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Colin Kaepernick

If you have not heard of him yet, Colin Kaepernick  is a the San Francisco football player (and big star) gathering equal parts applause and outrage for his USA national anthem protests.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”
This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” he said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. … If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

FYI he is a Scorpio – but a kind of super-Scorped Scorpio.  His Pluto – the Underworld Boss and ruler of Scorpio – is exact conjunct his Scorpio Sun.  Venus is also in Scorpio.

Pluto on the Sun makes Kaepernick an Outer Planet Person. This is when you have Uranus, Neptune or Pluto close conjunct the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon or Mercury, Venus, Mars.  It means you’re tapping into a broader Zeitgeist than just the current culture.  This is from my Outer Planet Peeps post a while ago.

“You’re out-there, you’ve got moxy, you’re channelling something other-worldly every time you try to have a relationship, write a letter, get laid, make money etc. You’re both super-ancient and of the future. It takes a while to grow into being an Outer Planet Person…It’s intense, weird and magic.”

And of all the outer planets, Pluto is particularly powerful at the moment – it’s stationing direct at 14 degrees of Capricorn – the degree it’s first hit in February 2015. Think about that if you’re trying to work out which vultures or phoenixes are coming home to roost now.

And Colin Kaepernick – well here he is giving good Pluto on his Twitter.


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101 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick – Plutonian

  1. It’s gonna be interesting to see where this leads to. BLM is the trend and it keeps on building.

    What does he want?

    • weird question. He wants respect and equality for black and POC. He’s making a statement against racism and exploitation. why ru being obtuse?

      • Obtuse? It’s just a question to help me understand why? We have very active groups for BLM. But he’s using the NFL to station his opinion. Why does he need the NFL? Does he want the NFL to endorse this? I wish he sent money to Louisiana to help the families (black families if we need to choose a color). He could change the dynamics of BLM by using his money to “help”. black families. .

        I worry about BLM’s slogans. I feel slighted for my black friends. I feel helpless. For example, the actions from the black groups in Charlotte, NC. They are reacting to a killing but then going and ruining businesses. Breaking windows, making employees afraid. They had nothing to do with the killing. And it was a black police officer. My black friends are NOT like that and are embarrassed by their actions.. I just don’t understand why we have to be in fear of people.

        So, back to the obtuse-ness comment. It’s not insensitive… it’s just a question to help me understand what this NFL player is saying.

        • Re Charlotte, NC: the media isn’t broadcasting the many peaceful BLM protests that are happening daily; they’re not putting images of thoughtful activists in our faces. Instead they’re mostly broadcasting rioters/what is “sensational.” It’s important for everyone to remember that what the media is reporting is not the whole story, nor is it representative of the peaceful activism being practiced by thousands (unless it’s an NFL player not standing for the anthem, which again, sensational.)

            • White people expressed their distaste for oppression in 1776 by rioting and destroying British belongings. Something we like to affectionately call The Tea Party. But as usual, it’s okay when WE do it. And FYI, now that the Charlotte video was actually released it was a white officer who killed the man. The government cover ups, lies, and oppression of African Americans and the poor is what he is protesting.

              • Certainly we can expect that some ppl will express rage in destructive ways. Their rage is justified, no doubt. But in today’s US, is it doing more harm to the cause than good? I want to see ppl fight back yes, but fight smart. Really smart.

                • Agreed. I don’t advocate violence. Following MLK’s lead would be the much better option. However, I will point out that Kaepernick is protesting in a completely non violent fashion and that appears to be completely unacceptable to the police and a large segment of the public as well.

  2. I get a strong sense of satisfaction at the unease that white/western culture experiences when its members get a taste of what it feels like to be Not Top Dog. People express their fear in every way except acknowledging the actual fear that they might not be on that comfy little top rung any more. it’s a case of “how d’ya like *them* apples”. I’m squarely in the middle of that culture being white in a colonial country with a disgusting history of egregious acts of theft, genocide, violence marginalisation and repression and STILL!! we refuse to acknowledge the societal flaws in any meaningful way. People can be gutless freaks when it comes to keeping power and the world is a worse place for it. So, good on him.

