Michelangelo’s Shopping List


Michelangelo’s 16th Century Shopping List is suitably Triple Pisces. Which, of course, he was. And with Sagittarius Rising for super mutability. FYI he also had Pluto in Virgo opposite his Pisces Sun-Mars. Intense.

Anyway according to this article, Michelangelo drew on his shopping list because his manservant was illiterate. But don’t all Pisces type peeps doodle or illustrate their shopping lists? Or, if it is on their phone, add in mysterious symbols and cryptic “reminders”?

He was getting fish, fennel soup and red wine. All of which is plausible for a Pisces revving up for an artistic bender or to “entertain” but where are the bread and spuds? Was fennel soup pre-prepared in those days? Did Michelangelo have a chic physique consciousness?

Beauty,” he said, “is the purgation of superfluities.” A statement that would no doubt lift the spirits of Triple Pisces people even four hundred years later.


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Catfish moon

Pisces son got new phone a couple weeks ago. While on airplane, him on antianxiety meds, he was adding contacts. Everyone got special symbols, not just their names. It was charming, funny.


I have a collection of shopping lists from the inside of returned books (librarian) and paste them into a scrapbook. Very funny some of them, especially when “Library” is at the top of the list, I’m like
Aw, mate, fail.

I love this one, thanks!


I’m Pisces and my shopping lists are either non existent, as I will just go with the flow when I am shopping and see what’s a great deal, fresh or just takes my fancy, or megalithic, with way too much on it and I will get distracted and forget half of it anyway. My catch cry is often, I only went there to get matches and it’s the one thing I forgot! I tried a shopping app, once.


Yeah, unless the list is in aisle order it’s useless. You end up running back and forth and I agree when I have an extensive list I always end up forgetting the key items. Today I forgot the essential item .. My wallet !


I need a list. I had the same yesterday, went miles out of way in wind and driving rain to a big superstore because I needed muscovado sugar. Got totally seduced by the spice aisle, bought sumac, harissa, ras el hanout, smoked paprika. Forgot the sugar. Got the sugar and now while we’re on the subject of food, I started brewing up a batch of fermented raw Apple cider vinegar. Get apples, chop them up, put them in a big glass jar, add water and sugar and leave for 3 months. Who knew? I am paying £9 a litre or… Read more »


Also I don’t think potatoes really made it across the Atlantic until the Spaniards had really got stuck into the southern Americas and started bringing back more than pillaged gold and other treasure from the Aztec/incan empires? Have I got my colonial eras mixed up though maybe.


Michelangelo is one of my spirit animals. His marble sculptures pulse with life, they are SO beautiful. Fish, fennel soup and red wine sounds like pretty standard northern Italian fare to me. There are a lot of ‘pani’ on the list. Maybe that is the bread : ) For me to have a neatly written list aligned to a nice margin that is crossed off sequentially…. Ha ha ha. The only way that would happen is if I was on very high doses of, well, something. I mean, it’s a list. Give it some life. Let it be more than… Read more »


The vertical script down the side also intriguing as hell


Ha ha, as a pisces rising I relate so hard to this 🙂

My outlook folders are labelled but also marked with mystical symbols.

I’m sure he cared about the chic physique–look at the abs on The David.

“Beauty,” he said, “is the purgation of superfluities.” WOW, I love it. Could apply to delcuttering, or you know….weight loss. Suitable mutable.


That is a thing, antifragility – I just googled it. Thank you for increasing my knowledge base!


No coffee ? Was coffee a thing then ?


It was starting to be a thing in the Middle East by Michelangelo’s time but didn’t get to Europe till later, with more tropical colonial trade.

I vaguely remembered that Malcolm Gladwell wrote a piece about coffee being key to the Enlightenment and lo, googled it up:


Great piece, thanks. x


First there was the Dutch, then I have a theory that it really took off when the Italians attempted to colonize Ethiopia post WWI


Love this 🙂

Fish, bread, soup and red wine pretty much sums up my diet

Pisces Rising

Quadruple Cappy



I’d love to see an app that could Michaelangelo-ize my shopping list. The yellowed, 16th century ink & quill look… Mike’s infinity buns & weird fishes doodles…


Aw, I love the drawings of the food for the shopping list! That is a great idea to draw it for someone who can’t read!

I love the sentiments, too!

I have Pluto in Virgo opposite Mars in Pisces, angular too — IC/MC respectively, in my natal chart.
I’m intense but, you know, I ain’t no Michaelangelo.. ; )


MA is my gf. She is Sun Mars Merc Chiron- all cj- Fisces opp Pluto Uranus sqd by Sagg Moon and Scorp Asc cj Neptune. She is intense. We ping-pang lotz.


Apparently he was also a total rough, womaniser and tied according to histories, and continually annoyed his patrons by going AWOL


and also a fondness for handsome young men, his day to day living habits were deemed squalid which is why he never had any pupils…an aesthete? or a decadent? Or both…


Love this <3


two loaves bread meets universal, eternal carb beloving. profound even in his dang shopping list.

also read this gem …
the best artist has that thought alone which is contained within the marble shell; the sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone.

what a badass.


It’s says pani dua next to it, maybe it’s two bread rolls?!


That’s what I was gonna say!
……Gluten forever!!!!!!


perfect! JP Sears is my spirit animal.

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