Growing Out Your Natural Hair Generates Psychological Regrowth

Loreal Vintage

After a lifetime of dying your hair, letting it be is confronting. But there are psychological benefits to growing out natural hair. Pluto in Capricorn is manifesting as a return to our ‘dark roots’ lol. And the regrowth that occurs without the monthly pattern of hair dying is not just physical. It’s psychic.

The first real whiff i got of this new hair zeitgeist was when I went to see my Scorpio doctor. She appeared, limber and glowing as usual, but with a full head of her “real” hair, complete with silver. She is at her 2nd Saturn Return, so that’s not surprising but ever since I had known her, she’d colored it. We don’t even think about it, because that’s just what ‘we’ do. Now Scorpio Doctor is not someone who would wind up with gray/dark roots because of anything approaching neglect. She is like the polar opposite of any “letting yourself go” mentality. An Ashtanga obsessive, her nutrition is super on point, and she daily cultivates flexibility, core poise, and strength – mentally, spiritually, physically, etc.  So, I asked her, w.t.f is up with this, um, new look?

Growing Out Natural Hair Is A Statement Of Self-Care And Confidence

Scorpio Doctor explained (this is me paraphrasing) that the latest reports on hair color were fuqed. That the formulations had barely altered in decades and that there were serious concerns with several ingredients. People who should know better (but are not appropriately informed) spend hundreds of $ a month sitting around with toxic gunk seeping into their brains and bloodstream.

“Right,” I said, “so I should be getting the natural hair dyes from the health food store.”  Apparently not. The usual villains are there but with some minor baddies ostentatiously removed for effect. “Google,” she said, “resorcinol and para-phenylenediamine.”  What’s weird is that my first reaction to Scorpio Doctor saying there was too much shit in these products to be worth the benefits was “I can’t.”

I mean, it’s not like the results of my adult-lifetime of hair dying are spectacular. Currently, i would describe my hair as fried blonde. A week before seeing Scorpio doctor, I was lying at a neck wrecking angle over the basin, smelling the fumes of the stuff being rinsed off. My scalp was burning and itching as I heard a colorist say (for the umpteenth time over the decades) that they were going to use to toner to “bring the color down because my hair throws up warm.” I was thinking about how over it I was.

Intelligent Women Sitting Around With Toxic Gunk Seeping Into Their Scalp And Bloodstream

My first adventure in hair dye involved a box of Ultra Blonde tipped on blonde hair that had mysteriously and unfairly turned mouse as i approached peak puberty.  That came out canary-yellow with orange streaks and fried the ends. So I fixed it with Magic Silver White to the point that it went purple. Then I added a toner on top and began my affair with Extreme Damaged Hair treatment products. That was when i was 15, and this cycle has been continuing more or less since then. When i was older and had the budget i introduced hairdressers into the scene.

I have not seen my real hair since then. And nearly everyone I know is similar. I once glimpsed it when i was at Saturn Return and with a little bit of what i thought was white paint or bleach weirdly staining one strand but no! “That’s your first gray,” said the hairdresser but don’t worry “we can deal with that.”  I was like ‘thank god’ and went back to reading my tabloid magazine while the gunk sunk in.

So after googling a la Scorpio Doctor’s recommendation, I realized that hair dye is potentially responsible for a lot more crap than I realized. Then, searching with terms like “how to grow hair out naturally without looking hideous,” I realized there is a whole movement out there about this.  The entire return-to-roots ideal as cultural zeitgeist has picked up momentum recently. People also often do it at checkpoint transits like Chiron Return and Uranus Opposition.

The Concept Of Regrowth Has Resonance

I discovered these two excellent books (about going gray but applicable for anyone wanting to step off the dye cycle) – Going Gray and Gray Hair Adventure. There are chic silver chicks like Yasmina Rossi/Cindy Joseph and some radical feminist rants about how (basically) women oppress themselves via hair upkeep.  And the growing your hair out for health and authenticity movement seems aligned with yoga, removing toxins from your diet and updating your vibe for the era.

Women like Scorpio Doctor, Yasmina, Cindy, and Co certainly put paid to any idea of growing your hair out going along with gaining a million kilograms and sitting at home in your massage chair, drinking liters of gin, watching police reality shows while you order cats online.  It seems to be coming from a place of empowerment.

