Libra, How Are Thou?

Lili Des Bellons

Libra, it’s been a while. But Guru God Jupiter is about to grace your sign for 13 whole months, inspiring you to big it up with your vibe.

It is also going to be pinging off the Zap Zone planets, the Change Gods Uranus and Pluto and a whole variety of other exciting connects that will be covered in the Horoscopes.

Jupiter through your sign is the reward for the Saturn in Libra labors of 2009 to 2012, a growth opportunity and potentially the chance to form some awesome alliances, make money + love and be over the top amazing.

Poised on the eve of an Eclipse that illuminates your Soul Sector – the sludge and the beauty, getting ever more healthily ruthless re financials (thank Lilith) and prepping to Reclaim Your Awesome – how do you feel?

Yes, Libra Rising and Libra Moon also counts.

Image: Lili Des Bellons

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Dear Jupiter

Please bring me time and money.

Yours truly.

Libra Sun, Libra Pluto.


I’m Leo sun with Libra rising Capricorn moon. I can’t wait! Come on Jupiter!


I’m a multi-Libra (Rising, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) and 2009 onwards have been very difficult, and stagnant years. My loved ones and I have been healthy and safe though, so I also feel really guilty about how deeply unhappy and hopeless I feel. I’m glad the stars suggest things will get better. I adopted an abandoned kitten from the street in July and he’s brought more joy to me than I’ve felt in years. Later I realized it was during Venus in Leo, and I also have Venus in Leo. It was a subtle sign that maybe this autumn things… Read more »


Oh Thank Fuck!

Not for myself … but for my Capricorn err boy/friend/it’s complicated thingy.

Geez he’s been a moribund, couch bound boring pants. Toro Mars probably doesn’t help. Gets stuck and just kinda likes it that way. Anyhoo he has Libra Asc with Pluto rising. Surely that has got to put a fire cracker up his arse?


is he going through some kind of massive pluto square now/recently / soon?


Jupiter sailing into my libra 7th and my ex husband arrives ans wants to champagne and dine me. How can I refuse seeing as it was me who walked away in ”08/09


1. “How can I refuse seeing.. ?” 2. “as it was me who walked away” ? These two things don’t seem connected in my brain.. I can think of so many reasons to refuse, but that wouldn’t be very Libran, 😉


its my libra 7th house calling. Be balanced and gentile. And it was no one’s fault as such. Libran again.


Bring it. I’ve got Mercury at 1d then Sun conjunct Pluto/Juno in Libra as well. (AC +Venus in Scorpio for some extra balance just recently ironed out by Mars with Lilith coming up behind.) Moving countries. New Life. New Projects. Turning 40. So ready for Jupiter to big ALL of that up. (Uranus opposition countdown begins.)


So, so ready to reclaim the awesome. I am a Libra with Cancer rising, so not only was Saturn hanging out with my sun 2009 – 2012, but the Zap Zone affected/is affecting my ascendant, sun + relationships and career. And my Scorpio Saturn return was in 2013. 2009 was terrible, and I continued to feel lost through 2010. Then things were not bad for the next two years, just a lot of hard work in grad school and learning about myself. Good in many ways, but not awesome — I faced a good deal of rejection in my career.… Read more »


Very interested to see how it pans out – Pluto at 0 libra then Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Lilith stellium in the middle (all 1st house) and Venus at the end.. Absolutely awful 2011-2014 then all out weird transformational 2015 /16. I feel like a completely different person – even look different (lost two stone, cut my hair, revamped wardrobe). Sick of being too polite and started to speak up and say the word ‘no’ which has freaked some people up Been wrestling with intense relationship dilemmas for 18 months now. Hoping Jupiter will bust it open and help me move… Read more »


Doh should have read 2009-13


Libra Asc, Cap Sun Moon, i cant schmooze myself anymore… thats 2016 for me.


