Roy Batty – Pluto Man

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Roy Batty

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to die.

Of COURSE Roy Batty – everyone’s favorite rogue replicant  – is a Sun-Pluto man. “Incepted” – at least in the Blade Runner galaxy, on January 8 2016, he had the Sun on Pluto, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius AND Saturn + Venus square Neptune.  High ideals powered by a Mars in Scorpio and Uranus opposite Lilith but the rebellion was not to be.

Blade Runner 2 casting has confirmed the (obvious) return of Harrison Ford but also, awesomely, Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright.   I would also love it if they somehow revived Roy Batty – Sun-Pluto, right? That combo can regenerate from anything.

Roy Batty Inception

Roy Batty With Dove

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26 thoughts on “Roy Batty – Pluto Man

  1. My all time favourite film. I prefer the original with voice over. I went to see it the first time I went out after my daughter was born..visually like nothing I had seen before..and so beautiful- the set where he interviews the url who does not know she is a replicant for example with the man made owl..the scene where the pleasure model is killed (pris ) and that sound track by Vangelis..incredible. So Plutonic

  2. Oh I love this film so much! I did an assignment on it in art school looking at it through the lens of the homoerotic gaze. Once you start looking, you will be amazed at how many glory holes there are.
    Poor Roy 🙁

  3. I have never ever seen Bladerunner. So I cannot comment but I can go watch it…
    I’ll be back…
    Isn’t that another sic fi type film??

  4. I recently did a lecture on Blade Runner in relation to Theme and Subtext in script-writing. There is no better film for it to my mind, regardless of how many versions have been released. I threw in some German philosophy for good measure, and made a comparison of it to Waiting for Godot, because, you know, why not? After, a student came up to me and said, ‘Wow loved your lecture, but honestly, death, existentialism and the meaning of God before 11am? Couldn’t you have at least waited until my morning coffee, or better still, a drink?’ Bless.

    It is a visionary script and Roy Batty to me is possibly the first anti-hero that arouses empathy for a character so intensely flawed and put upon by fate. What is not to like? Walter White owes him a great legacy to my mind. And possibly any other HBO show with a central male character of the last while. But that’s just me.

    • Omg? Death existentialism and the meaning of God is like perfect breakfast conversation. Not even joking. German philosophers too no worries. Can I drop in to your classes? The technologised body, biopolitics, law and rights applied to not specificially human entities is becoming this gigantically fascinating topic for me recently. (Mind you we haven’t got it right even for our most helpful domestic animals let alone half the human race so I doubt we’d privilege cyborgs unless they can threaten us) I even had a dream about this and it was like the opening scene to a film.. so interesting

    • Man what a way to start the day! I would so love to go to University again. I studied film in the late 90’s and I just can’t imagine how cool your course would be post the advent of the internet! Can I breakfast with you and Pi? Short stack with death and existentialism please with a dollop of German philosophy, yum!

  5. Wow. The inception date of Roy Batty is the last time I saw the multi-Saggo guy I’ve had a karmic something with. Even the way we got together that night was a karmic. His Scorp Venus on my Sun.

    Meh. Can’t get sucked into all that again.
    All this karmic bullshit is exhausting. Give me reality any day! Says my Cap Asc.

  6. A sequel! Wow, they’re doing sequels to errrthing these days.

    Make some new content people!

  7. Yes, the Bladerunner story is so prophetic. As Homo sapiens consider establishing bases on Mars they will soon realise that homo sapiens aren’t up to it.
    No doubt a genetically modified being will be developed that will be able to do the job. Which makes you think that if a bunch of chimps can achieve interplanetary seeding without ‘God’ then is this how we got here ? Where are our ‘seeders’ ?
    Question is, are we up for the moral consequences of this type of activity ?
    Probably not.

    • Omg, I watched Prometheus last night..
      I don’t know if many species are up for that challenge.
      Even with good intentions.

    • A lack of awareness of /capacity to evaluate moral consequences has never stopped us from trying unusual things in the past, I’d say

    • Absolutely … I think HG Wells War of the Worlds pointed out quite succinctly that organic life is highly attuned and adapted to its environment. Down to the bacteria … you ain’t got the immunity? No matter what technology you have, you will not survive in a foreign environment.

      And that includes us.

      The bone density lost by astronauts who have spent any time in space is enough to prove that the human body is not up to any kind of deep space travel.

      Robots, cyborgs and genetically hardened beings are the only solution if we really want to explore space.

      But the question does remain open … who “seeded” us in order to be capable of living in a human body on this planet, but with potentially an alternate consciousness?

      Morals, ethics …. man I could barely vote today!

  8. Do replicants age? Isn’t that the idea of a robot, that they remain the same? Or do organic type robots age?

    We had no tv growing up but I somehow managed to see this film 583 times as my father loved it.
    But at this point he would start swearing at how cheesy the speech was, which kind of ruined it for me.

    Very cool but I did not know that he was created this year. That is disturbing and I hope not prophetic. 😉

    • These ones didn’t age but they were programmed to shut down after 4 years or something so as to not become too uppity. This was Roy batty’s cross to bear in the film, although he had a less significant role in the book..

      • A 70-something aged replicant changes the story line considerably then. Sorry hot Rutger!
        I hope the new director does Ridley Scott proud. Jeunet did not improve the Alien series, which I was so disappointed by as I liked the concepts.
        Can’t wait for the sequel to Prometheus which was cool and full of rich symbolism. The world may go to pot next year but it looks like cinema will be awesome!
        Should I read the book Pi?

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