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James Chapin

Venus into Virgo (till practically the end of August) is said by some, more traditional, people to be not so crash hot. It is opposite the sign in which Venus is exalted, hence the gloom. But seriously, Venus in Virgo has its advantages.

See your Horoscopes for more on how she is interacting with Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Lilith, Vesta and a host of other influences these next few weeks. And also for my the sign/rising sign take.

But broadly and in general, Venus in Virgo is precision thinking and analysis around such Venusian matters as art, deciphering love/lust clues, beauty regimes, fashion and well, sex.  It’s also easier to play things cool when Venus is here because the idea of asymmetrical or rowdy conduct is just too vulgar to contemplate.  The Virgo ‘nose’ is very sensitive to even a whiff of anything off or a poor composition.


Image: James Chapin

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60 thoughts on “Venus Into Virgo Is…

  1. About romance.. I tried with a venus in aquarius guy Argh…so cold and so inhuman, so robotic, so indifferent.. hell on earth for a venus in the 12 house. Venus in pisces or venus in the 12th can be one of the most spiritual and deepest venus for sure.

    My venus is in virgo in the 12th house I have a necessity to help others, do charitable works and other things. I pay attention to little things and almost always see a spiritual side in everything. I am very spiritual and because of that I feel alienated because most of people don’t understand, they are too materialistic.

  2. Venus return incoming. Since there is no romance in my life except (what I make of the simple pleasures) my love of the wind and the feeling of digging my feet into the sand rocks off my porch, I have to make do with Virgoan joy in a clean toilet, washed dishes and vacuumed floor. I light incense daily to clear out the mundane smells. I have an appointment with the dermatologist about removing several witchy moles from my face. Tidying up.

  3. An actual text I sent a relative before I started doing dishes/de-cluttering my cell phone/processing spinach into a liquid for vegan ice cream/showering and washing my hair (all of this while watching a million makeup videos on YouTube): “I maintain my wishes of someone miraculously cleaning my apartment and when that’s taken care of and I’m also clean and groomed, to get Orlando Bloom naked in my bed. Too much stress, misery and lack of glamour are driving me insane.”

  4. My Venus return at 0* Virgo.

    Romance…blah. But getting my organization on the last few days and loving it. Makes me feel much happier and capable. The house feels healthier and happier.

    • My Mars at 0° Virgo. So many of you 0° Venus to choose from……hahaha.
      (Lucky, l think l’m taken).

  5. Well I’m definitely a bit more industrious but I thought that might be mars now back in my 6th house, and out of disgustingland. The mars saturnian reckoning there quite soon so trying to keep healthy eating, movement, stress levels, game face at work, academia on 2 fronts (numero uno priority), and another thing or two on the go without imploding or going into some kind of anxiety freeze. It seems that yin yoga, walking, and quality time with pals is a good balancing medicine… Who knew lol. Well I’m not virgoan but this is 6th house energy so same thing for now maybe! X

  6. Guilty, Ozzy Osborne had his hair styled, more i ponder, more insane it sounds, i thought it sounded ok at first being like a mega metal god, makes sense, poor bloke x

  7. Yay! This fish with moon in Virgo celebrated by booking in a specialist cleaner for my end of lease and renewing my vows to the gym! LOVE the virgo vibe!

  8. I was in a library the other day and there was a (cute) guy at the shelves wearing the most amazing cologne. It would have been uncool to turn and stare (maybe if i was a scorpio set to Provocateur mode or something), so I had to sneak glances down the tables to see what else the story told haha

  9. Hahaha.

    Gemini friend and I just had a coffee catch up, talking / assessing at 100mph.

    Then suddenly a waft of something… Someone had just walked past with the most intriguing scent. Neither of us noticed who… Male or female… Scent not familiar but alluring.

    Gemini: nice when someone walks past that doesn’t smell like l’eau de public bathroom.

    Cue woman walking in at the completion of that sentence smelling like a public bathroom.

    Our exit made promptly after that

    • OKAY THIS is spooky. Ever since i began drinking Reishi every night – for dream awareness and guided dreams – a lot more people than usual have been saying i am IN their dreams.

      And MY dreams are off the psychic Richter scale.

  10. Venus is about to conjunct my Jupiter at 3 Virgo, in the 3rd house. The analysis thing would be good as I’ve got a lot of admin stuff to figure out and I’m applying for new jobs..

