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Harley Weir

That feeling when you realize that Pluto still has seven and a half more years to go in Capricorn.

January 22 2024 is Pluto into Aquarius and in the meantime it’s a whole lot more merry global financial fuqery   evolution.  Pluto transits always transform things and how much has our awareness and trust changed since 2008, Pluto into Capricorn and the Lehmann Bros.

For phase two of Pluto in Capricorn – this is more or less the midway point – we have Brexit and associated issues, the ideal of globalization being tested, never before tried financial experiments like zero/negative interest rates and one of the most surreal seeming American elections ever gathering momentum.

You know Pluto is in the play when you can can talk in terms of before X and after X.  One of the themes of Capricorn is business and commerce. Pre-Pluto-in-Capricorn, i swear i just assumed that the whole deal was sort of run by grown-ups who knew more or less what they were doing, apart from a few bad seeds, whatever.  Naivety clearly.

Now i read Satyajit Das, Macrobusiness & even Zero Hedge.  The next big run of interesting times is September (Saturn square Neptune finale + Eclipse Season) and then Jupiter activating both Uranus + Pluto in a gigantic After-Zap that takes up a lot of 2017…

Then Uranus into Taurus, which will actually support Pluto in Capricorn. I would like to see this as an innovative rebuild, better use of our resources and less inequality on all levels.

Uranus in Taurus could also be radical health and artisan societal stuff, right?

But of course it could be everything costing a zillion dollars, it being illegal to not be in debt, President Trump giving ambassador jobs to Victoria’s Secret models and robots doing our jobs.


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Image: Harley Weir

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111 thoughts on “Waiting For Pluto

  1. After the Greece economy collapsed, these vaults for regular people started, in Sydney then Melbourne, with impenetrable ton doors, people cashed in their money and put it in gold, or others stashed their wine and whatever, and locked it away (majorly foreign clientele)!!

    So true, i speak of before and post GFC, i feel i need to stop, but heck woke up today 300 or 500 jobs are going to be axed from Woolworths.

    Target are moving their HQ from regional to nearish metro CBD, 120-220 people (families) on the surf coast will lose their liveliehoods.

    Read yesterday the last maker of the VCR ceased op. ?!

    • HRH England needs a 40ft underground, iceskating rink sz room, to store the crown jewels!
      Where did they come from?

    • Sorry, i must apologise for being so damn depressing, am aware we can all read and listen to the news.
      Happened to watch some Robin Williams, has to be one of my Top Five, with Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy. x

  2. I think what a lot of people forget is that the beginning of this pluto transit also coincided with the introduction of the IPHONE (2007) and all things tablet smart phone etc. Facebook (2007/2008) also started to make itself known around the same time. All of these things are “big business” and have changed our view of privacy and also what is considered essential. I suspect that we are about to have some massive changes to our understanding of business and technology over the next few years . How we have become enslaved and how we can become liberated more connected and perhaps less controlled.

    • Apparently these new receipts we get that fade by TAX time, you are given the option to get your receipt emailed to you, is a way to access our information, i find a breach of the Dept. of Justice.

      You don’t have to give anyone your details unless you want to, what privacy is going to be left!!!!

      Go that visually impaired kid who made Australian notes change so that they now have braille on them, all because he got sick of getting ripped the off and had to start a freakin damn petition, and we’re a bit late, but now we are on par with the rest of the first world.

  3. All this has got me looking at ephemerissseesseesses on my phone; it is a bit frustrating.

    And yes, a bit off-topic. But 2018 is going to be an unusual year; 4 me at least.

    I got a Sat Return twice in 2018. One on 11th Jan and the 2nd (Rx) on 24th Aug; 13 days becore going Direct. My Natal Saturn js 2°26′ Rx in the 6th just 8° before my Dsc. I also have Uran cj my MC 3rd May. (My IC/MC is Aneretic; ugh).

    Basically, l hope you will all buy my books, one which will be an all encompassing film-script romantic drama. What? You think l’d write a fuqn rom-com? They are neither romantic or comedic.

  4. Uranus into Taurus? I’ve just had a peek into the 3 previous times this has happened.

    1767 – it resulted in the U.S. Declaration of independence in 1766. Basically a revolt of angry colonials against the British gov taxing the fuq out of them. There’s nothing like taxation of personal wealth to bring people together.