Sun in Libra here 9th house. I rejected upon the whole 12 year cycle and it’s been 12 years of dragging through crap. Had to adjust to “mom hood” in 2004 and hit a really bad power imbalance in 2006. 2009 I was fired from a miserable job and did a reset move out of rural Vermont where I didn’t “fit” back to suburban Minneapolis to be closer to family and resources. Worked barely since 2009 since I was caring for my kids and my 91 year old mother. Along came Saturn Neptune square where I was introduced to: Mr… Read more »


Viking Woman- we invested in expensive speech and reading therapy- and our three all benefited enormously. I don’t know the extent of your different learner’s challenges-but I applaud your realism and commitment to her.

A young adult dear to me did not yet find the support she needed and it has been tough for her.

I found a very helpful community/resource.

Good on ya for detoxing and purging!!! Wishing you worthy tribes!!!


Thanks! I have learned a lot of my daughter’s peers have one on one tutoring and skill building too. Being 1 in 30 kids in a classroom is distracting enough for a child..but add hearing, sight and adhd makes it harder. The wake up call happened last week when I had to provide my high school transcript for a job application and saw all my grades since I was 13. I had a tough ballet schedule then on top of a lot of homework but still managed good grades. My daughter doesn’t have 1/3 the verbal or numeric skills that… Read more »


Bring it on! This Libra says it is about Effing time!

Year of the Phoenix

Yep Jupes eh? After the trawling of Saturn over my Virgo/Libra stellium and then all the fun as it went over and over my Scorp Moon/Nep I am gonna make the most of this Jupitor transit over my everything!

Libra takeover

Libra here, and my life has completely changed since 2009. Everything has been unstable, but I am planning to put together a new program come the Jupiter in libra period. I am hoping this period coincides with good luck!


“…my spliff is half gone”. LOL!!

Keepin it real Ankh. Good to see. I know I got a bit excited up there but it’s no fun being Saturn ruled (Cap Asc). My Saggo moon tends to look for the silver lining but Saturn (2° off ) is currently wearing down my optimism, so I need to cling to hope to keep my spirits up. 🙂


Oops. It’s me. Was using a friend’s computer


Hey, what about: keeping our spirits up begets hope? 🙂 First we feed our spirits & then there is no clinging necessary. Hope is born full of potential, not desperation. Hope for anything or everything!

Up up & away, Scorpie X marks the spot 😉 x


Oh my 7th house Libra moon… It’s complicated. First of all it’s conjunct Pluto. Trines my AC-Jupiter & North Node-Neptune. Is heavily wound up with my Aries Chiron (1st), & canoodles with my Scorp Mars & Venus (8th). Tangle-y. Dreadlocked. I’d like to be so optimystic re Jupiter touring Libra, but my spliff is half-gone. (Hey it’s medicinal & ruled by Saturn, officer; I’m in compliance with the cosmic law.) Anyway, I would *love* to be reimbursed for all of the 7th house withdrawals Saturn made to my account 2009-12 –with interest! I totally think that’s fair. But oftentimes the… Read more »


Here’s hoping to Gases of Change in Libra, Pakalolo Mama! May the Universe bless you with good fortune – plus interest.

God knows I need change too. But i’m a tad trepidatious, as Jupe’s journey through my Libra Asc & NN will coincide with another gaseous lord – Uranus – on my DC…. it’s gonna be a gas, gas, gas!


Wow just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about our Helpful Everyday Medicinal Plant, there’s pakalolo– I had to google it haha. What a great word!

A big Thank You (with gratuities) for those good tidings, skarab 🙂 May these gaseous giants ignite benevolent flames of fabulousness under all your pots & pans, fire heart xx

susan said so

Virgo Sun, Libra Rising. It’s been an intense 5 years, lots of it shitty and painful. JUST when I thought it was about to be smooth sailing for a bit, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (6.20.16) and started chemo. I don’t know how to feel any more.

