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So I have become convinced that somehow, Saturn in Sagittarius is manifesting as a return to our ‘dark roots’ lol. Of course this seems shallow to write/think about as global empires evolve at gunpoint and our geopolitics/the world economy is undergoing tectonic change. However, it’s kind of deep also.

The first real whiff i got of this new hair zeitgeist was when i went to see my Scorpio doctor. She appeared, limber and glowing as usual, but with a full head of her “real” hair, complete with a heap of silver. She is at her 2nd Saturn Return so that’s not surprising but ever since i had known her, she’d colored it. We don’t even think about it, because that’s just what ‘we’ do. Now Scorpio Doctor is not someone who would wind up with gray/dark roots because of anything approaching neglect. She is like the polar opposite of any “letting yourself go” mentality. An Ashtanga obsessive, her nutrition is super on point and she daily cultivates flexibility, core poise and strength – mentally, spiritually, physically etc. She is also super-chic. So, i asked her, w.t.f is up with this, um, new look?

Scorpio Doctor explained (this is me paraphrasing) that the latest reports on hair color were fuqed. That the formulations had barely altered in decades and that there were serious concerns with several ingredients. People who should know better (but are not informed properly by a compliant/negligent/who knows media/government) spend hundreds of $ a month sitting around reading about the Kardashians with toxic gunk seeping into their brains and bloodstream.

“Right,” i said, “so i really should be getting the natural hair dyes from the health food store.”  Apparently not. The usual villains are still there but with some minor baddies ostentatiously removed for effect. “Google,” she said, “resorcinol and para-phenylenediamine.”  What’s weird is that my first reaction to Scorpio Doctor saying there was too much shit in these products to be worth the benefits is “I can’t stop doing this.”  Which is crazy right?

I mean, it’s not like the results of my adult-lifetime of hair dying are spectacular – currently, i would describe my hair as fried blonde and even a week before seeing Scorpio doctor, i was lying at a neck wrecking angle over the basin, smelling the fumes of the stuff being rinsed off, my scalp burning and itching, listening to the colorist say (for the umpteenth time over the decades) that they were going to use to a toner to “bring the color down because my hair throws up warm.”  I was thinking maybe i just won’t get the result i apparently want with all this faffing about, ever.

My first adventure in hair dye involved a box of Ultra Blonde tipped on what i had deemed to be perfectly blonde hair that had mysteriously and unfairly turned mouse blonde more or less as i approached peak puberty.  That came out canary yellow with orange streaks and fried the ends. So i fixed that with Magic Silver White to the point that it went purple and then bought that up with something else and began my affair with Extreme Damaged Hair treatment products. That was when i was 15 and this cycle has been continuing more or less since then, only when i was older and with budget i introduced hairdressers into the scene.

But seriously w.t.f? I have not seen my real hair since then. And nearly everyone I know is similar. I once glimpsed it when i was at Saturn Return and with a little bit of what i thought was white paint or bleach weirdly staining one strand but no; “that’s your first gray” said the hairdresser but don’t worry “we can deal with that.”  I was like ‘thank god’ and went back to reading my tabloid magazine while the gunk sunk in.

So after googling a la Scorpio Doctor’s recommendation, i realized that hair dye is potentially responsible for a lot more crap than i was aware of. Then, searching with terms like “how to grow hair out naturally without looking hideous”, i realized there is a whole movement out there about this and it’s been happening for more or less the time since Saturn got into Sagittarius in late 2014.  Obviously i don’t mean that nobody grew their hair out or stopped dying it before that but that the whole return-to-roots thing as cultural zeitgeist seems to have picked up momentum since then.

I discovered these two awesome books (about going gray but kind of applicable for anyone wanting to step off the dye cycle) – Going Gray and Gray Hair Adventure – + silver chicks like Yasmina Rossi/Cindy Joseph and some radical feminist rants about how (basically) women oppress themselves with the hair thing.  And the growing your hair out for health and authenticity movement seems aligned with yoga, removing toxins from your diet and updating your self and your vibe for the era (which is totally Saturn), rather than automatically doing anything.

Women like Scorpio Doctor, Yasmina, Cindy and Co certainly put paid to any idea of growing your hair out going along with gaining a million kilograms and sitting at home in your massage chair, drinking liters of gin, watching police reality shows while you order cats online.  It seems to be coming from a place of empowerment.

So Lilith is in Scorpio, Venus is about to move into Leo and i am going to be letting my dark roots grow. The regrowth seems apt for Saturn square Neptune as part of that process (no matter what sign you are) is letting go of an illusion or an ideal.  In arcane astrology, Neptune also rules toxins and poisons so being real about removing a regular and expensive one from the regime also seems relevant.

Having said that, I could flip in six weeks and repeat history by racing out score some Ultra-Blonde again, breathing in great sighs of relief as the familiar fumes waft up. Maybe fried is better than real? Perhaps i still want whatever it is i was trying to attain at 15 enough to risk my scalp and all? I hope not but you never know. So where are you at with truth in hair?


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184 thoughts on “Re-Growth

  1. I’ve been gray since age 25 – its genetic – mother and sisters all have same situation. Gray hair makes me look drab and 20 years older. I don’t care if it shortens my life span – I will continue to dye it twice monthly – long live Revlon medium brown!

  2. yay hair!

    I have had long dark red ringlets my whole adult life…fire sign much? About 5 years ago the silver started coming. Pure shiny platinum silver!!!! The real suprise to me is that my silvers are almost dead straight. So I am cultivating them, as I head into the croning, knowing that in the end I will have long straight platinum silver locks and I am totally at peace with that.

    don’t start me on the pubes though….seriously??? ha haa I even have jet black ones now, a throw back to some dark irish marauder no doubt.

    • I love that you went THERE! BAHAHAHA!!! Classic. (Pisces Sun & Mars, Leo rising, Aries Moon, Mercury, Venus…) Great thread, been a fun and interesting read for this impulsive triple-Aries, vain, Leo-rising, double-fishy. Thanks everyone. Big love. xxxxx

  3. I let go of synthetic dyes 3 years ago and have been using henna only as colorant. You should totally check out Antony Morocco is a “hair shaman” and has a line of 100% natural and organic hair care products: shampoo, conditioners, styling gels that all ALIGN WITH THE MOON CYCLES! there are also stages of the moon cycle that are best for: strengthening hair, lengthening hair, root work, etc.

    Lately, though, I have been wanting to get away from the red henna and go back to my natural blonde. I have been using a rinse of lemon juice, yogurt, coconut oil, and chamomile tea (then sitting in the sun for 30 minutes). It naturally lightens the hair, so there still is hope to be a “natural” blonde!

    • A hair shaman? I love this. I glimpsed my regrowth today in an unflattering shop window and my first thought was that my position on the hair thing is fluid and could alter at any moment. Am still determined to give this a good crack but the existence of a hair shaman is epic news boss lady – thank you!

  4. Since posting on the 9th, I have decided to go no shampoo and conditioner, and also to quit the hair dye. This is the fourth day of not washing my hair, but I have rinsed it a couple of times with water and then apple cider vinegar. I got myself an avocado and some eggs for a conditioner (cheers for the recommendation!). Look like a big old greaseball, but I made some dry shampoo out of cornstarch mixed with organic cocoa powder, it works a treat by filling in the areas of scalp exposed by having greasy hair, and makes my small hair big like dreadlocks. Now I can get away with wearing one of those big 50’s style headscarves and not look weird. The grey is already poking through and I am kind of excited, it looks pretty against the mid-brown of my natural hair (hello again after 25 years). Apple cider vinegar solution makes head feel like peppermint has been applied. Nice sensation. 🙂

  5. I think I sounded a bit militant grinchy up there somewhere.

    Anyway mystic I was thinking with the roots and hair au naturel, could this be Saturn opposition from the grunge era…? I don’t know though, grunge was ALL long tangled tresses m+f, colour maybe , bleach blonde and roots I guess was so totally a thing <3

    I'm with dizzarina up there, my simple hair is more a product of money-saving and laziness but I get that the Dark Arts of cosmetic beauty goes back a long way

  6. Mystic I am loving this post! So erie…I am a 31 year old Gemini lady who has been coloring her hair various shades since the age of…16 or so? But for the past 2-3 years I’ve been a bleach blonde. I see this great lady every 6-8 weeks to help with my re-growth…but lately I’ve been thinking if I should keep it up or not? I love having bright platinum locks that boarder on un-natural (I’m into punk and dress a little off beat so it’s fun for me and fits my style so well)…but I’m due for a hair appt this week and I’m just kind of reconsidering what I normally would have done. Now I know it’s the vibe in the stars! Thank you for making me feel less crazy haha.

    I think what will happen is I’ll have my stylist bleach the shit out of my hair as she always do and then I will apply some nice pastel dye for a subtle fun change! I’m thinking pastel pink, violet or coral…maybe robins egg blue. Anyway it’s good to know this urge isn’t coming out of nowhere.

    lots of love xo

  7. You might surprise yourself and achieve a better blonde without dye than any hairdresser has tried to give you. My hair is so white grey people ask me where I get it ‘done’ – but silky platinum locks like these just can’t be bought.

    And oh my gosh how silky soft and manageable is natural hair!

  8. I’m 34. I stopped using commercial dye some years ago and transitioned to henna sometime after hitting 30. I had been dyeing my hair crazy colors since I was 13 and now these days I just go for anything that makes my hair stronger. I have fine hair and wouldn’t want to end up with super thin hair from chemicals. Before going to my own black hair I had bright red hair, I color corrected it back to brown and then my natural hair color. Only once I had a detour where I had a “shombre”, didn’t enjoy it, went back to my own hair. I use henna and indigo. I don’t even do a 2 step to get very rich black, I mix to make a dark brown. The last time I went to a hairdresser she even told me dyeing my hair wasn’t necessary because I didn’t even have grays (if only she knew). Right now I do have grays because it’s been MONTHS since I’ve used henna but I’m pretty okay with them so I think it’s just the times. In the past I was more rigorous with covering the roots. I like my natural hair color, I think it lets me use all kinds of makeup colors I can’t do with a “statement” hair color.

