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Rene Grau

Pholus – the lid comes off

Pholus was discovered in 1992 , and its process seems to be one where a small event sets off a chain reaction, either inwardly or externally, in terms of consequences. In the Greek mythology, Pholus was the keeper of the sacred jar of wine of Dionysus. Dionysus was the god of ecstasy; whose rites were often characterised by drunkenness and chaos, and sometimes they culminated in violence. Similarly Pholus events often involve things getting out of control. The way to deal with Pholus is to take only essential actions until the floods subside and things settle down. The jar of Pholus was not supposed to be opened for four generations, and so the astrological Pholus often highlights the releasing of ancestral processes, whether these are known or unknown to us. In some way, bearing witness to the past can be important as we are called upon to clarify our own ancestral lineage. Sometimes there are specific things to do, like forgiveness work, or putting flowers on a grave. But often it is simply to inwardly acknowledge the suffering of those who went before us, and to recognise the tragedy of it.

Melanie Reinhart

So i just realized that this Full Moon @29 Sagittarius is conjunct Pholus (a Centaur like Chiron and Chariklo) and i quote Reinhart, above, as she is the undoubted authority on centaurs. What IS interesting, given this, is that (anecdotally) in recent days, so many people seem to be pondering past ancestral patterns (especially addictive issues) with objective lucidity. Sure, that is a strong fit with the Saturn-Neptune square anchoring everything at the moment but is also quite apt, no?

So how is YOUR Full Moon in radically candid Sagittarius going?  It’s also loosely squaring Dr Chiron – another Centaur – so the potential for healing is huge. Note that it is in exact square to the Solar Eclipse of March 20 2015, at 29 Pisces. So some relevance or echoes of that time also now.


Image: Rene Grau

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Love Reinhart and the centaurs. I think it has to do with Chiron being on my asc at the very end of pisces and so he is bang on returned just now. Really feels like I have travelled life and taken all the insults, so that this time I can travel it again with wisdom and an ability to add the salve. I ended up being a maverick healer, well no one had heard of Chiropractic some thirty years ago especially not in a Convent School in middle England. And within this career I have ended up at the far… Read more »


I’ve been pretty out of the loop of what type of moon this was going to be, but I begged that with this full moon I could finally release the baggage that I’ve been carrying since childhood. I experienced a deep catharsis today and I’m a step closer to self-acceptance and love. Thank ya, Sagg moon. Mad love.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Totally thinking out loud, but I would like to see how the orbit of this new “mini moon” syncs up with the Moon’s orbit; specifically the lunar apogee (mean and “true”) – speculating there could possibly be a BML connection here.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Pholus? Is this perhaps the “Second Moon” that every non-astro freak has been badgering me about?

“waht about the 2nd full moon?”
It on happens every million years?

:It’s not like our current moon, but it’s still a satellite – an asteroid that orbits us in a weird way. And it has some cosmic influence..”


somehow I managed to sort out a dodgy tax situation from late January where my accountant said he’d filed my tax return and then vanished to deepest darkest Africa (literally) and until today I’ve been really stressed about it as inland revenue sent me two letters demanding I pay penalties. I tracked him down in Afrika by calling his mobile repeatedly as he wasn’t answering emails. That was months ago. I thought he’d filed it then because I’d scanned and emailed the “two missing months” of bank statements but he hadn’t. Anyway it’s been dragging on for MONTHS (so very… Read more »


Wow, this is so on point for me. Normally I am pretty energetic on the full moon, and I thought this one would be no exception, especially considering it’s the Summer solstice where I live, but I was processing family cycles of abuse through the generations and the incredible violence I suffered as a child soooo much more intensely than my usual times of processing. To the point of despair really. I decided to mix a new flower essence combo, and one of the core remedies I included is Joshua Tree …which helps to break negative ancestral karmic patterns, bring… Read more »


Have to admit this Sag moon conj. my 6th house Neptune (1 Cap) is whipping me into shape re: my daily routines, discipline, health, work, meeting deadlines and squaring away finances — all the details I would rather dream away. It did feel like it was all getting too big to handle, but I know what I have to do. I love the note about Pholus — small events set off chain reactions indeed! Even if it’s only paperwork. Also, this Sag full moon – my MOTHER was going on and on about the Strawberry Moon and the Solstice, and… Read more »