    I’m feeling very very lonely, too. Maybe more social soon with Venus through the 3rd?
    I really feel like I have no real friends. I’ve actually ‘analyzed’ that statement, and it is actually mostly true. I’m also having Pluto transit the 7th house, so someone said this could be purging of alliances? This has been going on for a long while now…. and here I am alone on a Friday night….
    Anyway, yeah, really, really lonely and it feels heavy…. I’m also unemployed, so I just feel really down right now….

    Also having Neptune transit moon, square transiting Saturn……LONELY!
    And guess what I’m doing about it? Drinking…. : (

    • Its better to be alone than in the company of not so pleasant people. My Bf was always saying call this person or that person but for me it was important to be around authentic people who I had a true connection with. It took me a long time to find my little tribe, especially after moving across the world.
      Take this time to truly start from scratch and analysis whats working and whats not. You’ll get there.

    • When Pluto traversed my 7th (Virgo & Libra– esp Libra, where I have moon conjunct Pluto) yes, many relationships I had were disintegrated. Even a couple of ppl I had known for 15-20 years: poof gone. It was hideous at the time, but looking back I’m really not out anything. Except delusions. Which, ok.

      • Oh lol I’m confusing my shitty relationship transits: I mean *Saturn* thru my 7th, not Pluto. Pluto thru Scorpio/8th h (or my solar 1st) was no fucking picnic either, fwiw. Saturn/Pluto/regardless, my point stands: I fucking made it thru. And so will you. Just, sit tight & make the best of your days 😉 xx

    • Thanks for your support and insight, Ren and Ankh!

      Yeah, I enjoy alone time, for sure, but sometimes it’s just too much alone time… At the same time, I agree, it’s better to be alone than around people who I’m not really connecting with.

      I’ve had long time friendships end, too, and I’ve just kind of gotten used to it, because it’s been happening slowly over the past 7 years or so, and it’s ok. I thought it would crush me, but it hasn’t. I try to just look forward to the ‘new’…whatever it may be that is coming..

      Ah! Ankh, your share about Saturn made me realize there will be a time in the future where both Saturn and Pluto will be transiting my 7th house at the same time! Haha….I’m sure that will be hardcore, but I’m not going to worry about that now… After all this, I’ll probably be prepared for it when it comes…

    • ….Ok, case in point, just got bizarro text from long time ‘friend’ who says suddenly that he is going off the grid and retreating for awhile suspiciously right when he knows I’m going through a hard time and also called him out on never hanging out with me in person but just calling or texting me when he feels the need to rant about something…I feel like he uses me for that.. He’s an old friend, known him almost 30 years and there’s no romantic history, he’s gay, we went to uni together, anyway…. it fits with the astro transits…. I wasn’t surprised and it’s really no big loss as he adds nothing to my life, really… purging, purging….

  11. My Virgoan husband made himself a huge iced coffee and has been cleaning like mad, kissing me passionately while running back and forth to the washing machine. I like it.

    • And I’ve been obsessively analyzing qi maintenance for a Sag moon. I have been exercising like mad for funk loss, not weight loss. The bad funk, not funky funk.

      • I have a Virgo husband and I have observed that he loves cleaning with anything gun-shaped. Hoovering, jet washing. Give him a steam cleaner and watch him go. According to his mother he was one of those kids that made a gun out of anything and went round shouting Pew Pew, so I have shamelessly got on the back of this.

  12. Hilarious! My Virgo vision is usually set to xray, but reading that last line and as I was about to send you an email about some posts that may or may not be yours, I had to lol.

  13. Ok, Virgo has analysis power! But can we say something nice about Venus in Virgo other than that? Cause I’ve got it in my theme and really…what is out there to be read is not so inspiring! Sorry for the poor English, Italian living in France!

    • YES! Heaps of nice things, if you search the site, there are even references to Venus in Virgo along the lines of the “sacred whore” archetype and so on….

      • Merci! I went through a little search on the subject..what I like the best is this aura of integrity and at the same time being a sort of a channel between different dimensions of experience. And thanks a lot for your breakthrough horoscopes!

    • You’re less likely to go over the top? Streamline efficient routines?

      Personally liking this vibe.

      • I would’nt describe myself as such but…I like that vibe too, a lot, when I see it in others (especially women)!

  14. Yippee
    1 Venus cj my Mars today
    2 Then tomoz my Pluto
    3 And in coming week Venus opposes her Mars
    4 Which is my natal position as well.

    So l think it is good.

    And l cant lay on grass with my bare back.