    Also at that time – as an example of how cold blooded & greedy the British East India Company was (the 1st rampant global corporation) – after a massive drought in Bengal (the Bengal famine of 1770 in which TEN MILLION PEOPLE DIED – the worst natural disaster in human history) the British East India Company INCREASED its demands on the Bengali people to keep profits up.

    1850 was the second last time of Uranus in Taurus. There was a large movement of people throughout the world due to famine (Irish potato famine – where approx 1 million people were left to die of starvation – while huge quantities of food were exported from Ireland to England throughout the period) hardship, servitude & an uneven distribution of wealth. It was also the gold rush era – vast numbers of people moving around the globe in search personal wealth. Gold created more money & the expansion of Banks. Capitalism ruled the day. More people acquired wealth – but the already rich became incredibly rich.

    1934 was the last time. This was in the depths of a global depression, the Dust Bowl era in the United States, Fascism in Europe and the rise of extremists who promised their people freedom from the oppression created by the unfair distribution of money and power (hello Hitler, Mussolini); an era of shifting global realities and massive uncertainties and then WW2.

    Some of this sound familiar? Extreme greed & anger over personal wealth. It doesn’t really bode well – as i do think that the 1% will do whatever it takes to preserve their wealth. But it will also depend on the amount of anger that this will generate amongst the 99%.

    Here is an interesting article about this anger – with a poignant comment – the 1st one after the article.


    • I like how there is one “A” & two “U”s in both Uranus in Taurus!

      Seriously, that is some incredible correlations. What was done wrong when Uranus was in Aquarius (square) and Aries (preceding)?

        • But don’t you think there must be some repercussions esp from the Uran in Aqua period? Some bs legal-computer thingy has stopped my laptop working or otherwise l’d be looking at this now.

          Taurus n Uranus almost coined by Ana Gram

          • Uranus in Aquarius: consciousness rising; in Toro, actions manifest (for better or worse), post the feels & action taken during Pisces & Aries, respectively. ?

          • Uranus in aqua preceded the previous eras too. Pluto in cap is the biggie given the Pluto return and what it’s previous placement here brought. Imho

            I guess the moral here is that the rich never get poorer. It’s easy to behead the public figures but less easy to raid offshore bank slush funds. Finance hacking is the grounds for the new revolution. Hey I guess thats another aspect of Uranus in Toro. Using technology to redistribute wealth. Wait til it’s opposed by jupes in scorp in a couple of years lol. Then Pluto in aqua to clean out the hierarchies . Or obliterate humanity, one or the other (not that I indulge in apocalyptic thinking, it’s all very lazy)

  5. After Pluto on my Sagg Sun then on my rising, am rather over Pluto and what she unearths. Disturbing for a fun loving centaur, all this self examination and assessment. Looking back over a life full of adventures wondering why i don’t have them anymore as seriousity reigns supreme now and for last umpteen years or is that just ageing.
    The brave one that did life w/o husband and children isn’t so brave anymore. Way more sensitive and quite uncomfortable entering my last decade alone after being so gregarious with friends all over the world but not next to me.

    • Oh pegsy xxx your mojo sounds low.
      Is Saturn getting the better of you right now too?
      Big hugs and jet air liner dreams for you xoxox

      • Sorry me again…I was wondering if Chiron south node Neptune might be near your progressed asc. If your natal asc is cap, maybe that’s possible, and the feelings you describe do sound a bit Chiron-y Neptune maybe..

    • Lovely Pegasus, I feel you deeply here. I have left so many good friends behind and I feel less brave in so many ways without them. I know it’s not the same but I hope you find some lovely people on your very divine and special wavelength to be there for you when you want and need, big hug.

  6. Over 25 years ago when I discovered real astrology a friend did my chart and gave me a reading and a lesson. I thought in 1992 that Pluto in Sag would bring the economy around bit by Pluto in Capricorn I thought immediately about the freelancer and solo entrepreneur. I think by Pluto in Aquarius critical thinking, innovative personalized education and cloud social everything (the Internet of things) will be firmly established. The crazies will run its course by then and we (at least in the US I think) will finally calm the f down.

    I have always associated pluto in cap as the individual will seize it’s own ambitions. Since we have now seen the power of Internet communities hosted by one or a few ownera, fiverr, Uber and gig economies, and content creators that post videos that are so monitored they can pay for college!