  3. Hmmm, I totally agree with his position on the matter. I don’t agree though with him taking that stand in his role as the 49’ers quarterback. He is employed to play football, and paid millions to do that. He is a ‘representative’ of the club and the club would have their own position on the matter. it isn’t Colin’s personal protest platform.
    Aside from the genius South Park solution, ( a new law that states you can now stand sit or kneel for the national anthem )
    The obvious solution is to stop playing the anthem at football games ? Why insist on it ? In Australia we only do it before a game when the national team is playing.

      • The separation of religion and state, should be appended to include separation of sport and state. Which to all intents and purposes has already been achieved in many professional sports around the world. Patriotism the expression of nationalism is possibly relevant in sporting arenas where teams are representing their country. NFL, NBA etc are made up of privately owned companies that run teams to make money !
        If the govt is paying them to play the anthem, like most corporations they will take the money. The govt would be grouped along with other sponsors and advertisers who pay to play. Its all pretty transparent really.
        All Colin has done i think is actually made the problem worse by bringing atttention to a govt. advert that for most people is an annoyance at best and turned it into a divisive political hotbead. Like Colin most people would prefer no anthem it’s irrelevant and meaningless at a game between 2 teams that are made up of the best players money can buy. Black, white, brindle from any place on earth, thats the thing about pro sport, if you can kick a ball better than the next guy you’re in. It’s pretty agnostic.
        Going to the footy and not standing for the anthem is a bit like getting a job serving at McDonald’s but refusing to serve the fries because they aren’t good for people.
        I applaud his intention but have no interest in anyone dragging sport into political debate.

        • i think you’re making a good point in some ways, sport is the playground where politics has to sit up the back with a view blocked by a column or something. I think there are times when politics leaks like a sieve all over it though (i’ll stop the bad metaphors now) , – after all sport is played by people and people are where politics happens
          sometimes it is imposed (iraqi soccer team, sth african apartheid era rugby team), sometimes it gets personal (russia and hungary 1956 olympics water polo, Tommie Smith and John Carlos 1968 olympic games. Apparently Jessie Owens was asked to ask these two men to not do the salute on the winner’s podium because it would politicise the a-political games)
          So in some ways yes, it’s good that sport is ‘immune’ and level playing field, kind of, but sometimes maybe if the problems are big enough then it too must wear some of the action..

      • Right. In the US nationalism knows no bounds. It is interwoven into *everything* we see & hear, from our infancies & beyond. A great cash cow.

    • When facts, statistics & actual mass witnessing of the gross injustice that black people are faced with with the “Law” they have no choice but to speak up about it in whatever platform they have access to – regardless of where or how much they earn. He is a *representative* of himself as a person first & foremost & beyond any paymaster’s claim. This is a serious issue that NEEDS too be addressed – and when Law & Justice fail to act on such a serious matter, it’s the duty of citizens to speak up – no matter where. I applaud Colin Kaepernick.

      • yes. if being paid big bucks means having to play nice on issues that are of vital importance personally or politically or you know like both then that sounds rather like moral compromise of a high order. i’m not sure a plutonian really does moral compromise. if all the other platforms for being seen and heard result in not being seen and heard then maybe this is his best bet.

      • One of the great things about pro sport is that success is based on your skill. Not your color or politics. The NFL is way ahead in the race to provide equal opportunity to players of any color creed or background.
        Colin is proof of that. Why use that arena as your platform ?

        • it’s probably not for me to say, but the image mystic shared comments on that. sporting champions are ‘safe’ because of their political neutrality. sport is entertainment. It’s moving bodies for points. It’s not a position with a great deal of political agency. So it is not inherently dangerous to the establishment. So is he or other people of colour just supposed to stay in their sandbox on stuff like this? I don’t see why he should not be able to leverage his place as a champion footballer for this purpose any more than anyone else with a public profile can do. Also to do so at a match means you can reach a lot more people who you would not otherwise reach, than say a newspaper interview or a tweet (maybe).

            • Agreed. Better to make a stand for a good thing. Lots of sportsmen represent their sport badly (violence on their partners, urinating weirdly, poking fingers in the oppositions bum, etbc,…)

              So taking a stand is good.
              My Mars Cj Pluto would do the same. Niceties, when lives matter, does not cut it.

        • But what about Nicky Winmar lifted his jumper to show he was black?

          He copped shit from white players. So instead of celebrating his prowess on the field he showed the crowd he was proud to be black.

