Aries Of The Ancient Days

Aries in history - 15th Century Astrology art

This is one of the most beautiful depictions ever of Aries in history.

It is Aries – by Francesco Del Cozza – in 1469.  All the symbols are there, the resplendent Ram, the Sun (as the Sun is exalted in Aries) and the red, for Mars. I love how the figure seems to be levitating.

And by Michaelangelo – these Zodiac tiles on the floor of the Basilica Santa Maria converted from being Roman baths in the 1500s.   The church and science tried so hard to denounce or destroy astrology but there it was. And, here it is still by the way.

Countless churches have depictions of the zodiac and the old Gods/Goddesses woven into their decor.

The very days of the week are named for the Sun, Moon and inner planets.  Words like “jovial” (like Jupiter), mercurial and saturnine linger in our language to describe the temperaments.

Aries in history were usually shown as warriors, because of their rulership by Mars. This lady of Mars, who is clearly meant to be an enlightened being, is unusual.  Here are Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio and Virgo below.





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I like how the Aquarian is wearing a sport shoe.
not particularly common in the day.
shame they’re not Nike rather than adiddas or whatever.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I like that astro isn’t mainstream—it’s like insider trading for those in the know, ya know?

Astro rules. It blows my mind on every level.


I also love how it’s an exulted child above the ram. Aries being the eternal child.


This image has got me thinking about the East / West astro links – 12 signs each and the astrological knowledge that was cross cultural/continent..

I love seeing historical reference to the stars, it makes me think there’s an ancient knowledge to be rediscovered (mainstreamed) I live in hope.

Yes @Liberating Venus, why don’t they get along, so much to be shared and how our knowledge could be expanded. I would love to see a more scientific approach to astrology (it’s possible there is, I’m pretty ignorant here) Celestial Mechanics indeed!


Nobody puts Scorpio in a corner!

“Now I’ve had the time of my life…” 😛


“The church and science have devoted broadly equal amounts of energy to denouncing astrology….” The science part of this always makes me laugh – astroLOGY and astroNOMY were once one and the same…it’s actually only in comparatively recent history the two were divorced. I can tell from looking at a chart which planets are nocturnal or diurnal, which season it is, and approximately what time of day or night it is. Give an astronomer one of *my* charts, however, and see if thy can interpret it from an astrological perspective – they can’t. I can do both – now *you*… Read more »

Calli G

The old Gods and Goddesses meet many visceral needs–understanding and illustrating, if not condoning, our lusts and sorrows, furies and joys. Smart religions (Rome in both its pagan and Catholic incarnations, for example) simply gave the Greek deities new names and declared Them their own gods and saints. Puritans tried to get rid of Them completely and ended up fleeing the country. Now in the US, puritanical branches of religion that reject Them find themselves prey to the worst excesses of everything they claim to preach against.


Yes, this. Give the gods/goddesses, all of them, their due.

When was the last time humans did that?

This is bringing up so many questions? Has there been a people, a population, attuned enough to the archetypal that they didn’t need to play out horrific tragedies to feed the forgotten energies.


The first fresco above, is actually from the Hall of the Months, Palazzo Schifanoia, Ferrara, c1469. And it’s called “March” where “a pensive Athena hovers over a vigorous Aries flanked by two figures: a black man in rags with a majestic air, who looks like he could spring into action at any moment yet desists in order to prophesy the future”


On the link the Cap one is missing. The one for Aries, in the link, is a much better Sheep. As the Cap one is missing from the link maybe the one you have above is Capricorn. But that does not account for the red outfit if it indeed is the Goat

Sheep and goat both taste nice anyway.

And on the Weeklys for the 23rd July, l so sent the so wrong msg to the so wrong person last night. It appears l got in early. Quicksilver is not a remedy for the issues of ur anus.


I have visited that basilica- just wandered in- it is AMAZING. The marble, the meridian, etc… beyond words.


This was seven years ago so I don’t remember the state of the Qi- it was also within my first few hours in Rome so I was in a heightened state anyway- but it did absolutely have a mystical presence. There was mystery there and I wanted to know more.

And the marble… it was luminous.


Just looked up days of the week and their associated planets…

As a cap rising it’s funny to me that “Saturns day” is Saturday!

Saturn would have hated being part of the weekend!


Are you kidding me? That’s the time where you can do more work and catch up, no? Lol!


Lol – I mean – Friday as day of Venus I totally get… But then… maybe Saturn is for extra chastising yourself for the Venusian hangover.


First pic looks more like a goat, no?

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