This Pholus interp above I find very interesting Myst. It’s a bit like the piece of a puzzle I’ve been looking for. I looked up Pholus in my chart and there it is very close to Chiron. These are my only 2 aqua or 8th house objects. Their mythology links, as it was Pholus’s action of opening the jar that led to the poisoning of Chiron. Chiron was said to be immortal though he could chose to die. The poison unleashed by Photus effected him so badly that he chose to end his life. The same event killed most of… Read more »


That’s interesting David. I’ve been thinking a lot about the non-linear nature of time lately.
My little girl often talks about something that happened say earlier today that in fact happened a year ago or something that happened aaaaaaggges ago that actually happened yesterday.
Last week I was listening to her tell a story like this with great amusement but then realised that she is probably right! It’s the same as the Dreamtime concept of Everywhen..the Dreamtime isn’t referring to the Dawn of Time- its the Dreaming which is happening concurrently in the past the present and the future..


You might like to read a series of novels by Jane Roberts. ‘oversoul 7’. Your daughter may like them to.



Pluto, scorp, 8th house and IC all seem to pop up in terms of ‘inheritances’ or lineage (as far as the ic goes.) If you’ve ever watched an episode of who do you think you are, you can feel the cross-generational recognition and healing. It’s amazing sometimes : *)


So beautiful David! My nieces and I have rewritten family contracts, agreements etc- and rewritten centuries of power based relating. Mostly by honoring and healing traumas. Seth says we live in parallel realities. Love and compassion across time and generations. Doing another job chez work- a woman called. My late mother was her friend- and I paused our business to share who I was. She is 80 plus- and spoke of the maddening, sad duty of attending funerals of peers, family etc. A few times she burst into song- she was part of a theatre crowd. It was lovely to… Read more »


Sagg moons are always intrestn.


That was a VERY powerful full moon and full moon lead up for me. Just awesome. So much passion and transformation and newness.


It was SO rad!


Ah yes late March 2015, the ghosting Aries was rendered temporarily homeless and had to crash at my house. My crazy mother went nuts that there was a man staying with us! oh no what will the fucking neighbours think?!!!! who cares? Which of course I was ok with, but definitely showed that he was not mature in the financial and planning realms. I went with the advice of the Oracle and Mystic of course which was to go slow. I mean if I pushed things I could’ve bedded this one. And sometimes I feel foolish for passing up this… Read more »


Das ist gut.


I’ve been told the issues I have with my son are actually ancestoral ones and like so many things lately, I’d forgotten that, stupid in the day to day frustration and dross of dealing with him. Yesterday morning had a moment of clarity re a creative solution to it. But part of me is so sick of having to come up with creative solutions. I just wish he’d remember in the morning how great the afternoon was a go to school for a full day. I’ve honestly been at tipping point. Sunday was awful. Monday morning no better, but I… Read more »


With a Sun/Venus/NN/Jupiter/Pluto stellium in Scorpio/4th, I’ve understood for a few years now that I, among other roles, was destined to play catalyst & chain-breaker re: familial fear patterns of lack and abandonment. This manifested primarily as food- & sex-addictions as well as a general disbelief that creative anything could provide a lucrative and secure future. Since grasping this I have made every endeavor to work through and release these ties, piece by excruciating piece — Scorp lets none go lightly — hardest work I have ever done. Yet rapidly, within the last seven days I feel I have broken… Read more »


Abandonment and sex addiction – I had never put the two together. I’m working through issues of abandonment too. They came to light in March this year. Hardwired it feels like, because it started the day I was born. Being aware is te first step and not falling into learned patterns of behaviour. And when I do, forgive myself, and know it will get easier and better. Thanks for the hope it’s possible.


a general disbelief that creative anything could provide a lucrative and secure future
holy crap YES
I can so identify
and sex addiction as abandonment issue ? yes yes yes
me too me too
wow thank you for that Mikaela


You know, I think I first discovered Mystic right around that time! That was a big deal…

Just happened to still have my 2015 Astro planner kicking around… A few days before, on my birthday in fact, I have written: slow and steady shift perception- see what is instead of looking at what’s “wrong” or “right.”