  9. A few years ago I went to Vegas and came back with an aversion to all things artificial. Massive cull of products ensued. Have been using a combo of henna and indigo since then and once my hair goes more fully white I look forward to a massive flaming red mane. Having naturally dark hair has meant not having any if the fun lighter shaded unless I double bleach my hair into crispy twigs. I’m looking forward to rectifying that in old age by natural or artificial means (Vegas is fading in my memory thank gawd).

  10. i started going … ahem .. silver … as a teenager, irish thing. in @2011/2012 i said phuq it, every three weeks doing roots was insane. i grew it all out.

    tips: one last toxic trip, highlight the crap out of it, and cut it as short as you can stand it.

    i’m totally natural now and never looked back. LOVE it. SO EMPOWERING!!! and i get a lot of compliments on it too. i say go for it!!!

    (plus cutting hair in many traditions releases many things on many levels)

    as an aside … how do i figure out when my saturn return is/was??? blah, ok, off to search for answers there.


  11. I am about 6 months out of my first saturn return. My 20’s were completely consumed with an eating disorder I carried around for many many years. Throughout my eating disorder the only thing I ever loved about myself was my hair – it was long, a cinnamon browny caramel dream, naturally wavy with big loose curls. The shit of Victoria’s Secret Models lol. It was the first thing people noticed about me and I never ever would have flirted with the idea of cutting it in a million years (my family STILL tease me about crying at the dinner table when a hairdresser became a little too scissor happy).

    Anyway, I worked my butt off to recover before I hit thirty (it was either death by starvation or recover), and I have been pretty successful. I honestly feel like I’m free of that hideous disease and since coming out of my saturn return, and in partnership with all this healing I have chopped my luscious mane into a tiny, chic platinum blonde little crop and I feel INCREDIBLE.
    I cut it on a full moon on a total whim and honestly, I felt like I shed a whole bunch of bad vibes and my sad, tormented history.
    I thought I’d feel totally vulnerable without my security blanket, but I actually feel so empowered- it really is JUST hair.
    Anyways, I’m Pisces Sun, Leo Moon and Sagg rising (I have no air and 1 earth placement in my chart- I’m steam basically) So I’m a bit extreme, but man, for me, my hair is totally symbolic 🙂

    • That makes heaps of sense, because our hair carries memory of…well all the stuff we did while it was growing. Like, they can test for lead poisioning with a strand of hair.

  12. I started going grey in my early thirties…and now at age 72 am almost completely white…with only the back of the head still showing brown. Tried dying my hair once when in my 40’s with some dark veg dye from health food shop…and other than looking hideous, like i was wearing a wig, the worst part was a feeling of suffocation. I realized that my grey hair was actually receiving light and that covering it cut me off from being able to access higher vibrations…that were normal for me. I shaved my head the next day…and have never darkened my hair since.
    WIsdom comes with grey hair not only because we are older, but because our grey hair acts like antenna, absorbing and reflecting light…higher consciuosness, more refined vibrations..
    Natural is always easiest and best. Loving ourselves includes accepting ourselves warts and all…including grey hair and increasingly sagging body parts. We are not the body we are wearing…we are the infinite spirit that sees beyond the surface appearance to the heart of the matter…wherein all light and love reside. Focussing on appearances demeans the integrity of the inner life and light… as if it were not enough.
    Judging by appearances is missing the point… of the divine indwelling Presence…the essence of who we are.

  13. My hair is completely natural, and I thank Venus conjunct Saturn for the lack of grey at my age (47)- it’s supposed to be a late-bloomer aspect.

    I like my color, and think it suits my skin tone pretty well. I’ve dabbled in highlights in the past, but… honestly more than the toxins, it’s the money and upkeep. I’m way too thrifty for that sh*t.

    My father’s side grows grey so beautifully- black hair with grey sideburns that work their way up as they age. Dad still had that going in his 70s- very striking.

    However, I got my mother’s brown hair, so I suppose I won’t get that cool sideburn thing. Ah well.

  14. I’ve never dyed my hair other than a couple of times having blond streaks put in and a year or so of going plum purple while a mature age Uni student in my 40s. I’m way too cheap to fork over big dollars to a hairdresser and too lazy to do the upkeep at home. I inherited my Mum’s hair and am only going slowly grey. I’m now closer to the next birthday with a 0 than the last and am insanely jealous of my friends who are completely grey. Grey hair, like red hair, is so beautiful and I subscribe to the belief that I’ve earned everyone of those greys and will wear them with pride – a bit like my wrinkles 🙂

  15. My hair is naturally dark brown. For the last few years I had long hair and a golden J-Lo esque ballyage thing going on. Then in April my colourist suggested I go copper and I love it. I was also then inspired to chop off about 8-10 inches of my hair. Now a bob that goes to the nape of my neck. Love the big change.

    I think it will be ages until I stop dying my hair. Maybe when I am a senior (36 now).

    A woman at work who is in her late 40’s stopped dying her hair and grew it out and it is now a silver bob. Whenever I see her I think how much cuter she would look if she coloured it. Maybe I am brainwashed by society, I dunno.

    • The strange funny thing is that your silver-bobbed colleague probably looks at you and privately thinks how much time and money you’re ‘wasting’ for looking different, not necessarily ‘better’.

      I previously looked at hair colour the same way as you do. I even thought that most women looked better blonde – and used to pity, privately, the natural brunettes around me who did not colour their hair. Oh my WORD what was I thinking!

      You’ve touched on a very important matter – our perspectives on these things CHANGE. God knows in just 6 months my POV flipped 180 degrees. The health stuff was an additional reason to take the au naturelle plunge.

  16. I think the amount of responses shows how keenly this is felt. I don’t mind grey, l just don’t like blonde, as a colour, not a person.

    Somewhere along the line one woman died her hair to be more attractiv e; her mistake.
    At the same time a man fell for her bcos of her colour; his mistake.
    Voila, an industry borne of chemical bullshit.

    • There is also another angle too. Sometimes women do dye their hair for themselves or other women as well. In those cases the colour is obv garish and would not be passable as natural. Many people felt my purple from long ago was natural for me, but in no way would that be construed as my natural hair.

      So i think there would still be a beauty industry regardless of “trying to trick men”.
      Plus i hope there are still men not so easily tricked by a superficial facade!

      • That too. Bcos l worki in a usual 65/35% f/m work environment l hear women talk about their presentation. It appears to be, (slighthly?) more about impressing other women more than men.

  17. About a year ago I went into hair dye rebellion and started growing out my colour it got to about 4 inches – but my mouse grey just didn’t fit my golden blonde. I felt flat like my sparkle and Qi was messed up.

    I have been golden blonde since I was two when I went from a head of charcoal spiky hair and got masses of divine blonde ringlets which weirdly at school went dead straight.

    I am now a more creamy ash blonde and love it – I just can’t grow it out and like it. Toxic but it just felt totally wrong.

  18. I gave away dyeing my long ‘dark’ hair when it came to feel like a chore rather than a natural extension of self care. I had been using mineral dyes which sidestepped the whole ‘chemical bomb right next to my brain box and pineal gland’ problem, but still it felt like oppression at the end.

    I took a gradual approach – cutting in a fringe and continuing to dye the top so the greys could grow out underneath. Finally I cut it to chin length – a pixie cut would have got me there faster.

    Now, with a chic short style, people come up to me on the street and compliment me on my hair colour. Even when growing it out, with those mad white streaks peeping out under my fringe, people would approach me and ask who was doing my colour.

    For a while I had some fun with purple streaks but with grey hair being so absorbent the colour holds and fades to a wan, unkempt blue – not the statement look I was going for.

    There’s something to be said for rocking your natural colour. It feels authentic – not a point of conversation or curiosity. If a compliment does ensue, it’s all for you, not your colourist. Now, my hair doesn’t feel like an intermediary for connection – if someone likes my hair, it’s all me and I am happy to own it.

  19. Wow, this is so on pointe. I’m considering henna-ing my hair for the first time. I’m been lightening some parts in a half hearted effort to make the contrast between my grays and natural colour less – but of course that doesn’t really work! So going to look at henna.

    Amazing that this is tied to Sagg.
    I would have thought that Sagg would be all about the sun-bleached look from too much hiking / surfing etc. And that Scorpio would have been all about letting the dark roots show.

    Any astro fiends able to enlighten me?

  20. Wow, I think you’re onto something because I recently went ‘no poo’ and back to henna-ing my grey (pure, natural henna is very much a hair dye, but also totally chemical free).

    I tried ‘no poo’ back in the day when I still ate gluten and it didn’t work, becasue, (duh) the gluten gave me a crazy oily scalp. But ‘no poo’ works like a treat now that I’m GF.

  21. Hi! I am very upset about this hair biz. As an absolute Neptunian-holic for forever, hair coloring was not one of its expressions for me. Until last year that is, 2015 at age 65 I stepped up and had red streaks with black highlighting my absolutely gorgeous sliver sheen – “just to break up the silver moon mirror”. Neptune is conjunct Moon Void of Course in 12th house to my natal Sun or, if you like options, 8th house to my regular Pisces rising chart. But by this time in my life Neptune is transiting my 1st house so what better time to emerge with hair color than now. And the wardrobe has certainly overturned orderly Saturn patterned fabrics.
    Well, it’s all about time, I crawled out from under that rock and into the “Be where you are Now movement”. Like I mean I only discovered Leonard Cohen 2 years ago; and as for Prince and Purple Rain – that I discovered as he passed over to the other side, a couple of months ago. What you well may ask have I been doing these 6 decades and more? Dealing with past karma Void of Course Moon in 12th house Libra or 8th house house, it will all do quite nicely. Inch by inch life’s a cinch; yard by yard life is hard.