So I am going to be letting my dark roots grow. The idea of regrowth has resonance. Growing out natural hair is a statement of confidence and self-care. It also involves letting go of an illusion or an ideal.

I could flip in six weeks and repeat history by racing out to score some Ultra-Blonde again, breathing in great sighs of relief as the familiar fumes waft up. Maybe fried is better than real? Perhaps I still want whatever it is i was trying to attain at 15 enough to risk my health? I hope not, but you never know. So where are you at with truth in hair?


Champagne Blonde

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Interesting this post popped up from the vault. I’ve gone natural the past 2? years and have a lot of silver now, mixed with medium brunette. I think I have less grey than my Mum in her 50s (I remember her being 50/50 ‘salt and pepper’ and she is now all grey, getting whiter with age. I got tired of the roots, always dyed at home first using henna then red colour. So I grew it out (short hair) and quite like it. I dye a few strands around my face and fringe blonde and copper and pink if I’m… Read more »


I jumped on the “go natural” band wagon about a year ago. I had spent every 5 weeks at the beautician getting my hair colored for years and years. I started by transitioning to Madison Reed hair color. It was supposed to be less toxic. It did not cover my gray, but gave me more control where I put color, so I could blend. I now have transitioned to a place where i have about 3 to for inches of roots, but do not have a demarcation line….they are somewhat blended into the Bleached out blonds on the middle to… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I used to dye my hair with dark brown (my natursl colour) box colour as I was going grey. Dark hair made me feel strong. Then one morning after my 50 or 51st birthday I looked at my grey roots and fell in love with the grey. I felt free and strong. Then I let my hair grow out. It is all natural now. I have olive skin, with white and dark hair. It’s flattering and I laugh because I feel a bit blonde and light hearted. Friends do compliment me. But hey you have to do what feels right… Read more »


I love(d) being super white beachy blonde, but natural really seems to work for me and I put it down entirely to having the cut style completely figured out for now. I’m just starting to see grey hair argh and as that progresses am considering going blonde for a decade or so until i can ‘come out’ as silver or at least put a cute Magic Silver White rinse and have cool pale ultra-violet silvery hair in my 50s/60s+. one thing art has delivered to my psyche is an open appreciation of the nature of pure organic (biological / inescapable,… Read more »


This is so relevant right now that i think i have to email Mystic. Love the revival of your archived posts, as one who like to re-visit them. Wisdom is wisdom, no matter when.

FWIW, i don’t think colour in itself is the thing, but the colouring over time, maybe. And the rest times for your hair.

But i only recently coloured mine, as i was chemically sensually wary, so understand my Saturn in Taurus 6th precautions, against your own freedoms, if you will. That Saturn squares my Venus.

Lara Parker

I’ve been gray since age 25 – its genetic – mother and sisters all have same situation. Gray hair makes me look drab and 20 years older. I don’t care if it shortens my life span – I will continue to dye it twice monthly – long live Revlon medium brown!

Della c C

yay hair!

I have had long dark red ringlets my whole adult life…fire sign much? About 5 years ago the silver started coming. Pure shiny platinum silver!!!! The real suprise to me is that my silvers are almost dead straight. So I am cultivating them, as I head into the croning, knowing that in the end I will have long straight platinum silver locks and I am totally at peace with that.

don’t start me on the pubes though….seriously??? ha haa I even have jet black ones now, a throw back to some dark irish marauder no doubt.


I love that you went THERE! BAHAHAHA!!! Classic. (Pisces Sun & Mars, Leo rising, Aries Moon, Mercury, Venus…) Great thread, been a fun and interesting read for this impulsive triple-Aries, vain, Leo-rising, double-fishy. Thanks everyone. Big love. xxxxx


I let go of synthetic dyes 3 years ago and have been using henna only as colorant. You should totally check out Antony Morocco is a “hair shaman” and has a line of 100% natural and organic hair care products: shampoo, conditioners, styling gels that all ALIGN WITH THE MOON CYCLES! there are also stages of the moon cycle that are best for: strengthening hair, lengthening hair, root work, etc. Lately, though, I have been wanting to get away from the red henna and go back to my natural blonde. I have been using a rinse of lemon juice,… Read more »


Since posting on the 9th, I have decided to go no shampoo and conditioner, and also to quit the hair dye. This is the fourth day of not washing my hair, but I have rinsed it a couple of times with water and then apple cider vinegar. I got myself an avocado and some eggs for a conditioner (cheers for the recommendation!). Look like a big old greaseball, but I made some dry shampoo out of cornstarch mixed with organic cocoa powder, it works a treat by filling in the areas of scalp exposed by having greasy hair, and makes… Read more »


The pic for the Tuesday dailies is well suited to this post 🙂


I think I sounded a bit militant grinchy up there somewhere.