          Everywhere is a platform. I was proud to be a Nunga that day even tho l am not black.

        • I had the same reaction.
          He’s not going to roll over and play nice/ dead.
          He’s Plutonian, he’s just not wired for that.
          Has a platform, the chance to make himself heard and feels strongly enough about to sacrifice the opportunity. I doubt he thought this though, it feels more like he’s compelled by his impulses than some political grandstanding move. I’d probably do the same thing in his position. Not sure if its right or wrong. but I get the vibe. It’s not professional and it’s not going to do his career any good but I like it.
          I like it a lot.

      • Me too!

        Scorpio hates hypocrisy and inequity. No faux smiles like Libras (Libra Scorp Via Combusta Babe speaking) but a steely gaze on righting the wrong. And he will make it uncomfortable and call you out until it’s fixed.

        That Sun-Pluto in Scorp makes him willing to “take a knee” or worse for justice.

        He knows too many cousins, uncles, little brothers who got stopped, searched, roughed up just for being in a nice car, a nice neighborhood, in an academic institution.

        If I knew a charity he supports, I would make donations in his honor.

    • I don’t think you can keep politics out of anything David. It’s always there implicitly in what’s said or not said. Things like this are a disrupt to business as usual and frankly I think we could do with more of it. I stupidly looked at the news and saw yet another black American killed by cops (kid calling for an ambulance!) and another aboriginal death in jail here in Oz. Everyday, business as usual. I want it to stop. If more voices can help it end I don’t care where they come from.

  4. Kneel, mu’fuccas. Yes, I said it. Patriotism has shit to do with turning a blind eye to hypocrisy. In my opinion true Patriots show a mirror to a nation’s blessings AND cursings. If you want the community to thrive, you need to address what is a hazard to EVERYONE’S survival.

    Go on with your bad self, Colin – I see you, baby.

  5. Been saying for years as long as Black folks are shucking, jiving and making money via their charisma and skill everyone has love for being entertained. Damn well use your voice to show some BS and all of a sudden the vitroil comes out.

    Ain’t got no time for White Supremacy OR White Guilt – they’re just different sides of the same narcissistic coin. And white tears can go eat a dick. Trust, they run from the damn faucets/taps here in Australia, Princess Syndrome runs rife. And of course, back Stateside we were side eyeing Becky before Lemondade was being sipped. Known them bishes all too well and STILL ain’t got no time for them.

    I am loving all this subversiveness – every. damn. drop. From Ali to Mexico Games to Colin, it’s all part of a legacy of protest within colonized nations, addressing the lack of respect extended to Black citizens. Adjusting to attitudes all rooted in the same propoganda that Black human beings are anything but. Seeing carictures vs. characters. Fear of a Black Planet indeed by too many pockets.

    As a former resident of Los Angeles and the ATL, I got first-hand stories of unarmed Black men being shot and murdered by 5-0 in my ‘hood. Hell, they’ve turned up at MY doorstep looking for people I don’t know wanting to get fresh when I state I know nothing – because I know nothing.

    Black Lives Matter – yes, indeed. Anyone spouting “All Lives Matter” – why so prickly about Black folks bringing to light the every day injustices against black bodies? If all lives matter, goddammit, extend the love to Black lives. Stop derailing the convo.

    Colin, baby – I SEE YOU!!!!!!

    • Unarmed Black men (and women and children) being shot on camera weekly. Officers being found of falsifying and planting evidence. Due to the damn Police union (who officially endorse Trump, FYI) these KILLERS IN UNIFORM are able to be on paid leave. AND, and, if they ARE fired (barely ever happens) they are able to move interstate and re-enrol with Police. Google the former Seattle Police Chief who speaks on this at length.

      Most cops don’t even pull their gun during their tenure in the force – miss me with their lives are at risk nonsense. More likely to be killed a a delivery driver than a Police Officer.

      Y’all heard about the Oakland Police who pimped underage prostitutes out to one another, right?

      The list of disgusting PROTECTED behavior by the Police is epidemic – always has been. Now that folks have smartphones the malice is being captured – thank Goddess.

        • I know. Smartphone technology has enabled the general public see the police murdering unarmed people. It’s horrific, eye-opening but the police don’t have a say in that. The court of public opinion vindicates the importance of things like Black Lives Matter.

