Feng Shui And Astrology Are Closer Than You Think

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Feng Shui and Astrology are closer than you might think.

Of course, it is intricately tied in with Chinese Astrology but I have only recently realized how it connects to Western Astrology.  To be clear, Western Astrology is what I do and while there are a few similarities, the Chinese version is quite different.

There are nine so-called Flying Stars in Feng Shui. Some schools of thought say that they are associated with stars of the Milky Way. Others that they correlate to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. As the ancient Chinese obviously did not know about the more recently discovered planets such as Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, there some repetition involved. For example, Saturn is linked to the Five and the Eight star. Then again, the characteristics of the Flying Star 7 are super-Neptunian.

And then they throw in the Five Element Cycle ( as in Acupuncture) just to make it surreal. For instance – the 5 “Yellow” Star is an Earth star and seems to correlate with Saturn. It is seen as having a baleful influence but that you can work with it if your Emperor Qi is strong enough.

As it is always Earth – you “control” the bad manifestation of Saturn/5 with iron but support good Earth stars like the number Eight with Earth or Fire.  If you just went throwing crystals around with the conscious intent of boosting something (it is the intention that counts in magic and sometimes in science) than you could be hyping a negative Earth star.

Feng Shui And Astrology Connections Are Mind-Blowing

And yet more proof of the Feng Shui and Astrology hook-up. There are also planetary ages that coincide with the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions. These occur every 20 years and are also significant in Western astrology. They’re new epochs, most particularly of rulers and economies. We are currently in the Feng Shui Age of Eight, which is why 8 is seen as such a lucky number to the Chinese. It is soon to be the Age of Nine. The next Jupiter Saturn conjunction is in December 2020 but the Age of 9 does not start until 2024. The Feng Shui calendar diverged back in the 1500s it seems. But, to be a purist about it, the Age of Nine should start in late 2020,

Jupiter pops up in Feng Shui as the Grand Duke. But their version of it is not the benevolent force of expansion and luck seen in Western astrology. You are supposed to avoid renovating/digging and even facing the direction that the “Grand Duke” is in that year. How do they devise the direction? If I ever had a knowledge sabbatical, I would study these connections.

So you can google “best bed direction” although I would not recommend it. Some of the descriptions for your “worst directions” rival the medieval astrologers of Europe for their fatalism and negativity. But the real magic comes when you identify the Flying Star/Planets as laid it in your floor plan, done off the Feng Shui era your house was built or massively renovated in.

There Are Links Between Medieval Planetary Sigils And Feng Shui Maps

It’s mind-warping. On one of my research benders i found a Feng Shui map called “Flying the 5 Star.”  It was a map of how the star will “fly” – which seems to be Ancient Chinese/Feng Shui lingo for what we would call a “transit.”

Anyway, this Chinese map was exactly the same as a medieval English magical “sigil” of Saturn. Of course, people like John Dee (Queen Elizabeth’s spy/astrologer – he was the original holder of the code name 007) traveled to China to meet with oriental alchemists. There was a whole set of people swapping ideas about universal energy and how best to manifest or understand it.

Even the hexagrams in the I-Ching – also based on the Five Element cycle – were used by Western spies in codes. So many Feng Shui and Astrology questions remain though. Why, for example, does the New Year in Feng Shui start with the New Moon in Aquarius? Is it because once upon a time, Jupiter was probably entering a new sign then?


Image: Matthieu Salvaing

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Ah, I meant to comment on this when it first went up.

For now, just wanna say how much I love the Feng Shui tips and lore that sometimes pops up on the site, and would love more Feng Shui + house witchery posts. (Yes, this is on my mind because I’m moving later this month . . . and mercury is loitering through my fourth house.)


How does FS apply if you are always shifting? (I’ve had 8 different addressess since Pluto started to impact my Asc in 2012)


Do you think feng shui is still effective even if your home isn’t perfectly tidy? (I know decluttering is generally the first step). I’m far from a hoarder but I have a busy household and it has a lived in look.

Redlipstick Virgo

I love love love John Dee – only tatoo I want is his monad – so simple and beautiful and summing up the universe. Loads of rain here but I could feel all the plants being thankful for rain. It felt like a cleansing of energy. Sadly A most beautify fig tree I would drink under while staring at the moon in my gothling outfits was blown over by the storm last night – perhaps it’s died from lack of beauty or the tunnel they bored underneath its roots –

Catfish moon

I love the idea……
But I am more pagan, earthy witchy, Northern California, with Scottish ancestory, with hints of southern voodoo. I do not relate or feel th Asian culture or influence, although I love visiting Chinatown and Japanese tea gardens.

