Astrological History Crush: Wallis Simpson

Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

“Sport hunting is a crime.  My sympathies are with the fox.”

Wallis Simpson.

My god, no wonder the British establishment did not like Wallis Simpson. She not only took off with the King of the day – who had to abdicate in 1936 so that he could marry this twice divorced lady, she was against fox hunting.

The hatred against Ms Simpson was immense; she was called “that woman”, a Nazi, a spy, a man, a nymphomaniac, a gold digger, a monarchy wrecking (a step above mere home wrecking) monster.  She had baggage, a childhood marked by poverty and a first marriage to a brutal alcoholic. If she wanted riches and to be doted upon, who could blame her?

Even before hooking up with King Edward, she was loathed by many for her compulsive dieting, apparently raspy voice and money obsession. An early adopter of “drunkorexia” – where you swap dinner for a few drinks – she probably did quip “You can never be too rich or too thin.”  She loved scented lilies and L’Heure Bleu but she hated heights and flying.

She was a Gemini and no ordinary Gemini – she was a multiple conjunct Gemini, with Pluto, Retro Mercury, Venus, Neptune and the Sun all in that most Mercurial of Air signs. Her Venus-Neptune conjunct the Fixed Woman Warrior star Bellatrix – fittingly, for as the most loathed woman of her era, she had to fight all the time. Her weapons? Jewels, out-dressing everyone, love (hopefully) and the steely sangfroid of her Aquarius Rising.

Add her Libra Moon into this and you see that her Astral Signature was Air. She had NO EARTH.  She did not give a flying fuq about the protocol and tradition of the royal family.  She was named “Woman of the Year” by Time magazine in 1936, the first time the “man of the year” was a woman. It was purely for her notoriety but still, imagine what she could have pulled off if born into different times?

Her Mars was conjunct the Lady Mars – Lilith – in Aries and the 2nd house/the $$$ sector. Of course she wanted money. Of course she identified with the Fox.

Irving Penn

Image:  Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

Bottom Image: Irving Penn

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65 thoughts on “Astrological History Crush: Wallis Simpson

  1. An immensely elegant woman. Much denigrated. Watch a doco on her some time. She was forced ultimately into marrying Edward when she didn’t particularly want to particularly as she didn’t want him to abdicate the Throne. She was happier being a powerful and free concubine. A sad life. He was obsessed with her. After her first marriage she didn’t want to marry any man.

  2. Easy litmus test to your person: I tell you that I have coyotes and beavers in the preserve behind my house and have been close enough to see them. Pass: you are excited and think it’s cool. Fail: you think it’s an abomination that they live so close to my house and I should kill them.

    Signed, another Mars conjunct Lilith (mine’s in Gemini) babe who does not want your bullshit.

    • How is it bad that these animals live close by?? Do those same people know that they have billions of bacteria living on their skin? You can’t escape nature.

  3. Same: No Earth!

    My Jupiter is conjunct Lady Jupiter, Juno, in Pisces & square Neptune-True Node in Sagittarius.

    Simpson was… polarizing. Yes, sometimes they see us flowin & they hatin.

  4. I’m not sure there is anything nice to say about either of them. Both of them held from all reports quite fascist and racist views and were very supportive of Hitler and his new world order. I don’t like either of them.

      • My distaste for her is rooted in her later life which was sad, drunken and rage filled. She was notorious for mistreating servants and temper tantrums over wrinkled sheets etc. he was definitely a LZ.

        She climbed to heights with sheer force of personality and charisma, brilliance. And was judged for being powerful, not acquiescent.

        My mother (another Gem-Mercury -Pluto Sun) admired her jewelry, many copies were made of the gorgeous broaches she was known for. Reminds me of Crow Medicine- loving glittery shiny objects.

        • Depending upon how accurate that TOB is (and it’s likely not as DD rated in the Rodden databank), it’s possible she could have Moon conjunct Algorab in Corvus, the Crow – you could be onto something there.

          I haven’t done enough research on her to formulate an opinion either way, but will cop to having somewhat of a girlcrush on her chart, LOL – she would be a stimulating conversationalist at the very least! I’m sure she had quite the bossy streak as well with the Aries Mars opposite her Moon…don’t let her fool you – I have a feeling she was both Fox AND Hunter!

          • LV, I too was quite enthralled as a younger person. They were the OG “it” couple, and she graced Vogue, Time etc. My father was decidedly not a fan, but my mother was a student of celebrity women survivors.

