Before Louise Hay…There Was Florence

Florence Scovel Shinn

All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways.


I now let go of worn-out conditions and worn-out things. Divine order is established in my mind, body and affairs. “Behold, I make all things new.”


I deny fatigue, for there is nothing to tire me. I live in the Kingdom of eternal joy and absorbing interests. My body is “the body electric,” timeless and tireless, birthless and deathless.

Florence Scovel Shinn is like the UR-MOTHER-LODE of the whole affirmations, The Secret, visualization scene that was really the signature trend of the Pluto in Sagittarius era (aka the mid-90s till 2008).

An artist, “metaphysician” (epic job title right there) and founder of the New Thought movement, she wrote several books that we were big in their day. She also devised the fruitiest, most over the top affirmations ever.

What she termed her “rebirth” (well before the term was fashionable) all occurred after the ‘shock’ of her divorce in the early 20th Century, a period when women could not even VOTE. She went on to self-publish her first book aged 54 and tour around giving sold-out lectures, preaching.

Your Word Is Your Wand

Born on September 24 in 1871, she was either a Virgo or a Libra. Her Moon was either Capricorn or Aquarius. She seems SUPER Air.  She had Mercury Retro and Lilith in Gemini. Florence Scovel Shinn also wrote a book called Your Word Is Your Wand – which seems very Lilith in Gemini.  Lilith in Gemini is the Word Witch!

Her Venus in Libra was Retro, squared by Saturn and opposing Chiron. But the grunt of her astral energies was the Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. Mars Pluto is always an anti-fragile and regenerative combo but especially in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Not only that, the Mars/Pluto was trine a JUPITER exalted in Cancer.

The Uranus Opposition that seemed to send her zinging into her new life was from Uranus in Aquarius to her Uranus in Leo.



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That picture is not Florence Scovell Shinn. It is Anais Nin.


I just got this in iBooks for 99c loving it ???


Being still super sensitive about the unspeakable horror of Pluto in Sagittarius, I bristled at the mention of Pluto in Scorpio – too close to home! I had to look up the ephemeris for September 24, 1871 – Pluto was in Taurus, opposing Mars in Scorpio.

I guess no one is immune to Mercury Retrograde confusion!


How something that begins with Mars-Pluto in Scorpio can turn into a movement of drivel?!? Great life story, and the last sentence is good. I hope the rest of her stuff is similar and not like the first two-and-a-half quotes.
To each their own tho. Power to anyone for whom this stuff works. I am utterly allergic to affirmations and find them shallow and profoundly dishonest. We are forced to live so many lies just to survive; I will be dammed if I voluntarily tell myself more.


Actually, as I drift off to sleep, no. I have 7 planets in the 12th house and Jupiter rising. Of COURSE abundance comes naturally to me and things are magical, mystical, and divinely ordered, and reading affirmation lit is like reading kindergarten books over and over. The fact that I don’t want to read Dick and Jane Play with Spot is not a judgment of Dick and Jane but an expression on privilege. I apologize. Still, if I want to manifest something that matters (my other gripe with this is that it’s inherently selfish, way more than CM which was… Read more »


This is so uncanny. I just finished reading THE GAME OF LIFE yesterday (I requested the book from my library on a whim because the title was referenced to in two separate audiobooks I was listening to), and then twice today (to and from a destination I usually don’t go to) I had to take a freeway exit on “Florence” street, and then just now I read this blog post.


. Good ol’ Walt Whitman.

” … (All is a procession,
The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion.) … ”

Sheer “poetry.” *Chuckles to self.*


After googling Anais Nin the same phote appears so I am guessing some just stuck her face on some quotes.


I don’t know naught about the pic resemblances. But I do know “my word is my wand” is totally congruent with being a sexual adventuress, being on the sexual evolutionary journey aka the link between the 2nd physical sexual chakra and 5th throat (voice) chakra where love is expressed in a transformed and transforming way. Sometimes I experience and hear the words coming out of my mouth and as they do, the watcher, who is also me, is thinking “where are they coming from? some dark depths of instinctual creative consciousness.” The words or what I have said, on reflection,… Read more »


“I know words aeons ago carried the scorpionic sting that never missed its death thrust and of course the sexual act is “le petit mort” the little death. Now as long as I am in the field of love, the words rise up from the same deep place and kiss and shower and fall upon the recipient with beauty, joy, light and all those upper gladsome virtues.”

Thank you for sharing this – some powerful words there, and they sing to my Plutonic soul! From Vice to Virtue, always <3


thanks for your Plutonic soul going from vice to virtue!


It is a definitely a picture of Anais Nin. (I wish I could find the photographer’s name, because it is part of a series!….) Florence was a young woman during the Belle Époque…. A very different aesthetic the time she was a young woman. Her Wikipedia illustration seems more accurate.