    • Love this too! and forget about being upset over the hair biz. I think that anybody over the 2nd Saturn Return has earned the right to do whatever they freakin well like with their bodies. By that stage one is (hopefully) not pandering to society’s expectations – you are being who you want to be. Keep having fun, Cynthia – it’s healthy!

  22. You can do it, mystic! I had been straight perming my hair since 12 years old and quit when I was 27. I cried for a day, pulled myself together and now at 35 I not only don’t miss the formaldehyde hair treatments, I don’t even know who that person was with chemically treated hair. Natural hair has been an authentic and awesome transformation.

    • Thank you Shadylady! I love this – especially the last sentence – as an affirmation. I can’t believe that formaldehyde is actually in those things…some of them at least….

      • Yes- crazy shit, formaldehyde. It’s not technically in the products coz it’s a gas. What you should out look for are methylene glycol, formalin, methanal & ethanediol. These chemicals release formaldehyde gas when heated or mixed with water. A lot of the keratin hair straightener type products contain these vile chemicals.

  23. And on the blonde thing, a friend who was blonde in her youth and began dying as her hair got darker with age tried going back to her now natural color. She heard the pregnancy can change the hair as well. No judgeing for my friend going back to the bottle because as mousy brown, she did not look like herself and her personality. She has skin tone that goes with blonde.

    If she is still blonde at 80 years old, I will think no less of her!

  24. Natural dark brown. Always has been but for a one time 90 highlighting that included some reddish. Quad Leo including Venus. Since the 2000s been long. Suits the Scorp rising and I don’t spend much time in a salon. I’d rather be playing outside somewhere after week of desk job than taking 2 hours to drive and get hair done. Getting some grey, actually looks shiny silver like my mom had but so little the people still don’t think I’m as old as I am.

    Vitamins and nutrition for hair and skin are my thing now. Copper for grey, iron for thinnining and nails. B vitamins omega-3a. Skin has gone back radiant with MSM and evening primrose.

    Don’t get me wrong, in my youth I did the years of bad 80s perms and used Aqua Net hairrsprqy. A Leo will never judge another on their beauty regime. I love makeup but as you age, less really is more.

    Healthy is the new beauty trend.

  25. I’m heading down the “no dye” path at the moment – partly because I’m facing facts about how truly evil hair dye is health wise (I absolutely shudder to think about all the crap I’ve taken in, given that I’m 48 this week and I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 13. Did the blue/black Goth thing for ages!) And partly I think because of a growing need for aurhenticity as I get older – a whole lot of healing and personal growth has gone down in the past years and for me it’s a sense of “returning to self”.

    My hair is naturally mid brown/auburn-ish and it has been every colour of the rainbow – for the last few years, a dark brunette. My roots look really bad growing out (lik, SCARY hideous) so I switched from permanent dye to non permanent so I can colour my roots while it’s growing out – then once it has, I’ll cut out the dye altogether. Which feels nuts, because I’m still using dye, right? UGH. I hate the process. My hair is long too and I want to keep it that way. I have no problem what so ever with having my “real” hair – which I know includes quite a few greys. And I actually adore grey hair – I can’t wait to hair long grey locks. The problem is, I just want to wave a magic wand and have it transform NOW! Maybe it’s a cosmic lesson – everything in it’s time, transitions and all that jazz. It feels important though….

  26. I posted above about my own hair but was just thinking about herbs that help the hair too:

    Nettles – both topically and as a tea you drink, for fuller, shinier hair and hair regrowth for thinning or falling hair

    Horsetail – strengthens the hair

    and the infamous He Shou Wu, Chinese herb, blood tonic, that strengthens the hair and can return hair to original color, eliminate or reduce gray hair.

    • Hi Flowerchild, good recommendations. As you are in tune with TCM – I’d love to know what you think about He Shou Wu? I’ve been been thinking about trying it out – not because i want to eliminate the silver from my locks – but because of it’s other health benefits.

      • He Shou Wu?
        A new romantic novel about a dkffident and kind young man from rural China who has become the toast of the Shanghai design prolifferati. But all he can think about is his bosses slim daughter…

      • Hair is seen as an extension of the blood in Chinese medicine, so blood tonics can help the hair. Anyway, I’ve found he shou wu to help strengthen and thicken my hair, but it has tons of other uses as well. I do believe it helps with gray hair, but I don’t personally have any yet, so I don’t know for myself, just from what others report..

        There’s an idea in TCM of the three treasures of Qi, Jing, and Shen, (loosely: energy, essence and spirit) and corresponding most treasured herbs, ginseng, he shou wu, and ling zhi (reishi).
        So… he shou wu is quite revered.

        Dragon herbs has a great outline of the uses and benefits of he shou wu. In general, I think they have great, comprehensive, and trusted write ups of Chinese herbs.

  27. As a Venus in Leo with a thick mane of dark blonde hair (born white blonde) I have swung from mid 80’s wild colours (blue crepe paper “dye” over home peroxide) with undercut by sibling with a disposable razor to long stint of natural hippy blonde to #2 buzz cut raving 90’s to my current almost all natural with my own invention – paint section of part line and front and let the blonde fall were it may (a couple of dollars versus a couple of hundred)

    I have always used my head of hair as s creative outlet and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks

  28. Never dyed my hair, but I’ve been working on get it healthy and happy again after 1,5 years of chemical straightening (those awful Brazilian blowouts) and 1,5 years of frying it twice a week with a blow dryer. After two years of trial and error and awkward transition hair I’m finally learning how to manage its half-curly half-wavy texture (sulfate-free shampoo and coconut oil are the best!). The whole process has been a reflection on authenticy, race and class. Also found out, as corny as it sounds, that my hair is often big and bold when I can’t be and functions as nice reminder of all the sagittarius energy that usually gets buried underneath my saturn-pluto square.

  29. Ageless Leo with Libra rising. Nature girl growing up except for a bit of Hollywood divergent since I was working in Beverly Hills. Being a kind of basic hippie. Then after getting out of super long relationship decided to start coloring my hair. My glamorous girl friends went into horror when I said I thought I’d let my hair go gray. Men I was with never carried one way or another. Now I have fun hair color looks like a flame red fading into blond on the edges. Suits me. I still think about seeing what my “real hair” looks like. In California there is a fad of young women dying their hair grey with purple hint. Not terrible flattering but then the trend around seems for women to try to look as unflattering as possible. What ever makes one happy. But culture is what grows people sick and old not so much genes. If grey hair equals old and not just adult, then who knows what toxins are the culprits effecting the body. The chemicals or the age concepts? I did a computer fast, along with a no looking at any screen like t.v. cellphone etc for three days. I lost 2 pounds! The rise of obesity seems to go hand in hand with the obsession with screen viewing. Not sure where I stand of the be part of nature, natural or artificial. BTW I rarely every do nail polish. Maybe once a year if that much. Which is more toxic – nail polish or hair dye? Thanks for bring up this topic. It’s good to think about these things consciously.

  30. Um sorry, i totally ranted on myself, i totally heart the movement and yes these silver models on the runway are so yes, like how someone recently brought back the supers to do a shoot, that was nice.

    • My Greeek ex-BF’s sister, had the most beautiful thick chestnut hair, and used to brush it 100 times a night before bed, it was sort of the Jackie Kennedy thickness!
      Best salon in Melbourne Sansal, Hampton Aveda they do blondes now, they have a collection of antique teapots, and all the types of tea, coffee or vino you want.
      The stylist’s wife or fiancee is the most beautiful aqua, and just to see the floral arragements at point of entry make your mouth melt.
      Oh and there’s a water pond with lilies and a Buddha.
      It’s all white and like that restaurant in St Kilda that is designed based on the Spanish Architecht were there are no corners all curves, a therapy session at the same time
      The owner is lovely and the girls have a new colour every time you go in, except the guy i think has left, he had rental issues (Melbourne sux) x

      • my bad for mentioning my salon’s name / hotel
        i had no intention to advertise, sorry mystic
        tbh, i totally have been to the salon about three times since Neptune transit since about 2014
        my ex-bf was always at me abt dying my hair and the chemicals, as he was an enviro eng. now i guess am more aware
        it’s funny in my family we get alzheimers, i think it’s from all the dye and high street makeup and my Nana used hairspray and parfum 24/7, but never alot of makeup, Scorpio, thick olive irish skin

  31. ok so *apparently,* anecdotally at least, I’ve read on a few different forums (like the one I linked to below) that eating black sesame seeds prevents your hair from going grey. I am years away from going grey myself though so I have no personal evidence to support the theory and I just add black sesame seed powder to my smoothies as I like the nutty taste it adds.

  32. i think grey hair is super fucking sexy on ladies and i make a point to compliment it when i see it (as appropriate haha virgo)
    and i have been brushing my hair 100 strokes a night—it is so fucking soothing and feels really important for some reason. i am a musician and i have a new found superstition of not washing my hair before a show–that way all the practice stays in. for years i have been a baking soda and acv only kinda girl until this spring when i started washing it once a week with gas station 2 in 1. So weird. I think it is because I miss my twin sister and I know she uses that product. Been feeling the strong urge to dye my whole head blond recently but instead I am using free (technically stolen) cinnamon and honey from the coffee shop I work at to lighten it naturally. It actually works albeit super slowly. And feels like a proper ancient ritual of beauty.

  33. I’d been growing restless with my locs. Longest my hair has ever been naturally – bra-strap length – but something was just nagging and tugging and saying it’s going to change.

    Hadn’t had a real haircut since I started growing them back in Dec 2007.

    Well, chopped into an asymmetrical bob and LOVE it. So free. So much weight gone. It’s gorgeous and kinda badass.

    I did dye it a reddish maroon and must say, I don’t think I’ll keep the color. It doesn’t seem quite right with my skin, and oh God, I forgot what the process was like with the slightly weird smell, the dryer and the lingering reddish tinge on my scalp.