    Since 2001 I have been knee deep in conspiracy land, scaring myself into the eyes wide shut mentality of denying my own power to become my solution to my financial shizstorm. Now with Pluto at 15 degrees, I’ve turned the corner.

    No more passive fear at the Phantom cabal that always seems to escape accountability. I realized that all thise websites And radio programs and forums i used to blow thousands of hours of potential earning time were making huge bucks for the likes of Icke, Alex, and a whole host of others who are incentivized to make sure i spend thousands of dollars on freeze dried food (that i eventually donated) and ad clicks and coded reports to keep me addicted to this passive victim mentality. You know, I woke from this fantasy X-files philosophy and realized that the magician has to change themselves first before they can expect change in their outer object. I realized I was a whole lot richer and more successful when I didn’t throw my focus and attention to all that cabal fear industry crap. As an Internet marketer I see it for what it is; a way to create a market and continue selling shizstorm to your audience and keep them buying more.

    I remembered again how I first viewed Pluto in Capricorn. The power of consistent hard work, focused ambition, sturdy discipline and the ability to keep persistent in the face of challenges. Pluto is transiting my 12th house. It’s important because my rising is 3 degrees Aquarius. I need to value the power of small, the celebration of personal ambitioun and the responsibility of the individual who actually has more economic freedom tools (like Internet cloud tools as an example) to make their own success.

    Neptune is conjunct my natal Saturn. Now that I shifted my interpretation of Pluto in Capricorn as a power to the individual vs. The power of passive anger as a strategy I feel more prepares for the next 7 years.

    This is my experience…I’m not judging or condemning others…I’m trying to vibe away from all that ‘cabal’ stuff. I’m detoxing. The fear industry became my Qi Vampire…that is all.

    • Interesting, and fear is a theme in all these unpleasant topics that Icke etc brings up. Unfortunately expounding on the darkness attracts more darkness and fear. I think the key is to be aware but don’t imbibe of that fear vibration. Happy detox! Love and Light to you Viking queen.

      • I don’t personally think Icke is about fear, I think he’s saying the same as you, it’s all about personal power and awakening, I don’t see it as passive victim mentality at all. It is a lot to take in without being afraid, that’s for sure, and they are unpleasant subjects, and I am glad that someone is saying them. All that ‘cabal stuff’ is actually happening, as much as I might want to ignore it and stuff it under the mattress, I wish I could. Afraid though? No. What’s more scary is not knowing. I’ve never bought a bean off the man, and certainly don’t feel like he’s making sure I do.

        • Yes, I agree with you. And I think he charges quite fair prices for a 10 hr talk btw. My intuition is Icke is doing his best but is prone to taking on the topics be elucidates on. He may not be 100% perfect but I don’t think that is possible; being 60% good while in the public eye is an amazing achievement.

        • I dont ignore it but i observe it with a no mind mind and let it go. To me it became the new herd mentality. Wanting to pivot into discourse that was more positive life affirming, and higher vibe led me to astrology as a hermetic discipline.

          I found I was low vibing and herding my mental state the longer I hung out at those places on the Web. I took my life back.

          Astro hacks and learning tarot are tools that remind me that no matter what, I am an individual who makes my choices, chooses where I focus attention, and take responsibility for my fuq ups. I’m done with the blame thing on the big hairy cabal because all in all, I still have to chop wood and carry water. The blame thing has not gotten me peace of mind. I had my own personal Titanic I had to turn around mid cruise and it takes time (yeah like 15 degrees). I suspect that things will look more clear in 2017 and 2018. It’s definitely 6 of swords, king of wands and emperor energy for me to work on.

          • Totally get that. There’s only so much time in life and dedicating it to your personal vibration is the honourable way to partake in unity consciousness. Good luck steering that Titanic clear in the next year!

      • Ooh. Excellent. Saw a review where Florida stated that we are in an interregnum old order hasn’t collapsed and the new creative class hasn’t been firmly established. Looked at the revised edition. Thanks for the recommendation!

        Yesterday my 17 year old ASD son had his film shown at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (extension class pre college). The President of the college came up to me and introduced himself. They were expanding their Animation program extensively…he noted that the direction of communications is Visual and the demand for animation is huge. It was exciting to see that. Both my kids are really into graphic arts, fine arts, video and persuasive argumentation. Thank goodness my cities here have lots of media schools and marketing/advertising companies to possibly work for.