Leo on the Rise

I am so upset to hear that

however – my beautiful mum got through it – twice – so rock on – I am sending you a fucking massive squeeze….xxx


Ooh. Sending you light and healing- Innana survived the underground journey. Praying for your strength and good health! Xx


sending good vibes…


Ugh I’m so sorry there’s another mountain in your path, susan said so. I don’t know how you should feel, either. Can’t imagine how I would feel. I do know that 5 years is a lot of shitfest, & obviously you are very Bad Ass. Like a mountain goat scaling rocks, bad ass. Do you have a strong Capricorn or Saturn influence in your natal chart, or even via transit? Maybe the time for “feeling” is not hot for right now: just Being would be optimal. Being is plenty. Later, feeling. xx

Roxy Scorpio

Oh, I am so, so sorry to read that. I had my diagnosis in 2010 after a number of simply traumatic events (all started 2009), everything only within a six months basically. I heard that some people discuss the connection between trauma and tumors, but that is just an idea… So first of all, hang in there. I send you all the best rays and beams of exactly what you need right now. That you know best, of course. One of which, however, is probably strength, the other – may sound strange – patience. It took me a long time… Read more »


All the love and best wishes susan said so, xx.

Roxy Scorpio

Huh!? I have both natal Pluto and (Merc on) Uranus in Libra Rising – I guess I am in for something…though I already have quite a big mouth and rebel attitude, so if that is biggisized, oh dear. I really earned everything that might come out of that MONSTEROUS Saturn transit first in Libra, then in Scorpio (my Sun). Yes, I have changed tremendously since 2009. Though things get sorted out slowly, step by step, recently I experienced pangs of ultra-darkness that only lasted a day. Every time it felt that it simply MUST be right before the dawn. So… Read more »

Roxy Scorpio

Needless to say, the dragon is Jupiter…

Roxy Scorpio

Ha, I know, Via Combusta!



We’ve similar astro: Uranus-Mercury in (late degrees) Libra & Scorpio Sun for me too.

For sure it’s been one hell of a ride!

Roxy Scorpio

Yes, indeed, very similar…
But now we get to ride the dragon, how´s that for a ride!?


Ooh let me dust off my riding boots & I’m ready!

Do you know “Puff the magic dragon/lives by the sea…”? That was my fave as a kid. lol So Neptune in Sagittarius.

Roxy Scorpio

Heh, of course! …and you are right about the astrology of Ol´Puff, smokin´it up – sans peur, sans reproche…

Virgo Ellie

Wow… it will be interesting but Jupiter in Libra which is my 12th house makes sense. (I copied the house description from the web) 12th Astrological House This is probably the most misunderstood house of all. The twelfth House refers to the subconscious, the hidden self that exists apart from our physical everyday reality. This includes the unconscious mind, subconscious memory, subconscious habit patterns from the past, mental illness, karmic debts, self-deception, escapism, spiritual realization, limitations, frustration, and ultimately our self-undoing. On a physical, material level, the 12th house includes things that take us away from everyday life: institutions (such… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

In March 2016 I started a new job that turned into a nightmare. I resigned at the beginning of July. (This was the first time I have EVER done something like that without having a job already lined up). Within 4 days of my resignation I learned of my new job that I was chosen to come on board. That is the job I started at the beginning of August. 8/22 was when I found out my plans have changed.


Hey good for you VE, that’s very cool.

Also, I’m sorry about the friend group. That can be tough. I have had some sadness with letting go friends who vibe differently now also. I felt the pain of the loss so much and for so long and now I’m rebuilding a new tribe. I am sure you will too x

Virgo Ellie

You too Methinky…. We spend a lot of time investing in others and when we go through this “leave them behind” phase it is a grieving process.

Good Luck!!


In April/May I suddenly quit my job because of bad vibes and stress and been happily unemployed since, however used this time to set up an e-commerce store (I hand make leather goods) which I opened 7 weeks ago…. been doing great, just not enough to support me full time, yet! About to start a full time job with a well known international company – great culture. So, it’s not a surprise that the last 4 months have been a major set up/groundwork for Jupiter exploding my 10th house stellium of Sun, Mercury, Pluto and NN…. it’s all career and… Read more »


Woohoo!! Can’t wait.

I have Venus in Libra 7º and MC 29º. Jupiter will be transiting my 9th house.

