Hecate Is In Taurus


Asteroid Hecate – the Queen of the Witches – is in Taurus. Neptune nears the South Node in Pisces, evoking so many echoes.

Granite and marble, chert and miscellaneous sedimentary deposits. Rocks that once leaped and flowed when the world was born in fire. And do you see the cobbles on the streets? Surely every single one of them, at some time, has had blood on it. Everywhere you look, stone and rock. Everywhere you can’t see, stone and rock! Can you imagine what it feels like to reach down with your bones and feel the living stones? And what did we make from the stone? Palaces, and castles and mausoleums and gravestones, and fine houses, and city walls, oh my! Not just in this city either. The city is build on itself, all the cities that came before. Can you imagine how it feels to lie down on an ancient flagstone and feel the power of the rock buoying you up against the tug of the world? And it’s mine to use, all of it, every stone of it, and that’s where witchcraft begins. The stones have life, and I’m part of it.

— Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight.


Asteroid Hecate Rules The Realm Of Feminine Life That Is Post Chiron Return


Actually, the Devon Witches were sadly not the last to be executed. Imagine for a moment the hell and hypocrisy of living in a land like that. People – particularly females –  routinely sought out natural healers – known as “cunning women” – for all sorts of reasons. They took the potions to bring on a period or help an ailing child. They listened to advice gleaned from astrology and divination. And they knew these women were not evil. Yet when the time came to sacrifice them to the toxic patriarchy they did. The bulk of the people executed were single women. To be an independent, post-menopausal female was particularly dangerous.

Hecate is the Crone Goddess, ruling the realm of feminine life after maiden and mother. After Chiron Return. Or perhaps that style of consciousness, at any age. As with Saturn, her wisdom is that which can only come with time and experience. The word ‘crone’ comes from chronology, or time itself. Hecate is at crossroads and moonrise, associated with ravens but really the ultimate cat lady.

Asteroid Hecate in astrology is not so important by the sign itself. There are many other astrological witch points. A strong presence in the part of the galaxy known as the Via Combusta, for instance. Asteroids add an extra dimension when you look at their tight conjunctions.


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I clicked on a friend’s link and it brought up my astro chart including this asteroid. It’s conjunct where it is +1 degree of where it is in my natal chart. Cue the Twilight Zone music.


Hecate sits on top of my Saturn on top of my south node in 3rd house Gemini, so I associate her very much with that raw knowledge of the world that comes when all the pretty flowers and picket fences have been decimated by depression. I also associate her with the way out (through that torturous tunnel called self-knowledge), and with that big bowl of sky that’s seen everything already.


Currently attending an international conference on mothering – all delegates women apart from two men. Most are mothers. Feels like an academic coven!


What’s the witchy art from, Mystic? I really like it.


Hey, you guys — Off topic, but I would really appreciate your input on this one. I keep seeing my BD (Sep 26) in various forms, along with multiple 1s, in various forms, e.g. on shopping receipts, clocks, bank balances, even crime shows (grave markers where the victim shared my BD, or was killed on my BD). I have some familiarity with angel numbers, & the powerful 11:11 manifestation/ascension #, but I am not sure what The Universe is trying to convey to me using the combination I am now seeing with my birth date & 111, 1111, 11111. Thanks… Read more »

The Venus Fly

New beginnings amplified. Divine alignment – flow with it 🙂


Much obliged, love. 🙂


11:11 and 1:11 are a constant for me, as in a few mins ago I noticed that time!! Regardless of interpretation I think we are manifesting these patterns continuously as we respond emotionally to them.
1 is ego, independence, new beginnings, solo vision, unity, solidarity, new life, the seed.


11 is a master number if you follow numerology


Yes! It is the sweetness and yin harmony of two enhanced by the power of the ego. Many creative people and spiritual people (Mozart) have this as ruling number? I forget, I haven’t studied numerology in ages, but am a ruling 11 as is my partner.


Check this out:
My son’s bday is Jan 11, or 01.11. My bday is Nov 10, or 11.10. See how his bday is like the mirror image of mine? (Also, his 12th h Gem Moon is exactly conjunct my IC.)

Then, my long-time friend & mentor, with whom I agreed we have been family for infinity, his bday was Oct 11, or 10.11. See how his bday is the opposite of mine?! (Unfortunately I don’t have a birth time for him, re astro.)

I’m fascinated by this binary existence. Tres Uranian.


I would be looking at whether:

It could be a “1” personal year for you in numerology

The Universe could be indicating to you that this upcoming Solar Return will = a year of new beginnings.

That’s my take on it, FWIW.


Update: During prayers this morning, received an admission acceptance letter to a teaching certification program. The email time stamp … 11:11.