    • that’s it though – there was SO much shit said about her and also any other powerful woman or female of note in those days that it can be hard to separate propaganda from truth.

      Having said that, those circles in those days were broadly racist and anti-semetic, which is repulsive obviously.

      the term ‘history crush’ does not constitute an endorsement David – it is more of a term meaning “striking and impactful person of days gone by with no doubt informative astrology that would make good blog content” but that is too long winded to go in a title field.

      For example, my next History Crush will be the fascinating machiavelli who no doubt WAS a total prick but interesting none the less

      • Machiavelli was an amazing person. If you haven’t read them already, I’d highly recommend the Ex Urbe series of essays on him.

        The essays look at him in the context of his time and place, and I found them fascinating. Here’s a quick sample:

        This, now, was Machiavelli’s job when he worked in that little office in the Palazzo Vecchio:

        Goal: Prevent Florence from being conquered by any of 10+ different incredibly enormous foreign powers.
        Resources: 100 bags of gold, 4 sheep, 1 wood, lots of books and a bust of Caesar.

    • Okay i have been looking into this a bit MORE. Her 2nd husband was Jewish so unless she was really fuqed up, she was presumably not that anti-semitic.

      The accusations came from an affair she was alleged to have had with the German ambassador to England, one Joachim Von Ribbentrop but like the accusations of her being a witch, a prostitute etc – there is no definitive proof of this.

      That the King and the rest of the royal family were anti semitic is, of course, a matter of ghastly record.

      • I’m sorry Myst. I wasn’t upset at all by the post or WS. I’m sure if I did more research I’d be better informed. I should have referred it to Edward not her.
        Let’s face it she’s controversial and I have no problem with the subject matter. Forgive my judgement x

          • Yeah, Woody, only the French love him now.. The theme of the old ugly man scoring a young hot woman is the bread and butter of the French film industry.

            Talk about being judgey, how about Cosby WTF !
            Turns out funny ol Bill was a real life psycho ! Like some type of deviant vampire !
            A criminal predator basically.

            • She did the UK a favor getting the weakest link out of the line-up and clearing the decks for George and Mary. And Elizabeth. Royalist or no- Edward would have been easily manipulated as King.

  5. cool…in sync…during gemini season, i went through a pile of paperbacks and pulled The Woman He Loved for summer reading…it’s truly cosmic the way i start vibing on somebody, check out the astro deets and damn, my research person is the sun sign of the moment…that’s rad 🙂

  6. Yes to Astro History Crush as running feature — in general the posts on interesting past artists and adventurers are some of my favorites here.

    I’m very air + fire but have some earth: Cap rising and Neptune in Cap. Even though the element sometimes feels stifling to my aqua self I’ve found myself trying to tune in and cultivate it as I’ve dealt with more Saturn / Pluto stuff. You need to be able to quench your flame to let it burn bright and steady, a daoist monk once told me, and I think of digging into earth and water as part of that.

  7. Madonna produced a movie about her in 2011. I enjoyed it. I was like David, upset to learn they had ze Germans back during the start of WWII…ANd I know it’s not something.
    I did love this movie though.

      • Geez, I wonder if that comment was to do with Jewish people being forced to wear a fox tail on their back ? Or maybe that was a different era.

      • In the Wiki reference she refers in a letter to native Bahamians with a slur- which many upper crust Brits did. Does not varnish her rep.

  8. I adore posts like this! So interesting!

    Astro is like the cosmic glue of the cosmos…

  9. apparently the rumor is she had learned the fine art of giving a bj during her travels — scandalous in those missionary only lie back and think of england days — and it one of the things that kept edward in thrall to her.

  10. She and I share a birthday and I have a very similar astro signature to hers. Grand trine air: gen sun, libra moon, aqua rising. Not as many planets in the gemini stellium as she had though and nothing is the second lol. And while I empathise with the fox I also am horrified by what the Nazis did. I’m not sure anyone’s character can be deduced from one quip, particularly someone who was maligned as she was. After all, Jefferson and the founding fathers owned slaves and no one seems to give a shit about that…

    I found her fascinating for ages.
    I read a lot on her and tried to understand why theirs was supposedly this amazing love story when they looked anything but.