Anyway mystic I was thinking with the roots and hair au naturel, could this be Saturn opposition from the grunge era…? I don’t know though, grunge was ALL long tangled tresses m+f, colour maybe , bleach blonde and roots I guess was so totally a thing <3

I'm with dizzarina up there, my simple hair is more a product of money-saving and laziness but I get that the Dark Arts of cosmetic beauty goes back a long way


Omg what I cannot count, it’s not Saturn opposition it’s practically Saturn return ?! Gawd


How did I miss this? ppls might have better ideas than me but I’ll go for the emergence of Green River which according to wiki was mid 80s, and of course took off in late 80s then went global ish in early 90s… I feel like it ended with the Gulf War, and George W. Sr..


no wait. gulf war was 1991, i meant the other era. it was definitely finished by the 1999 seattle WTO protests. and the world suddenly turned transactional, digital, smooth.


would that be neptune in cap era? like, grunge was never or sparkly or rainbowy or escapist (so, cap vibes), the films were ‘serious’ but romantic ish (reality bites, singles)


omg a grunge pist! yes!


Mystic I am loving this post! So erie…I am a 31 year old Gemini lady who has been coloring her hair various shades since the age of…16 or so? But for the past 2-3 years I’ve been a bleach blonde. I see this great lady every 6-8 weeks to help with my re-growth…but lately I’ve been thinking if I should keep it up or not? I love having bright platinum locks that boarder on un-natural (I’m into punk and dress a little off beat so it’s fun for me and fits my style so well)…but I’m due for a hair… Read more »


You might surprise yourself and achieve a better blonde without dye than any hairdresser has tried to give you. My hair is so white grey people ask me where I get it ‘done’ – but silky platinum locks like these just can’t be bought.

And oh my gosh how silky soft and manageable is natural hair!


I’m 34. I stopped using commercial dye some years ago and transitioned to henna sometime after hitting 30. I had been dyeing my hair crazy colors since I was 13 and now these days I just go for anything that makes my hair stronger. I have fine hair and wouldn’t want to end up with super thin hair from chemicals. Before going to my own black hair I had bright red hair, I color corrected it back to brown and then my natural hair color. Only once I had a detour where I had a “shombre”, didn’t enjoy it, went… Read more »


A few years ago I went to Vegas and came back with an aversion to all things artificial. Massive cull of products ensued. Have been using a combo of henna and indigo since then and once my hair goes more fully white I look forward to a massive flaming red mane. Having naturally dark hair has meant not having any if the fun lighter shaded unless I double bleach my hair into crispy twigs. I’m looking forward to rectifying that in old age by natural or artificial means (Vegas is fading in my memory thank gawd).


i started going … ahem .. silver … as a teenager, irish thing. in @2011/2012 i said phuq it, every three weeks doing roots was insane. i grew it all out. tips: one last toxic trip, highlight the crap out of it, and cut it as short as you can stand it. i’m totally natural now and never looked back. LOVE it. SO EMPOWERING!!! and i get a lot of compliments on it too. i say go for it!!! (plus cutting hair in many traditions releases many things on many levels) as an aside … how do i figure out… Read more »


I am about 6 months out of my first saturn return. My 20’s were completely consumed with an eating disorder I carried around for many many years. Throughout my eating disorder the only thing I ever loved about myself was my hair – it was long, a cinnamon browny caramel dream, naturally wavy with big loose curls. The shit of Victoria’s Secret Models lol. It was the first thing people noticed about me and I never ever would have flirted with the idea of cutting it in a million years (my family STILL tease me about crying at the dinner… Read more »


I totally get chopping off history, icky ties etc.!!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

That makes heaps of sense, because our hair carries memory of…well all the stuff we did while it was growing. Like, they can test for lead poisioning with a strand of hair.

virgo rising

I started going grey in my early thirties…and now at age 72 am almost completely white…with only the back of the head still showing brown. Tried dying my hair once when in my 40’s with some dark veg dye from health food shop…and other than looking hideous, like i was wearing a wig, the worst part was a feeling of suffocation. I realized that my grey hair was actually receiving light and that covering it cut me off from being able to access higher vibrations…that were normal for me. I shaved my head the next day…and have never darkened my… Read more »


It’s a Virgo riding kinda thang ?