This decision has been a looong time in the making, but guess I made the right one!

Thank you again for taking the time to share insights with me! Bon weekend!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love a bit of NN spookiness


So powerfully stated – the now of Hekate and the past life memories of witch (Neptune/south node), juxtaposed with Terry Pratchett excerpt. Release and rise again.


I’m a bit frustrated as I don’t know my birth time, records were lost in a flood, I’m a Taurus and that’s it sooo. My lovely Mum is can’t remember cos we ain’t no spring chicken. I’m wishing for work to change and love to come…


Right now:
Trans Hecate opp my Jupe & trans Jupe conjunct my Hecate
= Hecate Ju-Ju.



Well that was confusing. I went to Astro.com to look at the chart, typed in “Hecate” and it gave me Hecatebolus (a star, Tau Sagittarius) conjunct Pluto. So you have to use the asteroid number 100 or type the Germanic spelling Hekate.

Hecate is approaching my Sun/Moon in Taurus. Good. I need some alchemical assistance from above, my aqueous photochemical brew is working poorly as of late.


they spell it Hekate its no 100 I think


so my Hecate is on my IC 4th house conjunct chiron natal chart, so if Taurus it will be square my Sun which is conjunct Medea on my descendant in Taurus…is this good or bad? Any astro hack advice?


Soooo much witching to do…


dead opposite my natal hekate in sixth at mo.
what does it mean if ur natal hekate is at 0 degrees. my bro has this in gem, tenth hse

The Venus Fly

Hekate in 25″ Gemini, first house. Is anyone on this site mega into Moon astrology? I know I’ve mentioned it at least a half dozen times but ever since I started focusing on my Moon to enhance my horoscope (my Gemini Rising is so un-resonant) my scopes are spot on. For the first time EVER. Consistently. I am loving it. I am starting to feel there is no one way to “read” the stars. I think we all see in our own way and for me I don’t see Rising as a major factor, I see it as nothing but… Read more »

The Venus Fly

First form of Astrology I was introduced to at age 15! Totally off, doesn’t resonate. But thank you for suggesting something 🙂

The Venus Fly

I used to read her scopes but they were so off! Now that I read Mystic’s sun and moon and not rising I have accurate horoscopes and I love it. But maybe I will buy the book anyway. Maybe she has some tools for me to utilize. Thank you 🙂


Absolutely love Terry Pratchett. His take on witches and magic and people is just epic and often so close to the bone real


I have these flashes of past life memories of cobbles! And water, there is always water – in troughs, for the horses I think. No surprise since natal Hecate on south node in Aries 11th. I’ve always known this witchy thing. Perceptive Terry P. In personal transit worlld, she is about to cross my AC – currently sitting on Pan at rising point. Interesting that I am being courted for jobs at the moment, three different things! And I didn’t succumb to the lower pay offers, I sold myself beautifully and told one today why they needed me and would… Read more »


Hekate in taurus; currently returning…9th house, almost exact to natal position; my natal lillith is taurus too, 8th, I have been studying post grad movement therapy (transiting pisces south node is conjunct my vertex 7th) but also have a (minor) dance background, progressed mars in taurus 8th at the moment is being visited by ceres… Well I have the scars in this life (of a fire burning) and its “there in my chart” as I am sun conjunct vesta 6th (quincunx uranus and pluto 1st) too, but I did not ever really think too much of the past lives; my… Read more »


Well I am going to take that very seriously, as Hekate help me, I am in the mood for some Hek-sing! My 12th is Taurus ruled and it sometimes makes me want to get a “Magic is real!” bumper sticker especially with Neptune near the South Node. Neptune reminds me of the World Wide Web which reminds of online shopping which again reminds me of Hekate; my Sun in the 2nd is exact conjunct my Leo Hekate. Hekate in Leo means she is my fave triple goddess for hair tips and general styling. I favour her crone look currently, I… Read more »


Sphinx, it cracks m up when the magic is missed by the unattuned.


Yas! Beep beep 🙂




Her discovery chart resonates with me- lots of Aries- ASC, Moon, Jupiter Neptune opp my Lubra crowd, – Pluto in my Desc mid Toro, NN at late Leo ( my MC) Mars in Gem like me, The Sun 20 and Uranus 13 in Kataka- Uranus in Sirius. Saturn is at 29 Scorp – a degree of last chances and do over- The MC is 4 Cap- and my Prog ASC is now Cap. Turning over the rocks on the path and observing who lives there- and why. Loving our night creatures. Letting ourselves die and morph. We are only as… Read more »


Mushrooms or Aya definitely seem a good solution! Makes an awesome bumper sticker. See you down the crossroads!

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