Venus Square Saturn Optics

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Oliviero Toscani

Venus in details-conscious Virgo making a ninety degree aspect to Saturn is when the eye begins to see.

Saturn in Sagittarius = Truth.  Venus in Virgo zooms in. That it is a square makes it terse but concise.

Romance, Beauty, Art & Personal Aesthetics.

Inscrutability on the outside concealing an inward restructure that may or may not involve…

Steven Klein

Paying homage to your former Love Zombie self or even what remains from something darker, an episode in your life that you are only now seeing in full.  Venus square Saturn has its sombre dimension, productive as it is.

Didmonton Parish Church

Remembering the churches you no longer attend, the places you no longer worship at, the people you once held up as demi-deities and their fall from your graces.  AND…

La Belle Et Bete

Re-assessing the primary relationships in your life.  It’s not just a normal Venus Saturn square you see, it is rendered more potent by Saturn going Direct as Venus perfects her 90 degree angle.

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Oliviero Toscani
Steven Klein
La Belle Et Bete

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63 thoughts on “Venus Square Saturn Optics

  1. nattily my venus is on my descendant opposite my ascendant which is Scorpio with Neptune conjunct it (though neptune in 12th house) and Saturn in 1st house opposing my Sun in Taurus..lots of old (unsuitable and weird) boyfriends are reappearing in the area I live in, really quite creepy, almost stalker like…yes I used to be a love zombie who down dated and I also have what I call a nutter magnet -they seem quite normal and then suddenly a few months into the relationship they reveal their ‘inner nutter’ and become jealous obsessive and well,,,,weird. Horrible. Also my part-time lover of 24 years on finding I might have cancer again has not been in contact since April. Even though it was an open relationship he has always cared and it really hurts. I really think I feel unsafe to be open to love again, despite meeting a lovely magical man lately.I don’t want to have armour, but my Neptune in Libra 12th house means they and I see what they want to see. Help!

  2. So true about the LZ stuff, had a crazy dream re that last night, an ancient Neptune situation, that is very prominent in my brain right now. This is why I love Astro, to know that it’s a symptom/sign of the times and carry on, grok the insight but move along…

  3. Cleaning cleaning cleaning laundry cleaning– then the thunderbirds came & for the first time in months it just rained rained rained. So Fresh within & without, rooftop to basement, & my cisterns got replenished too! *Ace*

  4. my life was more exciting as a love zombie. At least, I actually believed in love then. Now, I don’t believe it exists.

    • Not true.

      Lotz on here told me not to worry about it; that’ll come in good time. It took me a while to work out what MM meant by wrong women. She said to pursue financial stuff. That was strange to me as Moon 7 Hauser and Kat Asc trine heavily aspected Neptune in Scorp and a Virgoan Mars Pluto Venus trijunct.

      Then, outa da blue, she happend to me. A Piscean Stellium with Nep on her Scorp Asc and her NN on my Asc. A multi Water GT synastry. Ahhhhmazing.

      As l am a Pluto in Virgo l suspect you might be younger than me. As KB sings mit PG, “don’t give up”.

    • As a natal LZ i can say It is a very sobering transit for sure. It is not the same kind of love but it is ok. You just have to reset your “taste buds” and pretend the salad is cake. 🙂 salad is more sustainable to most people’s bodies and minds versus cake.

  5. So glad saturn is going direct. Its been going backwards and forwards over my natal MC at 9 Saggo for ages, and saturn’s square to neptune is right on my pisces ascendent. I’m exhausted from stepping up professionally as much as I can, and juggling high and low neptune 🙂

    Also, the current chiron action is right on my natal moon and opposite my natal sun which has transiting Jupiter on it – pain and distress around my ageing Dad, who left when I was about 2 and a half years old. It is a bit weird when major outer planets transiting aspects are right on one’s natals!

    Transiting north node on my Descendent might have revealed to me an actually ‘good and decent’ man – time will tell!

    I read once that projects begun during Saturn R can feel like uphill all the way – finished one on wednesday and it has been like that. Have stalled the start of a new project till next week to try and avoid that again.

    • ah another pisces ascendant! =)

      I hear you. I’m dreading the neptune conjunct AC – is that wat you have going on now? The astro this year is hell for mutable risings/charts. It’s really reactivating a ton of natal chart configurations for me as well. Saturn went rx in a perfect square to my pisces ascendant & chiron in gemini (both 16deg). Right now transiting chiron is on my natal jupiter @ 23deg pisces, and that was just the pre-show… i have sag venus, mc & uranus about to get squared by jupiter in virgo and then chiron + my saturn return. yeaps.