That was supposed to be a smiley face not a question mark


My hair is completely natural, and I thank Venus conjunct Saturn for the lack of grey at my age (47)- it’s supposed to be a late-bloomer aspect. I like my color, and think it suits my skin tone pretty well. I’ve dabbled in highlights in the past, but… honestly more than the toxins, it’s the money and upkeep. I’m way too thrifty for that sh*t. My father’s side grows grey so beautifully- black hair with grey sideburns that work their way up as they age. Dad still had that going in his 70s- very striking. However, I got my mother’s… Read more »


I suppose with a Leo rising, I should be more attentive to the mane- I certainly am not without vanity- but I think my Mars in Sag prides itself on the wildness of it, rather than a “coif”.

One thing I can say- I can’t imagine ever cutting it short. I’ve had long hair most of my life, and my Leo pride prevents me from shearing the mane. Never say never but, well, not if I can help it. 🙂


Completely off-topic: “Magnetic Rope observed for the first time between Saturn and the Sun”


I’ve never dyed my hair other than a couple of times having blond streaks put in and a year or so of going plum purple while a mature age Uni student in my 40s. I’m way too cheap to fork over big dollars to a hairdresser and too lazy to do the upkeep at home. I inherited my Mum’s hair and am only going slowly grey. I’m now closer to the next birthday with a 0 than the last and am insanely jealous of my friends who are completely grey. Grey hair, like red hair, is so beautiful and I… Read more »


My hair is naturally dark brown. For the last few years I had long hair and a golden J-Lo esque ballyage thing going on. Then in April my colourist suggested I go copper and I love it. I was also then inspired to chop off about 8-10 inches of my hair. Now a bob that goes to the nape of my neck. Love the big change. I think it will be ages until I stop dying my hair. Maybe when I am a senior (36 now). A woman at work who is in her late 40’s stopped dying her hair… Read more »

Dark side

The strange funny thing is that your silver-bobbed colleague probably looks at you and privately thinks how much time and money you’re ‘wasting’ for looking different, not necessarily ‘better’. I previously looked at hair colour the same way as you do. I even thought that most women looked better blonde – and used to pity, privately, the natural brunettes around me who did not colour their hair. Oh my WORD what was I thinking! You’ve touched on a very important matter – our perspectives on these things CHANGE. God knows in just 6 months my POV flipped 180 degrees. The… Read more »


I think the amount of responses shows how keenly this is felt. I don’t mind grey, l just don’t like blonde, as a colour, not a person.

Somewhere along the line one woman died her hair to be more attractiv e; her mistake.
At the same time a man fell for her bcos of her colour; his mistake.
Voila, an industry borne of chemical bullshit.


There is also another angle too. Sometimes women do dye their hair for themselves or other women as well. In those cases the colour is obv garish and would not be passable as natural. Many people felt my purple from long ago was natural for me, but in no way would that be construed as my natural hair.

So i think there would still be a beauty industry regardless of “trying to trick men”.
Plus i hope there are still men not so easily tricked by a superficial facade!


That too. Bcos l worki in a usual 65/35% f/m work environment l hear women talk about their presentation. It appears to be, (slighthly?) more about impressing other women more than men.

Redlipstick Virgo

About a year ago I went into hair dye rebellion and started growing out my colour it got to about 4 inches – but my mouse grey just didn’t fit my golden blonde. I felt flat like my sparkle and Qi was messed up. I have been golden blonde since I was two when I went from a head of charcoal spiky hair and got masses of divine blonde ringlets which weirdly at school went dead straight. I am now a more creamy ash blonde and love it – I just can’t grow it out and like it. Toxic but… Read more »


I gave away dyeing my long ‘dark’ hair when it came to feel like a chore rather than a natural extension of self care. I had been using mineral dyes which sidestepped the whole ‘chemical bomb right next to my brain box and pineal gland’ problem, but still it felt like oppression at the end. I took a gradual approach – cutting in a fringe and continuing to dye the top so the greys could grow out underneath. Finally I cut it to chin length – a pixie cut would have got me there faster. Now, with a chic short… Read more »


Wow, this is so on pointe. I’m considering henna-ing my hair for the first time. I’m been lightening some parts in a half hearted effort to make the contrast between my grays and natural colour less – but of course that doesn’t really work! So going to look at henna.