Still going strong in the shift perception dept… So. Much. has happened since then. Major.


I see now that that was when things were beginning to kick off

Roxy Scorpio

WOW!…ancestors, healing wounds, bonds that stretch over generations, appreciation… This morning (exactly full moon time here), I went back to sleep and I had a very lucid dream about my grandmother (when I was a little kid I used to live with her for a while). In the dream she helped me pack my things for the big journey I was to embark on, never to return home again. Before I caught the bus (and wondering whether I could make the schedule), I went to the basement, where the bathroom was as well as several other doors. There was a… Read more »


wow very appropriate!

aqua kat

Yes, this is so apt. I just turned in a draft of my PhD dissertation to my Chair, and it is on how we interpret our bodies through ancestral history. I have certainly noticed the astro timing, with Sun into Kataka and Jupiter on NN, and the Tarot has been so poignant, even with the Tower appearing in the last 3 readings I’ve done for Full and New moons. I have been working on my dissertation for eons through lots of chaos happening in my work and personal life, loss of inspiration, academic institutional breakdown, major financial awareness realizations, etc.… Read more »

Roxy Scorpio

congrats on the draft – a big step!

aqua kat

Thank you Roxy Scorpio!


” how we interpret our bodies through ancestral history.”

I want to know more! (Kataka Sun, Aqua IC/4th House)

aqua kat

Skarab, will have to get back to you when I have some conclusions, research and writing has convinced me I actually don’t know anything. 🙂 But the general idea is about how people understand family relatedness and resemblance and qualities passing down through genes, interpreting our bodies through transgenerational patterns and tentative ideas about epigenetics, family histories giving clues to all this.


That also intrests me greatly. I love history / geography / language. Like, for example, how even tho a Geordie might be 3 or 4 generations removed from Yorkshire they are still feisty.


Full moon felt pretty energizing but not getting much done. Background stress around that… Sleep is like, forget it…. Slept from 1AM to 6AM last night, then dozed until 9AM…..WTF? I want normal sleep back! Anyway…. I could see the Moon, Saturn, Mars and what I think was Antares (*shudder*) all in a line in the sky in front of my house last night which is impressive that all were so bright here where the city lights could obscure most of those.. Also, thankfully it was clear, not foggy or cloudy! Yay! Have you all used the StarTracker app to… Read more »


i have my natal vertex/Jup at 26Sag in my natal 5th. I am hoping for a big win lol…at some point in my life.


Moon-Vesta at 29 Sagg in my 7th + Neptune (ruler of my 10th) at 25 Sagg. Preparing for my first artistic collaboration with a lovely inspiring choreographer who – I have lately realize – has been benefiting a little too much from my eager offers of time money and self. I’ve had to backtrack on some of these offers but I’m learning a valuable lesson about equality and honesty in close relationships. The March 2015 eclipse ushered in the beginning of a crazy intense, delusion-fueled, and ultimately doomed affair with a Future Faker (a mega mega Sagg). It took me… Read more »


“Dionysus was the god of ecstasy; whose rites were often characterised by drunkenness and chaos, and sometimes they culminated in violence. Similarly Pholus events often involve things getting out of control” This sounds a lot like the way many of the worlds governments are run. Speaking of which, it’s interesting that Malcolm Turnbull PM chose to sit as the lone panellist, & answer questions on Q&A tonight (at approximately the time of the full moon in Sagittarius conjunct Pholus). Someone may need to explain Pholus to Turnbull; He keeps boring the nation with his economic rationalist rhetoric, re: what he’s… Read more »


I watched that too. I thought he just did not answer ppl’s questions with direct answers. Peeps in real need had answers in the idiom of a automaton.


Yes, he’s just a rolling archaic agenda personified, unfortunately.

Meanwhile we continue to wait for all those edifices to fall.


I remember that eclipse well, having made my first excursion to Otago, NZ, where I’m preparing to migrate to more or less as a result of deep bonds formed through that event in particular.

Well, that makes some sense..


