as I am very keenly aware of being responsible for my clients.
          But I guess I feel in terms of astrology that our natural self is beyond a chart’s telling, that it has no power over me that others could utilise.

          • I feel so much of myself is reflected in my chart. I only know two about myself. 1 is what my chart has revealed and 2 what my chart is yet to be revealed. I have very strong Moon, Neptune and Pluto tie-ups. (They are my ultra dominants along mit Uranus.)

            I live n die on sensitivity, intuition and obsession. I do try to rein, and reign, it in but sometimes it just rains.

      • Put it another way: You are an energy worker, yes?

        Would you allow someone who had piss-poor boundaries or who pinged on your radar as being ethically unscrupulous do energy work on you? You know, someone who doesn’t abide by the old “Physician, heal thyself” creed?

        Me? NFW – it would just seem an invitation to feel violated.

        • Yes you are right – it is not my Leo Sun – Gem Rising way! My Scorp Moon governs my depth of feeling but not my boundaries so much.
          The last reiki session I had the woman had absorbed so much of her client’s issues she was 75% fuggy. So I called in my higher self and requested she intervene so that only the woman’s highest energies interact with my energy field. This worked out fine I am happy to say, Spirit can work through anyone. But yes, it’s not worth the bother most times!

  10. I took a bit step outside my comfort zone two weeks ago and started to do tarot readings outside of my small circle of friends. It was something I had been thinking about for a long time but was reluctant to put myself out there. And it happened by chance.

    The readings I have done since Mercury went retrograde have been incredibly powerful, as have the incoming messages. Told one client to look for ‘uncommon signs’ and she walked out into the dawn the next morning and five minutes later was confronted by two houses on fire a few streets over from hers. That’s a pretty bloody huge ‘uncommon sign’. Major catalyst for change for her. So yes – the divining is really strong at the moment.

    My own cards have been spot on. And I seem to be navigating my way through finding 20 people who want a free tarot reading – for a world that wants everything for free, it’s weird when you offer something for free and you are hard pressed to find people to take up the offer.

      • Me too!

        And yes, the divination and meditation have been off the charts of late. I have a new deck of “oracle cards”- my first new deck since my 20s- and while they seemed cheesy at first, we have formed a repoire and they tell me amazing things.

    • Year of the Phoenix and Dizzarina (and anyone else who would like to lend a hand in my level up!) email

      And much appreciation for helping me out like this. I was reluctant to come in here and ask for help.

      • as an ex professional tarot reader remember that exchange is important when you do a tarot reading SleeplessinBrisvegas it doesn’t have to be money (thought traditionally a silver coin) I used to ask for a donation sometimes and got lovely smudge, incense, blanket really useful stuff. And do lots of cleansing after readings- you don’t want to dream other ;people’s dreams eh!

        • There is definitely exchange here – I’m exchanging readings for the experience of getting to do them – exploring the capacity to do them via Skype etc. At the moment I’m doing 20 free ones to up level and then it will be for coin!

          And yes. I’ve got the psychic hygiene happening. Is there a reason (you can talk about, why) you gave it up?

  11. Re the POTUS diplomatic faux pas. I think this was an orchestrated ‘misunderstanding’ by the Chinese heirachy. It is inexcusable that such a snub should happen given that the Chinese are famed for attention to detail in diplomatic matters.

    Other East Asian and SE Asian countries are not happy with China. China has just complained about Australia’s protections regarding foreign investment with po-faced arrogance considering how much harder it is for Australian businessess to invest in China.

    There is a saying in motor racing, “Nothing beats cubic inches”. This applies to China as they have the biggest clout. This is a geo-political issue; not an ethnic one. The West has been sold a bigger pup than when Chamberlain proclaimed “Peace in Our Time”. And we know how that ended up.

  12. In the meantime, they’ve found Philae – little space lander size of a washing machine lost on a comet somewhere in 2014!

    Ha ha, she powered down when it all went wrong back then and she got stuck, and then powered up and tweeted “how long have I been asleep?”

    Mercury retro delivers. There is hope for awakening through the chaos for us all, I guess.

  13. I have been saying this triclosan thing since 2008. The worst part is i used to work for a co-op that sold soaps containing it for outdoor use. They kept selling it because you know….no large authoritarian thing told them not to. Under certain conditions triclosan can turn into dioxin when in the presence of sunlight. I am bloody vindicated!

  14. I found my Exact Astro Twin today.

    We literally have the same chart, right down to moon sign and exact node degrees, so born about 12 hours apart (a day apart) and in different towns, but close enough to have exact same placements.

    This person is quite well known now so I only knew her birthday after I googled her after seeing her on TV and wondering what she had been up to – we knew each other back in the school days. We haven’t crossed paths since our 20s when she used to hang out in the bar I worked in (multiple pisceans) and we were always very friendly and got along well….

    I guess it would be superweird to contact her and ask her all the questions you would ask someone with your exact chart and how this works for her!! She has Merc bang on the MC at 0 pisces (and Virgo moon) as well so she would probably love that weird stuff like I would but… no. Not going to do that. She is probably a PIAB and waiting for me to become famous so she can google me. Haha

      • Ha! All those tenth house vibes….

        We could be cousins maybe? My rising is toro and I’m a bit rounder in the face, she is more angular. does this sound like the opposite Scorp? That Pluto thing must have been at work, she has had big life challenges whereas I have been pretty lucky with things.

        • She’d be more of peircing look in her eyes. Toro Asc eyes would be rounder n soft / steady focus. Is she shorter than you?

