What To Do With Transit North Node Conjunct The South Node?

Peter Lindbergh

How to handle Transit North Node conjunct the South Node? Once every nine and a half years, it compels you to consider the path not trodden.

Dear Mystic, 

I’m presently experiencing an opposition of the transiting Nodal Axis to my natal one, placing the transiting North Node upon my natal South Node at 14 Virgo and in turn the transiting South Node on my natal North Node in the 9th House.  So the syndrome, you are talking about in the Horoscopes for many of the signs is bought home to me with extra strength.

This is proving to be quite the confusingly intense transit, perhaps rather understandably. At this time, I feel as though my internal compass has gone completely haywire, and I’m completely baffled as to what direction to take with my life. This has been brought forward quite significantly by the recent Mutable Grand Cross action, and “Hyper-Flux” would almost be an understatement as to what I’m experiencing.

Heart-Mind Versus The Head-Mind

Internally, it’s coming down to a peculiar case of the Heart-Mind versus the Head-Mind. I’m on the tail end of withdrawing from a fairly big Head-Mind elected life path which I failed to find any deeply felt joy in, and in turn, I’m looking back to the Heart-Mind. But, after a fair few rounds of Neptunian-induced heartache and haze, I’m hesitant to put much faith in it. But there’s the challenging thing, ones Piscean North Node (my Heart- Mind) almost seems to command taking those sorts of intuitive leaps of faith, and truth be told, they’ve often been the decisions within which the most valuable treasure has been uncovered. One’s South Node (my Head-Mind) however, tends to unsurprisingly be bound by carefully calculated logic.

It’s a bizarre thing for someone such as myself who is so traditionally bound by overwhelming Virgoan logic (Sun, Lilith, South Node, and a Merc/Vesta conjunction are all stuffed into my Virgo bits) to be afflicted by this. I just know that there’s gold to be mined here, one way or another. The question is, how? How does one navigate this peculiarly flipped polarity and engage the higher potential of all involved? I feel that there is a balance to be found, but the question is where?

As such, I find myself wondering on whether you or perhaps your readers, had any wisdom to share?

Kind regards,
Oran Mor

How To Navigate The Flipped Polarity Of Transit North Node Conjunct South Node?

Dear Oran,

First of all, having the North Node on the South Node IS a mind-warp of transit – it’s only every nine and a half years.  And it sounds like it is doing exactly the job that it is supposed to be doing. It invites you to consider paths that you have not trodden for some time. It’s so hard to just sit with the awareness of other routes you could have taken, let alone regrets. Most people are tempted to start generating logical explanations of their narrative choices. Or they sink into being maudlin about it.

And, you identify, it is also the South Node crossing the North Node!  You cannot go a day without meeting a ghost from your future or getting a clear hit on your life path. At the same time, you encounter people who are flamboyantly serving as role models or cautionary tales.

Ghosts From Your Future

Keep a diary. Journal everything in a literal actual A4 exercise book. Writing it down, as opposed to typing, activates a different part of your brain. Maybe it’s because the motion conjures up a particularly receptive dimension of your psyche. Writing with a pen – especially a metal one – attracts, rather than generates insights.

Also, do Head and Heart-Mind have to be separate?  Your North Node in Pisces is about to be infused with Neptune Vibe for the next several years, long after the Hyper Flux has boogied away. That’s the real game in Astral City. The artificial distinction between head and heart paths/mind will be the first construct to dissolve.

What does everyone else think?

Image:  Peter Lindbergh


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Heh, well now. Some great comments here. Sending this in was clearly wise as that was a brilliant response on Mystics part. So, to inform any of those curious. At present i’m working through a process of shedding excesses; whatever baggage I can identify and whatever else isn’t working. Going with the prevailing winds, acknowledging and accepting uncertainty. Those winds appear to have a direction, and it’s one i’m feeling happy with, however i’ve left the space for the winds to change and to adapt accordingly. Shall see as to where it is that I am to be, but for… Read more »


No WAYYYY! I think we basically have the exact same chart by everything you mentioned? I was born on 19/9/1988. Can’t seem to post pics/ charts in the comments.
Even though this hyper flux is fuqing INSANE with all the Astro babble I read, I felt this coming a mile back and have been manifesting the S**T out of it. With transiting Jupiter and NN conjunct my natal MC and Black ML (exact) I feel like I’m calling all the shots in this tornado, no wait, I AM the tornado.