    Anne Sebba’s book ‘That Woman’ had some interesting things to say about that. That she was still in love with her second husband for years after she married Edward. That she had a talent for self preservation, driven by the need for security because of childhood deprivation. That she didn’t actually want to marry Edward but had to go through with it.
    There’s a BBC doco that claims the establishment forced Edward to abdicate and used her as the excuse because of Edwards Nazi sympathies.
    All very interesting and I doubt because of that misinformation we’ll ever really know

    She looked amazing and had great jewellery. Now I sound shallow 🙂

  11. I think if she was around today she would be one of the candidates for a sex change…she was incredibly androgenous and I think that is what made her so individualistic and so unconcerned for public opinion…I think she always felt an outsider and so became blatantly so…flying in the face of convention and the status quo…Wealth gave her credibility and the means by which she could not be ignored…Edward notwithstanding…a weakling who was more the “woman” in that relationship…while she wore the pants…

  12. Fascinating analysis! Since there are so many Gemini sociopaths (the inverse ‘social butterfly’ effect?) it would be more surprising if she were a sweet, friendly hunter of Royals. Really enjoyed this breakdown of her chart.

  13. The Germans and English are blood cousins. King George l & ll only spoke German; the lll spoke English as well. For a while the the Kingdom was of England and Hanover. (Schmidt = Smith, rot = red, blau = blue, drei = three, freund = friend, etc). The basis of our language is German. As evidenced by JFK, MLK, Neil Armstrong, Churchill, Ben Chifley, Menzies & Keating all giving famous cut-thru speeches based on Anglicised Germanic (not Latin/French) words. In Oz, 2 pollies lost ppl bcos they spoke into many Anglicised French words; Beazley and Rudd.The USA is the largest German heritage country as identified by ppl who can claim German heritage.

    This in no way supports evil regimes, AH or whoever. I am sure all despots share broad badly worked astrological aspects. History is littered with these types leading nations to humiliating circumstances.

    As for these 2? Dunno.

  14. This is so funny that you’ve posted about her – I just discovered her fascinating life after watching the (terribly made – by Madonna!) film W.E. I frantically googled her birth data and wasn’t surprised by the Gemini vibe, but Mystic did you read the quotes by her that having to actually LIVE with the King (who renounced the throne for her) – you know, in a domestic, day-to-day way, killed the love? I thought that was so Gemini. She wasn’t into keeping house.
    Even though it’s terrible, the costumes are great, and there’s a ridiculous scene where she and the king take ecstasy and dance to the sex pistols (??), you should check out the film if you haven’t already!

  15. i had a crush on her at one point…think its the courtesan aspect, the fact that she had power over a man who could have been king.
    they were both stupid nazi sympathisers tho…maybe him more so.
    yes she was elegant…think she was practically emotionally blackmailed into
    to marrying in the end…im sure he was threatening to kill himself if she didnt marry him…he was a weak man

    • Maybe the whole hunt idea was repulsive, was a vegetarian!
      If she just had a Gin for tea and ate like a bird, perhaps

      • Am going to do some research one day, i imagine after reading this, she didn’t give a damn about anyone/thing, except animals x

        • yes-i just thought mystic was saying there was s’thing in the astro to indicate sympathies with a fox-in that little bit of astro at the end-but maybe not- mars conjunct lillith sounds the exact opposite of a victimised/hunted animal?? x

  16. Hard to seperate politics from fashion… Didn’t Chanel have to close all her shops in New York after people refused to buy, or was it Paris?

  17. Geminis–you either love them or hate them! I am of their particular fascination and adoration which is mutual. This lady sounds quite the catch or should I say she catches you.

  18. I really enjoyed this astro analysis. Also, her 8th House Libra Moon is in tight conjunct with her Chiron by a 1º orb – both trining all those Gem planets. No wonder she attracted other people’s wealth & power & induced sexual dependency attractions so easily. She’s an Air-witch. What a chart, though! Vast number of trines.

    Love these Astro History Crush blogs, Mystic.

    • He has Mercury on his Desc and was Aqua rising- a trend setter. His Uranus in Scorp also rebels. He had Grand Trine in Water to her potent Air-

      • he would be 122 years old today… trivia but apt.

        And another historical thang happening today – which could change Britain’s standing – is the Brexit referendum. Happening as we speak!
        It all seems subliminally related.

        I read somewhere that 23 as a date or chart degree in British history, has v often been a game changer or important marker.

  19. Animal-loving misanthropes are a cliche…. And did she really love Edward that much? Not sure. As fascinating as she might be, she also comes across to me as sour and emotionally knarly. Not seductive at all… And Edward was just too meek to earn anyone’s respect…

  20. This is so god damn on point Mystic. Great analysis and fascinating to read. Seriously can’t doubt planetary affects upon us all. Such confirnation here.
    I fkn hate muggles.

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