Is there a Wiccan fend shui??? Or southern swamp void do fend shui???


I remember Mystic saying how the Celts had their own version of Feng Shui but everything was lost during the Inquisition. So sad.


Why Warren Beatty in Shampoo in a Feng Shui context? Curious! Elon Musk says there is a chance we are living in a synthetic reality or some advanced civilisation’s computer game. “There’s a one in billions chance we’re in base reality”, he says. On that level I just think space acupuncture aka feng shui is so logical. And I looove Feng Shui – I would love to study it. I nearly did so in my early 20’s with a good practitioner as mentor. But she really wanted me to be an architect and I couldn’t oblige so I hit the… Read more »


Conscious minimalism is what attracted the hoarder I think!
The natural counterbalance is always presenting itself in some form.
Maybe it is why Gautama preached the middle path so as to avoid the counterbalancing effect of nature?

Don’t anything about “information architecture” but I feel that is a great affirmation of your inner logic structures being expressed externally. You should totally take it!!



Carolyn McCallum

I would also like to compliment you on your grasp of Feng Shui! This blog is quite in depth and demonstrates just how much you get the topic. I love how you are happy to test things and provide feedback on anything we put in place in your home and the results you get. You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and I have so much respect for you including Feng Shui as a topic to alert your thousands of followers to the benefit using Feng Shui can have in their lives. Thanks Mystic!


I think what Musk was talking about relates to the latest info on brain architecture. Basically that free will is an illusion. Personally this doesn’t concern me too much because, I was taught by kabalists at a young age that very same thing. More importantly I was taught and accept that if you do believe you have free will to consciously return it to source and allow free flow of guidance. You could say my life experiment has been this and I’m quite happy with the results. ‘Free will’ as opposed to ‘group mind’ is I believe an unique experiment… Read more »


Reminds me of when the 1stC Greek philosophers beat that strident 19thC philosophical outfit led by Nietschke 1-0 back in 1973.


This is really cool, I haven’t pondered much on free will except to regard Earth as a ‘Free Will Zone’ as I was taught.
And ‘free will’ as being the natural opposite to the ‘group mind’ is really mind blowing! I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Read that the final chapter of the Gita says,

“The Lord of all Beings abides in the Heart,
Causing all beings to wander, to revolve, (planets?)
As if fixed, attached to, mounted on a machine,
By the power of Illusion (maya).”

What a wonderful description of, as you say, a holographic theatre!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I think it impacts some signs more than others.

I feng shuied my wardrobe and it was awesome!!


Nooo, i love cacti! they feed my aries moon. I live in a cold damp climate and my apartment vibes california + new mexico in the 1970s (or so i envision) and it’s heavenly.

O dear, i got so lost reading this… Not sure if feng shui is for me. although based on the fashion angle, i have minimized the black/blue in my wardrobe and nix’d metal jewelry as prescribed (due to being a fire rabbit) and feel much better. Seeking wooden and bone jewelry now + more orange, gold, magenta and olive green.


Omg..Does anyone remember when I did the peach blossom remedy? And stuck a pic of Zeus on the wall? I wanted a tall, larger than life, saggi and Mystic said ‘yes but he was a philanderer’. Well, that didn’t turn out well. He was addicted to porn and a misogynist. Not messing with feng shui again after that..


Oh my Goddess Janey, you invoked Zeus! I don’t know if that qualifies as feng shui exactly.
How are you doing these days in that area?


Lololol well I didn’t get current fella thru peach blossom nor a pic of Zeus! Lol met him at a nye party and now he is father to my near 2 yr old and step father to my 11 yr old. A cappy 🙂 how are you?


But Ja I think I’m more into the decluttering and space. Feng shui seems complicated, even dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.


Hahaha!!! Good thx. He sounds much better than Zeus, but I imagine if Zeus was any sign he’d be a Cappy. 😉


Great, now I’m off for my own research bender!!! :/

But interesting in that we had no idea that our garbage disposer was leaking profusely for months…and coincidentally my family’s money and expenses are draining as quickly as any revenue comes in. We have minor repairs that need attending but I bet they will have huge impact on our finances. My big a ha moment is how I must assert myself in my household and hold my husband (and me) accountable for our spending. I think I need to toughen up.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I’m getting a proper consult from your feng shui genius, Mystic–to go with this Housewitchin’ dark moon 🙂

Virgo Ellie

PLEEZE… let the walls be taken down surrounding me. OH MY GOSH… I can’t stand it.

I love Feng Shui! Time to continue cleaning out.


