Full Moon Uranian Flashpoint

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David Rice

A Full Moon in Capricorn always feels weighty and momentous. It’s also an opportunity to check in with your own personal time matrix and assess your feelings or strategies – are they current?  The Uranus involvement just makes your re-grounding and defrag process all the more innovative. Want to attain higher ground? Work with the gravity of the situation and the time-money-power conscious vibe of this Moon. Stay aware of your emotions around everything (the Sun in Cancer/Kataka) and use the whole deal to direct the Uranus in Aries pioneer focus. More in the Horoscopes, obviously.

Ondra Lysohorsky

Image: David Rice
Text: Ondra Lysohorzky

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80 thoughts on “Full Moon Uranian Flashpoint

  1. I was experiencing a lot of hesitation over my decision to end a relationship with someone, but now I realize it’s for good. We unfollowed each other on instagram and everything. It’s sad, but I think that there was nothing more to it, the relationship was stagnating. I wish him the best.

  2. Full moon issues have just slowly seeped into my awareness. Mainly of a financial nature in that they need cauterisations.

    It took a long time for this one to come thru; esp being so Moon ruled.

  3. The aptness of it all. During this Cap Full Moon with Uranian involvement, and the full moon ON my 3rd H Cap, I started reading Jung’s “The 7 Sermons to the Dead”. This is what he wrote in his youth – apparently channeling it in a state of heightened awareness over the course of 3 years. It’s considered to be the seed knowledge to all his posterior work.

    Jung had Aqua Saturn 1st H opp Uranus. At the time of channelling this info, Jupiter & Uranus were in his 1st H conjunct his Saturn. Jupe was also exactly opp his Uranus – urging him to go beyond the norm into new frontiers. “Uncommon points of view can bring sudden clarity to what may need modifying in order to encourage what is unique and individual.”
    There’s no denying the astro background.
    Right/Left brain (Saturn/Uranus?) themes have got me into feverish research mode ATM.

  4. Actually I enjoyed that full moon. My little Cappy has the day off and he gathered his dive masks and suggested we go to the family’s beach house.
    So spent three hours driving to and fro, but it was beautiful there and he climbed a tree while I had coffee with my dear Saggitarian Uncle.

    The area is very beautiful but full of ghosts: aboriginal souls that still care for the land; abundant shipwrecks due to rips around the peninsula and general old house vibrations.

    Some of those unsettled early settlers came into my dreams unexpectedly last night. Dripping wet and violently pulling my body around a dream room.
    It was scary, I was deeply affected, but pulled it together and calmly dealt with them.
    When I woke up I had to clear a whole bunch of things and was late to take my kids to school.

    Challenging Moon, but also beautiful. This Capricorn Moon was conjunct my Vertex.

      • Thank you! I had a power healing today that totally explained more on this very 8th House topic too.
        Destiny comes in dripping, wet, annoyed spirit form amongst other manifestations it seems!!

  5. Mystic, any words for a natal Cap moon who just started having Uranus square it (yikes) til 2018??? Astro.com is scaring me calling it simply “Crazy”. Thank you.

    However, this little missive seems a BIT more positive regarding this alignment. (Though I have to look up and see if Uranus is in friendly aspect.) It reminded me of my own conundrum (or just great motivator?) I’ll be dealing with the next 2 yearsish. Since this fun square, I’ve had the most varied and weird set of maladies. Like, within the 3 weeks since it started. REALLY HOPING 2 years isn’t like this. So far, I’ve handled them (mostly) with aplomb, but dayyyyyyum, any advice you can give beyond astro ‘crazy’ scaring is greatly appreciated!!!!

    (Of course, I realize plenty of awesome, sane people must have a natal Uranus/Moon Square. Feel free to pipe in too! My poor natal moon is already squared by both Saturn and Pluto (ouch ouch). So I welcome any and all insights.)

  6. I stopped sleeping (again). Thankfully last night with the moon passing it’s zenith I got a better night. I’ve been pulled in – huddled in – trying to rest and get myself well again. At the same time as getting The Boy back into school. Yesterday was a massive panic attack that wiped him out all day.