      • I believe everyone has a right to their opinion on this subject and I respect yours. I do take issue with a couple of your statements. Before I do let me say I am Chicago police officer, I am female and I am white. I have been on this job for 10 years, serving all my time in the most poverty stricken South side neighborhoods of this city. I have been called every derogatory name you can think of, thrown down stairs, punched in the face and shot at numerous times and once had to shoot someone. I’ve watched people die, reunited families with their missing children and taken alot of illegal guns out of the hands of very bad people. This isn’t me complaining or trying to play a victim…I love my job and just want you to know where I’m coming from.
        First, you said that most officers never actually pull their weapon during their entire career. That, I can guarantee you, is absolutely false. I don’t know any officer that can say they have never pulled their weapon and would say you would be hard pressed to find one anywhere in this country.
        Second, not all of what happens in a police involved shooting is going to be made public and there is a process (different in each state I’m sure) that has to be followed. Just because the general public may see some videos, it’s not the whole story and the shooting may be legally justified.
        My issue with the BLM movement is that if black lives truly mattered, why are there no protests when a civilan kills a black person? In Chicago-to date- there have been 3,205 people shot, of those 497 were killed. Of those 497, 6 were polive involved- that’s 1.2%. Where is the outrage for the other 98.8% of homicides? Where are the marches and the video footage that leads to an arrest? People in the community know who the killers are and remain silent but will damn the police when we have to make the split second decision to use deadly force, screaming that WE are killing the community. No, the community is killing the community and if BLM gave a shit about it they would protest for EVERY black person killed.
        I will be the first to admit that there are flaws in the system and there always will be. No one profession is perfect but we are all human. As for Colin, I support people using their voice for a change they believe in however I disagree with how he is getting his message across.
        I know my opinion isn’t a popular one here but it’s mine and I just had to get that off my chest.

        All my stats were found at

        • Ma’am, thank you for your public service and I pray that you are and stay safe!

          According to Gaucquelin, an old school Astro guy, Mars and or Saturn are prominent in the charts of police officers. Is that the case with you? Mars Rising or in the 12th house?

          On current events-

          I am white female and middle aged-

          I grew up in Detroit and worked there for much of my adult life, in the courts. Even now with all the young white hipsters blockading the streets and keeping working folk from their own driveways, we still have senseless killings, kids on kids.

          Our local court prosecutor, a brilliant African American woman and she is also a Detroit resident. She was asked about Black on Black crime after several national killings by police of Black men. (We had our case of Malice Green years ago.)She said “That is a conversation for another day. It is an important conversation, but this is not the time for it.”

          We do have mothers who grieve, we have candlelight vigils, we have pastors and reformed former gang bangers working in our community. They tell us kids feel they have no opportunity and that they need gang protection to get safely to school if their parents work. I have heard this often from mid west folk.

          Emergency Managers control local schools and lead their looting by profiteers. Led by a man who poisoned thousands to save money. The Feds prosecute school principals for taking gift cards. State taxpayers paid $500,000 already in the Guv’s lawyer fees in the water poisoning.

          I hope that Pluto going direct in Capricorn gives us some justice.

        • Wow on the job I too was called every name in the book, thrown down stairs, spit at in the face, broke a couple bones, slammed into walls– but was never shot at (nor did I have any weapons). Direct care worker in mental health for some years, Detroit & Toledo. We called the police if we couldn’t deesculate the situation ourselves; we were expected by our agencies to handle it, & 99% of the time we did. You jogged my old work memories, the good & the bad. Thanks? lol

          I think it’s complicated, why ppl living in high crime neighborhoods don’t snitch on the bad guys to the police. For one, these ppl, if they’re minorities, don’t trust that the police will protect them. And why they distrust police is as old as this country (but the rest of us are just now seeing that history streamed live on fb). But anyway, that’s just one thing; it’s complicated.

          I’m glad you chimed in here. Of course your perspective is pertinent & I respect what you’re out there doing every day. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a cop & have that kind of responsibility. It’s a yuge responsibility, what you’ve chosen. So be safe out there, & be centered. Love & strength xx

  6. yay im an outer planet person.
    venus conjunct pluto.
    pluto abt to station direct on my capricorn midheaven @ 15 capricorn then….anyone?
    TRYING to change my employment sitch….its a nightmare…

  7. Moon conjunct Pluto at 2 degrees for me, makes sense. Had lots of different people through the years tell me that I don’t “belong in this era,” and that I’m “just different.” Interesting.