Hehe, almost! 24/08/1988 is me.


AND HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THIS TRANSIT? I thought Hyper Flux would suck as bad as the cardinal cross zap zone now you see it/ now you don’t bullshit… but no…

Let’s just say…um five year dating drought broken. wow.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Wow, that does sound like a real trip of a transit.

But yeah, as MM says Neptune is on ya. That’s one cool drug for sure (I love Neptune–with a good dose of Saturn).


At such times I remind myself that in vedic astrology your NN is considered to be quite a dangerous place. You know nothing there, you’re clumsy and delusional. On the other hand, the SN is where you’re competent, passionless and can actually do some selfless good. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE NN (mine’s in gemini), but it’s so easy to make a fool of oneself in an unknown territory. Especially when it’s in pisces. Re Pisces I was taught that the key to mastering the sign is to have a healthy spiritual practice (be it prayer, meditation, gardening,… Read more »


Yes, I’m Aries sun, merc, MC and South Node. So you can imagine my Libra NN is baffling at the best of times. I had my NN return a while back and it was like being in a foreign land. I’m still not sure I actually learnt or understood that transit ?


I find Libran energy the most baffling. The diffidence gets me. Im also same Nodes as you. My Arian SN is most represented in my love of sport. Rugby League is my 8th fave game.


I’ve done a lot of thinking about libran energy. Here are some terms I have come up with (I skip the gender bias pink fluff crap):

Sensitive to (un)fairness, imbalance, will act to redress
Good at making friends, sorting social occasions whether one or 10 ppl
Polite , loves niceness, like it’s a currency
Averse to sloppy social conduct and crude language, crudeness in general
Good at staying in contact.

These are the general libran things I have noticed in friends and co-workers.


The diffidence comes from this kind of built in incapacity* to act unilaterally. Making a decision where they are expected to act on behalf of someone else without consulting them first is basically Not Fricken On for the Libra on the street. Afaict.

* I don’t mean incapacity as a criticism (you know like kataka or Toro has incapacity to avoid cheese or carbs or money or something)


Libra energy is about the Contract. Mutual agreements, procedural fairness.
It can go into the in love with love thing, pink and flowers, serial monogamy and so on. Other librans might be found in the legal profession, sales, some kind of lets-make-a-deal role. I know a Virgo, Pisces rising with mercury exact conjunct Pluto in libra and a 7th house Virgo stellium. Ridiculously personable and articulate, and always *always* ready to negotiate and incredibly good at it.


Last comment from me omg so many. My Libra nn lesson I think is learning to play nicely with others. Oftentimes I feel like the badly socialised half grown Labrador puppy romping through the nice picnic, making off with the sausages – and then checking myself half way through whoops.
that’s my own Libra nn vibe, sigh.


Thats gd Pi. I have friends who are Libras and l get on well with them (my Uran 1H n Aqua Moon). But l dont ask their opinions bcos l’d die of inaction. I have worked, in the past 3 yrs, with 2 Scorps who both had Libran stelliums; one a boss & another a colleague. The boss guy was so bloody all loving, all considerate it drove me nutz. The colleague was personable & had enough ‘nail it now’ Scorpness. And l don’t talk music with em bcos they “like all types of music” and many parts of my… Read more »


Hmm, my partner is Libra Sun-Asc-Merc (12th) – not a diffident bone in his body. Same with 2 close Libra friends. And, er – Putin? It’s the decision making process that gets up my impatient Aries SN nose (and i’m a Libra Rising!) I’m learning patience. Tho i don’t think having Mars conjunct Uranus-Merc helps at all. The recent Lib NN return felt like a revision in Libra Life Lessons 101 – feel better for it, tbh. As for music, i can in all honesty say as a Lib Asc/NN that i like all genres at different times & moods.… Read more »


As well as me having 2 Stationary Directs in Scorpio and Mars Pluto cj trine Sat in Earth and a Scorp chart tone that makes me an obsessive b&w specialist.