A group art show that I’m part of opens the day that Jupes enters Libra 🙂

Really hope I get rewarded for the horrendous Saturn in Libra labors of 2009 to 2012. Ugh. Worst transit EVA!!


I hope so too Scorpie coz I loves ya work! 🙂


Pluto and libra in NN fifth. Natal Jupiter in Gemini second….I got news of a job offer today in a very libran field! It doesn’t start for five months and it’s a solid backup plan so I’m stoked.


yes. 2009. what a sludge fest. and i don’t mean awesome hard core metal music either. holy christ what a mess of loss and release, and shadow side relationship building and turning my life completely upside down. this libra is so ready to bring on the awesome. kali-ma has had her way with me, swept me clean. purified my vessel. and i am ready to be re-filled and re-fueled. let’s do this sucker. phug yeah.


I don’t know. I am a multi Libra… Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in 12th house Libra. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter about to hit hard on transits…. I’ve just had a baby (11 weeks), my mum is in hospital abroad with a scary brain tumour having chemo and radio, she’s never met her new grand daughter (who she has wished for all my life) my 5 year old niece is in hospital with TWO cancers, out of the blue, seriously sick… I’m fighting to keep my self employed work/artist studio alive… I really wish this Jupiter transit… Read more »


I just read a really good article by Donna Cunningham on Jupiter in the 12th “Good Luck gone bad” (don’t freak its a very optimistic and insightful article) She herself is a Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 12th so very interesting to read. I’ve had loads of problems with cancer and illness this year so lets hope it brings spiritual nourishment and relief! Her blog is skywriter


Love DC- a wise woman. Wishing you loads of healing and renewal, KC.

Re Jupiter-Guru- best advice is Mystic’s: Be your own guru. So many media gaffes misspoken words and regrettable moments amplified with Jupiter in Virgo. Errors writ large.

Jupiter has been associated with the ultimate release of consciousness -next level growth.

Rapid growth- Icarus stars risen and blown out of the sky.

Saturn antidote- don’t believe your own hype and structure your growth.


Jupiter in 12th = hidden helpers-


mine in 12th house and will be cosying uo to natal neptune

cosmic fleece

Oh Catface, how devastatingly cruel and awful for you all. Hang in there. I hope you’re able to get some peace during sleep.


I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. We Librans are very, very resilient people and those around us often need us to pull things together and ease the pressure (at least this is the case with my family). This transit seems like it’s going to be a huge spiritual expansion for you. Love will prevail. Stay strong!


thats terrible 🙁 sending you all prayers and healing

Leo on the Rise




hear, hear!


hmm not sure what this will bring , I have natal Neptune in 12th house Libra, and 9th house Jupiter/Uranus natal so will it be squaring them? Currently its Jupiter trine Jupiter..had probably one of the worst years of my life through illness and then the DWP have decided to do a benefits review to see if I am ‘fit for work”….its really ironic but as a Taurean I hate feeling financially insecure. Also it will be creeping up to my Ascendant which is Scorpio. Neptune opposes my Venus on my descendant to I just hope it doesn’t mean I… Read more »


Given that 2009-2012 was the hardest fucking slog of my life, thanks so much Saturn in Libra (10th house, plus I have Libra Rising and Mars and Pluto in Libra), I am going to MAKE Jupiter in Libra a fucking EXCELLENT 13 months. Come at me Jupiter

Leo on the Rise

Amen to that!!!


Yess!! Libra Pluto, Moon, Uranus and Lilith 6th house. Saturn transit SUCKED. I’m with you Avista, (and everyone else) – lets rock this transit!


Amen again and again


Libra moon and Uranus in Libra. Sounds very positive to this Taurean sun. Bring on all of the good things.

The Venus Fly

Libra rules my 5th house. All I think about is career (which is creative) and lovin’ – lovin’ and career (which is creative).