Amazing that this is tied to Sagg.
I would have thought that Sagg would be all about the sun-bleached look from too much hiking / surfing etc. And that Scorpio would have been all about letting the dark roots show.

Any astro fiends able to enlighten me?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Well “the mane” is very Sagg

So is the ‘natural look’, i.e. low maintenance

And Saturn is very much “lessons learned”


Ahh got it. Thanks!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Wow, I think you’re onto something because I recently went ‘no poo’ and back to henna-ing my grey (pure, natural henna is very much a hair dye, but also totally chemical free).

I tried ‘no poo’ back in the day when I still ate gluten and it didn’t work, becasue, (duh) the gluten gave me a crazy oily scalp. But ‘no poo’ works like a treat now that I’m GF.


I henna my grays too.


Hi! I am very upset about this hair biz. As an absolute Neptunian-holic for forever, hair coloring was not one of its expressions for me. Until last year that is, 2015 at age 65 I stepped up and had red streaks with black highlighting my absolutely gorgeous sliver sheen – “just to break up the silver moon mirror”. Neptune is conjunct Moon Void of Course in 12th house to my natal Sun or, if you like options, 8th house to my regular Pisces rising chart. But by this time in my life Neptune is transiting my 1st house so what… Read more »


Love this. X


Love this too! and forget about being upset over the hair biz. I think that anybody over the 2nd Saturn Return has earned the right to do whatever they freakin well like with their bodies. By that stage one is (hopefully) not pandering to society’s expectations – you are being who you want to be. Keep having fun, Cynthia – it’s healthy!


You can do it, mystic! I had been straight perming my hair since 12 years old and quit when I was 27. I cried for a day, pulled myself together and now at 35 I not only don’t miss the formaldehyde hair treatments, I don’t even know who that person was with chemically treated hair. Natural hair has been an authentic and awesome transformation.


Yes- crazy shit, formaldehyde. It’s not technically in the products coz it’s a gas. What you should out look for are methylene glycol, formalin, methanal & ethanediol. These chemicals release formaldehyde gas when heated or mixed with water. A lot of the keratin hair straightener type products contain these vile chemicals.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

And on the blonde thing, a friend who was blonde in her youth and began dying as her hair got darker with age tried going back to her now natural color. She heard the pregnancy can change the hair as well. No judgeing for my friend going back to the bottle because as mousy brown, she did not look like herself and her personality. She has skin tone that goes with blonde.

If she is still blonde at 80 years old, I will think no less of her!

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Natural dark brown. Always has been but for a one time 90 highlighting that included some reddish. Quad Leo including Venus. Since the 2000s been long. Suits the Scorp rising and I don’t spend much time in a salon. I’d rather be playing outside somewhere after week of desk job than taking 2 hours to drive and get hair done. Getting some grey, actually looks shiny silver like my mom had but so little the people still don’t think I’m as old as I am. Vitamins and nutrition for hair and skin are my thing now. Copper for grey, iron… Read more »


I’m heading down the “no dye” path at the moment – partly because I’m facing facts about how truly evil hair dye is health wise (I absolutely shudder to think about all the crap I’ve taken in, given that I’m 48 this week and I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 13. Did the blue/black Goth thing for ages!) And partly I think because of a growing need for aurhenticity as I get older – a whole lot of healing and personal growth has gone down in the past years and for me it’s a sense of “returning to… Read more »


good idea using non perm dye to ease out the nasty dye. Brilliant L o I

Suddenly Leo

Grey hair is chic.


I posted above about my own hair but was just thinking about herbs that help the hair too:

Nettles – both topically and as a tea you drink, for fuller, shinier hair and hair regrowth for thinning or falling hair

Horsetail – strengthens the hair

and the infamous He Shou Wu, Chinese herb, blood tonic, that strengthens the hair and can return hair to original color, eliminate or reduce gray hair.