  6. Mystic, your posts are always spot-on, but this post is one of the ones I read more than once because it is so right on the money it’s unreal. I’ve been undergoing a complete rewiring over the past few months and had some things come to light in the past 24 hours.

    • Rewiring is a word that resonates with me too. I have been psychically shaken awake during Saturn’s reverse motion.

  7. Holy crap! Last night so intense! I had to diffuse a situation in a relationship that would’ve expired if i chose a passive approach (that i had explored in a recent failed past relationship) but would crumble with new fragility if i handled it with the Libran sun- scorp moon-sagg asc sledgehammer that i normally use. What to do when you are a 2 trick pony? Learn a third trick. I chose a middle path and it brought us closer than ever. He was able to express vulnerability that hadnt been shared before in a safe container i made for him. I could feel his body finally soften under my touch like he hadn’t before. Magical but intense transit for sure!

    • This last six months I’ve been repeatedly ‘hit’ with ‘the third option’ when the situation has looked like it was locked into two diametrically opposing options. Perhaps it’s timely to remind myself this. To be open to the third option. And wait for it to present itself.

      Glad that the third option was such a powerful one for you.

      • I miss your posts dear! I hope all is still well with you!

        For me it was about evening , seeing the 3rd option! Hell there could be more options than that,but it was better than what i normally do for sure. I do feel like i have levelled up.

        I hope you find your third or 4th or 5th….etc option that works for you!

        • I miss you all too. Things are getting better slowly. I’ll make an effort to get here more often. I’ve become a shadow even in cyberspace and that’s not a good thing. Xxx

  8. Venus in my 3rd, Saturn in my 6th (on Neptune).
    Sweet words, but dream shattering nonetheless?!

    Congrats to the person who burned down my childhood church.
    So many young people died in silent pain, at least the charred stones evoke their memory now.

    • How do you cope, i lost someone 25 years ago and have survival guilt, i think it wasn’t accidental, i think that these people brainwash, he was treated with huge respect, yet they covered it all up when truth came
      Tbh i think it was burnt down by them, or one of the other men involved due to his guilt from the leak, as the parishioners deserted it, only half a dz ppl turning up last few years for morning mass, now it’s at the school next door xoxo

      • He was revered and given greater respect than persons in the parish, my family, weekly dinners in hms, a luxury car, a holiday house, stipend in Europe aft his escape til death from alcoholism.
        Yet we get nothing so much as an apology, except by Pope Francis

        • Sorry was respected more by my family than they respected me, he was a sick ****
          Fuqing shameful character, and the priest that went there after, who them was in the skateboard saga, apparently dead too, just hate this whole town

          • I’ve had a Catholic priest stalking/lusting after me for over a year.

            When I knew him very superficially, I liked him. He is charming but egotistical. Spent some time with him socially, & began to see an occasional fang, eye gleam, other unpleasant traits – like lying & gossiping.

            Now, he flat makes my skin crawl. Totally creeps me out. Ran his chart & it is frightening. Alcoholic low Libra Sun/Moon, with some rather diabolical & unsavory planetary aspects.

            My mother thinks I should report him to the local Diocese. But I’m sure they know what he is, & obviously don’t care.

            • I thought they only went after little boys; in the main.

              On the bright side that shit group getz revealed for what they are; more n more.

              • Me too.

                He’s absolutely vomitrocious. Have never known anyone before who evokes such disgust & loathing in me.

                I’ve had nothing to do with him since last Nov, & yet he persists.

                If someone were to write a book on covert things priests say & do when they are trying to get laid, this is the guy they should chronicle.

                Insert Linda Blair, power puking here.

                • And the pope tgey have in charge is a feel-good lackey. “An Innocent in Paris” who is a ‘lovely’ front man hiding all the sexu-depravaditus that is reprobatably indefensible.

                  But aren’t they wonderful. So say the 2million ‘Dupees’

      • Sorry to hear you feel that way Jupiter. I don’t feel guilty in any way but I do feel frustrated as the abuser specific to my family member was never caught as he used a false name.
        The priest who installed this fellow predator to abuse in the presbytery and school was actually protected by the Church and certain members of the Police force!
        I have never seen such a lack of empathy with a sense of extreme entitlement in a person as that priest.
        He said to a group while I was present, “They will never catch me, I know too much about those up the hierarchy”. He was 100% right.
        He mentioned Pell. Pell freaks me out, as I am told by an army insider that the Police know he was visiting defrocked priests in Asia who were paedo’s on his way to the Vatican!
        The Vatican must know this if I do. 🙁

  9. This post – Karen Alexander, Herb Ritts’ fave model and mine
    Churches, i was raised in them, and feel guilt for leaving, never mind the brainwashing at school
    Beauty and the Beast, well i thought it was Disney, although i knew it was a faitytale, or story
    Have been in a trancelike state all day, body functions, yet no reality x