  7. Read recently of robots who were doing cleaning jobs killing themselves by moving onto hot plates ? also of one with artificial intelligence which kept escaping and stopping traffic and had to be disassembled…blade runner is not far away! Uranus in Taurus could be wonderful, more magical use of our senses and bodies and bringing deeper connections with the spiritual use of money.pluto in cap sounds restricted to me, it is transiting my ic at the moment opposite my natal Pluto which is in the 10th conjunct my midheaven in Leo. Time to become a monk? I have actually serious ly thought of it! I think outer planet peeps will enjoy all that energy, others maybe not so much x

    • A monastic life does not sound like the worst option for a Pluto thru 4th house transit, as long as the practices and belief systems allowed for no holds barred awareness. Probably good for past life analyses.

  8. I have natal Pluto in the 8th in Scorp at 11º and my Moon in Cap at 16º in the 10th – would I be having a transit (soon)? And does a Pluto transit feel like the foundations of things that were before have shifted and everything that’s been built on them in the past becomes shaky and falls away? And then it’s barren and flat and a bit sad for a while before the new things take root? And that you just don’t have time/patience/are 3000% done with the stuff that was before? Like that shift is a one way street? Is that what it’s like?

  9. I’ve been reading astrologers who are predicting the demise of capitalism as part of this Pluto Cap transit. As a system, it does seem like a gigando Ponzi scheme, especially in its current incarnation, so maybe not a bad idea — fuq the guy who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad. (“Investment,” even in real estate, is gambling, kids.) …
    The alarming thing for some of us in the US is the fact that this country was born during the last Pluto in Capricorn transit and the possibility that the current one could be the bookend on “The American Experiment” … Complicating the picture is Neptune in Pisces, so it’s impossible to know what’s real!
    I’m hoping that the election will favor Scorpio Hillary because she is natally equipped for controlling Plutonian energy. In the hands of Mercurial Trumpenstein (holy crap — auto fill recognizes that name!!), turning that dense, dark energy outward in a sudden urge to activate the launch codes is a terrifying possibility.

    • I just joined a class action lawsuit against the DNC. I think capitalism is on a slab in the basement with a tag on its toe. Manner of death: Homicide. Perp: Plutocracy.

    • Really? I think of Hillary as the most corrupt example of Plutonian energy possible. She doesn’t control it – she is it: a frankenfood endorsing, weapons profiteering, bankster approved liar. But yes, she is uniquely qualified to be a politician in the age of Kali Yuga.

      • Wow, Sphinx, I am surprised there are people here who see the same thing with HC. The horrific idea of a criminal leading our ladies in the US is sickening. I can’t remember her sign but she comes across as a Scorpio. Someone who doesn’t care what others think and she will sting you harder than an actual Scorpio so people fear her.

        Yes, very talented politician as people still follow her. It baffles me.

        it’s a tuff election and the US is falling apart. Whoever wins will have the biggest mess ever in US history.

        • Well I agree re Hillary. I don’t understand how people can vote for her, she is so incredibly corrupt.
          This will sound a bit suss, but my third eye really opened up over the last few years and I can ‘see’ the truth of people when looking at their photo. Hillary is extremely dishonest and devious. And her running mate is like a snake, really bad news.
          Trump is basically a nice guy. Has a big mouth, but we all know that! — but his heart is open. Very loyal man.
          I know lots will think I’m mad, but when you actually listen to Trump he says everything in a very uninvested way. When the media transcribes his speeches they sound much much worse in print, and then they put a spin on it.

  10. Possible Uranus in Taurus themes?

    Surprising movements of money – black market – subversive money systems – Bitcoin – cashless society – banking system breakdown – taxing the good life out of existence

    inspirational music – macrowave technology – sound/vibration healing – Organic food revolution – revival of communal living – the net of society weighing us down exposed – the masses find their voice – rise of cults – anarchy

    The biggest surprise would be everything staying more or less the same!

  11. yes thanks for getting me on to Macrobusiness, i love it. found Das on my own, he is great. I seem to be surviving Pluto on my sun, perhaps as most columns in the house of expectations were knocked down a few years ago.