    Given that hair can hold so much energy/life force/memories (and with locs … OMG, so much lint!) I feel like the big chop was massively cathartic and tied to both Saturn square Neptune, some Pluto shite, not to mention Saturn on my Ascendant (and some Leo midheaven stuff for good measure).

    Getting pops of grey is sobering to me though. I get that we’re supposed to embrace it and love our age … and you couldn’t pay me to be younger … but it is a reminder of time passing. And sometimes, that’s hard to reconcile, I guess.

  34. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, NN, and BML in Virgo here…with 6H Chiron. My hair is very long and thick, but I started going silver at 14. I dyed it once in my life, when I was 15.

    Grey hairs, you say? BAH! That’s single strand highlighting – a VERY expensive, haute process, you know. Paid for in blood via stress and sweat equity.

    Every couple New Moons, I make a white vinegar hair rinse with cornflower, lavender, horsetail, and some secret ingredients. Pour it over my scalp and the yellow is gone, replaced by silver-blue.

    My blood-brain barrier is my everything. Crucial to fighting off Qi Vampires, Reptilians, and Muggles.

      • The other day my straight Taurus male friend remarked that with my personality and the fact that I have no wrinkles (I’m at the age where I should, and haven’t had plastic surgery – don’t intend to), the grey hair makes me all the more alluring. :”)

  35. I use to get highlights. For some reason I want to stop because of how damaged my hair is right now. I look like a female Einstein because the torched hair won’t do anything but stick out. It’s like hay.

    I have a Leo Moon so I need good hair.

    • Get some frizz-ease from chemist or supermarket, yes it’s toxic as shit but certainly cures exactly what your talking about..

    • Leave coconut oil (comb through your hair) on overnight, or wear it on hair over weekends when e.g. exercising or just chilling.

      Wash out with shampoo (once is enough).

      If you do this regularly, you will save your hair’s condition.

      I used to do half head of highlights too. It started out 50/50 brown (natural) and blonde (and looked good), but eventually I had so many highlights, my hair looked totally blonde, very fried. Ended up looking very tired. It’s only when I saw myself in a photo a friend took that I realised the blonde was out of control, and no longer served me. Natural hair has just more dimension to it, and for me having healthy shiny hair became more important than the colour. x

  36. My last on again off again relationship of about 10 years was a train wreck in so many ways save this: he taught me to love my body regardless of what weight I happen to be at the moment, and he convinced me to stop dying my hair.

    He asked what my natural color was and I had to admit I didn’t really remember. He said he bet it would really suit me. He said God/Mother nature never makes mistakes when picking colors for everything in the world. I figured that made sense so I gave it a shot and wouldn’t you know, my natural haircolor suits my skin tone and eye color perfectly.

    For my entire 30’s now I’ve had my natural color and I still love it. I am blessed to have few greys and they blend in with my natural color quite well but judging by my mother, who stopped dying in her 60’s, my hair will look great grey.

    I was also absolutely floored that when my mom did stop coloring, that despite being about two-thirds silver, she suddenly looked about a decade younger. Her natural tone and the grey makes her look much softer and prettier compared to the too harsh darker red/brown she used to dye that washed her out and made her look tired.

    While I occasionally get the urge to do a dramatic color (i’m thinking deep teal or purple!) I feel very thankful to my ex for making me fall in love with my own natural color while I still have time to enjoy it.

  37. Ugh. Upsetting to this Leo. Lol maybe those of us with Serious Hair Needs transition to WIGS like Dolly Parton?

    I just see it as a chemical exposure that is worth it–you pick your battles. I don’t dry clean clothes or sleep on a mattress treated with fire retardant, which is the biggest exposure generally (here in the US there is a law that all mattresses have to be treated! You have to get an actual doctors note to get one that isn’t. Which I’ve done for the past 20+ yrs)

    I’ve checked my cosmetics on the database and said bye to the ones that have gorgeous pigment but terrible lead etc content (!). I just swapped up for moisturizer with 4 ingredients you could dress a salad with and the cleanest foundation in existence.

    Also: gaining a ton of weight doesn’t mean you lose glamour or self love. Giving up weight cycling (i.e.: all dieting even if one calls it “a lifestyle”) and fatphobic misogynist body standards is surely as powerful and sled-nurturing and even more radical than giving up hair dye.

  38. I have “semi washed” my hair TWICE in my lifetime – both times in the last 3 years. Because I like dark hair. And mahogany REALLY brings out the green in my eyes. I have natural blonde highlights in my light brown hair but I’m not into blonde vibes.

    I’ll be going to get my annual semi-wash again in the next few weeks. They last me around 6 months – and I wash my hair every second day. I didn’t start threading my eyebrows until I was 27, and I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was 27 either (only for special occasions to make the outfit “pop” more). So hair and skin are in fine shape in my world, and my eyebrows grow back nice and bushy thanks to threading.

    • ZERO FUCKS GIVEN about what others think about me. Unlike the States, Australia does NOT get into “grown and sexy” vibes. You are either “old” or “MILF” and I care for neither. I care not for clinging to youth via mutton dressing as lamb nor scrappy vibes. I take pride in my appearance because I enjoy living in my own skin – think what you want, it don’t mean nada to moi. I am grown and sexy – to me. I like me, I value me, and I am getting better with age. Keep the youth vibes, not interested. Been waiting a whole lifetime to be grown and loving every damn minute of it 🙂

      Barely buy make-up, semi-wash my hair at the salon once a year and take care of my clothing. Shower daily, enjoy good hygiene. No insecurities to pander to, no time for it. There is no way out of aging, and I just get better with every year. I dare a bish to proclaim otherwise #ByeFelicia

  39. My chart ruler is Saturn. My hair is everything! Everytime I have a baby my hair changes and it takes about 2 yrs to “come back” to normal. I’m talking I have curly hair naturally and my hair will go super straight. I also notice when I’m having relationship struggles I dye my hair red. I also have Mars on Asc. So currently im excited that my real hair is returning, no red. And no more dye unless maybe it’s henna….

  40. My first job as a teenager was at a local salon (Leo mideaven, rawr) and one of the stylists put foils in my hair. Dyed my hair a few times after that but didn’t like how it dried out my hair plus didn’t like the hassle of upkeep and stopped. I’ve played with the idea of henna or the temporary not as bad stuff that I don’t remember the fancy name for but I really like my hair color. Being a brunette in a family of redheads, I have great highlights and all I really need is some sun on those locks. Have a few strands of grey so far but my husband is so rad – keeps saying shaving, plucking, and dying are bullshit and he’d rather I be a grey hairy mess than alter the natural.

    Been wanting to do the no poo thing but every summer I forget. I figure that’s the best time while I’m not working to let it rebalance.

    Yesterday I was flipping through a natural care book a friend gave me with all kinds of recipes you make from stuff around the house like oatmeal, honey, and essential oils. I forget that’s on the shelf too but now I put it in a prominent place so I can rock the kitchen witchery self spa more often.

  41. I’m currently facing up to the “well you’re not 20 any more ” thing and I am stunned, shocked, amazed and actually kind of mad that I am still carrying so much aesthetic baggage about appearance and age. I mean, it’s fun to be young and hot. I love being blonde. Maybe I’ll do it again at some point. But like liberating Venus said. I’d like to be known for more than just my youth. As women we actively participate in this culture that values female youth, and by implication fertility (while discouraging the results), by literally buying into the beauty culture. If we insist on competing with each other based on the size of someone’s ass, or hairstyle situation, whatever, then we can only expect to be forever stuck. Some other nationalities seem to do a good job of giving less of a fuq while still maintaining health, happiness which imho are 90% of looks anyway. I actually get really angry on behalf of the Sisterhood when I hear someone shaming themselves because of a looks-based thing. I do this myself but I am catching myself at it, it’s a prison of our own making and the sooner we can tell the mega corps profiting from our heavily-marketed-to-fears about our appearance (no one will love you, people won’t respect you, you’ll look frumpy and old, you won’t be happy, you’ll be an outcast, you’ll die alone), the better. I hope we can make life easier for our daughters by telling those parts of society to get fuqed. True liberty is not achieved via having grey-free hair.
    Love from Venus in Aries (+Uranus) and lilith in Toro.

    • Yes this is of course a symptom of a much deeper issue. There is an interesting analogy in the business world that comes to mind. Many years ago I consulted to companies who were seeking to obtain an ISO quality standard accreditation. Companies at the time we’re spending millions to obtain this standard without really getting the point of it. I helped them obtain it for less than $10k. How ? Well the standard only asked for one thing, a statement of truth ! Yes that’s baffling to a lot of people. 😉 Eg. The shirt we make uses low quality thread and only comes in one size. We take 3 months from order to deliver and give no warranty. The shirt costs $3. This is a quality statement and if it’s true will allow the company to achieve full accreditation once audited and will be allowed to carry this accreditation worldwide.
      The idea is that somewhere in the world their is a buyer who seeks exactly this standard of shirt.
      Horses for courses … Appropriate product for the particular application.
      This behaviour and honesty by removing all the marketing lies helps maintain healthy relationships with customers and finds new markets.

      In short, be honest and present as you are and you will attract the right people into your life.

      I cant tell you how hard a lot of companies found it to go through this process, in fact many chose to spend millions with charlatan consultants than to spend $10k with me and tell the simple truth.

      The long term benefit is massive, in that so much of many companies time is spent attempting to maintain a standard that is a lie. This puts massive pressure on all employees and destroys customer relationships.

      By presenting yourself as you aren’t you are setting yourself up for strife in the short and long term.

  42. I stopped coloring my hair ages ago, keep it very long and luscious, and am just now starting to see a few silver strands (I am 45). I intend to keep it long forever and let it go gray/silver and do not give a flying fuq. I believe all that dye/bleaching/over cutting interferes with the “hair as extension of the nervous system” philosophy (Google American Indian scouts who lost their psychic abilities when the army cut their hair in WWII). I keep my hair long and natural to up my magic. I am Libra sun conjunct Pluto (vir) and Uranus (lib) on the MC, with Sagg rising.

