17 thoughts on “The Daily Mystic

  1. Hey peep – the Daily Mystic thing is ALL solved…

    However, the latest Mercury-Opp-Mars trial is that the Latest Comments widget is down as that was causing issues.

    Some of you will recall that these do that sometimes – every time the page was loaded, it would query the entire comment data base, which was slowing down the site chronically.

    But it will be back asap.

  2. Aha — yes, I’d been getting the Daily Mystic but missed one of the latest Astro Hacks — “Aspects Revisited.” Just stumbled on it and it’s excellent and super helpful / thought provoking. (I got Kimmy’s latest one fine.)

  3. Thank you. Your stars are so on point for me. Today’s daily mystic gives me hope that things are going to look up. End of June onwards you say…?

  4. lol lol Yes Mars Retro is a pain…. been trying to do job apps, sit a my computer and nothing comes except day dreaming, walk away to do other things and the words and flow come. Been leaving post it notes everywhere, including the car!?
    Fingers crossed.

    • I’m having the same experience doing job apps! Bit frustrated with that right now, but having hard time with adhering to a time frame, a deadline…

      Mars retro is transiting exact conjunct my Neptune, too, for added day dreaming! ….and transiting Neptune is getting close to conjuncting my natal Mars! Double whammy!

  5. Used to wonder why these drawings had people in the sky when i was a kid, until i was 18! Sorry unrelated bill shock from yesterday’s dental appt. settling in, I will enjoy these complimentary DMs thanx

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