My Prog ASC is Zero Cap- tackling pragmatic a while inspired. 29 Sagg/29 Gem are 2nd/8th house natal.

Chock full weekend of family gatherings, food and fêtes.

High summer here- lovely.


Yep. Totally accurate for me and what’s happenin just lately. Been on holidays – healing my ancestral merde/addictive patterns/forgiveness – still 3 weeks off. Divine timing!


This waxing moon has been a true whirlwind, passing over all those planets plus my moon and Eros (at 21 Sag, is that close enough to the full moon to be significant?) Also just realized Jupiter & NN are on my Virgo Psyche. Fortunately I wrote five pages in my journal last March 19 and it’s so relevant. Things I am still working on but making progress. One huge point for me is realizing how incredibly sensitive I am, but it doesn’t need to be interpreted as a fault. I just need strong boundaries and healthy amounts of self nurturing… Read more »


my ex lost his job on that date.

are there echoes of 2012 somehow? I got contacted by a future faker from 2012.

Also, I’m loving the hyper-flux, I feel buzzy and creative, there’s a blossoming, like a chrysalis stage is done with, it’s phoenix time?


I’ve wondered about 2012 too – echoes of that in other peoples lives close to mine. 3 couples (in long term relationships) with cracks starting back then are busting up now. I’m loving the hyper-flux too. I feel buzzy, creative & high – almost trippy for the past week. I’ve managed to do the best meditations in years & esp on this full moon – without effort. Unlike the past 2 years. This could also be Mars stationary on my Jupe – igniting my grand cross? Trans Lilith tripping the Via Combusta ON my Neptune Rising? Yes, it does feel… Read more »


oh yes, Mars! I can’t wait for Mars to turn direct, I think I’ll bust out of the blocks then.

Lilith is on my Sun Skarab! I had also wondered if it was her giving me thrills 🙂


I knew this would happen. I feel so clear within myself in terms of boundaries and future direction. It’s going to mean turning down short-term opportunities in favour of backing myself up both emotionally and financially. It’s going to require stringent budgeting and self-control. Two things I’ve historically been terrible at. But this feels different. I’m at a crossroads again and need to trust my intuition and back what my inner voice is telling me and tune out the fear and external noise. It’s going to require some diplomacy too. Again, not my strong suit. I feel weirdly adult about… Read more »


Yes to self ownership, so many strange gaps coming into awareness?


It’s incredible how many insights are zapping into my body via intuition. I feel them and wonder how I was unsure or fuzzy on these points prior to this moment.
I suppose I was just going ostrich on myself because I didn’t want to/ wasn’t ready to face the difficulties inherent in owning the realisations. It isn’t an easy day sitting with these feelings but it certainly is clear, and that is liberating.


Well its a very worthy thing to aspire to, so great you are onto this, best of luck…regrettably I am totally “kept”, my partner really wanted it this way, and I had a child late, with no career to go back to, industry restructured (but currently studying to change that) and yes I have that book “A man is not a financial plan”, still have not finished it…its actually pretty good, just the doing, discipline is what makes it real.


I’ve only just read this after my above questions… X


Yes your comments are fine, honest it is pretty much a deal with the devil…but I wouldn’t blame anyone…weaknesses are hard to conquer. I’d earn up to what I believe put me here…people’s dreams can get themselves into sticky situations. Having a libra south node 2nd says a lot, lol. Uranus opposite that is really making everything exposed… He wanted status, wife with background, money…I suppose I am just as hooked, my venus in capricorn 5th has had pluto grinding over it the last 18mths…at least my virgo stellium sort of helped me keep it together. I nearly had a… Read more »


I haven’t read that book but as you say, you are studying to change that. I understand you feel isolated and unemployable because as you say, you had a child late and got off the career treadmill. I don’t have a child and I’m not married but I know the feeling. It is seriously tough when you haven’t been in the job market for a decade or more to think of going back and applying/ interviewing/competing. I don’t know that that is even the right way for you. You might find being self employed works better or working in the… Read more »