Hi Flowerchild, good recommendations. As you are in tune with TCM – I’d love to know what you think about He Shou Wu? I’ve been been thinking about trying it out – not because i want to eliminate the silver from my locks – but because of it’s other health benefits.


And just to annoy you Skrab, HSR.


He Shou Wu?
A new romantic novel about a dkffident and kind young man from rural China who has become the toast of the Shanghai design prolifferati. But all he can think about is his bosses slim daughter…


Hair is seen as an extension of the blood in Chinese medicine, so blood tonics can help the hair. Anyway, I’ve found he shou wu to help strengthen and thicken my hair, but it has tons of other uses as well. I do believe it helps with gray hair, but I don’t personally have any yet, so I don’t know for myself, just from what others report.. There’s an idea in TCM of the three treasures of Qi, Jing, and Shen, (loosely: energy, essence and spirit) and corresponding most treasured herbs, ginseng, he shou wu, and ling zhi (reishi). So…… Read more »



Year of the Phoenix

As a Venus in Leo with a thick mane of dark blonde hair (born white blonde) I have swung from mid 80’s wild colours (blue crepe paper “dye” over home peroxide) with undercut by sibling with a disposable razor to long stint of natural hippy blonde to #2 buzz cut raving 90’s to my current almost all natural with my own invention – paint section of part line and front and let the blonde fall were it may (a couple of dollars versus a couple of hundred) I have always used my head of hair as s creative outlet and… Read more »


Never dyed my hair, but I’ve been working on get it healthy and happy again after 1,5 years of chemical straightening (those awful Brazilian blowouts) and 1,5 years of frying it twice a week with a blow dryer. After two years of trial and error and awkward transition hair I’m finally learning how to manage its half-curly half-wavy texture (sulfate-free shampoo and coconut oil are the best!). The whole process has been a reflection on authenticy, race and class. Also found out, as corny as it sounds, that my hair is often big and bold when I can’t be and… Read more »


Ageless Leo with Libra rising. Nature girl growing up except for a bit of Hollywood divergent since I was working in Beverly Hills. Being a kind of basic hippie. Then after getting out of super long relationship decided to start coloring my hair. My glamorous girl friends went into horror when I said I thought I’d let my hair go gray. Men I was with never carried one way or another. Now I have fun hair color looks like a flame red fading into blond on the edges. Suits me. I still think about seeing what my “real hair” looks… Read more »


ok so *apparently,* anecdotally at least, I’ve read on a few different forums (like the one I linked to below) that eating black sesame seeds prevents your hair from going grey. I am years away from going grey myself though so I have no personal evidence to support the theory and I just add black sesame seed powder to my smoothies as I like the nutty taste it adds.


Black sesame desserts also taste amazing! If you like a peanut butter-like flavor try some black sesame.


Thanks – will do!


i think grey hair is super fucking sexy on ladies and i make a point to compliment it when i see it (as appropriate haha virgo) and i have been brushing my hair 100 strokes a night—it is so fucking soothing and feels really important for some reason. i am a musician and i have a new found superstition of not washing my hair before a show–that way all the practice stays in. for years i have been a baking soda and acv only kinda girl until this spring when i started washing it once a week with gas station… Read more »


i also recently cut my hair without a mirror and it came out fantastically. including bangs, holla!


I’d been growing restless with my locs. Longest my hair has ever been naturally – bra-strap length – but something was just nagging and tugging and saying it’s going to change. Hadn’t had a real haircut since I started growing them back in Dec 2007. Well, chopped into an asymmetrical bob and LOVE it. So free. So much weight gone. It’s gorgeous and kinda badass. I did dye it a reddish maroon and must say, I don’t think I’ll keep the color. It doesn’t seem quite right with my skin, and oh God, I forgot what the process was like… Read more »


Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, NN, and BML in Virgo here…with 6H Chiron. My hair is very long and thick, but I started going silver at 14. I dyed it once in my life, when I was 15. Grey hairs, you say? BAH! That’s single strand highlighting – a VERY expensive, haute process, you know. Paid for in blood via stress and sweat equity. Every couple New Moons, I make a white vinegar hair rinse with cornflower, lavender, horsetail, and some secret ingredients. Pour it over my scalp and the yellow is gone, replaced by silver-blue. My blood-brain barrier is my everything.… Read more »


Forgot to mention 5H Moon in Aries – good looking hair is one of my greatest beauty assets.