    I’ve been lost in a survival computer game. Only just occurs to me, it’s not surprise. Slowly coming out of it all. Learning to go slow.

  7. Dea
    Dear fellow Caps,

    Cap AC here. Pluto-ing hard. Lost my “dream” job when Mars went retro in my MC. Thought it was the dream job but upon losing it starting to question if it was the dream at all. I spent the past 10 years trying to get my foot in the door and I’m not sure I’m willing to spend another 10 trying to make headway.

    Aside from quite intense family/health/friend issues coming to a head, this full moon (in my first house) made me realise how directionless I really feel right now. Just freefalling. I suppose for Caps status and achievement is pretty integral (especially with my Sun in 2nd) and I hit a real low, feeling completely worthless. My pals of a similar age are already showing their work in museums and are head of restaurants, I can’t even get a job that pays the bills right now. (Although I know that will come with time, I will find something.)
    I know it will be okay, but right now I’m having to adjust a lifelong ambition and be comfortable with the fact I no longer have a goal or idea of what I want to do. I always had comfort in the fact that I always knew what I wanted to do from a young age, and now it’s gone. I’m completing The Artist’s Way in a group (creatives, if you haven’t heard of it check it out!!!) which is giving me some purpose and I’m happy drawing and creating. My question is: what do you do in times like this? Have you experienced something similar?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Keep the faith peeps, that full moon was a biggie.

    • I relate. Maybe you can use the circumstances to work out why this occurred? I had a good career, but company went insolvent; crooked people on board, too many drugs weird sex crap in the background (more than one fashion company, cocaine, orgies – I just avoided it did my own tasks, somehow stayed clean – multiple virgo stellium 1st)…but I was very sad it was pretty much not an option, after all the stress…)

      I changed career paths and am doing post grad studies (therapy) but its not my complete plan; just think maybe you will discover another dimension to yourself moving away from this. The culture was really dysfunctional in the places I worked; I did not fit in even though I was recruited for technical ability, loyalty and efficiency. Most of the time I was so hectic I hardly knew of how bad things were…until I was told in a meeting that money was so skint they might let people go.

      Yesterday a business mentor told me I have to put myself out there to convince others what I have to offer is great, which is very well, (but I really loathe having to put myself in the public arena); its tough going dealing with people in business….decency is in short supply. Stick to what you do have conviction in, it will guide you!

    • Hi dreamyj !

      Sorry to hear about the job. I’m also a Cap AC and as a Cap AC it means you (i think?) have Saturn in the 12th house right now which is amazing but not the easiest of transits. Reassessing who you are “What it’s all for” etc – being hard on yourself etc (even more than usual.) But you can get really clear on what’s important to you which makes moving forwards in the right way in the future so much better and fullproof long term. Saturn as ruler means the Saturn transits are always a huge deal for us. And Saturn is also retro at the moment so I bet you when it moves forward in mid August things start to feel more possible. It’s also in that square with neptune right now… uhhh… and if you have anything else mutable at 11 degrees then… uh i feel you.

      But what I CAN tell you is, (at least what other awesome astrologers have told me in times of trouble lol) – is that – as a Cap rising – you have time! You actually get better with age 😉 and while this can be frustrating at times, I can say despite all my doubts I have noticed it manifest in my life. Just when I think my career is over, it sort of starts again in a bigger better way. So try to enjoy this downtime to get clear on what you want long term, because before you know it you’ll be so busy you’ll be wishing for this time again.

      Not sure how old you are – but for me life took a huge turn/leap after saturn return. Life just got sort of So much easier/clearer/more in line with who i am/more independent. And so, if you haven’t been there yet really as a Cap AC, I can tell you – after that life gets so much easier.

      … it was actually that comment on a mystic reading that got me on to astrology in the first place (life gets a lot easier after saturn return for a Cap AC) – because at the time I was going through it (saturn return) i WISHED someone had told me everything would get way easier at 29. Stay open to the great possibilities ahead – they can be so easy to forget when you’re feeling down, but if you’re open to them, life can take the most magical of turns! Time is on your side.