Oh thanks, I am getting it together, slowly and surely – love the postgrad, just wish I could SEE, why is everything such a blur??…Can always get done what has to be attended to, just absolutely bewildered as to what the hell is really happening…I think I am being manipulated but I am complicit to it. Lol, I am having my scorpio ceres return (2nd) with black moon lillith right there (scorpio) and my its hitting my juno in scorpio…. Yes I have felt really sad, realising its such an “arrangement”, and I have cancer moon, mercury pisces (grand trine… Read more »


You’re just in shock sweetheart. I’ve been through similar things (without having a child of mine involved but there was a child from a previous marriage both times and I was mainly still there because I loved the kid so much) so I know some of what you are going through and feel extremely, perhaps inappropriately protective toward you. I worried about having been so forthright in what I said last night but it’s because I care. Still, it was probably inappropriate anyway 🙁 Oh well, it’s done now and thank fuq you didn’t take offence at my honesty. I… Read more »


Thanks so much. I have a plan, I have arranged to get my partner into therapy for his addiction and past abuse as its hurting us all, but I think I will be more gentle about moving apart a I want people to be safe, everything to be kept in order, it just ha to be more slowly done and finished with care, respect too.

No problem with any raw honesty, this site encourages us all to be free, have truth.


The Uranus Pluto square eh and yes I can say that was a huge week for me. Easy to think of joining obvious dots with a Saggi full moon but I think what is being illuminated is a more subtle truth. So far.. and we’re almost exact.. this moon is not intense, Dionysus imbued or loud, nor does it involve any soap boxes. It’s all pretty chill. I said in an earlier post this feels new moon-ish and lacks all the usual full moon intensity. Perhaps that’s because it’s all been so intense of late or perhaps it’s because it’s… Read more »


I wish I could remember what was happening on March 20 2015.
I realised today that the full moon is just about conjunct my North Node.
I’m pretty over Saturn in Sag and I am equally over my work place. Major values clash that I cannot keep ignoring. Normally I’d indulge in red wine and chocolate to deal with it but I have absolutely no interest in either. I’m glad about that.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Ditto on being over the work place and values clash. Needing to Phoenix myself asap.


I’m a 29deg Pisces too. My godness that 2015 March 20 eclipse was life changing

Virgo Ellie

Yikes, just looked at my history and on March 21, 2015 I contacted my ex. He blocked me from Facebook at that point but he contacted me on April 17, 2015 responding. What’s funny is 2 years exactly from April 17, 2015 prior we had the best sex ever. I know he was trying to draw me in again contact me on 4/17. HA! He reached out to me right before Easter this year. HA! HA!… poor guy. Boy he if didn’t think the 25 year old blonde was better we’d be together still. 3 months after he went for… Read more »


Natal 29 degree pisces here. Born on March 20. I remember 2015 waking up that morning of the eclipse with so much energy, I woke up at 6am to take my pup out for her morning pee and just felt the urge to go running with her around the neighbourhood. This is unusual for me as I had been going through chronic fatigue and other emotionally draining dramas for quite some time. I could feel the tangible rush of some sort of ethereal, other-worldy energy rushing through my veins. Like i was high on something. But that morning marked a… Read more »


I love March 20 peeps…


Me too!


This is exactly how I am feeling now!! It’s such a beautiful night and today has been about the sisterhood in so many amazing ways. It’s like full moon rushing. It’s conjunct my Eros. (Oh hey and pholus I guess!) Just.. wow. Feeling good, the world is my playground. I think a film I just saw has got to a part of me that other things have been trying to. Many themes converging in strange and subtle ways <3 Mid March last year was when the amazingness started (from the sludge pond so a long way up) Maybe it's mars… Read more »


My dob is 20 March …. date of the eclipse referred to. I also have saggitarius rising and saggitarius moon ….. This should be interesting!!


Ummm … it’s going in the radically candid manner in which my Saggo Moon @ 26 degrees usually goes.

I see truths that others don’t see or don’t want to see. I fight for my authenticity and sense of self. I stamp my foot and stop putting up with things I’ve been putting up with for ages (Cancer Sun/Venus).

They yell at me for being “too honest”.