  10. ooh. Venus on my sun now (2 degrees away), and that Neptune Saturn square has been pinging me all of 2016. I have been working it, so I am not the blithering wreck I was in Feb when Saturn first unceremoniously sat on my Chiron, at the same time that the NN visited n.Saturn.
    Good thing, as on my next birthday Saturn will square and Neptune will oppose my sun, while Mars comes to visit my old ouchie mate Chiron. All exact to the degree on my birthday.
    Sets up an interesting Solar Return chart for the next 12 months…
    What have I learned this year?
    that my family of origin really was damaging (I have a lifetime habit of trying to minimise the damage done…that too is a family trait ‘it isn’t/wasn’t that bad’. It IS and it WAS.) I was not safe – too much Neptune and not enough Saturn in the house of my childhood.
    that my strengths contain my weaknesses and vice versa – that yin/yang symbol is so true.
    that running away (which I did for 20 years) came at a cost, there’s consequent damage – to myself and to those around me – and I’m quietly doing some repairs on that.
    but also that I have skills – am learning to use my 12 house Saturn as the boat which keeps my first house Neptunian persona safe.
    Not that it has been a completely shite year, plenty of good stuff. But certainly so far it’s been a year of hard work.

    • I had the opposite in my upbringing – too much Saturn not enough Neptune. Just as damaging. My father was cold, distant, controlling. ZERO affection from both parents. I feel like an orphan and can totally relate to people who were adopted and feel unloved. It leaves a scar and an ever lingering melancholy. Explains why I’ve never really had any long term relationships either.

      • Chronos,

        Big (((hugs))) to you. Yes, your upbringing does leave long-lasting scars and a sense of loss for the parental relationship that never was. May you find peace with a situation you can’t change and, someday, someone who will give you the love you most certainly deserve.


  11. “Remembering the churches you no longer attend, the places you no longer worship at, the people you once held up as demi-deities and their fall from your graces.”
    Considering the news I heard today no truer words were ever spoken.
    Permission to feel vindicated after all these years, and perhaps even a little proud of myself.
    Thanks Mystic, xo

  12. moon conjunct saturn too. Boy, today has been harsh. Mystic I seem to be about 2 days behind comprehending your posts and astro. what was it you were saying about blocking saturn *finishes bag of sugar coated jujubes*

  13. Over the past week or so I seem to have had constant conversations with a couple of key people regarding how I don’t appreciate their communication style.

    Topics have included bullying, lying, denial, manipulative emotional strategies, lack of boundaries, disrespect of my boundaries even though they have been CLEARLY stated … and so forth.

    A part of me appears to be capable of standing back from other people’s interaction/communication style and ask … hang on a minute? Is this true? Am I being manipulated here? Whilst my emotive Cancer sun/Saggo moon feels the attack and wants to go ballistic firing a few home truths their way in return.

    I am learning to refrain. Saturn is winning even though it’s in my Sagg house. Venus currently transiting my 4th and REFUSES to have one’s home life messed up by other people’s crap.

  14. I know it’s 2 degrees away – but does this square also by default take in neptune? … and then I guess the north node too.

    How does that work if 2 planets are an exact aspect and then another is 2 degrees away?

    as if saturn direct (sq my saturn) wasn’t enough.

    • YES – it’s a bit tricky but the scopes for most signs this weekend cover it AND the Weekly that i am posting soon.

      It works in that Venus is “pre-heating” that Saturn Neptune square that is exact in September

      Venus is in orb to both as of now but Saturn is the stronger vibe as it is turning direct

      does that make sense? xx

      • Thanks, Mystic!

        What about Jupiter’s effects? Will it be like the square on steroids, or offer protection against fuggedupedness?

      • Pre-heating. Lol.

        But yes, thank you makes total sense.
        And I never thought I’d say this but thank god for Saturn direct.

        Just did my first exercise since March!! aiaiai.

  15. Drew the Nine of Pentacles in the 2nd just now – “the pleasure of a plan brilliantly executed”; art as “a garden [cultivated] with an eye for enduring fruitfulness”.

    I should also mention that I drew the card a few minutes after a close friend/collaborator and I spontaneously decided to record some of my originals while I’m back in my hometown for a short trip. Signing and showing up for everything Venusian-Saturnian!

  16. “Re-assessing the primary relationships in your life.” => BIG TIME!

    Had it out with a friend I’ve known nearly 30 years. Called him out and he actually took responsibility, but we’ll see….

    I guess I’m ‘keeping my own counsel’ right now, just not counting on anyone else, it’s just easier right now..