  8. Um… I gave up coffee o_O

    I noticed how grumpy baristas and cafe staff are, not all of them just the one’s that I interact with, and I was so struck by it. Over a couple of weeks I just observed, not consciously at first and had conversations with baristas who said they were depressed and irritated cafe staff who were sick of their jobs all while they were sculling espressos.

    I’ve worked in hospitality for 16 years and I’ve always drank coffee.

    Monday morning came and I declined coffee. Kind of reminded me when i gave up smoking, just like that…

    Now I’m not smoking what I’m selling and I’m just hoping nobody notices

    *acts grumpy* ^^’

    • Interestingly, my dreams have been the beneficiary of this, I didn’t think they could be any more lucid but I was wrong.

    • I quit coffee too recently for different reasons. Just woke up and decided I was tired of the whole process of it all and not feeling really awake until I drank it. I wanted more of a “get up and go” type morning. Assumed it would be a weaning thing, but two days later… done.

    • Oh my! Think of it this way…you’ll be able to use coffee as medicine now that you don’t drink it everyday.

    • haha thanks for the love guys, I’m not alone right?! lol

      I couldn’t have been more reliant on coffee as I’ve been recently. It was like that insight alone was enough for me to say I’m done…

        • I’m also no good with coffee and go through phases with it – but if I drink too much (more than one cup a day) – i actually get INSANELY tired, like sleep for a weekend tired.

          I have much more energy in general without it….. yep… ok i should probably go back to decaf again.

          • That’s what I’ve noticed too! There’s a natural continuity that I hadn’t felt before, it’s kind of fascinating. 🙂

      • I never understood the concept of giving up something like that. Omg coffee !! Never !!! 🙂
        I may cut back, but never deny myself the pleasure.

  9. I went to the park to meet my friend for a full moon night hike, I got there first so I walked over to a bench to wait for her. I heard this really loud buzzing and I was afraid I was approaching an insect nest of some sort, but it wasn’t coming from the metal picnic bench or message board. Then I saw it. A drone buzzing overhead. I sat and watched it while taking in the sunset. So odd. I was concerned it would ruin our walk but it disappeared right before my friend showed up and didn’t return.

    On another note, my Aquarian sun/Cappy moon daughter crashed my bed last night and took over my pillow, which has a bunch of dried mugwort in the pillowcase. This morning she told me she dreamed of a puppy barfing clowns. Funny clowns, not scary ones. Lol.

  10. So much ended and so much got processed into compost that there’s immense space, dark soil. A few weeds here and there. I’m lucky I get a chance to pull each out by hand. I know not many people have that kind of time.

    The part of me that wants to complicate it and build some better shack and invite neighbors over to watch seedlings grow (they don’t have time)
    and then gets mad at the neighbors if they use lawn treatments would have already thrown in the towel by now
    If I hadn’t taken the leap.

    Intense. Grateful.

  11. On the Full Moon I got to be the bearer of good news & pull some crazy agile financial maneuvers. Fuqing exhausting tho. I watched the Moon set this a.m. with relief. Like turning off the lights at the end of a long, busy day.

    So waning moon in Aquarius (my 12th): yes! Spending mine in an MRI tube wherein I’ll meditate & remagnetize. Energy marinade. All proceeds to charity.

    • Funny, same here. Been calculating into the future for my parents and our family, doing sums, working out the family inheritance etc. Good news today, my efforts so far have won support from all the olds of the family. Next step the siblings… Waiting on phone calls now. A family business is in the offing.

      My Capricorn stuff is all in the 8th House – other people’s money/inheritance. Could NOT be more appropriate.

      • This is what we had to do also. All the elements of our extended family got to a point where we realized that unless we all worked together on a financial plan for all of us we would be always struggling. That was 15 years ago for us and it’s worked for all of us. Now that it’s all sorted we have been able to go back to our petty grievances and have open argument without finances being an issue. Good luck .. It takes years, you’re on the right track.

      • Hey sphinx, my boy is an 8th house Cap too! My financial acrobatics equate to his 8th biz, of course. I never considered how my money stuff, as a parent, translates to his 8th experience as a child… until now! So thanks for the insight thru your story 🙂

        Well done, garnering your elders’ approval!! From an 8th h perspective, their support = leverage to get the stragglers on board 😉 You’re on your way!