I’ve been talking to a friend this year about Aboriginal songlines in Australia. We can all feel them, but most people ignore them. We have so much to learn from older cultures.


Yes – when I was a child we were taught that we should kick off our shoes and walk on the dirt sometimes so that the earth knew who we were and where we were. The earth needed to know us as well.


yes! I feel them and I’m heavy earth, with Moon in Toro and a Grand Earth Trine – do you think that could make me more connected/receptive? I want to learn more!


Living in Arizona, all the transplants here thinks it’s chic to have cacti EVERYWHERE. It’s unnecessary as they exist right outside your front door. All these Midwesterners relocating to our dry climate giving themselves even worse Qi by using them as a décor schematic…


Exciting stuff Mystic! There are always levels to every craft, and yes, there is certainly more to fengshui than space clearing. I wrote on another thread (Ask Mystic: Dark Energy Banishment) about the amazing consequences of what happened when one of our neighbours hired a fengshui master to fengshui his flat. And because he lived in the top floor of the building – what he did to his flat, had a profound effect not just on the whole building, but to the building next door as well – as it was negatively affecting ours. He did it by doing geo-acupuncture… Read more »


So interesting!! Thanks and I wish I could see that dossier too.

em price

gah, me tooooo!! I am totally into feng shui as one of the definite pinnacles of magical practice. feng shui is magic, period. I would love to study it more intensely because I absolutely love chinese medicine and the generating cycle and it’s my touchstone for understanding the body, nutrition, the seasons… I would love to have a deeper understanding of the overlaps with western astrology, since I only understand Chinese astrology at an extremely superficial level. ONE very cool thing: my chart mostly is divided between Libra and Scorpio planets, and my Chinese astro divides between Rooster and Snake… Read more »

Nicky b

Mind blown.


Having done the flying stars using the rebirth date of my house (when I had a total tear-off of the roof redone opening it overnite on the full moon) , all I can say is , talk about adding another dimension of complexity to home decor. There is ,however, a lot to say for pimping out your house to be zen as fuq! Or maybe that’s just my double virgo minimalist talking ? And i agree, the real stuff is top secret it seems, you do have to dig. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to do it.


I was told an interesting story once how a Feng Shui master had run out of water on a journey and was terribly dehydrated. An old woman found him and offered him water, but he was angry that she bossily would only let him have sips. This of course was because slurping the water would have made him ill. She asked afterwards where she should build her house, and as the Master was angry he told her the grottiest place (a tad ungrateful I felt) . Years later he met her and she thanked him for his wonderful advice, how… Read more »

12th House Virgo

I spent $1200 on a feng shui astro consult. Will never spend a cent on it again. Nothing beats the impact – as in positively affecting your life/vibe/emotional-spiritual-physical well-being – of straight meditation. And meditation doesn’t cost a thing. If your vibe is high, you can be in a dungeon cell and at peace.


In agreement, 12th HV. For me, it is meditation, Reiki cleansing, letting others feed the frenzies.

“Good, good, GOOD, good vibrations!” xoxo

But I do appreciate the read, Mystic — thank you.

Year of the Phoenix

Yep, the transformation through hard times via Meditiaion is the go for me too. Went to a witchy meet up and the reader picked up on the “new” me and the last few years of my personal growth Khaleesi style Phoenixing through stillness

The Venus Fly

Ditto. Also decorating the house from a place of pure instinctual love is the best way to have it flow. I know clutterbugs in adoring relationships and single neat freaks – how you do the house means nada but how you use your thoughts (or clearing them)? Helloooo magic and harmony 🙂


Fuqing wow. John Dee knew of Flying Star feng shui. I’m delighted to learn this- but not surprised

The Venus Fly

I don’t do Cacti indoors. Being mega earth when I brought crystals into the home the qi just whooshed up! Been really resonating with Pluto energies.I’ve been working with Stibnite (be careful – it’s toxic) but I work really well. I spoke to it what I wanted from this era and the past week I am literally repulsed by anything that sullies those wants. Mega shifts. Oh yeah – I just won a 48″ Sony TV, lol. Along with coming second in the Edible Garden competition and winning a triple digits voucher to my fav linen store I now have… Read more »


There you go, manifesting again 😉

The Venus Fly

Hey – all relationships, including getting involved with luck and success requires meeting in the middle, yes? :p


Having Warren Beatty – circa 1974 – in da house… Well, that’s always gonna be good feng shui… ?


But one could gift cacti to a frenemy no if one were a d00sh?

Feng shui is for real! Yes to flying stars!

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