      • I get incredibly itchy from grass (Ven in Virg) which only a shower cures.
        Mostly you can’t get hurt here if you keep out of the way of nasties. Our scorpions are weaker than most. True our snakes, sharks n crocs are dangerous…but oñly if bitten. With snakes and crocs— it usually is your fault.

        • If I had a nickel for every comment I’ve heard about scary creatures in oz… For some reason more than usual this summer.

          • Blame Mick Dundee
            NY Gang member: “What are your chances of getting out of here with that croc skin jacket”
            Mick: “Better than even” (After he has just flicked his knife 25mm above the provocateur’s head.)

            • Well dont do the shopping alone on Fraser Island if you’re camping, the dingos have been fed by tourists, and once i was surrounded by a few walking home, it’s like that plane crash film with Liam Neeson fuq thought i was a goner for a few minutes, or Leo D in the Revenant, and don’t leave stuff outside your tent, yah the snakes have moved into the city since the drought, a tiger snake was caught on our local sand dunes recently, wear shoes and don’t run out of petrol x

              • Are you in Brissy or Sunny Coast? LN wolf film like stalking…scary.
                All dogs come from wolves afterall.
                I have taught in many towns in NSW and snakes have always had a presence or two but generally they take off. I once watched 2.2mt brown slither past me only 2mts from me. I wasn’t scared….but l did have a cricket bat in my hand.

                • Melb no joke, it was a tiger ssss in Sandringham, and it was a rd trip, we had a nice Ranger who we asked abt Dingos on Fraser, first person, DO NOT LEAVE SHOES OUTSIDE but snakes meh x

                • And for the car thing, traveling of course, of course dogs, Dingo puppies are the best dogs P x

              • And the Feb 2009 fires, i read a Myer cleaner in the CBD got bitten by a snake in a dumpster, so drought over, and native creatures that survived escaped to the city x

                • Overall the burbs are v. banal, we are i believe the most mass spread developed suburban area in the world, unless that record’s broken, but tropical QLD ive been told spiders as big as birds, where you can sleep in treehouses in the Daintree forest, at the tip of
                  Oz, CAPE TRIBULATION

    • Happy venus return over the next six weeks, for all of you with venus in virgo.

      Looking forward to this transit – today its my venus return and then venus will hit the rest of my 7th house stellium – and my progressed venus is on my north node.

      Having natal venus in virgo at 0 degrees and Retro has been a challenge balancing whore and – well I wouldn’t say ‘goddess’ but the higher me. It also meant that progressed venus was in Leo was the first half of my life, then back into Virgo for another whatevs, and now FINALLY moving on into Libra.

  15. Currently using my Virgo Rising analytical/organizational/attention to detail/research powers to revamp my look. Obsessive pinterest board making, making lists and ticking off every time I liked a specific color, wardrobe item, outfit style and ranking the lists by most to least tick marks until I have formulated the exact look that is me. Been doing this for about sixteen hours since Moon in Virgo which is opposing my natal moon by transit. I am generally uber Piscean dreamy whatevs about things but when I do Virgo I DO Virgo. Lol.

  16. All i have left is a suit and several shirts, and a bunch of Ts/tanks and playsuit (in my feng colours) from last Summer’s surf shop on-going sale for $100!
    Just need the gym and serious detoxing, to wear it all, and and army jkt, and a huge crystal. Thinking 100 hrs a week working out!
    When blacks not your colour, purge, three sizes too big/ small!

  17. My closet is getting really thinned out and all I can think of is how many more items can I donate to the local thrift store? This is the smallest number of clothes I have ever owned except probably pre-college.

    • aLSO on the to-do list:

      New lingerie and scrubbing the bathroom. I have a new money tree in there. Changing the marimo (living moss ball) aquarium and new substrate for the Phaelenopsis orchid too!

  18. I am LOVING all things Virgo lately as I think I’m at my best when planets are in this detail obsessed sign. Mercury in Virgo has me on point + I am excited to see what shifts Venus asks for while she’s there too.

    There is this feeling of “I really don’t have time for this” coming up for me around people/places/situations that feel outdated. Which is like everything in my life! I threw out literally my whole closet – expensive stuff that had tags on it – I just dumped it in a bag and ran it to Goodwill. Goodbye everything pre-2016!

  19. It is time to declutter again. Again. Though I have decluttered for 2 years now.

    This mania ENDS with this final purge, I gotta better shit to do than be OCD about every crevice in my house.

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