        • Thank you David and Ankhi!
          Lol, “Now that it’s all sorted we have been able to go back to our petty grievances”, wah, I die. At least I have something realistic to look forward to then!!!

          Wow Ankh!! I totally didn’t get this till you said it either, my transit $ stuff being my kid’s 8th! And my eldest has the Sun and Venus there, quite potent (in Cancer).

          ALSO, I think there is strong reverberation going on with this Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Any Capricorn 8th Housers MUST be experiencing heightened responsibility in this area for this long transit don’t you think?

          Thx!! You guys light up my day, xx.

  12. As a Cap Moon native I’m not sure the full moon was really the intensity pour moi when Lilith is square Venus and the Sun is square Uranus and the Moon would have squared Uranus as well.. and then there’s natal Jupiter square Jupiter/Chiron.. that’s a 3, 6, 11 rumble.. roger that. Today had an edge that translated to low tolerance for others but high output for office feng shui, organising creative space and clearing space.

    • If only I could clear my space. I’m envious. Living with 3 teenagers which often now becomes 5 or 6 and a partner who is currently using the living area as an art studio I try and keep the space clear but it’s an endless futile task. So I’ve become a bit like the family dog. Living mainly in the backyard and coming in to sleep.

      • Hehehehe… given up howling for a friendly woof. I’m sure you get lots of pats and lovin’ for tolerating the bunch 🙂 Teens just can’t help themselves and yep, they travel in packs.. big messy packs! Art needs to stay out so you can break flow and resume flow easily.

        I have ongoing banter with my carefree triple Saggi. He is well house trained but he can also leave a mess.. the kind of mess that I can come home and know where he’s been and what he’s done next and oh look he went there next lol.

        I’m a Leo/Virgo 4th and Toro Asc so I like organisation and the kind of comfort that comes from aesthetically pleasing space but at the same time I like to relax and enjoy my space without worrying about mess. I don’t do magazine rooms and I can totally do mess myself!

        If I’m honest it’s not a battle with him, it’s an internal battle with the frustration of loving that neat clean vibe and knowing it’s gone 5 minutes after it’s there.

  13. I saw it last night rising in the East; a large pearlescent globe set against a dusky cornflower blue backdrop. I’ve recently taken to doing my runs late in the evening to combat this infernal diurnal heat, and it was upon emerging from a jog down a pine-enclosed hill that I caught a glimpse of Lady Luna over a freshly-hayed field. It was gorgeous!

    This Full Moon hit my natal Uranus & Sun. I’m funneling a lot of Uranian energy at the mo – The Fool & The Star have been all up in my tarot lately as Tr. Uranus sits nearly stationary aspecting my Sun, Neptune, & Urania and just about gooses natal Uranus.

    I went back to my acupuncturist after a hiatus that was caused by her moving further away as Tr Mars in Scorpio & Uranus where lighting up my natal Uranus and had the strangest experience. So I am majorly needle-phobic (LOL, yet I’m tattooed and get acupuncture – way to face that fear!) and as such I close my eyes during the session…suffice to say I don’t watch what my acupuncturist is doing. I felt her pick up my hand and wiggle my fingers a bit, which I presumed was to distract me from the needle about to go into such a bony part of my body. As she was making her way up my arm and to other parts of my body, I felt my arm go numb and then the sensation of low-voltage electrical current working its way up from my finger to my elbow. When she got to my other hand and did her thing, I felt the same. She left the room to let me rest for a bit and when she came back to remove the needles and flip me over, it wasn’t until she had taken all the other needles out that I mentioned my arms being numb.

    She explained it must be the rings she had put on me…! She never did any acupuncture on my fingers – she had merely slipped on some oversized copper diode rings! I never knew it though because my eyes were closed the whole time – they made me so numb, I couldn’t tell *what* was being done to them! Diode rings that made me feel as if electrical current is being passed through my body as I’m dealing with all this Uranian energy….you don’t say! It was a very strange and cool experience! I think I may need to get a set, as they’re obviously doing something for me. My acupuncturist said she’s never had anyone report anything like this before and said I must just be really energy sensitive. So definitely feeling the Uranian edge of this lunation pretty hardcore!