Kate Bush: a true creative! No pomposity with her. Art without the Artifice. And the only female artist to have a Top 5 album in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s & 10s.
Madonna: you cant see the Art for the Artifice.

All opinional differences will be referred to my lawyers; LOFL


I have a lot of planets in Libra, but I hate ’em. In my experience (was married to one, in 7-year-long relationship with other), my mother, my brothers-in-law, etc., they’re cranky power mad and hypocritical. And that niceness shit is fake for people who they think are going to help their careers.

Not good for my Aqua or Pluto Rising (which is conjunct my Libra Asc.) AT ALL. My brother is the only haute Libra I know–but he is the bomb. I think it’s because all that Libraness is countered by some serious Cap action in his chart.


I like both Kate Bush and Madonna but I consider them totally different creatures. The only difference is that they both produce similar products that are for aural pleasure.
Kate I consider more a true artist while Madonna is a entertainer. There is nothing wrong with being an entertainer, but a lot of people confuse the two. Some people like Prince manage to do both.


You eloquently elaborate my position on the matter. I love songwriters, first n foremost, peeps who use other things in their performance annoy me. Esp if l see it as pomposity.

As a man, l can’t think of one Madonna song that gives me an insight to the female psyche. Maybe there is the odd one out there but her superflous embellishments are off putting.

KB, on the other hand, has truly large oeuvre revelling in the wonder of things feminine.


I like Madonna AND Kate Bush AND rap AND trap AND rnb AND blues n roots AND experimental AND Brahms AND …you get the picture. 😛


Pi, l love a stoush with you. Full n frank discussions are good things. With Yin heavy chart l am very devoted to things l hold dear. I am very one-eyed (my Kat/Scorp stuff). As you know l got intrestd in da astro thru being bullied by a woman(?), who bcame my boss, whose ex was born on my bday. I reminded her of him; GRATELY! l met him some years later. Get this. CARS: he owned in this order; VWs, then Renaults, then Peugeots. He only ever owned Yamahas & BMWs. He names B Dylan, N Young & K… Read more »


misread as “understood that therapist”))) now that would have been relational!
i don’t understand libra that well either. im a scorpio rising, so libra is my 12th house. it helped to have progressed moon in it for the last 2.5 years. i learned the keep in contact thing, the doing what’s nice, the occasionally socializing.
made friends (friends a la libra, not a la scorpio) with some libras. so learned to make friends a la libra))


Thanks everyone x
I’ll ‘patiently’ wait to get the libra NN message.
I know ! I’ll fake it till I make it 🙂


Send me the cheat notes….please.


Doesn’t MM call the Libra an Aries Fist in velvet glove or something?! 🙂

Librans are velvety harmony, committed when you would prefer to run like (your Aries SN sees as appropriate), socially organised – and thoughtful/strategic but get what’s yours. Diplomacy/Discernment in dealings with others.
I dunno, it sounds to me like you are doing those things with Aries panache?


David really? I wasn’t aware of these aspects of your chart. It explains a lot. Your fallback position and go to place is very Aries both in thought and communication style …. it’s where you feel comfy. I’m not surprised that things like tact, diplomacy and the delicate interpersonal touch leave you scratching your head at times. Now I understand why you say certain things and wonder what the feck is going on with other people arcing up about it. Libran strategies are your challenge … For what it’s worth, even though you may not have understood the transit, I… Read more »


Thanks P x


ahhhh hyperflux… The second exact hit of my second Saturn Return is exact tomorrow at 12’08 Sagittarius. This pass, with Saturn retro, has been extreeeemely challenging. I’m chipping away at brick walls.