The other day my straight Taurus male friend remarked that with my personality and the fact that I have no wrinkles (I’m at the age where I should, and haven’t had plastic surgery – don’t intend to), the grey hair makes me all the more alluring. :”)


“Single strand highlighting”
I love this. 🙂

Virgo Ellie

I use to get highlights. For some reason I want to stop because of how damaged my hair is right now. I look like a female Einstein because the torched hair won’t do anything but stick out. It’s like hay.

I have a Leo Moon so I need good hair.


Get some frizz-ease from chemist or supermarket, yes it’s toxic as shit but certainly cures exactly what your talking about..

Dark side

Leave coconut oil (comb through your hair) on overnight, or wear it on hair over weekends when e.g. exercising or just chilling. Wash out with shampoo (once is enough). If you do this regularly, you will save your hair’s condition. I used to do half head of highlights too. It started out 50/50 brown (natural) and blonde (and looked good), but eventually I had so many highlights, my hair looked totally blonde, very fried. Ended up looking very tired. It’s only when I saw myself in a photo a friend took that I realised the blonde was out of control,… Read more »


My last on again off again relationship of about 10 years was a train wreck in so many ways save this: he taught me to love my body regardless of what weight I happen to be at the moment, and he convinced me to stop dying my hair. He asked what my natural color was and I had to admit I didn’t really remember. He said he bet it would really suit me. He said God/Mother nature never makes mistakes when picking colors for everything in the world. I figured that made sense so I gave it a shot and… Read more »


Ugh. Upsetting to this Leo. Lol maybe those of us with Serious Hair Needs transition to WIGS like Dolly Parton? I just see it as a chemical exposure that is worth it–you pick your battles. I don’t dry clean clothes or sleep on a mattress treated with fire retardant, which is the biggest exposure generally (here in the US there is a law that all mattresses have to be treated! You have to get an actual doctors note to get one that isn’t. Which I’ve done for the past 20+ yrs) I’ve checked my cosmetics on the database and said… Read more »


tots agree

The Venus Fly

I have “semi washed” my hair TWICE in my lifetime – both times in the last 3 years. Because I like dark hair. And mahogany REALLY brings out the green in my eyes. I have natural blonde highlights in my light brown hair but I’m not into blonde vibes. I’ll be going to get my annual semi-wash again in the next few weeks. They last me around 6 months – and I wash my hair every second day. I didn’t start threading my eyebrows until I was 27, and I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was 27 either (only… Read more »

The Venus Fly

ZERO FUCKS GIVEN about what others think about me. Unlike the States, Australia does NOT get into “grown and sexy” vibes. You are either “old” or “MILF” and I care for neither. I care not for clinging to youth via mutton dressing as lamb nor scrappy vibes. I take pride in my appearance because I enjoy living in my own skin – think what you want, it don’t mean nada to moi. I am grown and sexy – to me. I like me, I value me, and I am getting better with age. Keep the youth vibes, not interested. Been… Read more »


My chart ruler is Saturn. My hair is everything! Everytime I have a baby my hair changes and it takes about 2 yrs to “come back” to normal. I’m talking I have curly hair naturally and my hair will go super straight. I also notice when I’m having relationship struggles I dye my hair red. I also have Mars on Asc. So currently im excited that my real hair is returning, no red. And no more dye unless maybe it’s henna….


My first job as a teenager was at a local salon (Leo mideaven, rawr) and one of the stylists put foils in my hair. Dyed my hair a few times after that but didn’t like how it dried out my hair plus didn’t like the hassle of upkeep and stopped. I’ve played with the idea of henna or the temporary not as bad stuff that I don’t remember the fancy name for but I really like my hair color. Being a brunette in a family of redheads, I have great highlights and all I really need is some sun on… Read more »


I’m currently facing up to the “well you’re not 20 any more ” thing and I am stunned, shocked, amazed and actually kind of mad that I am still carrying so much aesthetic baggage about appearance and age. I mean, it’s fun to be young and hot. I love being blonde. Maybe I’ll do it again at some point. But like liberating Venus said. I’d like to be known for more than just my youth. As women we actively participate in this culture that values female youth, and by implication fertility (while discouraging the results), by literally buying into the… Read more »


