Leos Are Super Affected By Full Moons

Tim Walker

It’s habitual to credit Cancerians with copping the full crazy rays of any Full Moon. They’re ruled by Luna-Artemis-Selene, they keep weird hours anyway and they can be, you know, whimsical.  They do seem extra aligned with the rhythms of the planet, galaxies – how tidal are their moods?

But Leos don’t get enough recognition for their role in Full Moons, especially ones that are also Eclipses, such as the Mars-revved extravaganza gathering force right now. Leos are Sun-ruled, Apollo and all. Every Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and Moon.

Leos feel this cosmic dynamic just as intensely as their Crab cousins. And think about it, Crabs could be more comfortable moon-bathing on a chic night beach but for our Lion, every month their solar glow is informed by some new factor.  To be Leo is to be perpetually making yourself, over and over again. The self re-realized and re-imagined. A new role that demands a fresh everything. No wonder this is the sign dominating theater, show biz and music.

The ideal Leo sees every Full Moon as a potential creative culmination or point of ‘wow’ fresh inspiration, spiked with celestial oomph. Resisting the cheap theatrics or obvious plot twist affords Leo this opportunity once a month. In fact, it’s like alchemy.  Haute Leos are all about the metaphorical transformation of lead to gold.

Image: Tim Walker

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This kitty cat loves a full moon


this kitty cat is living a full moon tonight. im out in the country so the moon is so much brighter than ever I’ve seen it. cue whispy clouds and it is perfection. thank you mother nature your wonders never cease and I am so blessed to be in this beautiful part of the world.


Wishing the self-pitying, pass-agg, drama dealing Leo in my life would spontaneously combust this eclipse.


I love it when something sort of (almost) obvious reveals itself like this in astrology. Never thought of the Sun – Moon relationship in this way, perhaps I prefer things fair – even sibling rivalry of the planets! Fairly crabby for a Leo what with Mercury, Venus, Saturn ruled by Cancer. Not my original idea, but I did create Full Moon dance parties by the sea for a number of years. People really responded to the idea of being in tune with nature and made an effort to come as it felt special and magical. Apparently there are any number… Read more »


Cancer rising…moon progressed into Cancer and rising progressed into Leo. Given that I’m also quite Mercurial, I feel on the verge of a mental breakdown these days. Compound this with the fact I am getting ready to move and super distressed over it….my life coping skills are wearing so thin. (Hah and I’m on the verge of my Saturn return!) I think those of us ruled by the moon are a very erratic, unstable bunch and it really isn’t any fun at all. Ever wish you could trade a placement or two away? Perhaps scrap the whole damn chart and… Read more »


work with your placements, don’t run from them.

I got my natal 2nd house Virgoan Mars (0 deg) conjunct Pluto (2 deg) (trined by Saturn in Cap) being pinged by Merc Rx in my 2nd. I have had to quell the rage at the incomptetence of ppl and businesses. In fact I have given one shop a fireblast over a rip-off.

Last I heard they are now working on improving their customer service lest their hair is singed and their ears melted.


Sigh, you’re right. If I didn’t have somewhat of an understanding about myself I don’t know where I’d be. &I can only imagine! Hah, take no shit! My Sun conjunct Merc in Cap (part of a 6th house stellium) sextiles Pluto in Scorp. I get the same frustrations with others and it has really been on overdrive lately. I am really trying hard to not live up to the bad Cap boss rep. Stress and tension can bring out the worst in us! Rob Breszny posted a great Huxley quote in his weekly horoscopes that comes to mind: “There are… Read more »


Ah! That makes sense! Leos = Sun-ruled, so every full moon is an opposition. They must really go cray on the Aquarius full moon! Maybe this is why house-cats (our little Leo’s) go wild on full moons too..? Haha… ; ) I’m Aqua Sun, so being opposite Leo then maybe we’re the *least* affected by full moons? Probably not the right logic…. and it wouldn’t apply to me anyway, because I’m Kataka Ascendant and Pisces Moon, and feel like I live my life more through those energies than my Aqua Sun. I’m super moody and sensitive… I feel EVERYTHING! ….and… Read more »


i think it’s at 24deg pisces, so conjunct chiron and square mars in sag 😮


Ah, thanks!

So nearly conjunct my Chiron and opposite my Pluto…..awesome. Yep, I’ve got to make the most concerted effort to keep it together this week, between that and the Mars squares and Merc retro over my Pluto/Uranus conjunction.


wow, i had never thought about it this way. i always expect to feel energised with the full moon (as opposed to the yin-vibe of the new) but it’s often kind of a melancholic-vibe time for me.

perpetually making self, over and over again…
honestly, it’s a thrill, usually.


