Introducing Ava Sykes…A Post-Apocalyptic Virgo Bouncer

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Ava Sykes

As a proud Mercury in Aries native, I don’t finish books if i don’t want to. Hell, i don’t even get past the 2nd chapter if something gives me the shits. ESPECIALLY with fiction. The book is hurled across the room, ready to be donated to someone who appreciates drivel OR deleted at warp speed off my Kindle.

And, as you know, this site takes NO ads and nor I do whatever it’s called when you write up advertorial for $ because you are an influencer. I get asked to do this sort of thing several times a day but it’s old-fashioned to call it cash for comment as now it’s naked content or whatever. I still hate it.Β  This site is like that little village in Gaul in the Asterix books as far as all that is concerned. It is my wonderful subscribers who maintain it, nothing else.

So even though Kim Falconer is an extremely good friend of mine and i think she is fantastic, she knew i would not mention her book if it did not gel or feel relevant. But it is. I haven’t really properly read a science fantasy book since my days of Ursula (LeGuin). But i read this from start to finish. And really, i think it’s because the heroine is super compelling. Like (apparently) Margaret Atwood, Kim uses her astrological genius to help with character formation and her lead, Ava Sykes, is a Virgo with Pluto Rising in Aquarius.Β  It’s not artificial – the birthdate popped into Kim’s head and then wham, she did a chart for it and voila Ava.

She’s an MMA fighter with a fuqed up love life working the door at L.A.’s hottest nightclub a few years after a massive quake did more than just cause the obvious damage; it unearthed a whole race of supernatural beings who had been secretly lurking there all along. But being intelligent and beautiful these things have assimilated. Or would “infiltrated” be a more apt term? I can’t really say any more (as do not want to provide spoilers) other than that The Blood In The Beginning is fantastic & an obvious ‘get now’ recommendation for people who love original storylines, science fantasy, gritty urban vibe a la Jessica Jones and fierce female leads.


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41 thoughts on “Introducing Ava Sykes…A Post-Apocalyptic Virgo Bouncer

  1. Glorious. Can’t wait to read.. I am seriously addicted to urban fantasy! And well done Kimmy for such an enormous achievement as getting a book WRITTEN and PUBLISHED!

  2. Popping back in to say I just finished reading and really enjoyed it! I adore Ava Sykes – my strong Virgo 4th house admires and is inspired by the way she does her best to eat free range eggs, remember her toothbrush and keep up with her lecture notes under very trying circumstances! Loved the book and longing to see what she does next. Thanks for bringing it Kimmy!

  3. Very sexy!!
    When I first saw that image I thought of Jessica Jones ( and how much I loved her ) but also that this character has something of Lisbeth Salander about her. The walk, the dark hair, the dangerous, damaged vibe. Lisbeth felt like a Virgo with Pluto rising to me.
    I’m super excited to read this!
    Well done Kimmy!
    This is so exciting
    Your name looks so RIGHT on that cover. And the title, the synchronicity of the Astro chart popping into your head and then voila- the flow. It feels meant. I’m genuinely thrilled about this. Very very very very very exciting and inspiring. Yay!
    Jupiter in Virgo magic:-)
    I love it!

      • Struggling to buy it for Kindle. The US kindle store keeps sending me to the UK one which doesn’t appear to have it yet. Never fear, I shall figure this out tomorrow as its tres past my bed time here and I have yoga in the morning. I can’t wait to read this though. That name is perfect and I love the synopsis. Just perfect. Really well done Kim. You must be so happy. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

        • Invicta, I am so thrilled you like.

          Warmed and thrilled! And thanks for the name/cover confirmation. My publisher had ‘other’ fonts that, to me, just weren’t a perfect fit. I found this one online … and it was love at first sight. So glad they went with it.

          And YES, I am delighted this story is seeing the light of day. It’s been a long road. We’re only released in Aus so two options – for your kindle you may be able to get it straight from the publisher (Mystic’s link) or, like Shawn said, the physical book will ship anywhere in the world for free, from

          But email me if you get stuck.

          Thanks for all your support! <3 xoxox

          • Ah okay thanks Kimmy I will get the physical book from fishpond then, just because it’s YOURS :-)))))
            I am SO STOKED FOR YOU and yes the cover, the font, Ava, the image, it all just syncs perfectly and feels SO right.
            Can’t wait to read it!

  4. I mainly liked the description of this site as like the village in Gaul where Asterix & co. are from. : )

  5. Very cool — I’ll check this out.

    And huge props for keeping the site ad and placement free and characterful.

    Also — Margaret Atwood uses astro as a starting point for characters?? Can there be a post about this?

  6. Wow! Congratulations to Kimmy!! I have just downloaded it to my kindle app and I’m so excited about curling up and reading it this weekend.

  7. Bizarrely, I know a Virgo with Pluto rising who has had a similar history (MMA, bouncing, throw in some wars etc)…!
    Kim – I watched the trailer and i have to say it changed my view of book trailers. She really does gel like Jessica Jones, so cool. Can’t wait to read it –Congrats!

    PS Mystic as a subscriber I LOVE that you don’t just post cash for comment. I find those sites beyond banal, confusing, irritating, and never very insightful. Thanks for being staunchly and uniquely YOU! xx

  8. Read it last weekend from start to finish! Hoping this is #1 of a series as i want to know more of these beings that intriqued me.
    Very different to the Rosette series which was genius, this is more physical, earthy Virgoan of course da dah.
    My local library, bless ’em, order me anything i want, then notify me by text when it arrives.
    Yup i so enjoyed it by a wood fire in southern oz.

  9. Well, drat–it’s not available for purchase at the US Amazon, in spite of an official release date listed at a week ago. Pity. It sounds like just the sort of thing I’d like.

  10. Sounds like something I would enjoy profusely. I love science fantasy, adore Atwood and Ursula. I will read it.

    • I hope there are. Attention to detail, not just strength and passion, leading to moves that make the win yours!

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