Yes this is of course a symptom of a much deeper issue. There is an interesting analogy in the business world that comes to mind. Many years ago I consulted to companies who were seeking to obtain an ISO quality standard accreditation. Companies at the time we’re spending millions to obtain this standard without really getting the point of it. I helped them obtain it for less than $10k. How ? Well the standard only asked for one thing, a statement of truth ! Yes that’s baffling to a lot of people. 😉 Eg. The shirt we make uses low… Read more »


Me like. My 2H Virgo Stellium trined by my 6H SatCap agrees.


That’s how I felt about the Wonderbra (remember those?). Why advertise what you can’t deliver? 😉


Love my grey silver hair. Friends are used to it now. Am silver foxette.


I stopped coloring my hair ages ago, keep it very long and luscious, and am just now starting to see a few silver strands (I am 45). I intend to keep it long forever and let it go gray/silver and do not give a flying fuq. I believe all that dye/bleaching/over cutting interferes with the “hair as extension of the nervous system” philosophy (Google American Indian scouts who lost their psychic abilities when the army cut their hair in WWII). I keep my hair long and natural to up my magic. I am Libra sun conjunct Pluto (vir) and Uranus… Read more »


You’re spot on with the Saturn into Sagittarius timing, Mystic; that was when I stopped dying. My decision was part practical (ie, i don’t have the time & money to keep up with this) & part realization of chem-free goals (ie, I’m already no poo/curly girl compliant, so why am I soaking my hair with this shit?). My hair was one length almost to my waist. Many hats & scarves were worn over the next 18 months as my roots spread over my noggin… Many times my mother begged me to go back to my dying ways… then I got… Read more »

Dark side

Viva! 🙂


Great board!


I have always found it odd that many women I know who look after their health in every possible way get their hair dyed regularly. In fact in Australia 90 % of women dye their hair ! That’s astounding ! Considering that the caustic nature of the stuff has been known to be really dangerous for like 30 or so years … You guys are in denial big time. I mean seriously putting that shit on your scalp when the beautician has like thick rubber gloves and eye protection when she mixes it ? That shit is like oven cleaner… Read more »


Sure health and shit…but i kno so many guys…balding…or greying hair in their 40’s and 50’s tell me they would not date a woman in the same age range if she “looked old” with grey hair when they themselves look like that. Frankly, i think that is ridiculous. I think women would be more willing to let the colour go, if the rest of society supported that instead of criticized women for vanity for dying their hair. Women are just trying to live up to society’s standards which are unrealistic and in conflict with one another…because youthfulness and beauty is… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

Yeah some men are very blind to the reality that living life as a woman is VERY different to living life as a man.

Judging us constantly and ridiculing us as pathetic when we are just trying to dodge the pitfalls they keep digging for us


Yeah it’s definitely men’s fault.. I should have realized that.


Don’t be a jerk. Annica makes good points. However I agree that everyone needs to participate in the solution.


As does Phoenix.


Excuse me ? Since when is choosing to dye your hair a communal issue. Its not a drug of addiction FFS. It’s clearly a personal one and one I find odd when the consequences are possibly deadly. Blaming idiot males is just giving credibility to their shallowness and the end result is allowing oneself to be dragged down to that level. I’m really tired of the attitude around here to males. If I’m a jerk because I’m supporting women to be themselves then I guess I’m a jerk. That’s pretty weird in itself, but obviously a part of the total… Read more »


Aw, I think the idea they were trying to put across is that it’s the larger society’s expectations of women’s appearance. Not just men’s expectations.

What Phoenix said is that SOME men, do not understand the unstated but still explicit expectations of women.

FWIW, I know there are many unspoken expectations of men, that women are not cognizant of.


No it is everyone’s fault actually. But certain groups have more power to change things is all. I don’t disagree with your statement that it is ridiculous to have young looking hair if the rest of you is falling apart. But the lack of sympathy is like wtf. It is like a 6ft tall person belittling a 5 ft person why can’t you reach this high shelf without a ladder. I mean who do women think they are fooling and why? Men also get affected as well. I see it more with gay men but started spreading when “dadbod” started… Read more »

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