  8. NFL players who have committed rape, or beat their wives: no hate from fans. Kaepernick kneels during the anthem to protest police executing ppl on the streets: the hate keeps coming.

    Our military industrial complex still insists that being one of their soldiers is “fighting for freedom & democracy.” The only ppl I see fighting for freedom & democracy are the Activists: ppl with the BLM movement, ppl with the ACLU, human rights workers, advocates of election reform, celebrities who use their platform to raise awareness & give the oppressed a voice, and so many more… Activists are the true fighters for freedom, the truly courageous. I’d gladly kneel with Kaepernick any day.

  9. What is the answer? The violence/ rioting is doing nothing but making people scared in turn .. they will vote for Trump (Lord, help us) then we will be under martial law….with a large wall ..sigh it’s a shit show

  10. I happen to agree with what he’s saying and doing but that’s aside from my thinking he is utterly lush.

    “This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,I am not looking for approval.”
    I love that.

  11. It isn’t surprising that those who see themselves as oppressed/disadvantage are often so locked inside their own world construct that they assume anyone who isn’t is immune, blessed with good fortune, lives free of oppression…..has it easy. For Kaepernick the oppression revolves around skin colour. I lived/worked for years in an environment where it revolved around religion/culture. Was once good friends with someone who suddenly announced she was ending our contact because…..I belonged to what she perceived as the oppressor. It was during a time when her culture was militant. She said it wasn’t ‘personal’. I knew it wasn’t ‘personal’….but it was, regardless of how she tried to intellectually frame it. A work colleague of the same culture more or less painted the same brush of everyone in my culture because that was the major theme in the universities at the time. I pointed out to him that it was an extremely narrow and false argument that didn’t stand up to other facts of my culture but was based on convenience and a distortion of deeper and unpleasant truths that he hadn’t faced. Further it achieved nothing positive because it prayed on the masochistic pleasure of being a victim. While no one will deny there were reasons for his complaints, as there are for Kaepernick, in the long run, it is so much more satisfying to hold those outside one’s own culture/colour/religion – the Other – responsible for all grievances. It justifies anger and much worse, as we see all too graphically in the M.E. It also prevents insight into the failings of one’s own culture/colour/religion etc and ……to one’s own inner healing. If there is such a thing as the collective unconscious there is also collective guilt. No one is innocent, no one is blameless. Even Mr. Kaepernick.

  12. I don’t really understand why we need a lesson in guilt here. That seems to be your own issue which you should deal with in your own space. This is about astrology insight into someone caught up in something very concrete, which as a black person affects him deeply: the killing of innocent black people by policemen, and how Pluto is manifesting in his actions as a public figure.

  13. I went and looked at my chart, reread the Outer Planets article and came to the conclusion I am also Plutonian!! I’ve got Pluto right on my sun!! Pluto in Libra 19, Sun in Toro 19

    (imaginary fist bump with CK)

    HF – ok well that actually explains a lot

  14. He’s cool, I don’t mind a protest here or there or anywhere; protest, protest everywhere!
    Corrupt police are a problem. They are the ones who often cannot get into the elite forces as they are too stupid and psychologically unfit.
    Pluto in Cap is about exposing this systemic failure and with Sunny destiny combining with the Pluto energy it’s his true work I guess.
    But isn’t black on black crime realistically & statistically a far greater danger to the community?
    I don’t know what to kneel or sit for anymore, there is so much corruption in our world on so many levels, micro and macro.

    • No. Black on black is myth. People kill in their neighborhood/where they live- let’s talk white on white crime…and psychological warfare.

      The white man is still mad.. The negro makes more money and still will not submit to white authority… White men want this Man to SeLL his soul and conscience along with his body and muscles…. Not all men are prostitutes for their JOB- they want him to prostitute his soul and spirit. renting his flesh hasn’t satisfied them. They want his soul…they want his submission…what if ALL the little brown boys stop kneeling to a lyric about preserving slavery? Mm?
      Read the song…. Learn the anthem. I stopped standing to that crap in school….stand and COVER MY HEART while co-signing blood in the streets…. No thank you. that’s NOT my job-my job is to run this ball….. Not play sambo to some toxic system.