  12. It’s already talked about in strategic workforce/employment research and things but a vastly more automated workforce is a definite hit for Uranus in Toro I reckon. Service industry, back end jobs, and so on. I have a lot to say about debt, consumption and work. But I won’t lol. Self sufficiciency includes growing your own food, ok how is this for a Uranus in Toro idea, witness huge boom in community agriculture /communal housing. Share-holds for communal resources e.g. toolsheds, skill share, and so on. Shared Resources. Nice structural boost from Pluto Cap part way thru too. Work less… pay less. Share more. X

    • Have a friend who is starting an organic food producing vegan community. She is an amazing Leo with Cancer Moon. I hope that the astrology is supportive of her as you describe – everything she does is filled with integrity.

      • That sounds lovely. I am sure she will catch the wave : )

        I’ve been thinking about that Libra / 4th house rant I had a few posts back. Had some good insights about what inspires me that aligns with these energies and placements. Just thought I’d mention b/c ..well you know how it is. X

  13. It’s that long huh?

    Well,big ole changes don’t happen overnight, I guess that’s what makes Pluto such a power player.

  14. LOVE Satyajit Das! I listened to him on a podcast talking about his latest book. When he began to mention all the changes we all need to make you could hear the host groan.

  15. Natal Capricorn stellium in the 1st house… Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Mercury (in the 2nd house).

    Personally, Pluto in Cap has been a real doozy. And now Saturn is Sag is pushing on my ascendant, before it officially traipses into my first house for ye old Saturn return in 2018.

    I’m glad to know we are at the halfway point with Pluto in this sign. It can feel very ‘doom and gloom’ if you allow it to. But I guess that’s the whole point of working your astro.. self dev to the max.

  16. I am really excited for Uranus in Taurus!! Right now I’m really focused on CS/career/math stuff for the remainder of the year but I am seeing that working in the wellness industry by approaching things with systems theory could be a potential future path for me. No matter what twists and turns my life has taken I always have been passionate about health and wellness on all levels in my personal life and have done so much independent research and experimentation.

    Pluto in Aqua sounds more threatening lol.

    I haven’t been posting here as much the last few months as life has been moving super fast but I love and miss all you PIABs…have a few things I wanted to ask about in the forum and will type them up when I get some time. <3

  17. Pluto is transiting my third house and I started to really despise fake cordial social small talk, trying to find others that are interested in far more interesting topics like paranormal, art, literature but keep coming up short.
    I miss my old friends that were artistic eclectic and fun.
    Surrounded by materialistic power hungry, fame whores and drug addicts doesn’t appeal to me at all.
    Feel stuck. yuck!

      • I wish it was my forte!
        I was better at it once had more patience and tolerance but time now is expensive.

    • Thank you, Scorpio Rising- you just shed some light on a natal placement I didn’t quite get: Pluto in the 3rd.

      I abhor small talk. It’s part of my job as a bartender and I honestly hate that part. It’s so draining.

      • I used to bartend too- and I can tolerate it at work and plus many customers have great stories but when I’m off work I want to get to know people and have fun conversations but most women I’ve run into lately are obsessed with money, social status and hierarchy., designer clothes. Those topics just bore me. I’d prefer to talk about animals, art anything but money and social status.

        • Oh yeah, I do like the stories, and when talk gets real. Love it actually. It’s the chit-chat that drains me.

          I hope you find some better women friends soon. What house is Venus transiting?

      • Yeah me too, 3rd house.
        Enough with the chit chat.. I think someone here once explained in can also mean plutonic neighbors ? We’ve all had a few of them I think. Some years ago I found 2 different neighbors dead in one week. I was first on the scene in both cases and became a murder suspect. It took weeks for the first one to be sorted and it was pretty frightening the way the police handled me.

        • that would have been amidst the uranus pluto sq exact phase? uranus near the top of your chart? public / reputation / shock / sudden. pluto in your 7th? how power or autonomy / authority manifests as Other People…

          3rd house is all of those tings isnt it – community, neighbourhood, siblings, correspondence, data, communications, networks..

          • information. maybe 3rd house pluto types can be handlers of plutonic infomration, depending on rest of chart and where the ruler of 3rd house sign lives and what it is doing.

        • Wow, that sounds like a nightmare.