  43. You’re spot on with the Saturn into Sagittarius timing, Mystic; that was when I stopped dying. My decision was part practical (ie, i don’t have the time & money to keep up with this) & part realization of chem-free goals (ie, I’m already no poo/curly girl compliant, so why am I soaking my hair with this shit?).

    My hair was one length almost to my waist. Many hats & scarves were worn over the next 18 months as my roots spread over my noggin… Many times my mother begged me to go back to my dying ways… then I got all the old, colored stuff cut off & viola Fabulous! I get compliments on my hair All The Time these days. And my hair is happy: I can feel it. What better crown? 😉

    I started a Pinterest board of silver foxes to keep me inspired & to inspire others who dare to buck the status quo Yes, Yasmin is there: she’s Gorgeous! (If this link doesn’t work, look me up; I’m Emm Bee.)

    Viva La Resistance!

  44. I have always found it odd that many women I know who look after their health in every possible way get their hair dyed regularly. In fact in Australia 90 % of women dye their hair ! That’s astounding ! Considering that the caustic nature of the stuff has been known to be really dangerous for like 30 or so years … You guys are in denial big time. I mean seriously putting that shit on your scalp when the beautician has like thick rubber gloves and eye protection when she mixes it ? That shit is like oven cleaner !
    Do you really need to look it up ? Or wait for your GP to warn you about it ?
    Anyway, to be totally frank, ‘young’ hair on an older woman looks totally wrong to me, when I see woman in their 40s and 50s with teenage hair it really does look kinda ridiculous.

    • Sure health and shit…but i kno so many guys…balding…or greying hair in their 40’s and 50’s tell me they would not date a woman in the same age range if she “looked old” with grey hair when they themselves look like that. Frankly, i think that is ridiculous.

      I think women would be more willing to let the colour go, if the rest of society supported that instead of criticized women for vanity for dying their hair. Women are just trying to live up to society’s standards which are unrealistic and in conflict with one another…because youthfulness and beauty is celebrated but oldness and artificiality is not.

      It has been my observation that most of the cool women in my age range middle 40’s who let their hair go grey are married or in a permanent situation. The rest of us all colour our hair to stay competitive in the dating and JOB markets. Yes, women get discriminated in the job market for looking too old!

      Plus there are quite a few men buying stuff like Grecian formula to blend grey…when i am fairly sure that stuff has lead in it. 🙁

      • Yeah some men are very blind to the reality that living life as a woman is VERY different to living life as a man.

        Judging us constantly and ridiculing us as pathetic when we are just trying to dodge the pitfalls they keep digging for us

        • Don’t be a jerk. Annica makes good points. However I agree that everyone needs to participate in the solution.

          • Excuse me ? Since when is choosing to dye your hair a communal issue. Its not a drug of addiction FFS. It’s clearly a personal one and one I find odd when the consequences are possibly deadly. Blaming idiot males is just giving credibility to their shallowness and the end result is allowing oneself to be dragged down to that level.
            I’m really tired of the attitude around here to males. If I’m a jerk because I’m supporting women to be themselves then I guess I’m a jerk. That’s pretty weird in itself, but obviously a part of the total confusion western women seem to have got themselves into. In my view a totally self inflicted one.

            • Aw, I think the idea they were trying to put across is that it’s the larger society’s expectations of women’s appearance. Not just men’s expectations.

              What Phoenix said is that SOME men, do not understand the unstated but still explicit expectations of women.

              FWIW, I know there are many unspoken expectations of men, that women are not cognizant of.

        • No it is everyone’s fault actually. But certain groups have more power to change things is all.

          I don’t disagree with your statement that it is ridiculous to have young looking hair if the rest of you is falling apart. But the lack of sympathy is like wtf. It is like a 6ft tall person belittling a 5 ft person why can’t you reach this high shelf without a ladder.
          I mean who do women think they are fooling and why?

          Men also get affected as well. I see it more with gay men but started spreading when “dadbod” started being a thing. Men actually put on Grindr that they don’t want to meet “olds” or asians. I mean if straight men put don’t want to meet fat chicks or butter-faces on their dating profile they would be ridiculed or taken down a notch. Yet it is acceptable in their subculture to do that…i suppose it is honest in some way… But idk…

          Anyways, i hope i get lucky like you and eventually find a loving stable mate who won’t care about my looks so i can eventually stop dyeing my hair. But for now, a henna-ed rat race it is!

  45. Heh. I’m I’m in exactly the opposite place. I’ve been happy enough with my medium brown for 40+ years–with one or two experiments with highlights or henna along the way. For the past 10 years I’ve been watching the occasional white hair pop up and looked forward to getting my grandmother’s snowy mane. I’m stalled out at ~20 white hairs, though, and considering getting something in a dark teal or violet lowlights while I wait.

  46. I achieved The Zen of Greying long ago – I think I was in my early 20’s when I consciously decided I would be completely at peace with my hair turning from gold to silver. I’ve always chalked this up to the fact that Saturn is exalted in Libra – I do think Libra is less plastic than we tend give it credit for (at least as far as the Pluto in Libras are concerned) and that all things being equal it does enjoy an opportunity to age gracefully. I believe in good grooming and self-care, but also want to be valued for more than just my youth – I have earned those greys and the wisdom they’ve brought.

    • Yes on the Libra tip: I have Moon-Pluto there. I did earn this silver mane & I do want my props! Youth is easy & handed to us; aging is a million battles fought & won 😉

  47. In 2nd Saturn Return- I have Leo on MC-just chopped hippie hair to shoulders- layered too. Like my hair except did discreet warm tones to break up grey- in med brown hair esp around my face.

    Abandoned blond 13 years ago- grew it out- then sported long locks.

    Negotiating with gray- and other myths of Saturn. Being less woo woo and more grown up.

    Many have told me shorter hair “makes you look younger. Think it’s the color too.

    Loved chopping off last remnants of sorrow- dead stuff from 2008-2012. Saturn in Scorp sucked! LOL!!

  48. I stopped dying my hair in December, after finally deciding to dye my ombre hair to my natural black. I also stopped plucking the single strands of grey hair and made peace with them.

    I always did a major hair change when I’m not feeling well psychologically. Changing my hair was far easier than changing myself. I wanted to get myself out of that cycle and deal with my demons head on instead of thinking that changing my outer experience would incite a change within.

    Stopping my constant hair dye maintenance coincides with the most personal growth I’ve had.

    I’ve recently gone no poo/water only and I feel better than ever. Letting go of these beauty conventions is incredibly liberating, especially since many beauty products were only created in order to profit off insecurities made up by marketing and ad men.

  49. Stopped dying after getting a mineral hair analysis test done. I was in OK condition but for one thing – bismuth. I asked what the hell that off the chart line on my analysis was about and was told it was a result of dying my hair!

    I think it is meant to damage the nervous system. I don’t really fancy Alzheimers or some other disease and I don’t really dye much anymore.

  50. Nope. 1st house Leo sun,Venus and Uranus. My hair is big and curly,blondish but more gold and brown. My cousins have white hair that they keep long…it looks so aging and doesn’t complement their coloring at all…ill prob never stop I’m too vain lol

  51. I have had all the dye cut out of my hair and decided I will let the white shine through – my dad had beautiful white hair at 40 – I don’t imagine he was told it made him look old or he was letting himself go…….
    In the UK there was a recent radio programme about going grey – they said we live longer so should see more grey haired women but 70% of women dye their grey compared to 7% in the 1940’s.
    The interviewer found that the negativity about being grey is of course a gender issue. I guess men are just glad to have hair ?
    It’s really nice not having to dye it, and to tbh dyed hair can look even more aging sometimes.
    Stick with it – we are a special band!!

  52. I’m a Scorpio having my second Saturn return in Sag — with naturally almost-black hair, and a couple of decades of color-enhancing — and I stopped dyeing a couple of years ago. I have some beautiful silver streaks, and it’s fine. I mourn and miss my long, thick, shiny younger hair sometimes, but if anything I wish I had a whole head of white hair now, a la Emmylou Harris. Instead, I have the Anne Bancroft/Susan Sontag streaks in the front, and that CAN be chic. Go with it!

  53. With hair loss from major stress/dieting (i.e. not eating), i saw a Trichologist whose advice was to ‘…never brush my hair, avoid touching my hair and never wear a hat’ i.e. basically leave it alone, it’s never been the same, so I really think aside from genes, your diet and stressors, as well as follicle abuse are a big player!

    It was still falling out, the Dr referred me to Skin Cancer place that takes hair photos, so you can compare it every few years to see if there is an issue. I have not had it done yet!

    But they suggested the PILL, as it grows back hair, which i took, and it grew alot of my hair back, but i need to get the script refilled.

    For what it’s worth the best hair experience i’ve ever had was an Aveda hot oil scalp brushing at the Park Hyatt Melbourne, select one of three scents, they warm it up and then brush your hair for ten minutes.

  54. I recently shared (on the ‘Venus Two’ post) my shock (to myself) decision to grow out my half head of blonde highlights.

    My last highlighting session was in Dec 2015. Something in me shifted by Feb 2016 when my next session was due, and I just STOPPED. And it just felt RIGHT. (Natal planets: Pisces sun in 6th, Saggo moon 9th and Virgo rising. Venus Aries 7th, Mars in Aqua 6th. Lillith Taurus 8th.)

    Have decided to GROW out my dark ash brown hair to shoulder length, it has a few silvers. It looks so much better next to my skin than the fried blonde.

    …Not to mention how soft and SHINY it is starting to become, now that I have about 6-7cm roots. Noticeably thicker too, with chemical cut no longer coming into play.

    Apart from carcinogenic PPD in dark hair dyes, dye apparently wreaks havoc on immune system. Why mess with that? Have read online of people linking dark hair dyes to fibromyalgia and other immune disorders.

    At this stage, I don’t plan to ever dye my hair again. Never say never though – henna, indigo, cassia blend will be my go-to should I change my mind.