    • oh, your description of your run…. i really really miss the smell of open grass and paddocks. earth. seeing moon rise/set. I was in an open place yesterday and it was a combination of rain on warm earth/gravel and grass…. no traffic… i could hear the trees rustling. almost homesick for open space and green growing things. stupid stinking crowded claustrophobia city.

      looking fwd to acupuncture soon. i found a new lady this time last year , she seems pretty good. the copper thing sounds intereseing!

    • Wow! I am so fascinated in this. I really need a good acupuncturist for my tendonitis. Love ‘infernal diurnal’, a lovely pairing!

  14. Mostly it has been other people losing their shit around me. But the weird intense dreams that make no sense? Ugh

    • There are interps that start with .. I am everyone and everything in the dream. I had one of those the other night it was really strange, scary 🙂

  15. I came clean. I told a very important person to me a secret that I’d been keeping and wanting to tell them for over 20 years. All of a sudden I just could not, not tell them. Talk about “re-grounding and defrag process”!

    • Wow……20 years! That’s amazing! Surely you have imagined this conversation many times in your head…..did it go as you anticipated?

    • My lord you nearly waited as long as the government does with secret documents. If aliens were involved it all makes sense, but if not, how the hell could you keep a secret for 20 years ! Do you have gypsy blood ? 🙂

  16. Today’s been weird. Extremely so. I was wondering why everything seemed so ‘off’ today, and I was answered by looking into the night sky.

  17. Is it just me or is everyone feeling slightly nuts at the moment? That’s my take on the moon.

    But in general astro I’m a Gem – and god I can not focus to save my life at the moment. Normally it’s not a problem but just no inspiration, totally distracted, not sure how to move forwards, this is a weird year.

    • My theory based on mars and shadowzone is to marinate, review, chill, breathe, accept, research, see friends..

      Maybe Saturn opposing is getting you a bit. Or… Pick any mutable sign because something is squaring or opposing your Gemini

      • Thanks Pi – yeah – i have venus at 11 deg of gem, and saturn 9 virgo on the north node, so … neptune on your south node is uhhhh … oh and that mars retro bang opposite my mars… I was doing so well in the zap zone lol!!

  18. I love the poem! So inspiring and so apt right now..

    Yep, the last few days were very intense, leading up to the full moon. I’m hoping for a little reprieve for a few days now..?
    I always feel strong and clear and capable and stable during Capricorn moons, so it’s usually good energy for me. I have Venus in Cap, so maybe that’s why? Don’t know…..this full moon went through my 7th/8th… But hey, I’ll take it! Considering my life situation right now, lately I’ve not been feeling that good…

    Next week is my last week at current job. I’m in just Mondays and Tuesdays, so a week from today I’ll be done. Main thing now is just moving on…..and making sure I get paid for the last few weeks’ work! They would be foolish to mess with me on that……they’ll get a letter from the labor board right quick…

  19. Wow, I’m in UK and it is now 7.30am, I woke up at 5.30 am to a full pink moon just going down over the horizon. It was there for 30 seconds before disappearing. So I thought, that’s nice to have seen it just before it went. I got up and made myself a coffee and then sat down on sofa. I heard a really insistent “cheep cheep” from the tree outside and got up to investigate after a bit because it seemed to want my attention, there was a baby woodpecker in the tree. I looked up the animal totem message for woodpecker and it said it was an invitation to reboot an ongoing project and get creative, amongst other lovely things. I have this full moon in my fifth house which is now conjuncting natal Jupiter. I was going to do some housework today but now I am going to get busy making things instead. I know signs when I see um! and all before 6am.

    • Oh, and I meant to say that woodpecker totem also said to basically STFU a bit, get a grip on emotion and use head instead, be mature, which is why the poem was so great to read soon after this. thank you,

      • This sounds amazing! Perhaps a bit dense of me but i had no idea there were woodpeckers in the UK. Which part of the country if you dont mind me asking?

        • Yeah, it kind of was! I made paper mache sculptures of cacti all day, it was really good fun. I have made a few already and I really like the results but they have been collecting dust a while until yesterday.