    And the eye beginning to see, and possibly getting insight on LZ tendencies…..that would be great! Through understanding, we can heal, transcend, all that…I’d love to leave behind the dynamics that have led me to LZ at times…, that would be a weight off and a liberation of spirit!

    I have Venus square Saturn, natally, as well. In Cap & Aries respectively. It’s not a great aspect to have, I’ll tell you…
    I have a ton of other, mostly positive aspects to my Venus, though, so I think those mediate the harsh square with Saturn. I still feel that one, though…..bleh! : (

    • I have Venus sq Saturn natally too – Gem & Virgo… right in the mix of the current neptune/saturn/venus sq… I always see it as work vs romance… or work pulling me away from romance, or romance kinda happening at work, or romance distracting work lol. I find it really hard to get the balance. How does yours manifest?

    • I have that apsect – widely so – not within 8 degrees…but still venus in capricorn is an odd bed fellow with saturn in aries! Cardinal, really very stoic but too unyielding to change?

      How do you get that? I have venus in 5th, saturn cusp 7/8th…so have you endured pluto grinding over your venus too? Just to add to all the intensity, lol.

      So what I see with venus in capricorn is some kind of bizarre ability to preserve (to the point of of being stone sculpting) relations coolly, with stability (not flexibility though?) but with great intention for status, return…long term…

      Then aries saturn is indomitably driven, hard wearing and very ambitious but not so patient…I’m getting better. I feel as if my lovers have had to really wear my temper, refusal to to be open to influence over ego/ will but its ironic that I am a slave to committment…its not meant to be that at all? A chain…

      The way I experience this venus in virgo (1st over multiple stellium) is its efficient and reserved, purity-minded; OK so that is compatible to our capricorn natally (with pluto) but it IS quincunx the grittier aries saturn…

      Supposing you use the energy / tension wisely (service vs identity / will / ego?) to create harmony – transmuted through the trine….the square precedes this – saturn with mars in fire / saggitarius / honesty – against anything clandestine or martyring…then hopefully what emerges is cathartic, real…courage to be without control, managing of others, etc.

      So transparency and structure are challenging, but allowing a suppressed difficult theme of control in love, and limitations regarding we actually are – to emerge out of shadow…I suppose…in the context of sacrifice, spiritual nourishment…

      The last image looks to be sun in leo with venus in virgo…I really feel this dynamic at present, not an easy shift…you have aqua sun too? The warmth and playfulness of leo sun is travelling through my 12th…I am really missing someone’s joy, generosity of being, their zeal…even though the drama, ego, glamour is tiring…I’m actually really over facades…maybe good thing this weekend is going to break through?

      Take care Flower child

    • apparently venus square saturn can mean a capacity for longevity in relationships, and the stamina to go the distance. keep on setting healthy boundaries and enjoy your other good venus aspects and remember squares are there to be worked – eg boundaries, responsibility and endurance around venus issues – not a bad thing to be tackling….look after yourself too

  17. I am about to clean my house for the first time in 2 months. Keep in mind what I consider a mess confuses my guests (“um, WHAT mess?”) but g’dammit Virgo rules the 4th and if ain’t impeccable it ain’t CLEAN.

    I was talking to Spirit this morning telling them to just cut the chords to all that doesn’t serve my highest vibe presently and in the future. I keep thinking about old era folks (I’m talking dinosaur era) and it’s boring me. I also woke up with a sore back so whatever this psychic baggage is, take it – don’t want it.

    Also realized I’ve moved on from my “friends”. I mean, I’m cool with folks but no one close in my sphere right now. I’ve spent the last 5 years building a “home” and the last 4 years laying the foundations for my career – I’m ready for some great, sincere, creative, brilliant friends. And a boo wouldn’t hurt, too ;P #PHOENIX!!! <3

    • Have to say I also shed a few tears a few days back. I have worked through my past but it was like some old trapped trauma just needed to be squeezed out before the sponge gets wet in a new, steel bucket. Not one of those flimsy plastic ones or Jill’s one with the hole and leaking shit everywhere…

      Beautifying the last room in the home – my son’s. It’s looking dope – only a few more things to cop. Bought new sheets, too – can’t stand the sheets sets I’ve had the last 5 years. My new stuff is more…romantic where it used to be kink-ay.

      Yep, this post is right on and right on time – how Virgo 🙂 <3

      • Taurus’ clean house is a showroom, some signs of life a discarded sweater/top, cigarettes/lighter, ashtray, glass or bottle of whatever’s your poison, askew remote, guitar, and cash.

        And bedsets for kids, like these kids love their bedrooms, and oh please consider the clothes and all the styling.

        It’s pure decadence going into a Taurus home. X

        • So shocked at how just an afternoon of tidying made such a bloody difference, the energy is moving again, now for round 2 (LOL)

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