The Astrology Of Helly Luv – Triple Scorped

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Helly Luv

“My music will live forever – Daesh won’t.”
Helly Luv

Meet Helly Luv  – Kurdish pop star, activist (she supports the Peshmerga and animal rights in Iraq), unapologetic fashion freak and Triple Scorpio.

She’s boasting a Sun, Mercury and Pluto conjunction in the Phoenix sign and fittingly spent a whole heap of Saturn in Scorpio making music videos close to the battle lines, waging war against shitty zoos in Iraq and leveraging her burgeoning profile to bring attention to the warriors (especially the females) fighting Daesh.

Her Rihanna-Kardashian styling and the fact that she can actually fly straight out of the war zones she films in to piss off Deash – have attracted critics but her blend of art and revolution feels totally real.

Days after she was born, in 1988, her family had to flee the Persian Gulf War.  Ending up in Finland as “the first Kurdish refugees” there, she went to L.A. as a teenager to make it in music, living on saltine crackers and battling sleazy exploiters until it paid off.

Her Mars is in Aries and I could totally see that as her Rising.


Helly Luv with fighters

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10 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Helly Luv – Triple Scorped

  1. Four planet Scorpio here (Neptune, Venus, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury — all but Mercury in the 1st house). Libra rising that spent years in progressed Scorpio rising. Gawd almighty I can’t believe I’m still alive.The last degrees of Scorpio almost did me in.

  2. She is remarkable, I am glad to learn about her, thank you Mystic.
    Helly Luv (what a name) seems like hers is a really interesting lens and perspective to get a view through into the Kurds, Daesh etc.

    So inspiring to hear about her waving a flag for zoo animals in the midst of everything else.

    Would like to see her chart! I wonder what her Venus is about. Certainly with Mars in Aries, her best photos are of those with her fellow freedom fighting women IMHO.

    Rock on Helly.

  3. Beautiful, brave and bolshy, I’m in love.
    My mothers family is from Iraq, Hebrew not Kurdish but they have nothing to say but wonderful things about the Kurds that were there neighbors for about 1500 years. May they survive and thrive in their homelands forever x

  4. Nothing beats a delicious, empowered and completely open and attuned haure Arabian. When they are beautiful they are next level sublime. J’adore <3

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