          • Yes, Spot on about the eyes, and she is unusual looking but magnetic and beautiful. I am very tall and was very skinny and gamine until toro rising got me a few years ago! If I knew then yada yada hahaha I still have the sparkle in the eyes and that’s the main thing in my well read book 🙂

    • You should ask her questions. I bet she is a secret PIAB! I have been dying to meet my astro twins, even somewhat close to my chart to see if i can figure out anything about my life through theirs.

      So a sort of astro twin of mine is a semi-famous swimmer back in the day. And reading his bio, i could see he had medals in his career during the same years i had accolades in mine. Then a huge change upin his career when i upped and changed mine. If only he was famous enough to have love life details printed grrrr! I want to see if he was partnered at same time i was. He is also unmarried and never have been like myself, so it really must be an astro-curse!

      • I am going to send out vibes that we somehow cross paths so I can find out things without imposing on someone….. I don’t like to do that. Hey maybe you’ll bump into your swimmer one day?

  15. I saw the Lena Dunham thing go down on instagram a bit. Checked out about 70 of the 1000+ comments and thought oh god whatever this is ugly.

  16. I have retrograde mercury conjunct fomalhaut 6th opposite jupiter 12th conjunct ascendant. My dreams were part of my employment; it was for design – art visions.

    Also I fell for someone whose natal pluto was conjunct my jupiter 12th…so their pluto was opposite my mercury. Experiences seemed deep, vast, mysterious…His natal scorpio neptune was conjunct my ceres, juno…and his late degrees scorpio jupiter was conjunct my neptune 3rd house…

    The mason bees flower nest are beautifully delicate and fragile. Thank you x

  17. YES re skeevy guys and teenage girls. I am trying to tell my niece just this, I was raised to be “nice” to people who were clearly abusive and it almost got me raped by a stranger at college when I was 19 because politeness trumped protecting myself. It absolutely does apply to everyone.

    Those bee nests, wowee.

    • Yep Fuq niceness. Agree on the creep factor. Teach your girls how to tell a guy – or anyone – to fuq right off. Best lesson I ever taught myself LOL.

      • Yep. I have never been backwards in coming forwards with ‘fuck off’. My female friends in my 20’s were aghast at my lack of politeness. Especially when we were in nightclubs. I would always ask guys to vacate ‘my space’ nicely – once. And they never moved on. So I would be more pointed with it.

        I am at that stage of life where I am claiming ‘fuck off’ again. I no longer want to do stuff that shits me, or makes (or assumes) me a martyr, wants me to be aplogetic or does not fit with my core value of freedom. I wish I’d never lost that bolsh.

  18. Have not had a drop of alcohol(only drink one brand of one kind) in days. I even have a whole bottle stashed. Seems like such a meager feat to be so proud, but I am. If I do not have my specific kind, I do not drink much except a little wine sometimes. For me to not drink at all with a bottle here is good. I have not opened it.

    Just want to lose weight, get healthier, and maintain control. I love my rum though. Moon and Venus in 12th. Moon trine Neptune in 4th.

    Been working like a crazy workaholic instead. Crunch time with my business. Everyday for weeks. The few days I did not work were for kids ‘ medical appointments or trips to town. I am tired!

    So much to balance right now with regular busy season plus a big change too.

  19. This post prompted me to to re-read my Monthly Sun/Moon horoscope (Taurus-Pisces). Ridiculously on-point (especially Pisces – just wow). I’m coasting along having deeply profound insights into 25+ years of decisions and how those decisions led me to now and the reality of certain aspects of my life. 6 of Cups energy galore.

    I wish I had a genuinely spiritually attuned friend I could speak to about such things. I’ll just continue speaking to Spirit. I mean, this is where all the insight is channeled from anyway. High Priestess vibes indeed – the messages are so profound but I don’t feel the lightning. Maybe they are more of an unveiling? It feels like no big thing to see very real shit you had no idea of until now, it’s just…a thing to acknowledge, process and phoenix from.

  20. Those flower nests are mega cool. My printer just died after flashing some bizarro message, do I have to wait until merc direct to get a new one? I want to in order to be on the safe side but omg, really?

    True story – I dropped my phone right before the last merc retro and it went total bats, I couldn’t push the middle of the screen and it would open the wrong apps but I waited to get it fixed. Right when I was in the clear, I dropped it again and it was fixed. No more problems.

    • Ugh. The hard drive on my laptop failed and I’m now trying to turn around an essay revision on my netbook while the laptop undergoes some weird long reboots and repairs restart process . . . .

    • I would still get another but be prepared for it to act up the next time mercury goes rx. That is what happened to my phone. But if you can borrow a printer until mercury goes direct then buy one. Next best, buy a used printer. I feel like used items fall under the re-cycle category which should be mercury rx proof.

    • My old printer – a pot plant in my office fell on it during Mercury Rx. Bam. Not more working printer. So I make do. Next Mercury Rx, same pot plants falls on it and voila, printer works and kept on working for another five years.

      I totally hear you.

    • Electro, I read a news article today & thought of you: cops raided an Amish party in a field in Ohio (that was anticipated to draw 1k Amish from OH, IN & PA); arrested 70-some for underage. It’s Rumspringa! 😀

  21. A family of four cats have moved in under our house. Two kittens and mum and dad. I think this is significant somehow?

  22. I had yet another dream with Mystic. We were witches flying around, but I didn’t know I was a witch until I looke at you and we both lit up. It was a powerful dream. Are you still taking that stuff, Mystic?

  23. OH my wow, it has indeed been retro bats! Some folks seem to be thriving and others struggling.

    I am loving it!

    • Me too! Thriving!

      It sure is whacky but I like it. Am super mutable and merc on midheaven in fish, also, virgo moon. I feel like I’m rocking it.

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