Was Margaret Cavendish A Time Traveler?

Was Margaret Cavendish a time traveler? The 17th Century Duchess was more like a 21st Century person; a feminist, animal liberationist and sci-fi writer. Infuriatingly, we don’t know her birthtime. I am joking about the time travel. Lots of women did not have their birth dates recorded in that era. They were not considered important enough. But really, she was enough of an outlier to have come from the future.

In the 17th Century, Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, was charging around being a feminist, an animal rights advocate and science fiction writer. She was insanely ahead of her time and even if we argue that aristocrats of the era had more power/options than the average woman, the Duchess was still bucking an incredibly staid system.

Why Isn’t Margaret Cavendish The Subject Of A Film?

The Duchess published over 20 books, including poetry, philosophy, and critiques of the social structures of the day. She ranted against the marriage paradigm that stripped away the individuality of females. Though this led to her being banned from the drawing rooms of polite society, she was probably relieved. But she is most renowned for her science fiction novel.


From Atlas Obscura:

But amid her poetry and essays, she also published one of the earliest examples of science fiction. In 1666. She named it The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World.


In the story, a woman is kidnapped by a lovesick merchant sailor, and forced to join him at sea. After a windstorm sends the ship north and kills the men, the woman walks through a portal at the North Pole into a new world: one with stars so bright, midnight could be mistaken for midday. A parallel universe where creatures are sentient, and worm-men, ape-men, fish-men, bird-men and lice-men populate the planet. They speak one language, they worship one god, and they have no wars. She becomes their Empress, and with her otherworldly subjects, she explores natural wonders and questions their observations using science.


And Cavendish starts it all by addressing the women in the audience. “To all Noble and Worthy Ladies,” she begins, and lets us know about the strange trip in store for them:


“The First Part is Romancical; the Second, Philosophical; and the Third is meerly Fancy; or (as I may call it) Fantastical. And if (Noble Ladies) you should chance to take pleasure in reading these Fancies, I shall account my self a Happy Creatoress: If not, I must be content to live a Melancholly Life in my own World, which I cannot call a Poor World, if Poverty be only want of Gold, and Jewels: for, there is more Gold in it, than all the Chymists ever made; or, (as I verily believe) will ever be able to make.”

She Wrote About Parallel Universes In The 1600s

Given that she crafted such a unique life for her self in such turbulent times, it would be fascinating to see her birth chart.

One clue: In her memoir, Cavendish expresses that she enjoyed inventing herself through fashion. She states that she aimed for uniqueness in her dress, thoughts, and behavior, and remarks that she disliked wearing the same fashions as other women. She also expresses her desire to achieve fame.   

And, I would rather die in the adventure of noble achievements than live in obscure and sluggish security. Leo? Sagittarius?


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aqua! leo! i like the idea of gemini moon. saggo asc? i have that look on my face a lot of the time. haute amusement.

Leo Princess

See the BBC Radio 4 website for the program called The Duchess Who Gatecrashed Science. Absolutely fantastic.


Thanks for that will check it out ?


She married a Sagg and she was the attendant of a Sagg queen so whatever she is is very compatible with Saggs. I also found it odd that her melancholia was talked about and it seems more like modern social anxiety or agoraphobia. She had trouble meeting people and going about in public in person. I wonder how this may be reflected in the astro?


Hmm interesting, Strong Aqua for sure! Wanting uniqueness, advocacy, science fiction.

Aqua-Sagg-Pisces combination for luminaries and Asc if I had to guess.

Pisces for fantasy /glamor /wanting fame element

Although Gemini or Virgo could also figure for prolific writing.. is Virgo aligned with animals too? What kind of animals was she an advocate for does that give a clue??


Whoa, I hope I haven’t been a jerk by looking up and revealing those stats…I didn’t mean to be a spoiler…just sharing…my apologies nevertheless!!!


My first feeling is something in Leo very prominent so I checked out mid 1623–just for kicks: Jupiter.Saturn, and Uranus in Leo square Pluto in Taurus–a ZapZoner for sure.

The Venus Fly

Makes sense. Fixed stones are dogged, determined and far from conventional.


I like this. I thought prominent Leo too with strong Gem + Aqua or Sagg. Pluto sq her Uranus does make sense too – for added oomph – plus for her passion for alchemy & the dark arts. I’ve gone for Gem Sun which for that year shows up in her 9th H almost ON her MC (she always wanted to be famous) plus Merc would be in the 10th conjunct her MC as well – all that writing. That Leo stellium would be in her 11th House associated with Aqua & causes etc. And i reckon her moon would… Read more »


I’ve always loved la Cavendish.

As a sagg sun with gem rising, I’d love to think she had my astro signature.

But there’s definitely some aqua in there? The originality, sci fi and commitment to social justice/humanitarianism?


Gemini. Sun or moon or asc ?
To live through those times and deal with her life’s scenarios and take an intellectual and light heated approach is very air to me. She seems to be driven by her thoughts and ideas not her emotions or physical state. She has one foot in this world and one foot in a fantasy world of her own design.
As a gem asc, I get that sometimes ones thoughts, fantasies, theories are enough to sustain in a calm happy state. Actually doing stuff and having stuff is nice, but often secondary.


its also the absorption into Arcane study is very 8th house. And Alchemy was quite a subversive thing in those days…


def a strong mercury. all that writing.


Or “Mad Madge” as she was commonly known. Her birth records were lost in the civil war, and she certainly was unique but also a lot of this individuality was enable by her wealth. Her father died when she was 2 and decided to keep the children in the same style as when he was alive so no need ever to worry about money.I love this quote “If I am condemned, I shall be annihilated to nothing: but my ambition is such, I would rather be a world, or nothing” She was extremely interested in alchemy and was the patron… Read more »


Also the Cavendish family wealth and title etc was inherited through the women. It was a very rich family , her father was created Duke. So independent means in a big way


p.s could we do the astrology of Bess of hard wick? She was incredible self made woman trough marriage and land and business, and a relative of Margaret


I was thinking poss Gemini too, but def with a dash of Sagg


Fascinating-! I would think she is definitely a mutable- Sagittarius or Pisces with a Leo ascendant?

Unicorn Sparkles

Must be some prominent Leo in there.


Sadge or Aquarius Sun with Uranus on Asc.



The Venus Fly

Sounds like a Taurus yo me, lol. With possibly an Aqua ruled 7th house :p #WeDoItOURway


She sounds very creative and Leonine to me!


oh my god i LOVE her!! that story <3 <3 she makes all my "FUQ YOU ALL" components sing in harmony and Very Loudly. and what an imagination also yes marriage that thing where women become faceless reproductive entities on the family tree. Ever tried tracking the matrilineal lines in your family? names: gone. sorry to those who are happily married and whatever. My personal impression of the whole institution, from a womans perspective both historically and ongoing I suppose, is the effacement of identity in service of someone else's goals. Maybe i have a south node axe to grind… Read more »


I agree Pi, and there are many countries where the woman does not take on the husband’s name. In quite a lot of European & Asian countries it is even illegal for the woman to change it to her husband’s when she gets married. In most Spanish speaking countries the woman has always kept her maiden name & the kids inherit a surname from each of their parents – so it’s not a prob when tracing the matrilineal line.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I’m sensing Saggo too. Any fancy dress balls?


Aqua with Leo Rising?


Yes. Or the other way round.


Yes to you both, with possibly a Gemini moon?


Thats what i think too

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