Weekly Horoscopes From May 7 Are Up

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Mat Miller

We are approaching the Event Horizon of this Dark Moon/Mercury Retro already.

If you have been reading the D.Ms/your Scopes, you may recall that the extra psychological oomph of this thing is to do with Mercury hitting on Pluto non stop from April through June.

Translation: Cut-Through, Savagely Deep But Awesome Insights & Realizations 24-7 + a super low in-authenticity threshold.

But the Weekly Horoscopes from May 7 are up & aiming to i.d. some signal amid the noise.


Image: Mat Miller – You Are Free To Fly – Behance

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From May 7 Are Up

  1. Had a shower and lay down in bed and couldn’t move. Had to ask my partner to bring me the hairdryer. Has anyone else ever used a hair dryer in bed? It’s strangely comforting I just found. It’s that kind of dark moon.

  2. I have been sluggish and not interested in a lot of things this whole week. Getting things done is a chore. I hope I’ll get some energy back after the new moon. I don’t see much air at the moment. Can’t wait for Gemini season.

    • OMG. Can’t. Get. Anything. Done.

      And I’m crabby and irritable and feeling overwhelmed.

      I keep pausing to not react in the moment (or trying to), but between the non-stop onslaught of work, and the non-stop deep, psychological muckraking, I’m barely keeping it together!

      • I have had the most profound of weeks. I mean I know it’s deep psyche churn but Lawd has this hit me. Not an ounce of energy and most of that bleak and black and just sorrowful. Yeeek
        But slowly I am feeling the bounce come back but what a time of rapidly hitting the bottom. Bizarre and then again not so. If you realise your astro.

  3. Tonight I did a sketching class overlooking Sydney Harbour (should that be a capital?), came home and opened a bottle of wine, cos I felt like it.
    Out of character. My dark moon.

    • What’s yr sign Blaise?
      Just realised the Leo that is me above is talking about hair, the GeminEE is talking about myriad ‘ things’ – so I need to know yr sun now, lol.

    • that’s basically how i live at the moment. if you ever need moral support for future similar decisions… i’ll be right here lol.

  4. I have been decluttering as if it were an extreme sport. Over the previous weekend I cleaned all the data off my desktop. Then I did the same with two old laptops. I had planned to restore factory settings and resell them but in the end I screwed it up. I couldn’t restore them. I got irritated and just dumped them. I began feeling so much better. I felt the past years just melt off me. In my haste I ripped out the entire internet/ telephone set up. I’m half heartedly trying to set up my modem and phone (land line) again. It’s strangely liberating tho having no internet. I write this on my phone and this page took about 2 minutes to download.
    I’m still painting and cleaning paint off areas it shouldn’t be (I’m messy) but it’s therapeutic. This revamp of my home feels so intense and very Taurine/ bull vibe. I’m painting some Tarot cards on my walls and there are random motivational slogans everywhere. It’s slightly crazy but it feels right and important. As if there is a reclamation of my own psychic space going on. It’s peaceful but powerful. Also listening to The Sleep Revolution
    It’s particularly pertinent for me with my lifelong hyperness and sleep avoidance. I refuse to buy into the idea that I need to take a pill to sleep. I come from a sleep deprived family and they all take pills to sleep. I’m interested, OK obsessed with Yin yoga and breathing instead. Also just not tolerating shit from muggles. Anyway.
    I’m digging this dark moon. In bed already. Not necessarily to sleep but to chill. Also have bag of carob chips on hand. I’m not usually into chocolate but this is just mwah-
    Cyber clean / digital declutter felt so outrageous and dangerous- you know? Like “wtf? Are You Doing?” No. No. No.
    When it was done I felt so calm.
    Also anti fuq wit and muggle / social life cleanse. Same vibe.
    Chilaxing here xxx

  5. No wonder this week has been such a chore at work. Gaining in small ways but not the kind a corporation likes to measure. Had weird blast from the past day and learned news here and there that makes me go “Hmmm”

  6. Mystic are you out there? I have a question

    the mercury x sun, and jupiter direct (in my third house) action V soon

    the Text advises to ‘anticipate’ comms.

    would you also suggest that it is a good time to *initiate* comms? or, for that matter, a little elbow nudge to personal-profile-boosting efforts? e.g. a blog

    being a mercury ruled pisces , these planets Mean Something to me.
    I’m doing a lot (more) reaching out lately, in a eazy-does-it way because i am coming out of dark kaleidoscopic mists of personal portals..

    is it safe to run with this energy for the whole upcoming week.

    fwiw and to no one in particular, i hate getting cards like the 9 of swords in my 9th house in tarot MM reading. I *AM* the 9th house. [but .. i am stuck in the 4th house in several ways right now]
    a card like that’s basically saying “you suck at everything you do and love and you should quit.” lol/cry


      • it’s not you. Its the bloody astro. Try being an outer planet person with a packed 8th house and rulers Pluto & Mars retro and Saturn retro going over ya Saggo moon… I’m so fuqing miserable and cranky I can’t see the point of anything.

        Love life is non-existent because I suck at it too.

        Sorry, that’s not very helpful but with Saturn square Neptune going on for a few more months my advice-O-dometer is broken. I don’t know what’s real or true anymore

        • Ich verstehen

          Im a 4.8% outer planetian. And l got The Feisty one and The Taskmaster in my 5th squaring my 2H Virgo stellium of Mars Pluto Venus Trijunct. I didn’t even feel the transiting Taureans trine my Virgo stellium/Sat in Cap.

          I suck at everything except my job.

          • I have too many squares in my chart to feel the trines. My natal Jupiter (toro) squares Saturn in Aqua in 2nd.

            I have Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron and Mars squaring my moon. Just for starters!!

            My astro signature is Neptune conjunct Sun in 10th house. So one thing i don’t suck at is the arts… and beauty πŸ™‚ Supported by Venus and midheaven in Libra. Venus squares Saturn so i work hard at it πŸ™‚

            • Do you have T Squares. Ive got 2. Salubrious Banana Lounge relaxing is generally not an option. Peering over ramparts looking for the next fight is my existence.

              Well, not all the time, but with very strong and acute natal Uranus, Neptune & Pluto positions it feels like it.

    • You should try having the 2 Pisces rulers, in Scorp, in 4H, both stationary (for added oomph x3) & they are the focal planets in 2 separate T Squares.

      1- in 1H
      2- conjunct lower octave Merc
      3- that cjunction square stationary Jupe & opposite Chiron TSq
      4- with the Moon in Uranus ruled subject sign of Aquarius represented as a [dominant] ‘bucket handle’

      1- 7 Ptolemic planets / angles
      2- Stationary Focal 4Hauser squared by a classic Sun / Moon 1/7 opposition

      1- Mars (applying 2Β°) Pluto conjunct (2 rulers of Scorp)
      2- Pluto trined by Saturn in Cap (my strongest Ptolemic degree)
      3- my chart tone IS Fixed Water
      4- My Asc n Sun trine my Nep n Jup respectively
      5- Pluto Sextiles my IC Neptune conjunct.

      “I’m pretty tired…..l think l’ll go home now”

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