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Hazel Scott Jet

I saw this video on Tumblr and immediately thought “GEMINI” and yes, voila – Hazel Scott was born June 11, a double Gemini – Sun/Venus.  She also had a way with words (Mercury conjunct Pluto): “there is only one free person in this society and he is white and male.”

For perspective, this magazine cover was 64 years ago.

But check THIS out.

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41 thoughts on “Double Gemini Virtuoso

  1. you know there was a teacher at Brisbane boys grammar in the 50s/60s who could write on blackboards with two hands at once. like two sets of words. David Malouf writes about him in Johnno apparently but my uncles were taught by him.
    anyway, did you think she was gemini because of her Marilyn Monroe eyelids? because also like my daughter’s. but not what i would expect of a gemini.

  2. Her features remind me of Kat Dennings – whom I remember you saying was a very Gemini looking woman. The broad face and sleepy eyes was not something I thought of as Gemini as usually they depicted as Audrey Hepburn / Legolas types. But my stellium Gem partner is much more Kat like than a Legolas.

    Hazel seems amazing – what a talent! I can barely play one piano properly.

    • A Hepburn a Gem? No way. I once picked a woman as a Taurus bcos she looked like her. She said, “l am born on her bday”. I said, “So you are born May the 4th”. She said, “You know her bday!/?”. (I know too many bdays; esp women).
      Taurus are my faves outside of Water signs.

    • Broad-faced sleepy-eyed Gemini (my 19 AC and 21 sun surrounding her 20* sun! Bellatrix!) here. My eyes aren’t always sleepy, of course — but must be to give good face. Which is only possible when stoned… inhabit the body, Gemini, inhabit!

      • I, too, am a Gemini with sleepy eyes (they’re big thou, with long lashes! More Taurean, really). It’s not my fave thing about my features, because I always look tired in photographs. 😛

        • My Gem never has his pretty black eyes open properly but when he does he looks quite alarmed! A photo with eyes open still a rare thing in this age of digital multiple photos. It’s ironic to me as the eyes are a very amazing way to communicate.

    • I’m afraid I read something recently that mentioned that line.
      I’m pretty sure it was written by an Israeli who was protesting about the occupied territories.
      Omg , Akiva, is that you !
      Or were you being cheeky and I missed the joke 😉

      • I coulda used the line “and l’d like to know where he is and what is he doing”.

        TFIC in sayn l made it up.

        I will say a 1,000 hail marys to 72 brown-eyed virgins this sabbath.

  3. Nothing to do with geminis but that’s the first time I have ever seen any article title ever that addresses ‘unmarried fathers’ (or the modern social equivalent)… Not a blip since 1952 it seems.
    I’m going to try and restrain the gigantic bitch-force that seems to be within me at the moment (fatigue? Ennui? Cabin fever? Lilith? ) and sign off here haha

      • I don’t think she’s saying that unmarried fathers are offensive, rather that there is never any mention of them in the literature, as in a stigma kind of way.

          • I think the more commonly used term these days is single mother or single father, There are heaps of references and lots of written material on both. Or just single parenting.
            In fact I’m not sure I’ve heard the term unmarried mother for years ? Is it meant to be used to refer to never married ? Or just any single parenting situation ?

            • It’s definitely an old fashioned term. I was really just surprised at my own surprise at seeing the phrase “unmarried father.” I think that’s the first time I’ve seen or heard it, which is more than I can say for the other one.

        • Yes I meant it in terms of the stigma that was attached to unmarried mothers (then) but not a peep about unmarried fathers. Pluto in Libra 4th house you see. Scales are out of whack. We will fight them on the beaches, etc (admittedly my quote is from same era)

      • Feeling fenced in so I am kicking walls (theoretically)
        Lilith in my life tends to manifest as the body politic.. literally, she is conjunct Jupiter in my 11th house Taurus, and forms exact aspects with all of my personal planets. It’s like the house of representatives at question time in my head. With pussy riot (collectively) as Speaker.
        Senate weighs in occasionally. You know… when it’s time to vote. : D

  4. Interesting how we still apply physical features to picking astro. In ancient times the Hebrews were big on Astro. The rabbis apparently focused heavily on the physical attributes as a way of pinpointing the details of the subject as most people had little idea of their birth dates or times. I’d imagine most were also illiterate so readings were said to focus on broad strokes of fortunate or unfortunate. The Hebrews decided some time ago that astrology was too inaccurate to be of value and that it had become more a tool for fortune telling than a clear list of attributes. It had become a source of power for the rabbis as they became like intermediaries between the people and their fortune as opposed to the creator which of course is a big no no in Judaism.
    There were some rabbinical schools that even gave the date, time and detail of one’s death ! There is a great story of how the greatest rabbi astrologer of the time basically got it wrong at a very important time for the Hebrews and the whole modality was banned.

  5. She was a genius in a long pantheon of black female genius in music let alone activism.

    I used to know a guy in Vancity called Raven who could write the same thing with both hands at the same times. Ambidexturous to the max. I can’t even air-drum for more than a minute so, respect to the ambi lambies.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I usually find Gemini’s too in their heads to be great actors but pretty much 95% of my fav musicians and vocalists are either Aries of Gemini. I mean, these phools are NEXT LEVEL GENIUS when it comes to such things. Many a brilliant Taurus songwriter from doo-wop to country but as far as vocals and performances, Aries and Gemini for me nothing compares <3

  7. So like a Gemini see the truth of how things really are – years ahead of everyone else.

    When a Gem is super haute, she can read the winds + shift in an instant. Playing the piano with two hands is just one of her superpowers.

    I’ve got my AC, Venus + Vesta all Gemini <3

  8. That 2 piano thing is very very very Gem. They rule the hands and they have 2 of everthing….or seemingly. My mate, “Quicksilver”, is like that. I have seen him talk to me and carry on a phone conversation and order a latte and a black forrest cake at a cafe…….all at the same time. 1st 4 planets & Asc in Gem.

  9. Yeah. I can’t play one stringed instrument at a time, let alone two. So very Gemini, strings. Woodwinds are more my speed 😛 Fixedy

    I love this. It speaks to women who are working (outside the home) & have thoughts about politics, plus there’s no mention of losing weight. Women of color were feminists before “feminism” was a thing. They fought longer for the right to vote too. Respect.

    My IC & South Node in Gemini.

  10. The first thing I thought when I watched is playing 2 pianos looks more impressive than it actually is. If you watch the clip carefully, you see she’s still playing the chords with her left hand, melody with her right, just as you would on one piano.

    I think that’s my Saturn in Gemini opposite my Sagg stellium of Neptune/Merc/Venus/Jupiter talking.

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