          I know what you mean, they seem so flashy for a UK bird. This one didn’t yet have its red cap, it was so tiny. I am in South Wales (the old one) 🙂

          Last night I dreamt of a ginger coloured Guinea pig curled up asleep on a bed that I was kneeling next to. It’s a rare dream where there isn’t an animal in it. I’m often looking at the totems for animals because of this.

  20. Hmm, have been aware of the time issues particularly (have a Contract Law essay deadline looming – how appropriate lol), money (issues) – tick, power…maybe.
    The full moon trined my asc. and my and my love interest’s 5th house Pluto/Venus conjunction. Uranus is still opposing my moon and loosely trining my 7th house Saggi stellium. Venus and Mercury are trining his Saggi Moon/Mars/Uranus conj while Saturn sits on them…no wonder there’s been some very flirtatious communications whizzing around for the last few days ;-D ;-D ;-D

  21. This full moon is on my Saturn in Cap.

    Over the last 5 days leading up to tonight’s anxiety attack, the following happened:

    -got into my first car wreck while on my way home from the vet. guy was on the fucking phone, so no it wasn’t my fault. (I’m too anxious a driver to call and drive.)

    -dog had been vomiting for 2 days straight. medicine and treatment was costly af but at least she’s all better now.

    -missed a tax form deadline that I couldn’t do anything about because my parents insisted they do it (it’s still not sent.) their accountant lives hours away and doesn’t speak English. (why she’s doing American taxes is beyond me.)

    -developed a uti due to stress, I’m assuming. I have no health insurance, which means I cannot afford to see a doctor who can prescribe me antibiotics to get rid of it.

    I’m doing swell.

    • I can’t believe you guys can’t see a doctor for this most basic of health care issues without forking over wads of cash. It’s not fucking fair. Ugh the injustice stinks.

    • Dearest toroloco,

      I’m so sorry to hear about these recent events. It sounds brutal.

      I solved a recurrent, persistent UTI while using Reishi. Antibiotics (which I paid an arm and a leg to procure, no insurance either) did not knock it out, but the Reishi did.

      Best wishes for easier times x

    • goldenseal tincture or capsules and high potency cranberry for the UTI. also colloidal silver? my cat has chronic cystitis that is never cured by antibiotics so i’m always seeking out fast-working alternative remedies…

      bach’s rescue remedy for stress also helps her / me.

      good luck. xx

    • Go to the emergency room. They have to treat you. Then they will bill you. If you have 4500 ? or less they will make arrangements for you where you can pay 10.00 a month or approve you for charity care. Go take care of it now. Some infections if not treated properly can turn to sepsis. Don’t make a full moon in Capricorn kill you. Just kidding 🙂

  22. Long ago (2008-2010) when Uncle Pluto transited my natal Mars at 1 degree Capricorn I acquiesced to the Greater Will of the World – sounds nicer than capitulated but there was also an element of that too. However, like a reminder today, natal Mars still plays up like an old soldier’s wound – can never resist a forced march of a 100km in 2 days. This is what this Full Moon brings to me and what I am learning – peace, settle, cellular vibe recalibration with 12th dimensional sound bath (Neptune), attend to business (Saturn) while juicing life – Mercury and Venus.

  23. I have a stellium of cap in 12th house. Sun, jup, north node. My asc is cap. Im just drained, anxious, rejected and exhausted.

  24. Cap moon. I think I experienced the heaviness last week. This feels better but I am planning, planning in secret. Last week I wanted to escape. This week (and the next months) I plan the next chapter so I can fly away. I think the goal is nothing to escape from as the ‘scopes said.

  25. wow MM that poem spoke direct to my heart. Im not a writing type poet but I brought a kind of poetry to a course I just taught. I constantly put up with jibes from an old-school Aries co-trainer about my’ poetry’. The poetry revolved around the theme of loving hands and she didnt like my teaching style either but but F** it

    I’m moving on and up. Like that goat always climbing . I’m now taking a break form the office environment (my god how boring – all that small talk) and enjoying the view at every step.

  26. really like this…lots of reviewing going on for me, having uranus square uranus. great insights as ever…the answer is flexibility tied to grounded action..manifesting those electric moments

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