Just checking out de ephemeris. So the North Node transits backwards around the zodiac? If I’m not effing up reading it, I had my NN on my Libran South Node back in last 2014 / early 2015.

Meanwhile, grateful for the hyperflux tips, and glad to hear in that recent Daily Mystic that it’s dying down after the 22nd — I’m planning a move and was going to wait till after then anyway, but good to have the date. The mutables around me seem super-frazzled/amped and I’ve def found it a hectic vibe.


Yes the nodes move backwards. The nn was going thru Libra most recently.


Thanks for posting. I have this nodal half-return coming up (North Node 12 Pisces 1st house). Currently experiencing the Neptune conjunction & Saturn square. Will see where it all leads after the fog clears ?

meredith rose

As a mercurial Virgo with moon in Gemini, I’m taking the balance out of balance and putting it in to the spaciousness behind what confounds me. After I wrestle through the difficult thought or feeling or situation, I sense freedom and when I see my image in the mirror I laugh my head off. I’m also including dark chocolate, and good but different hair. It all keeps adding.


I thought I recognized that literary voice – greetings and salutations, Oran Mor! You are experiencing a Nodal Half-Return, then….was chatting with someone else on here fairly recently about their own. That has to be understandably disorienting when on top of this you have a stellium located in the sign of your South Node. But Tr. Jupiter + the North Node have at least been teaching you the benefits of (spiritual) discernment, yes? I think the best thing to do with this transit is withdraw a bit, Hermit style. Your are learning to discern your own intuitive voice from all… Read more »


Beautifully said! All the metaphysical madness is grounded nicely when I *consciously (still a work in progress ) channel the energy by handling the physical and mundane in a divine way (ie lavishly washing those ugly thoughts off your head with soothing seasalt shampoo + deep resonant insights that float up while washing dishes/brushing teeth etc!). Lovely activation for magical realism ha!

Year of the Phoenix

Hey thanks LV your words are very relevant to me too – stellium in Virgo SN Pluto conj 23/24 1st H and Piscian NN in 7th which is all the backbone to a big kite and given a lot to think about….

Lately I have begun a Yin yoga class by accident – finally went back to my local Buddhist temple class and a different teacher, I think that meditation / body work is going to be a godsend it’s helping to bubble up some clarity


Hehe, never ceases to amaze me as to how distinctive my writing has come to be to others. Best comment I’ve had lately was ‘florid,’ however not as a complement! Spiritual discernment? Perhaps, it’s certainly helped to put me back in touch with a particular internal voice. Withdrawal is indeed an action I’ve been undertaking, and it’s helping considerably. We’re in the depths of the New Zealand winter right now so it’s a great time for it. It’s also lending itself well to the point of clean living that you make. Interestingly I’ve been looking into developing a practise routine… Read more »


Many thanks for this! Totally vibing the South/North node transit dilemma (5th and 11th house respectively) compounded with other strong transits aspecting my major planets (Sun/Merc Sag in 8th house, Asc/Jupiter Taurus, transiting Pluto in natal moon in the 9th, and upcoming Cancer season for my Chiron!). I’m sure there’s some super power(s) to be uncovered and flourish somewhere but this process is a bit of a bizarre spiritual trip I’m trying my best to enjoy :)) (with hopes that all this flux is a way for things to fall into place)


Very timely reminder to just sit with and be aware of what is being “thrown up” (so to speak!!) by the hyper flux!


There is neurons in your heart.

Not widely accepted by conservative medicine. But wtf would they know?


Yes, they’ve written reams on it now. Like they’ve *discovered* it. A recent thing i’ve read is that the body has at least 3 minds: brain, heart & guts. The simplified version as i recall is that the heart & guts have neurons which communicate to the brain via the vagus nerve, which runs from brain to anus….hence “heart-felt”, “gut feeling”, “Trump gives me the shits” etc.