    Over the next 30 years, I would have spent 16.25 days in salon…! And the saved $ can go into shares or shoes.

    Just got SO VERY sick of all of it – the $ waste, the time waste, the perpetually boring salon small talk.

    Am sticking to this plan with joy, purpose and renewed liberation, happily throwing a dark-rooted middle finger to society.

    Feeling hotter than ever 🙂 Good luck and keep going to everyone making the transition (and thank you Saturn)!

  55. I am on Team Henna. I know hairstylusts hate henna, but whatever…been tested on people for thousands of years with no horrible side effects except rare poss allergy to indigo. If you are blonde you can skip indigo, you can mix up henna plus amla to get a sort Of strawberry blonde Colour!

    I stop using hair colour when i became horribly ill in 2014 because it was a waste of energy. I even allowed it to go grey for a bit, but not into it yet. I think once i get to 50 i will be more into it. I am sad that henna doesnt come in purple or pink or other wacky shades.

  56. I have a 6 weekly henna/indigo touch up on the roots after stopping using chemical dyes when doing a big detox about 3 years ago. I can’t believe that I waited so long to get off the chemicals.
    I get my greying roots done by an Indian lady who lives nearby and who used to do her mother and aunties henna in India. I mix up the paste and she applies it and it has to sit on my hair for 3 hrs and before I wash it off
    I buy my henna and indigo from Henna Moon in WA. I sometimes mix Amla powder into the paste for extra healthy hair.

  57. I wish it wasn’t such a political issue. But then women’s looks and bodies are so judged in our society. It sucks

    • and I just realised what that L’oreal ad says — the only defence to the Spectre of Old Age — crikey!

  58. I have done nothing but think about my hair for the last two years. I met my now husband then and we basically shagged 24/7 for about 2 months, the end result was my hair got a big nest at the nape of my neck and it split off at that length. Friction eh!

    I had bottle blond long hair that I had been bleaching the crap out of for decades. Couple that with some monumental stress (a decision to go no contact with abusive family), meant what was left started to noticeably drop out in handfuls in the shower. It was so dry that it didn’t want to curl naturally anymore. I didn’t look like me anymore, I was proud of my hair and I felt a lot of distress about it. I cut it off at shoulder length and for the last 18 months have been nurturing it back to health. I also chemically dyed it brown as I thought that might be better for it. Now I am starting to think I will leave it alone and let the grey come in. I have immunity issues, and I am not liking what I’m reading.

    I worked in customer service and I always enjoyed meeting the sort of woman in her 50’s who had let it all go grey and they just looked marvellous (to my then 30’s point of view). They had such style. I think I am going to get my crap together, lose the poundage around the waist and grow it out too, have to start somewhere but don’t want to look like I have given up.

    Oh, and if anybody can recommend a creamy natural conditioner I would be really grateful. I am still hooked on Pantene conditioner which is the only thing that doesn’t make my hair feel like straw, I have tried all the Lush products and a few other natural brands but nothing seems to do the job. I am also trying to wean skin off E45 moisturiser, I really need a heavy duty creamy one. I use almond oil on skin as well, but as a top layer on the E45, it doesn’t work on its own. Also used coconut oil on my hair but it’s not going the job on its own.

    • avocado…seriously, an ex boyfriend’s mother (from Chile) swore by it and had the most glorious mane of silky waist length hair (that was in her 50’s). I used it too for a while ( I’ll go back to it now that I’ve remembered it !) and it left my hair way glossier than commercial conditioner. Egg yolk is also fantastic but harder to get out and you must use cold water – or you’ll spend for ever trying to comb the scrambled egg out of your hair. (yuk) So you might want to wait for summer for that one 🙂

      • Thanks so much, I will give that a go, I don’t know why I haven’t, it seems so big and obvious…! I think it’s because before I got ill it was always super greasy, same with my skin. Overnight both changed to hyper-dry, it was like being posessed, I still don’t know how to handle them to keep them in good nick. I thank you kindly!

        • Same here. Before i got ill, i always had very very oily hair. My hair could take the 40 volume peroxide it took to lift it without being brittle. Now, i would never try that. I havent become dry but my hair would be considered normal instead of oily. At least i dont have to wash it daily anymore, only 2-3x per week. The oiliness was a result of severe allergies. After correcting that, healing leaky gut…an ongoing task, the oily skin and hair stopped. Let me tell you it is a cruel fate to suffer oily skin and acne at the same time you are getting wrinkles or saggy skin.

          If your hair thick, curly and dry or straight and dry? I recommend yucca in general to wash hair and rinse with distilled water. Hard water is responsible for many hair woes like fried hair or weird colour.

          • Actually that’s true, when ever I’ve had rain water on tap my hair has looked like it belonged to someone else…I put a filter on my shower which helps a bit.

            • I hadn’t realised how hair obsessed I am till I started commenting on this post – and not a speck of Leo in my chart ! lol (except SN…)

            • For me, rinsing with distilled or rain water eliminate need for oils and conditioning. Sometimes i use aloe vera on the ends. If i have to i use camellia oil on just the ends, but i need only do that once every 3 or 4 months.

            • I’ve never heard of camelia oil, Ill have to look it up…

            • Avocados, rainwater butt, shower filter, yucca. Going to check all of those out.

              Annica, my hair is fine but there is a lot of it, when I am well, and it is a loose curl, which makes it look more than it is. I have leaky gut too, caused by stress and a Candida albicans overgrowth, you sound clued up on stuff, have you checked this out as a cause of allergies?

              Leo in the 12th house for me, no planets. II never even realised I have curly hair until I was 32. It’s the sort of hair that curls if you don’t brush it or blowdry when it’s wet. Since I was doing both of those things all the time until a camping trip where I had forgotten my hairbrush and had no electricity, , it was a shock to wake up with…all this lion hair. I haven’t blowdried it for 10 years. It is coming back thicker and healthier, and the greys are wiry which I kind of love!

            • My systemic allergies are the result of bad genes inherited and were present when i was a baby. At the time my parents were clueless and the technology to diagnose was not accessible. I probably had allergies with atypical signs for decades. I did do a candida cleanse after i finished my first 6 months of my anti-allergy diet because my diet was so high in things that worsen candida. Ironically the shit i was allergic to is most healthy food like veggies and fruits. Why? Because that is what i like gorging on. So yeah after 6 months of meat, potatoes, dairy, and bread… Those things saved my life ironically.
              I had to get back, at least in limited qty some of the verboten foods or else what could i eat to control candida and not die of malnutrition. I am pretty sure i have SIBO too. It is all doing much better now.

    • I have super dry hair. One advantage is that I only have to wash it once a week. I could go longer if I wanted to but my fringe starts getting too curly.

      Anyway, I’ve been using Dove ‘Nutritive Solutions’ Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner.

      It’s just as good as the expensive conditioners that I can’t afford anymore.

    • What’s your budget like? If you’re in Australia, Aesop do an incredibly lush rich moisturizer but it is Not Cheap. It smells AhMayyZing You can ask for a couple of samples to try first. They also do shampoos conditioner etc etc but haven’t tried those.

      • Hey both, my budget is skint Pi but I would pay good money for natural skin stuff even if I have to pimp myself out down the docks. I’ll check it out, thank you.

        Mars, I have tried the Dove conditioner, it is really good, but I am having unfortunate skin reactions to non-natural products so I am trying to cut everything back. I am using dr bronners to clean myself and my house, and apple cider vinegar, but the hair and skin stuff is the last to go, some really good suggestions here though.

        Hair is such an emotive thing! So many posts on this thread. Love it.

  59. Hair is so on topic lately. I just got a cut today and was eyeing the things for color as a way tonplay with my hair, but…. I just can’t do it. I havem’t dyes in years and I want to keep it “virgin” so to speak. However, I am considering brightly colored extensions for a fun color addition.

    Have you heard of the village in China where the women have hair down to their knees until old age and do not go grey? They wash their hair with fermented rice water. I have been rinsing my hair with any leftover kombucha homebrew that I have, and it feels great. This link has some amazing photos from the village. Super interesting culture and ritual, would love to visit!

    • I love the new gray and steely pastel looks, but I also love my natural colour. I have natural highlights that would be hard to regain if I wanted to go back to natural after dye, so I’ve always been reluctant to change my colour. I actually do have clip-in hair pieces in blonde and pink, but I always forget about them!
      Also, related to the fermented rice/kombucha thing – I have fine hair and lately have had a lot of issues with it feeling super gross/dry and looking greasy. I totally stopped using conditioner and use only apple cider vinegar solution to rinse after shampooing. And my hair has never been better!

      • The cost benefit analysis is just such a process. I am naturally low maintenance, so how will hair that requires color updates suit me?!

        There is something about a little acid in the hair that works so well. Skin and hair pH are so rarely discussed in terms of products. Adding acid to all my routines has really improved everything for me, and I have dry hair and skin.

    • I am sure their rapunzel hair also comes about from having a good diet and good genetics too!

      TCM says hair is extra left over blood, so if blood quality is terrible, fix that first. I received an herb rx to make my hair grow a long time and honestly, it worked great.

      • Oh of course. Super interesting about hair as leftover blood…. makes me think about the Native American belief in hair as extensions of our nervous system.

  60. So on point. I put some streaks in my hair last week, a touch of blonde at the front and copper red and a dash of bright pink semi permanent last week. Prior to that I’d been growing out a short haircut for and red colour and getting quite a lot of greys, with two streaks on each side. I love my hair short and it suits me so I just got it cut (my hairdresser is an amazing cutter) and then did the DIY colour (left about 2/3 my natural brunette with silver sprinkling. I have been colouring my hair since I was 18 on and off, usually red. But now I find all over colour is a bit harsh and unnatural looking, especially when the roots start growing out. I like having a mixture of colours now. I find having a good cut essential, not so worried about having some greys in the mix.