This week has been utter bullshit from start to finish. I can’t believe the brain power I have been wasting thinking about narcissists for the last 43 years. A lot of them are Leo’s gone bad. Which is a shame cos I do love me the fire signs. *sigh* I coulda been someone. I coulda been a contender. Lol But fuq it! I have Capricorn North Node, there’s still time homies! Just one more pass of Uranus opposite Uranus and then that fuquer is done with me. Buh bye into Taurus, see ya. i’m a nervous quivering electrical wreck. And… Read more »


lucky you! There’s a few assholes left in my life and waiting to flush them next!


There is a 136 arseholes in the world, no, make that 142.


Maybe not directly related to Leos, A, but certainly hit the nail on the head with the last few years vibe.

Sphincter surgeon, indeed. I have one colossal brown eye left to excise … and it’s ON. He started some new shit this week. ‘Bout to unleash the Whim of Steel.

So utterly tired of horse’s asses who think they have a right to be in my life because they are, you know, them, after all. What is my defect?! LOL.


Leo sun sq Scorpio moon… feeling this eclipse. Family crisis here and there …my gem sun/virgo rising daughter flies to china for conference on the eclipse (this freaks me out)., she spilled water on her computer last night and is in emergency/stressed out mode.My sissy has troubles, my sister in law is stressed and a family wedding this weekend… I feel this eclipse showing me that I’m mostly a soother/caregiver/listener and its not a bad thing 🙂


im ignoring my 8th house pisces eclipse….but i kind of know its about some insurance we are reconfiguring …unless its something more scary…sigh.


I got leo sun square scorpio moon as well! Sister!


Guh this vibe right now nnnnngghh overwhelmed with urban/life claustrophobia but yes indeed better at not letting it fester and just allow the long walk in the nice rain looking at the lights on the water instead of whipping myself about not doing work. Sleep & dreams now. I asked my other-side dad for some advice while I was sleeping so I could wake up knowing. Who knows? So zapped right now lol.
I can wake up early instead and do that work, maybe.


Wrote a song though. That was nice. I miss playing music. Maybe that’s what the retro is turning me back onto… It’s like going without water.




Maybe. A poem that I wrote with a song in mind, guitar was on my head but I can’t play v well so hey. Keen to take up those lessons again …


o wow. love this. alchemical gold.


My Moon aspects Neptune & every so often a Full Moon will trigger a short bout of insomnia. It rarely lasts more than a night, but I can tell I’ve definitely hit subconscious High Tide whenever this happens. I am neither a Leo nor a Cancer, but was born on a Full Moon.


Me too! Born on the full moon and have trouble sleeping every month. And definitely more emotional than usual.


Leo sun, Libra moon…
I get oddly depressive during full moons. Overwhelmed would be a good word. Almost to the point of Leave Me Alone I’m Busy Hiding In Bed (in my lush pillowscape!)

But alas, Job and Child come calling…

The Venus Fly

Anytime the heavens are mega watery and everyone is bugging out my Kataka crab is peaking. I’ll get phone calls about how well he’s doing. He’s at home in primordial chaos it appears, lol :p


Cancer Sun
Leo Moon
once a month
total loon
😛 😛 😛


I thought it was more frequent than that


Ahahaha! you should know, multi-moon man.
But seriously, can’t let Leos take any credit for lunar sensibilities, even if Mystic poses an interesting theory…… Katakas are under-represented i FEEL.
But at the same time my garguantan Leo stellium is arrrrrroused. 😉


Ah….but your mutual receptivity is only Moon in Leo and Sun in Cancer. My receptivity is a triceptivity! Moon in Aqua-Uran in Leo-Sun in Cancer. I have Detachatitus Moonus. I am more nutty than moody.

I am looking forward to the Full Moon / Eclipse as it Grand Trines my Sun and Stationary Direct Jupe.


Well then you loony nut, enjoy the eclipse – ride those Sunny Jupiterian Moon vibes & have a good trip.

In the mean time, here’s k d:


Bloody Canadians, they are so good at music.


A bit of Leo/Moon rock trivia:

“Child of the Moon” was penned by the rock world’s Leo poster boy, Mick Jagger and was supposedly a “polytheistic love letter to Maryanne Faithfull”.


here is the 1968 weird & restored video:



Fantastic Skarab ! myself as a cancer sun leo asc conjunct venus on nn you are right the fuq on total loon with my taurus moon xo’s rock on !

Catfish moon

I am cancer sun, Leo moon as well!

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