Ah, I thought the same thing — this woman looks like Anais Nin! And from what you all are saying now, I guess it is a photo of her, so I wasn’t just seeing things…

Suzi E

Here Mystic…
comment image?w=736


I’m good with names, I just have trouble with faces.


so funny i was going to write u and say that’ s anais not florence LOL so weird that her photo got associated like that, but i kinda think she would have liked that–am a big nin fan xxx


she is def Anais Nin: I have the book of her first journal and this pic is on the ver of the book


meant cover* sorry


Wow! Thanks for that. Misattributed pictures are a bit of an issue sometimes…. and it’s hard to find reliable evidence.


it all adds to the mystical that was Florence Shinn really, doesnt it 🙂 finding the correct,, actual picture of her xo

The Venus Fly


Noticed a change in the Oracle – and the cycle turns 🙂


I found an old copy of ‘The Game of Life’ in a second hand shop a few years ago and read it regularly, it sits by my bedside and I dip into it when I need it. Her writing is fantastic – the style seems brutally fresh, pared back and honest compared to a lot of the current writing in that genre.

Caterina senang

A life changer! I’ve had my dog-eared Florence Scovel Shin compendium for 14 years. Early 20th century Mysticism and timeless. Her affirmations are great. And fascinating that everything she speaks of comes directly from the Bible! She quotes it directly in a way that uncovers its secret esoteric messages normally swamped by religious rhetoric. And Mystic can you please tell me: if Pluto in Sagitarius was the era 1890s till 2008 – what is this current era and its expected duration? Thanks!


The picture is of anais?!?


I thought so too!


Yes, it actually is a picture of Anais Nin, erroneously – and widely- ascribed to Florence. One of those Internet mysteries.


Yep…was just coming here to post that. 🙂


I need to make this a wall tapestry in my new apartment.


9/24 (also my bday, ahem), is definitely Libra. Uranus zing for sure! And though we don’t know her birth time, I wonder where that Uranus sits in her chart? My guess is rising, but I also wonder if she had a progressed Ascendant change (perhaps to Aquarius, activating her Uranus?) around the time of her “rebirth”? There would then be a square to her Mars/Pluto energies and trine to her sun and Lilith/Mercury, perfect for deciding to write a metaphysical book and preach about it.


My goodness – what a remarkable woman! #GirlCrush

MM, she must surely be a Libra for you to be publishing this now, with Tr. Jupiter (Lord of Abundance) currently on her Sun! Just look at that first quote – “Divine right” (Sun) “abundance” (Jupiter), and “grace” (Libra)!


In fact, I just ran a chart for that date & location (Camden, NJ) with a noon time and she’s coming up w/ her Sun @ 1Libra11, Moon firmly in Aquarius – yes, Airy-fairy indeed!


Good morning Mystic. It’s now 4.35am… I’ve been awake for an hour, lying in bed, reading your blog… Prepping for a productive day. Thanks for the reminder about Florence. Back in the day, I used to have her inspiring words written out so I could read them every day. Think that will be the first thing I do this morn… Write out those words and put them on the fridge. And I will grab her book off my shelves and put it next to my bed… Need a reboot in the thoughts department and she will inspire nicely. Hugs and… Read more »

Suzi E
Suzi E

Here she is…

comment image?w=736

Suzi E

Here’s Florence…

comment image?w=736

Suzi E

sorry about double post…please delete one 🙂


I have had the four in one book since 89′. the last 5 years, it had just not come to me to fix myself for my divine good. I have just pulled it back out and at the same time reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘Becoming Supernatural’ it makes me smile as ist as if im reading Florences books but with the brain imagining, science etc to back up what this awesome woman was doing sooo long ago. She is out of all I have read my favourite, William Walker Aitkinson also has a great read, again along the errily similar… Read more »


I used to have that book too, my aunt was a huge proponent of Florence and regularly foisted her tomes on me.. 🙂 I did have quite a few of her affirmations stuck up around the house for a number of years. I had no idea she was such stylish looking lady!


Can I be a metaphysician when I grow up too?


That Lana Del Rey really IS a bookworm.
The Body Electric indeed. Great phrase.


That’s the phrase that sprang out at me also.


Great poem too: I Sing the Body Electric BY WALT WHITMAN I sing the body electric, The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them, They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them, And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul. Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves? And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead? And if the body does not do fully as much as the soul? And if the body… Read more »


Thanks Sphinx. Awesome. As always.


oh 🙂 another Aussie! Hello! I am currently working my way back to Brisvegas. With Florences help. I have been in a tiny town 3.5 hours west for 19 months and am soo very keen to be returning back. It would be nice to meet someone else who is also a metaphysician. If you are interested. though it is now 2019 3 years after your post….

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