    • For many years I used henna but then started using the ‘not as toxic’ hair dye from the health food shop… Got tired of the cow shit messy quality of the henna stuff! Maybe should go back to henna and beetroot juice!!

  61. I love that this is a movement,, i recently grew out my dry blond hair for several months. I hadn’t seen my natural colour since i was thirteen.. there was a decent amount of ‘salt’ in the pepper, i had a few curious questions from friends.. alternating kinda liking it to hating it.. just cracked! went into my hairdresser – who had assumed i had moved away – for a full head of foils with toner – i throw red too apparently.. I am regretting it a teeny bit, it was in much better condition.. maybe henna is the answer?! Scorp sun/aqua asc/ LEO moon haha

  62. I’m a total hypocrite. I buy organic everything, including most cosmetics, but as I recently grew my hair from a short cut, the greys totally took over and really depressed me, so i freaked and grabbed a $10 job from Coles and dyed them all gone. Cheered me immensely.
    Although — and this is how toxic the ingredients are (see I know this, so i totally identify with you MM!) — I have a thyroid problem – hashimotos, and most of the ingredients, even in normal shampoo and conditioners, disrupt the endocrine system. I get really nauseous even just from scented cosmetics. Anyway I had to wait until I was feeling ‘up’ to dying it and opened all doors and windows and drank all these chlorophyll detox drinks afterwards to (try to) eradicate the toxins from my bloodstream.
    The things we do! It just cheers me having non-grey hair. Because of the hashimotos i also get dry skin (ridiculously flaky even when coated in rosehip oils and after exfoliation etc) and that depresses me too because it brings out the wrinkles, so i just decided no grey was one thing i COULD do to cheer my look.
    So i guess I’m not hip with the saggitarius zeitgeist!!

    • oh wow, I had no idea there was a connection between Hashimotos and chemical sensitivity…(I have both). The nausea when coming into contact even with “unscented” moisturisers/shampoos/washing powders was what sent me down the henna route to begin with…I totally agree with you on “I need to dye my hair for mental health reasons” – I’m not grey but have very blah dull brown hair and I challenge anyone to tell me that my natural colour looks “better” than a dye job 1 or 2 shades darker…

  63. Omg, MM, how is it you are so spot on with EVERYTHING! The timing with this blog subject is perfect!

    Despite all of the relentless awful shite that has happened literally EVERY DAY of the last month or so…, I actually reviewed the last several weeks and made a list, and literally every day some serious shit went down either in my personal sphere and/or globally. I am worn down to a nub at the moment, with the crowning blow being losing my fucking JOB this week!

    But…… the background, sort of subconsciously, but also as a conscious distraction from all the real horror going on around us (and somewhat guiltily, and a bit puzzled as to why, because it seems so silly and indulgent) ……………..I’ve been thinking about my HAIR!!!
    I am not kidding….. It’s just like you lay out here in the blog……a complete review, from aesthetics to wondering about toxins, to the hassle and expense of it all…….I’m actually quite sick of dealing with it!

    I’m 48 years old and have NO gray hair. Minor miracle there…but, genetics. My 95 year old grandma was not entirely gray…had thick black hair…
    Beyond that, I’m a natural brunette, have quite a decent head of hair that is long, slightly long-layered, and heavily (professionally) highlighted blonde, to a point where it looks very natural, and have been doing it for 10 years, so there are people who didn’t know me before who just think I’m a natural blonde. It goes with my skin tone and blue eyes, so it doesn’t look out of place or ‘ironic’. It costs me a lot, and lately I’ve been reviewing how worth it it is… especially since I’ve lost my job…. even before I lost my job, I was thinking how stressful this upkeep is with my hair….
    Perhaps growing in my natural roots and doing less highlighting but not giving it up entirely? I don’t know…. Right now I’m not digging the tone of my hair, it’s kinda ashy, and I want it warmer because I think that will make me look younger, but again, it’s all becoming a pain in the ass…..

    Maybe what you’re getting at here is wanting to reflect on the outside, how we are really feeling about ourselves and our lives on the inside.
    Maybe the incongruence I’m feeling is that this blonde hair doesn’t suit who I am anymore, though I’m not really wanting to be full natural brunette either……not sure what to do. Just want to project a different vibe..
    Also need a hair CUT, want something updated, not short though, but tired of looking like Woodstock-era hippie..

    A companion issue to this is that I have lost my patience for applying/wearing makeup……I just cannot be bothered! I wear a moisturizer and that’s it! No foundation, concealer, or color, or eyeliner/mascara……nothing!

    I’m Aqua Sun (closet Leo?? ..ha!) in 8th.
    Pisces Moon & Mars in 9th/10th, Crab rising.. Venus in Cap in 6th near 7th cusp..

    • Ok, I’ve thought about it again and I think the thing about HAIR, and its pertinence to what’s going on right now, is that hair is POWER. …..and it’s like antennae, linked to our intuition.

      So maybe it’s about taking back our power and becoming more empowered and attuned when we don’t put toxic hair dyes and bleaches on our heads, and when women don’t feel like they need to cover up grays for society’s standards of youth and beauty, which are just as toxic as the dyes themselves…

      Meanwhile……I’m still contemplating whether or not I want to give up being ‘blonde’ so I’m struggling with all of this, too…. caught in the web, so to speak.

  64. You’re on point with this post Mystic. I’ve been dyeing my hair to hide the greys for the past 7 years. Why, when men don’t? We’ve been fighting for equality for years but then fake our appearance for an audience that doesn’t actually exist. Last year my scalp descended into psoriasis hell (from stress) and I have winced through the dyeing process. I’ve been thinking for a while I want to go natural as the grey hairs are way thicker than my normal ones so maybe in the second half of my life I will have the thick hair of which I’ve always dreamed (as if I was a Leo instead of a Libra).

    • That is what inspired me to go natural. Seeing my male contemporaries going a distinguished salt n pepper look and thinking if they can I can. Does require a good cut and looking after health in general. Even stopped using styling products and don’ t blow dry hair. $$saved is hwlpful

  65. I do hair and am obsessed with balayage and recommend it heavily to all my clients and friends – my own hair is brown and I get it balayaged every couple months so that I have a “rooty platinum blonde” thing going on that I can then throw (apparently nontoxic! Tho I will cross check according to Dr Scorpio’s chemical references) Manic Panic colors onto if I want. There’s a movement of nontoxic hair color brands coming up that I’m excited about. You can do lots of unnatural things to your hair pretty safely as long as you keep it off your actual scalp! And I second the above commenter’s recommendation for indigo + henna combos – look into Mehindi brand products. (Random henna brands frequently contain toxic metals/chemical additives.)

  66. We’ll since you asked… Yeah, I too went from naturally blonde hair, which I’d always wished was brown, that I started to color when it began to turn grey, and seemed wrong since I never wanted to be blonde in the first place.
    I’ve colored it myself for the last 5 years with the health food organic stuff, and the last few times it has turned out completely brassy and over processed.
    One of the things I always loved about my hair was the various shades and highlights that it came by naturally. Now it’s one cheap shade of yellow and makes me look like I’m trying too hard to look younger than my age. As soon as I saw your post I knew I had to read it and I think you’ve inspired me to chop it into a bob, let it grow out naturally and embrace my white “highlights.”

  67. in 2012, at 35yrs old, i pixie cut my way from 2decades of illusion to authenticity. best hair decision i ever made. Mother Nature knows better than any colourist i ever worked with. my skin tone is supported beautifully by the silvers, whites and grays. i felt empowered the moment i saw the real me, and that feeling has become stronger in the years since, as it has grown longer and grayer. and NOW, hair stylists and colourists urge me to NEVER colour my hair. i LOVE my graying nest. people worry about graying hair aging our look – for me it has brought out a new degree of personal style that i love. do it. ?

    • fellow leo sun here who, also at 35, and after 21 years of every colour known to humankind, let my hair go natural. grey with lots of white strips – yep, hairdressers always say ooooh when they see it. feel like my true self!

  68. I’m only 33 but I have a lot of greys.. and after babies my hair is so fine and thin, and dying it is making it fall off and break… to the point where I now have extensions or I feel like Melisandre when she takes off her choker… When I go to the hairdresser every six weeks to get them pulled up my own hair is shorter than before. I need to use some different hair product cos these harsh chemicals are gonna wreck me. Definitely time for a dye-solution revolution for me too

    • Yes babies can do strange things to the hair! Oddly enough, last night i dreamed i found a magic bottle and on it was “onion.”

      Just now i googled “onion juice” and voila – apparently it does incredible things for hair. Which maybe everyone else knows but i did not!

      And lol with the Melisandre reference!

      • Fantastic I’m going to give it a go. Already doing the 1/3 vitamin E oil, 1/3 coconut oil and 1/3 castor oil on brows and lashes nightly, and it’s amaaazing.

        • THANK U
          Using vaseline to stray my brows between threading atm.
          But shouldn’t as i read once, that’s why Marilyn Monroe had so much facial hair, as Marilyn used it in a cream fashion.
          Which would make perfect sense, if you’ve ever seen that foto of her face with v. oily skin, on those home shoots.

    • Do have your thyroid checked, luv – having a baby can fry the thyroid and thinning or brittle hair can potentially be an indicator of this <3 Ceres in Leo over and out!

      • Hey thanks for your note, now that you say that I might get it checked again. I did develop Hashimoto’s after children but cured it completely via natural means (homoeopathy, and seperating from partner!) but now that you mention it I have got a couple of the symptoms again

  69. Henna & Indigo combos! Desert Shadow have a website so you can order from anywhere in the world, the colour range is phenomenal and very natural from natural light brown to black and whole range of copper, auburn and reds). The girl who makes them is lovely and totally committed to health and environment, I’ve been using it for years and would never use anything else 🙂

    • btw that wasn’t meant to be spam….I just thought anyone who did want to colour their hair but avoid the carcinogens might like to know.. obviously there is the down side of having to spend upwards of 2hrs with green goo that smells like spinach on your head, but if you see it as “me time” and kick back with your fav book/telenovela/cradt project it’s pretty cool 🙂

      • Wouldn’t consider it spam at all saturnplutoflux. I haven’t come across an adequate alternative for blonde and all the women I have known that use natural products end up with really dry porous hair (according to them) so I’ve never searched too far and wide. I’d be reluctant to try something like that considering the current health of my hair.