          And very interesting- I don’t know about neighbors, but my siblings (also 3rd) have Pluto conj Sun… in fact, my parents also have difficult Sun-Pluto aspects. I’m the Black Plutonic Sheep with a Moon-Pluto sextile…

          And I have a strange preponderance of close friends with Pluto in the 1st.

    • Ugh Trifling!

      You’re a musician, right? What about a benefit show for an org/charity you care about? You do a good deed, & raise awareness + attract like minds… So many people are uninformed, you know. Maybe by raising consciousness you’ll find a few people in your circles who aren’t so trifling after all. ?

  18. As a Yank, I give a heartfelt apology to the rest of the world because of the huge mockery our presidential election has become, and also for the unbridled greed that seems to be Big Business’s modus operandi. The level of polarization on multiple levels is extremely upsetting to most of us, and we would prefer to see peaceful and humane solutions to our problems. Maybe Pluto in Cap is the shadow side of our society coming into the light, but I only hope what happened in Venezuela these past few years doesn’t happen to us as well.

    • Ugh, I cosign that shit so hard! I’d also like to add a blanket apology (especially to POC at home and abroad) for the racist, xenophobic BS Saturn in Sadge has really seemed to dredge up in this Sagittarius Rising, Sun conjunct Jupiter country. I’ve been saying for a couple of years the 2016 election was going to be squirrely, but even I am surprised by just how fuqed it’s been. But please understand that neither our proposed leadership nor the men with badges represent me/my feelings about other ethnicities, religions, cultures, etc. I’m sorry we are fuqing up so badly in this respect – it pains me greatly. Enough to the point where I’m actually wondering whether or not men from other countries ever look for American mail-order brides. Because at this point I think I could be down with being an expat and would enjoy an opportunity to partner with someone who’s not from here. I’ve got enough Jupiter action that I think I could actually pull this off…it may be something to think about before the mutual reception between Jupiter in Libra & Venus in Sagittarius hits in October.

      The way things are trending, I feel more and more each day like I simply don’t belong in this country anymore. I can’t be the only one looking at the direction our “leadership” and our “system” is going during Pluto in Capricorn and getting more than mildly freaked – especially with our Pluto Return incoming. There is a strong potential “Ozymandias” vibe coming off this, IMO. I don’t think it will be exactly like Venezuela (We have an exalted Jupiter plus Venus conjunct our Cancer Sun – that’s a pretty powerful astrological indicator that your fridge will always be full; just look at the obesity problem we have as evidence), but I don’t think it will be pretty. And right now we are just a hair’s breadth away from an Orcus Return @ 9Virgo, which is – you guessed it – smack in the middle of the current Saturn/Neptune Square…I do have very serious concerns about whoever takes that Oath of Office next.

      Your hitchhiker’s thumb avi could well be me in the not too distant future looking for a lift the fuq outta this place.

    • Hey Libra Moon-Pluto, me too: 7th house!

      Society’s shadow side being brought to light– like, for instance, Gucifer2’s shadow work exposing truths (that we’ve always suspected but until now couldn’t prove). This is the bit about Pluto that I appreciate: it works both ways! And in the shadows of the internet… we see there lurks monsters & heros… lol

    • thanks libran moon pluto cohort..

      fwiw a major newspaper here in Oz has published an article that notes all of DT’s fearmongering lies about crime and immigration, his deeply flawed campaign platform in the states presumably designed to attract people who cbf doing own fact finding (rather like our own political far right over here.. or any political far-anything really)
      hope enough people over there figure it out in time i guess.

  19. Pluto is a year or two away from my 2nd house now and then I guess six to eight months away from my north node. I can’t remember exactly how “fast” Pluto moves, or maybe I just have Stockholm Syndrome from the annihilation of who I thought I was AKA Uncle smashing through my 1st, starting with, yep 2008 and Leman brothers. It all seems like a distant dream now. Amazing how much growth and change can happen in a few short years.

    I’m being slightly facetious but also not. I’m GLAD I’m not that girl anymore.
    I don’t know that I like this girl that much more, but I certainly trust her.
    At least I know who she is.
    I’ll wait till uncle has left the building before trying to get attached to the current version of me.
    Again, just kidding, kind of.

  20. Pre-Pluto-in-Capricorn, i swear i just assumed that the whole deal was sort of run by grown-ups who knew more or less what they were doing

    I know, omg
    yes indeed.