      Pluto is my co-pilot.

      • Yes, Pluto IS your copilot! Fierce.

        I’m so glad you lent your voice to this post, Ether: for a discussion re institutionalized racism & violence, it’s rather white in here lol. And since you’re so Plutonian it seems like it should be common sense, but not everyone’s going to See like you do until you shine a light on it & share it with the world. This Saltine American learns so much that way… as much as I can for a white woman, anyhow.

        Pluto love & continued strength to you! Hope to see you around again 🙂 x

      • Welll if Police kill 258 black people in 2015 (a terrible statistic) but another 6000 are killed that year by other members of the black community and you tell me it’s a myth – I don’t think that is going to make for a conversation.

        I absolutely think that sociopathic men in suits are a problem and banning a Burkini is a joke when you consider the trail of destruction post suit wearers.

        By the way I love men but they are statistically more dangerous than women (let’s leave Hillary out of this), one does not betray anyone by admitting the general truth.

        • Also, whilst we are on an injustice topic, why is it that when police die at the hands of criminals, there is hardly any heartburn over that one.

          Afterall a person dies just doing their job. Imagine confronting criminal behaviour and someone and they ‘reach’ for something. You would be a little apprehensive.

          And before ppl jump down my throat- all l am pointing out is innocent law officers die at the hands of criminals. That seemingly causes little outrage.

          My Uranity….in fairness to all humanity

          • Here, there has always been community outpourings when an officer dies in the line of duty, & cop killers (& assaulters) are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Cops know what they’re signing up for when they take the oath to Protect & Serve: that’s why they get a belt with a bunch of weapons on it (& training, & backup). Violence against police has never been shrugged at here.

            • A bloody hard ask to explain to a dead cops daughter or son. Don’t worry it makes my blood boil when innocents a killed by criminals or rogue cops.

        • I think the difference is that Blue has all the power: the weapons, the govt approval, the law on its side. High-crime neighborhoods are a symptom of a bigger societal problem; our history of authoritarian brutality toward blacks is one of those societal problems. So on one hand it’s about more than a body count, but on the other it’s a historical reflection of black people dead at the hands of overseers. Or, officers.

          • Totally and completely agree 100% with this!
            But while all violence by police or civilians is abhorrent, I perceive the people are rebelling against government in increasing numbers because of their collusion with banks, weapons trading, representing corporate interests over human interests, rather than just protesting against Blue on Black deaths.

            So I feel that this conversation about being victimised is tapping a deep well spring of feeling for all people who want freedom from tyranny. It’s less about realistically looking at the current situation in the black community.

            The enforcers of the law, often poorly trained, deemed unsuitable for the army, are dealing with a racial group that commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that others do. So that’s why you have a racial profile that has caused still more deaths. But still NOT at the 93% level of homocide deaths of blacks on blacks.

            I suppose the Pluto in Capricorn emphasis is on systems rather than individual responsibility? I am just wary of the sacred victim mentality that actually avoids helpful outcomes for the black community.

            I think also birth control is a Pluto in Capricorn issue – Capricorn as regulation and Pluto as sexuality.
            The socioeconomic consequences of teen pregnancy in the community are so numerous and negative, tragically occurring as a result of violence & neglect, creating more of the same.
            Romania’s Ceausescu created a large generation of uncared for children that partly toppled his regime.
            Caring for the black community and using their pain to foment revolution are kind of different and I keep feeling they are being mixed up to the detriment of the black community.

            • Not sure who is using the black community’s pain to foment revolution here? I´m pretty sure that most black people going out to demonstrate mainly peacefully & sometimes otherwise, are doing it because they’ve had enough of a situation that is not being looked at – and the black deaths at the hands of law enforcers is a reflection of a much greater problem that runs very deep in the history of the U.S. like Ankh says.

              Anyway, this is an article byTori Stuckey which addresses these Black/ Blue on Black terms.


  15. I’ve had Pluto on or super close my MC in 10th for a year or two now and I just realized that’s it’s morphed me from being visibly ‘out there’, fly to another country at the drop of a hat, party party party to uber normal with all the landmarks jammed up against each other. I got married, finished my PhD, got a real job and a mortgage. Wtf Pluto? I mean I like and chose all those things but it’s not exactly rebellious. When it gets to Aqua 11th I’m going to start a cult.