        What are their products like in terms of hair health eg do you need to use a treatment to restore softness or .. well what else can you say about hair condition, texture, colour longevity etc? I’ve saved the link thanks.

        • On the topic of recommendations, does anyone know of a natural product range for greying Mousey blonde hair? There doesn’t seem to be any natural cool colour products out there that doesn’t throw red or a warm tone.

          • I agree Anna. As a natural blonde but more in the ash tones the shade of red they throw is just wrong. And then there’s the matter of going over what is already coloured. This site has some blonde shades but they are bundled in the ‘red’ section under instructions. Would be interested in reviews. I can’t offer any recommendations. I leave it to the experts and do pro organic/mostly chem free currently but am interested in exploring alternatives.

            • Hey Centaurus, yeah, hard to believe no one seems to have tapped in this? I’ve just ordered “Aubrey” – Champagne Blonde but don’t have high hopes. Bet it ends up being a strawberry blonde.. But can recommend their warm brown for the brunettes out there. My mum uses it and it looks very natural.

            • I’d be curious to know how it goes. Do you currently have colour or going straight over natural? My hair is also naturally highlighted which I want to keep and which is why I’ve steered clear of solid colour. And yep.. it’s an gold mine market if someone could nail it successfully :grin”

            • Switched to henna and indigo about a year ago, my hair is healthy and shiny, and I can approximate its natural medium brown color fairly easily. Ancient sunrise has a booklet on their site that explains hoe to get different colors, tho blond may be tricky ,and gray is very resistant. It is a time sink as well, but I figure its worth it .

            • C, I have 3yrs worth of Virgin hair after one hell of an experience..
              My natural colour is a dark cool honey colour.. I’ve been cutting my own hair too after being fleeced by that hairdresser. My ends are still bleached but just starting to have one too many grey hairs on top. I’ll try to remember to note the results here when I do it.the only thing I’ve read for ash blonde colouring is mixing camomile and walnuts shells but yes bit of a gamble if you need to look respectable by day. 🙂

        • No need for treatment afterwards, she includes amla and some other herbs in the mix to help reduce the dryness that indigo can cause. Also adding honey to the mix helps to condition and makes it a lot easier to wash out.
          Because henna coats the hair shaft with a wax like substance it gives fabulous shine and body but as the wax degrades with washing, the shine dulls and after about a month – 6 wks I find my hair becoming quite lank (my hair is super fine so I’m not sure what would happen for people with strong hair.).
          It’s recommended to reapply every month to build depth of colour (I have friends who use it over grey) but I do it just because it gives my naturally pathetic hair bounce and stops it tangling up so much.
          The colour itself lasts for ages…like forever (which can be a pain if you suddenly decide you want a radical change).
          The main draw back is if you use a brown (which therefore has indigo in it) DO NOT bleach over it…even when you think it has more or less faded out. You’ll be left with lovely emerald green hair…(I know this from personal experience lol).
          You can however bleach over the henna only colours and you’ll be left with lovely warm toned golds and coppers.
          It is fiddly and time consuming (the box contains a pk of henna and a pk of indigo in differing proportions dependent on the end colour and instructions on how to mix them individually before combining them) plus when it comes to washing it out you’re better off doing it under the bath/sink tap than in the shower (just take my word on that – I actually do it outside with the hose in summer lol).
          So I won’t lie and say it’s a quick, simple process but the end result is really really worth it…plus no buggering up your endocrine/nervous/immune system.

          And you’re helping to support a small business (I know the girl who owns the company. She started at least 10 yrs ago and can vouch that she is still personally involved in every step of the process – including regularly heading off to wild and exotic places to ensure her sources are ecologically/socially sustainable, the materials are unadulterated etc etc. )

          End of advert! lol

          • All for supporting small biz and like what you’ve written. Hehe.. appreciate sharing the trials and errors as well!

            Yes, synthetic everything is all that and I’ve worked diligently over the years eliminating it from skin and hair products.. make up is not a big thing for me anyway but am selective there as well.

            I’m going to make notes and stay in the ‘consider’ phase. The products my salon use are some of the cleanest in the industry. My hair is soft and full and it doesn’t change over 12 weeks.. yes, I can be a shocker for regular attendance and get told I need a doctors certificate for showing up late (weeks) for a re-do hehe.. my average attendance for salons has been about 4 times a year for years.

            Having grown colour out I cringe at the challenge and going from one thing to another over colour is possibly more riskier than I’d prefer. I am not looking to cut it all off if it goes random lol. But thank you, really appreciate being able to discuss this with those who have used some of these products!

      • THANK YOU my Mum is going to try it, the hairdresser told her the general Henna turns grey hair red/orange.

        Speaking for myself:
        – I was told you ONLY go blonde when you go grey by my old BFF’s brunette sister.
        – Read a Swedish Fashion Blogger say she loves a special (NY or was it Sweden i can’t recall) salon as they can only do HER NORDIC COLOUR blonde.
        – Have read your natural colour is the ONLY flattering color for your face.

        My Neptune transit must’ve been why i avoided the Aveda salon over the past few years perhaps! I’m brunette but apparently i look better blonde my Scorpio stylist told me!

        These pictures by the way are gold!
        We lived in a unit next door to the people who owned Cedel, sort of thinking this can of pink stuff is Cedel (i did all the same blonde stuff as mystic as a child when i started to work)!


  70. Well I’ve grown it out and then had natural hair for years then went back to colour. I only use organic and minimal chem products so it has to be a pro job. There is no itchy burning scalp and there is a noticeable difference in hair condition but I have been using organic hair products at home for years too so that’s a factor. Current salon uses products that don’t contain any of the known cancer causing baddies and the owner is mature and experienced. Having said that even the best organic and chem free has something in it and needs a component of something to make it work but they use the lowest possible doses. Don’t ask me for the details.. I’m not technical with hair but I ask and I ask again if I forget. Right now I forget. I had a brief dalliance in between locating another decent salon after moving interstate and yes, itchy scalp and hair condition diminished. In next to no time it was back to silky soft without products and my curl went back to good not meh needs product and work. Yes it’s not cheap but neither is the rotten stuff and it’s a preferable cost in the bigger picture. I rarely use dryers as well.. even in the winter. I think that also helps.

    The ‘one day’ will come but until it does this his how I roll.

    Love this candid share Mystic. I agree Neptune square is perfect for considering the elimination of toxins. I’m detoxing via minerals and foot patches, releases and a raft of other things as we speak this week. Without trying to prop up one choice over another all things are creation so all things are inherently neutral until we smack an idea upon them (in waaaay high Neptune speak) so as we’ve seen people smoke a lifetime and never get ill and people live simple puritan lives and get everything that wafts on by. I think if the individual reasons are in alignment with the self that’s ok, and if that changes that’s ok too. I have a hard time saying that about people that recklessly kill and granting the same sort of allowances in live and let live but for today I’ll stick with hair…

  71. I stopped all hairdresser visits nearly two years ago whilst in a detox stage. Thankfully this coincided with the whole two tone light ends thing so after a few months it looked like it was done on purpose.

    But it was hard. Like you mystic I went hormone Mousey, I hadn’t seen my real colour in years, I struggled.
    It was the first time I saw just how many greys there were. Like someone had given me the unfiltered mirror after years of Barbara Streisand soft focus lens.

    It put me in an uncomfortable place. The mask/ camouflage/safety screen was gone.
    I’ve been saying I need to get my hair cut if nothing else for at least 6 months. But now it feels like I’m indeed thinking of turning on an episode of kardashians after reading Tolstoy.

    And in a side note. The world is sad. I had to turn off the news. It’s like life is losing its value out there. So aware of how quickly the ones we love can be taken from us.

  72. I am a brunette and my grey/white “highlights” are beginning to be more than the odd few. I am going to leave them as I haven’t dyed my hair since I did it Damascus black around 1993. My take is I have put enough chemicals in and on my body and I still do, both voluntary and involuntary. The greys are coming through evenly so I am staying with it…however the ones above the ears can sometimes fluff out like a koala has but hey, I smooth them down…
    Like Mystic said, I don’t think it’s letting yourself go, it’s more like being free of one. more. thing. Minimalising! Plus I find most grooming rituals like shellac nails, pedicures, manicures, tanning and the like to be on the side of toxic to the system…

  73. I’m all about experimenting with random colours on my hip-length hair. My main go-to is a cherry red, but I’ve had a pink streak, a deep green and deep blue streak. It’s currently all a reddish-plum colour. Every year I do something else. And I’ve never been to a hair dresser and I’ve never straightened my hair. I don’t know what points to this in my chart. Perhaps all the mutable energy at play..

  74. Stopped dyeing my hair 12 months ago, going silver, and I look hot, I’m a silver fox! ? I see it as a political act, fighting back against the disgusting norms foisted on women. Have not shaved my hair for decades, and seriously, you would bever know. Interestingly, I’m now naturally going back to my younger brown, like I’ve stopped ageing. Winning!!!!?

  75. Holy fk, started letting the silver grow out while on maternity leave. It’s been 3 months and I alternate daily between loving and hating it. It also makes me want to chuck out all my grey clothes cause the combination effect feels depressing. Leo sun conjunct saturn here but somehow suspect I’ll be back on the dye before I go back to work!

  76. I will never quit dying my hair. Gray hair is really aging on me. Its . I have a stellium in leo in the 5 th house.

    • I have not tried to dye my hair since I was 27. I think that was the second time I have colored my hair. I am completely in love with the silver people hair. I have a few not much. I also no longer wear makeup. I am so comfortable with myself i really like being natural.

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