    • It does feel like Trump is the evilest evil side of Pluto in Capricorn for the globe.
      Pluto has yet to cross my Cap moon (19 degrees) and Midheaven (25 degrees)…square my Libra Mars….fun times. Anyone had the Pluto transit over the Moon?

  21. Uranus in Taurus could also be radical health and artisan societal stuff, right?

    Health in our world is my biggest argument. I just read about a holistic doctor, I think in California, that was killed. There are more holistic doctors being killed continually. It is scary, a manipulation of government afraid of us taking control of our body vs using Pharma. I will fight every chance I get to tell government tight now to stay out. It has become do strong since 2008. I never saw it before. So, times are changing with government control vs human control. I don’t like it.

    Robots performing surgeries….. I don’t like it but it is the path being pushed so everyone who relies on doctors will encourage government to approve those treatments. Anything for a quick fix like Pharma medicines.

    Scary times on all counts. Money, health and each one of us (US) being told to let go of Independence. Not my style of living.

    Ha, I’m laughing because that is JUST how I feel.
    Like EXACTLY.
    MM you always hit it bang on the head.
    How do you do it?

    • I loved the picture, too. Every day I feel like that. Whether for 5 minutes or 24 hours.

      Totally limp WTF!

      Picture made me laugh.

      Is “rueful” a Pluto word?

  23. I know that Zimbabwe money in the picture. I inherited part of the family owned property in Zim that realised a rental income which for 10 years just totally vaporised into zero dollars due to the meglomaniac “Bob” aka Mugabe. Then when the US dollar started operating there the rental $ was so way out of whack with the market that it took several years to normalise. Recently we sold and, guess what, the money went through the Brexit washing machine before finally landing in my lap, with me hearing my financial planner’s excited find of cash rate of 3.3%. It seems like Pluto has an on-going obsession with this little pile of coin. Let’s see what he comes up with next.

  24. My Natal Pluto is in Libra in the 5th house. Pluto is transiting my 8th House. All I know is that none of the themes outlined for me in either my horoscope or Tarot have manifested. I’ll just keep plugging along with faith that all will manifest as it should but yeah, I may have to invest in Astro Hacks come September as it seems no one can “read” or “see” the themes except for me. Amd after several years “radical trust” outside of finances (where I am lucky and heavily in sync) isn’t cutting it for long neglected other areas of my life. It begs the question – Does my heavy 12th house stellium shroud me from Astro and Tarot folks reading me accurately? Who knows. But I need to go deeper.

  25. so what do I do in this housing boom climate.. with a sad chunk leftover from an earlier sale {minus ex’s percentage}investing?? {, wished it had gone as a deposit on a nice little coastal acreage- couldn’t pull it off atm }-very nervous with Pluto in Capricorn…Ideas anyone?????? Languishing safely in a bank at a paltry 2 percent..Dad would’ve been horrified…..

    • If in Oz, don’t buy real estate. Get good financial advice and diversify, not in a bank ay 2% (Taurus NN, started in stockbrokers in the 80s, now property. Investing is an insiders game, get on side)

    • I’m sorry, I don’t know what this guy means by not buying in Oz, but now is an Excellent time to get into real estate. Especially in the right places. That’s what I’m doing and I can’t believe how well I am doing. I will admit though, my cautious Cappy self took 3 hrs before really delving in. Do your research. I’m not an expert by any means, but it seems to work.

  26. Oh yes with the naivety before 2008. Not so much now. Politics is a bone they throw us to make us feel that we are involved. Are we fuq.

    I can recommend to all a subscription to Gaia TV, if you want a real breakdown of current affairs. It’s all I ever watch these days. Well apart from a foray into Millionnaire Matchmaker, for the freak factor (know your enemy). Gaia has excellent astrology series.

    I scream “Liars!!!” at the mainstream news. France is on the verge of civil war but we’re not hearing anything about that. I am really happy that things are on the turn in the next seven years. About time too. Anything could happen.

    • Ha, totally, what she said, ditto!

      Life pre 2008 is just, unrecognisable?
      A previous incarnation or someone else’s life maybe.
      My life began in earnest then, the way any life begins; with blood, sweat, tears, pain, fear,.
      I was wishing all the bright lights and yelling would end soon and that things could go back to the way they were!
      Good morning Pluto, sit down!