I sigh and think … oh well. Nuthin new here …


Your moon is on my ascendant 🙂
I loved your comment recently about deciding to make art and eschew the micromanaging. Makes even more sense now I know where your moon is. It struck me as an incredibly “sane” decision at the time and feels more so now.
Good call.


Ahh yes … my best friend’s ascendant is on my moon. And her moon is on my Sun. Let’s just say “we get each other”. Anyone with strong Saggo placements has a “need” to be able to be candid I believe.

Yep decluttering, unloading. Fuck “stuff”. It never brought me much joy or happiness anyway.


Oh I have opposite problem; truths I don’t want t know… Now that mercury is 9th (almost on MC) square neptune (7th) and saturn is on my IC, some weird ugly clarity appears. My partner of 20 years had erotic images of an unknown woman (obviously related to his working hours) on his phone…which I only found b/c he gave to it to me to use so I’m even more naiive than I can believe… So who I’m thinking exactly am I married to? I thought he was always fairly academically clever, compassionate in our relationship but very restless at… Read more »


Permission to speak frankly? Knowing nothing other than what you write. What exactly are you getting in return for your body and loving attention? Sounds like a shifty and with-holding partner who is starting to sound v slimy. A deal with the devil? I am probably being incredibly inappropriate… This pings all my Pluto Libra lilith toro Fuq it ok all my ‘feminine’ points are sharpening their swords and baying for a reckoning. So I apologise if I my concepts are too much (usually are, times like this) What’s your biggest fear in this context? Maybe that’s what needs to… Read more »


aquasunrise you ARE seeing reality! It’s been shoved in your face (how full moon in Saggo?) images of a woman on his phone is the tip of the iceberg I’m sorry but stuff like that doesn’t just happen in isolation It’s connected to other events and is obviously such an entrenched pattern that he was relaxed enough to “slip up” and just pass you the damn phone! Honey I’m not a Freudian but you know Freud would say he WANTED you to know unconsciously and in this case I agree. You’ve known about this for ages on some level and… Read more »

The Venus Fly

March 2015 – I was paired to do an exercise with a girl who had been throwing passive-aggressive shade at me IN CLASS in full throttle for over a month. When she began sabotaging our work I leaned over and gently stated ‘Please stop being a brat’. When she wouldn’t stop I just looked at the teacher and quietly walked back to my seat. After class she acosted me, starting putting me down about my age, my accent, every damn thing. I straight told her where to go. She went and complained and you know what they did? They moved… Read more »


Haha! I just came back to good old Oz after a month in my other home and a couple of days in Hong Kong. Melbourne airport is a microcosm of Australia, no clear signs, you enter passport check through an alcohol boutique, staff yell at you in our ugly accent and if it appears you may not understand English, they simply yell louder. Due to having a one-year-old, I was in the queue for families with young children and people who don’t have chipped passports, which is often old people. We have all been on a 10-hour flight. This little… Read more »


I need to learn more of this standing ground. I have a problem with setting other people off, and I just never understand how much of it is me unconsciously being provocative or arrogant or something, and how much of it is them, but I end up shutting down, it’s become part of self sabotage thing, I just withdraw and end up squishing myself into smaller and smaller spaces. I have an almost identical situation with someone from my course right now.


It is amazing. So much mutable, so much Pisces and to be honest, I have enjoyed a drink forever,.. And now. Nope, not into it. I am eating amazing healthy food only, and after about two drinks I’ve had enough and do not need….also, not smoking – I, after twenty years, just Can Not. It seems so stupid and disgusting…. And I loved smoking! Or thought I did. I am actually somewhere where a lot of people usually smoke and no one else is. It’s quality nutrition, and I just booked a yoga retreat for late October. Six months ago… Read more »


Feeling like a hero – I just jumped from a moving taxi after the driver tried to rip me off. Moving slowly but….screw you dude!! The meter probably wasnt broken and the price don’t change as you are about to swing down an alley.


Wow, certainly apt for me. I do love that advice – to not do anything non-necessary during a crazy emotional storm. Last few days has been HARD and PAINFUL! I had to cancel everything yesterday to sleep and cry until the storm passed. Why is Chiron so painful…?

Thanks for the ancestral heads up, definitely resonates with me…


Sending love! Hope you feel better.

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