  16. Shining a bright light upon corrupt, fuqed-up situations is something Sun/Plutos do like no other – this is one of the highest uses of Plutonic energy, IMO. Good for Kaepernick for using his celebrity to highlight this societal cancer instead of being like so many other bubblegum pop, milquetoast stars!

    You guys do know that he is getting death threats for doing this? He will take it all in stride, of course – there’s just no way you’re going to intimidate a Scorpio Sun w/ Pluto conjunct! I feel for him, though – about the best you can possibly expect when you’ve got a good Pluto punch like this is to be cast in the role of the polarizing antihero.

    Those calling him “unpatriotic” or a “traitor” need to get real, read a history book, and realize how indoctrinated and brainwashed they are. Remember Germany in the 1940’s? When the Nazi police started rounding up & exterminating the “undesirables”? If you don’t remain vigilant and speak up about this kind of stuff, the reality is this is how a state-sponsored genocide can begin again. Do we look back and call the people who hid Jews or who spoke out against Hitler unpatriotic traitors? Hardly. Seriously, go read the Constitution – I seem to recall something about the 1st Amendment protecting freedom of speech…? You can love your country and still be deeply, deeply disturbed by what it is/isn’t doing – this things are not mutually exclusive.

    This is the disgusting side of the USA being a Sagittarius Rising, Sun conjunct Jupiter nation – the Conservative, prejudicial mentality. For a place that has touted itself as a “melting pot”, we seem to be wildly careening toward an unprecedented resurgence in racism & xenophobia. I have never seen anything like it in my life, and I want it to stop. NOW.

    • Absolutely right ON LV!
      It’s a truly worrying state of affairs when LAW enforcers are indiscriminately murdering innocent black people with impunity. What fuqed up message is that sending out?
      Why is not more (or anything) being done about it? Why is the mainstream media deflecting & reframing the debate so that instead of the real issue being discussed, everyone’s talking about correct protest etiquette?

      • Media is feeding the Fear Machine. And the civilians take it in, & so do the cops, & the voters… I can’t say whose ends it serves, but for sure it means a whole fuq of a lot to somebody up top.

        • Media… by only drawing our attention to the violent protests (as opposed to also broadcasting the peaceful ones), I mean. Yes, it shifts the narrative off topic. Among other, more sinister things…

          So I’d like to see ppl peacefully putting pressure on their local police depts, for one. Keep demanding transparency & that good cops have a responsibility to weed out their bad coworkers. Remind them that they’re paid by & work for *us*. Organize. Demonstrate. Communicate. The police chief, the sheriff, local prosecutor, national police union, the governor, state reps, Attorney General, news outlets– Flood Them with personal thoughts & stories, update them on your own peaceful protesting/activism. Mainstream media can’t be allowed to dictate our narrative: WE need to write this chapter in our history.

      • TY, skarab!

        A badge does not automatically make someone some kind of god or saint. These are human beings, with the same kind of issues we all have, and they certainly are not exempt from things like racism or even just plain poor judgment – especially when jobs like this can be a magnet for people who have complexes surrounding control & power. I’m not saying that every cop is fuqed up, but I do have a very personal and intimate understanding of how some of them *can* be.

    • Right: the death threats. That’s why I feel like activists are truly courageous: their lives get threatened & they are not armed forces, no backup, no secret service, no military training. And like you said, hello 1st Amendment? It’s huge.

      • Yup – I am willing to bet a good majority of them are the very same ones who want to “Make America HATE Again” and decry political correctness while defending that giant orange circus peanut-turned-would-be-president’s right to be a completely uncivilized jackass, all the while citing that very same freedom of speech? Helloooo? Double standard much?

        • Omg fuqing Trump. Bill Maher called him the “tangerine nightmare” lol.

          One of my bros is a Trumpet *sigh*. My SIL told me yesterday that their one-yr-old, “said ‘Trump’ the other day!” Like that’s good news?? I threw up in in my mouth & looked at my sweet nephew & said, “Can you say ‘basket of deplorables’?” I know: I totally lost my composure for a minute. But goddamm that wrecked the rest of my night. Ugh.

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