      • The world is run by a cabal, I listen to David Icke a lot too, he has a lot to say. I feel quite isolated from people at the moment because they are stuck talking about politics, but the good news is I am meeting people, people of my tribe more and more. My Virgo rising scopes for July summed it up, I feel I am meeting people that are fated, people who see beyond the veil of politics to where the money is. And having good discussions with these people, really illuminating stuff. Pluto is transiting my 5th. The third half of it was about romantic relationships, ousting those who were abusers, there was a pattern (due to emotional abuse from childhood). Pluto passed over my north node, I got it, I really did. I discovered art. I started to play. But yes, Invicta, life before 2008, unrecognisable. But I think the first third of this transit, I think that was personal Pluto stuff. I think I thought it was over, in the realm of the 5th house stuff. It is relatively easy for me because 5th house starts around 0 degrees, so I don’t have more than one house to deal with. But what I am coming to see here is the generational aspect of Pluto and its effects, not just the personal. And now I think with the second half, the coming 7 years, it’s going to be global in its resonance, and I will react to it that way, I see the evolution and the shift. It is just so very interesting. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself too well, it is hard to explain Pluto when it is happening, I think I will probably have a better grip on it in 20 years, looking back and going Phew, over a whiskey, when I am an old lady, I just feel like things are coming to a head and hold on.

  27. Fiat currency is so inflated and still we’re all encouraged to buy in above what we’ve got and what it’s worth or borrow a stack of it that isn’t more than a paper transaction lent out thrice over already. I don’t think the status quo will remain viable indefinitely. Irrespective of some theories I have it’s too early to call it but… there be a shake down a coming!

    Yes, it’s a long wait for Uncle Pluto and he’s still go to visit Venus and La Luna. He caught up with Mars and that was actually pretty cool albeit a little intense. Taking a moment to ponder transformation wasn’t an option it was a just do it or just do it option. It reminded me a little of the Pluto-Saggo that I’d missed when he left. Yes, I expect that sounds weird.

    Speaking of waiting… there is NO MORE waiting for the scheduler. Yay!!

  28. Capricorn is my 7th house with Saturn in there. So what your saying is that I have another 7 years of purging relationships and then it moves to my 8th house where I believe it has a chance of actually killing me when it conjuncts my Chiron in Aqua.
    At least I’ll be through my second Saturn return… So much to look forward too :/

    • LOL – li’l ol’ Pluto ain’t gonna kill you!

      He’s in my 8th. He did my 7th/Sun prior to that. Perhaps I’ve developed a fondness for torture (sorry, they typically call it transformation yes?) or I’ve just become numb to it.

    • Typically over-dramatic Aries. I have Pluto NATALLY in the 8th, Pluto enjoys the 8th. Go start a cult or something.

      And this post is about broad Pluto, Pluto in Capricorn for the economy & geopolitics.

      And actually, there is a superb Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn conjunction in a few years…

      I would be thinking you form a potent business alliance – I have a client who got an AMAZING agent who upped her career big-time the same week Pluto got into her 7th

      This is also why people should read their rising sign as well as sun in the horoscopes!

    • I got those same broad placements. Cap rules my 7th (8°53 Dsc). The month it went into Cap (late in my 6th) l got the SupaCapBitch for a boss. My crime was being born the same day as her X. I lost my permancy thru her twisted sista logic. She proved women can be just as fuqd as men.

      Then my own divorce; ugh.

      It will hit opp my Sun fr 2020 app (my bday today) I plan to be prepared. I also wondered about Chiron in Aqua cj with Pluto. I will be much closer to 75 by then.

      I sorta wonder about getn Libra Sq ya Asc and Sun in ya teens and then Opp ya Asc Sun in ya 40 n 50s.
      “Thats a heck of a birthmark, Hal”

    • Had similar concerns… Pluto is transiting my 7th now, has been for awhile, and when moves into Aqua, will be in my 8th and will eventually conjunct my Aqua Sun which resides there… Wondered if that might bring about my demise, or just make me a more powerful person at that time….I guess that depends on all these years leading up to it…. if I live that long in the first place! Haha!

        • Interesting! I feel like that sometimes…..though not in a glamorous way.

          I’m in kind of a funk today, negative outlook right now, so I guess I’m just seeing the potential down sides of Pluto… need attitude shift….

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