An Astrology Lesson Via Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali astrology

What can we learn from the Muhammad Ali astrology? Plenty. His singular, meta-themed life is a brilliant study.

He was a Solar Capricorn with his Sun in Capricorn strengthened by being part of a Grand Earth Trine. The Sun trine to Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Virgo.

A Big Earth Vibe like this often manifests as physical prowess, fantastic feats of athleticism and material grounding.

But see also the Leo Rising and the chutzpah it took to come out with some of his more brazen maxims. “I am the greatest – I said that before i even knew that I was.

Muhammad Ali Astrology Factor One: A Grand Earth Trine

Ali had the Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius. The Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius is instinctively an activist. Dissent is second nature to the psyche, but it would have clashed with his more hierarchical and security appreciating Earth vibe.

He was Venus Retrograde and square Saturn. That part of the Muhammad Ali astrology reflects challenges in his relationships with women, both individually and on the collective scale.

Mars and Saturn aligned with the Midheaven are the classic indicator of enduring fame.

In the mid-1960s, he dropped his “slave name” and adopted a new religion. Then he became a conscientious objector against the Vietnam War, just as Uranus and Pluto were crossing his North Node.


Image: Shephard Fairey


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Alan Wyrick

He has a very interesting set of T-Squares. I think the left side with the tight square from Mars to Pluto-POF shows his physical skills and desire to compete. Mars as the apex planet shows his desire to win and conquer for all that his chart represents. On the right side of one of the legs the Sun is out of sign in Capricorn and is also a singleton which I think shows him as someone who was able to be their true self and would achieve a major rise in status (Sun also in grand trine with Saturn at… Read more »

catfish moon

My father and him have the EXACT same birthday. I wish I knew my dad’s birthtime, thought I believe it is around dawn sometime.

He is a heavyweight in his own right

A leo rising he is not. My father would NEVER say the above comment of being the greatest. He is proud, but bragging is tacky.


Amazing chart. Thank you so much for posting this! I was spouting what my muggle gem found to be Astro-gibberish in glee when I saw Ali’s chart. 🙂 (“Omg – Leo Rising – of course!! And MARS on his MC” etc). Heard Ali went to a posh restaurant after he won an Olympic meda, to celebrate. He was told, “I’m sorry but we don’t serve negroes here” to which he apparently replied, “well that’s fine ‘cos I don’t eat ’em!”. That gorgeous blended Moon/Venus/Mercury!! Fly bold butterfly, fly.. And will have to be more observant of Pluto/Uranus transits, thanks for… Read more »


Every death like this where the celebrity personality had so many messages for the world really hits me. The zeitgeist is talking to us, the energy of the God/dess in all of us is stirring. The rampant deluge and floods around the world means the era is at both an end and a beginning. Ali! Boomaye! So too, we need to namaste ourselves into butterfly mode and actualise the bee, Boomayeing some redundant paradigms that are zombie relics on life support. Fuq the system! Fuq the hidden men. There’s more of us then there is of them. (I’m thinking something… Read more »


His Pluto conjunct POF in the 12th, square Mars is catching my eye. His superpower, other than the obvious, was strength in the subconscious. And Uranus is real close to that Saturn. The man had integrity and a voice – willing to put it on the line for his value system.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love how fuqing succinct and on-point you are.

Been looking at some other astrologers and their waffly-goo-goo-new-age style is SO not me.

Damn I love astro.


So sad.
Here is a pic of Muhammad Ali and Prince together:

Angels now.

So off topic:….but curious.
Mystic says if Mars is retro do not pursue. But what if your natal Mars is also rx . Would this grant you a degree of immunity much like natal Mercury rx does for mercury rx transits?


That’s a great article. Thanks for sharing.

The Venus Fly

It’s Prince’s birthday today. I miss that man… <3


This is SUCH an amazingly literal read on the Saturn/Mars conjunct the Midheaven, I had to share – from his Wikipedia entry: (parentheses are my emphasis, obv) “He was first directed toward boxing by Louisville police officer (Saturn!) and boxing coach (!) Joe E. Martin, who encountered the 12-year-old fuming over a thief taking his bicycle. He told the officer he was going to “whup” the thief. The officer told him he had better learn (Saturn!) how to box (Mars!) first. Note that all three are in possession-oriented Taurus, and that Mars is also tied up in a pretty tight… Read more »


Oooh, so interesting! Thanks for that.

8th house

“Mars and Saturn aligned with the Midheaven is a classic indicator of an enduring fame or ‘brand’ if you like”

Hmmm, does Saturn trine MC, Mars sextile MC count???? 🙂

Virgo Ellie

Wow, Leo Rising with an Aquarius moon. No wonder he was the best. Capricorn kept him in line with determination, Leo made him look good with an attitude of superiority and Aquarius captured the audience. Wow!

RIP sir! Another icon has left the building.

The Venus Fly

I knew 2016 was gonna be a a New Era but I had no inkling that 2016 would be such heavy year of legendary next level transitions. Makes me wonder in 30 years if a new blast of brilliance will dominate Pop culture from the roots OUT.


So that Earth GT was his stayn power. But that Leo-Aqua axis was that mix that created his conceited /quirky communication style. It is not a sport that enthralls me but credit due to his indomitable spirit. His comment that no Chinese or VietCong called him nigger was a home truth no-one could argue with. But he was magnaminous in that he knew Pele was in fact the greatest.


I just loved him from when I was crawling age. I remember when color tv came to australia and there was a huge Ali fight. I think everyone in the world watched that fight. I watched it with a couple of hundred people standing outside a TV store who had turned on their new color sets and faced them to the street.
Watched some footage last night with my young boys and they were caught in his spell so fast. He was smart and beautiful that’s a killer combo.


Smart, beautiful, and funny, don’t forget funny. Watching the Parkinson interviews last night I never realised how hilarious he was


After I posted I did think, oh I forgot to add a sharp sense of humor, thanks for adding that. Can I add to that magnetic charisma ? Or does beauty brains and humor equal charisma ?
My estimate of ‘everyone’ in the world watching that fight ‘the rumble in the jungle’ was questioned by my son. We looked it up. The live audience in 1974 was estimated at 1.5 billion people ! The world population was 3.8 b at that time so nearly half which in a much lower tech world is an astounding figure. Now that’s charisma !!!

The Venus Fly

The Greatest – full-stop.

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