Universe, beyond ready for you to put it ON me – go ahead, you can be on top. Just as long as it’s good do the hell whatcha want ;p


Sun, Mercury, Lilith in 10th house Libra. I’m emerging from six years of a “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” once-in-a-lifetime experience which began in 2009 and included having five employers and separating from the SO and father of the teenagers. No full-time employment since Oct. Today I had enough money to pay off every debt (except the mortgage) after liquidating an asset that we had both worked hard to obtain.

I’m having a couple of glasses of Champagne as reward.

Hope my fellow Libras are doing OK. All the love


Make that seven years…2016 has been particularly rough

The Crazy Crone

Glad you survived and came out the other side.


Awesome! You rock!

Unicorn Sparkles

Have Librans been going through a particularly bad 2016 shitstorm? Cause the couple I know are angry balls of pass agg fury. They normally are very skilled at hiding their angst… But this year has been explosion after explosion.

And it’s probably this observation that had me read ‘poised’ as ‘poisoned’.


Yes! I’ve been cranky and out of sorts. I keep penning hate mail letters to a number of longterm friends I’m just dying to vote off the island and then smile sweetly when I’m forced to socialise with them and just hate myself for it. On a brighter note, I think I’ve recently met the love of my life so bring on the lucky Jupiter year!

Unicorn Sparkles

I still think it’s an awesome libra skill – social haute politeness – tho I can see how it could eat a person from the inside.
If anything, it stops you from making a scene and looking like you’ve taken the wrong pills. (Being guilty of this behaviour myself, trust me, you don’t want to get THOSE stares)

But if the friends aren’t living up to the friendship deal, a ritual social clean out sounds in order. That’s if it’s gone beyond resolution.

Bring on that Jupiter luck 🙂


Not here! Pass agg fury angst outbursts seem soo 2011… It’s all about calm honest home truths these days – no emotion. Close friendships and family – that’s a different story, – but I’m just not interested in politely absorbing and filtering other’s crap to make them feel better…or not say the ugly truth for the fear of not being nice. Lower nature Librans are just frustrated people who are waiting for others to fix their issues.


Channel Libran tact with Scoro X-ray vision in mindful discussions of privilege and race relations. Save baby from bath water in these exchanges and try not to fall on hurled stones. My Prog MC is Libra and on my Libra NN. Working real diplomacy and the Middle Way. My Jupiter is in Scorp- so the Revolution doesn’t sound terrible but it’s gotta wait. Saturn in Libra hit five 11/12th planets.Elderly Mum died- after brief illness. Saturn in Scorp was worse. Lost my sister too. But I prevailed. Totally questioned why I alone survived. Having Saturn Return-2nd. That old song My… Read more »


Cranky but authentic is the vibe I think you are referring to. :p


Yes, Marsbar!!


I’ve been sloughing off the batty layers and at the same time dragging myself through sludge for what seems like ages now, then recently I realised that Im doing my second Saturn return too so its all been pretty intense for the last six years or so. I have Jupiter exaulted in Sagitrqius my chart anyway so bring it on – can’t wait for the good times ?


I have a Mars-Saturn-Pluto-Diana-Apollo stellium in my 5th House Libra… does this count? Plus Saturn’s just entered my 7th House Sagittarius, too. Art + Love overhaul?


I’m alright, love, how are you?

Really looking forward to Jupiter conjuncting my Libra Pluto (second house), Sun and Uranus (third) in the future. Bring it!


me too..mines in october : )



I think my conjunction exacts in December.

But with all the fuqery going on I’m not holding my breath.

I can say the last time jupiter was conjunct libra 2nd house pluto, I secured a very high paying job.

luck to you both, hope it is everything you want/expect.


Thanks a bunch! Mine is in October too scorpiodawn. The 12th, it’s in my calendar. SHOW ME THE MONEY lol.

Same to you Tara. So far it’s shaping up like a dream!

catfish moon

Awe! I have 2nd house Libra Pluto as well! When Saturn passed over it was horrid! I was abused and arrested! Long ago now. Already feeling benefits of Jupiter headed to 2 nd house. Torro and I got big payday yesterday with more to come! Been struggling so this is awesome!

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