So true. Like when yo know something before it is revealed to you, you can actually feel it ‘in ya gut’ or your heart jumps at the knowledge B4 ya brain registers the info. So amazing.


The good thing about Trump is that no-one should buy laxatives atm.

Or it could be new line of laxatives.

As in

“Trump- blow it out of your arse”


The ancient Chinese have been onto it for ever – in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the brain functions are scattered all over the human body. For example, the five zang-organs arouse various emotions: heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney arouse happiness, anger, deep thinking, melancholy, and fear, respectively. It’s all connected.


Not to mention the “micro biome” which is all the rage…your second biggest organ is your gut. I’m in the beast of the belly of academia on this and there are talks given weekly by traveling profs on this subject…now….


Micro biome. Sounds great. Must check it out.
East and South China iz most intrestn in health thingos.


Yes – that’s soooo interesting – “the forgotten organ” – coz the metabolic function of our gut bacteria is equal to that of an organ… just crazy interconnectedness on every level… us being super-organisms composed of symbiotic microorganisms – where do we begin? or end?


One talk this week was about early childhood emotional development and microbiomal health; the socioeconomic implications are immense.


I’ve been thinking about this in relation to HS kids that I teach. There just seems this guttural nutcasery to the way kids act-up. And man, do they eat some shit-food. Soft drinks, chips, blue-stain lollies, chemicals that defy chemical-nomenclature and stuff that looks like recycled dog vomit…….and that is just for brekky.


Dunno if this is any help, but the person who introduced me to astrology 15years ago commented that I ‘filter my feelings through my brain’. Resonated then and still does now; it’s true. My brain translates/decodes my heart, and filters out the peaks in the signal when things get too emotional. For me, heart and mind are not decoupled, they’re part of the same system (along with my gut!).

Hope this helps someone integrate their parts 🙂


Well this is one hell of an enlightening post! It has sent me running to the ephemeris and has shed light on some MAJOR & tricky cross-roads moments. And the advantage of age is that i’ve been able to track 3 of these moments. (Though aren’t they every 19 and a half yrs instead of nine and a half? or am i a time mutant?? i could only find three North on South Nodes in my 50+ yrs) My advice? I can’t add anything to what Mystic has so amazingly and astutely said – except that just watch out for… Read more »


Maybe half-node cycles?




That’s very good advice Skarab, I will add it to the bags of mental tricks and notes I’m clutching white-knuckled….

Thank you!


Feeling the hyper flux right now to an astounding degree and it almost seems like my thoughts are on a cycle. I want to take my brain out and put it through a car wash. Sort of complicate situation right now with a Virgo. We have multiple aspects that I’m finding are completely entrancing me and taking up a lot of my mental energy no matter how hard I try to redirect For reference, We have sun opposite sun as I’m Pisces and he’s Virgo We have moon in conjunction with moon in SCORPIO His Mars conjunction my ascendant in… Read more »


Agreed! Head mind and heart mind do not need to be separate!
You can consult both at the same time!


Maybe talk to a nice Capricorn to help you suss out the priorities. Caps aren’t all balance sheets, they have good strategic minds and fab imagintions 🙂
Agree w mystic breathe chill scry the clouds etc
It doesn’t have to be all polar opposites : that fish n node wants will also need whatever it is your Sun mercury does best. Just make sure the Virgo-ness isn’t pulling the plug just because you haven’t decided on what colour napkins to use for your launch party or whatever : D just teasing hehe xx


I really had to do some thinking about this. Geminis and Virgos unite on that Mercury front right? I had my natal north node in opposition to my South Node at Christmas, and whilst I was aware of it, my reflection had been kind of minimal. Oddly, with that synchronicity that astrology always seems to have, there was something I had overlooked. Today I’ve had open an events chart that I created in Astrodienst for when I first had a date with someone just before Christmas. They have meant a lot to me for a long time. It’s been an… Read more »

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