Do Sunglasses Mess With Your Third Eye Vision?

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Recently i met a prince – an actual prince – from Mumbai at the dog park because, when you have Mercury in Aries, in the 3rd house, that is how you roll. Anyway, what was notable apart from his extreme composure and genial disposition, is that he said you should never wear sunglasses, apart from when skiiing or out on the water. This was great for me to hear, as the dog ate mine and i was squinting into the sun right at that point.

But according to the prince, a Sagittarius, far from re crinkling lines permanently into the skin around my eyes or frying my retinas, i was in fact nourishing my THIRD EYE.

There is more…

Third Eye

As i am sure you know, the Third Eye of many belief systems is associated with higher awareness and psychic powers.  There is all manner of literature – from the Bahagavad Gita to Aldous Huxley  – about the opening of it. It’s seen as desirable albeit dangerous if you try to force it using drugs or whatever.  But the pineal gland that sits right behind the “third eye” needs light – apparently – to function optimally and produce a variety of funky hormones.

We were made to deal with a massive array of rays and to block out the light with sunglasses worn all the time (or, presumably, sitting in front of the computer all day) means you’re not getting full funky with the Pineal Gland/Third Eye.  Which makes me wonder why Prince – as in the late performer – not my dog park prince – was into wearing the third eye sunglasses.  Because when it comes to the third eye AND the pineal gland, the light needs to be let in – not kept out, they say.



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64 thoughts on “Do Sunglasses Mess With Your Third Eye Vision?

  1. At a recent memorial, outdoors in an enclosed space, close to the road though, the day was overcast.
    Little Gemini was running around in circles (prob 20-40 times) with FRINGE!
    New environment for Little Gem, would normally be on a hot sunny beach.
    Am guessing fringe was not good, compared to last time, with NO HAIR/was just starting to grow on little head!

    • So fringe was blocking third eye, poor little thing, I’ll take a bindi if I ever see her again 🙁

  2. Surfers and other high uv exposure types get pterygium but you’d need to be out in the sun a LOT and that sort of thing seems to set in 30s onwards if it’s a lifestyle thing

    • Yes, you have to be sensible about this. Constant, unprotected exposure to high uv rays is gonna fry your retina.
      But getting a daily dose of natural sunlight sans creams or glasses is healthy for every aspect of health.
      And Regardless of whether you wear sunnies or not – gazing at the moon is fantastic for 3rd eye activation/magic.

  3. Scorp risings NEED sunglasses, especially around people, haha. I prefer to go sans when I’m walking outdoors because the colors are crisper and I can see the pulse of the plants. I think Prince’s three lensed glasses were more of an artistic visual, and to draw attention to it of course. That’s just my guess anyway.

  4. Last night on RHONJ, Cathy had a Solstice party to celebrate the start of Summer, and unsure if you really wear white to a Solstice party, but they did (we’re a few seasons behind in Oz, on free to air).

    Fairies gave bindis to the attendees upon arrival, ‘…to place on their third eye’, apparently wearing a bindi on you’re third eye open’s it, i never knew!

    SPOILER ALERT: Everything then fuq’d up when Melissa said the word jail, aft. Theresa said Joe was ‘going away’ (for faking his DMV licence), Cathy said we just say ‘…going away, it’s like the old days, it’ a Jersey thing’.
    Who knew!
    Sorry to get off point, but had to add that! x

  5. Extreme Sun – Perhaps the Prince would advocate them in extreme sun, I met a lady once whose farmer husband in QLD lost his nose and ears, our sun is v. harsh, wear at your discretion.
    Why don’t people in the desert wear scarves or the sand suffocates them?
    But there’s a alot to be said for covering it up, if you’re exposed to negative energy, like when I go to the mall I sometimes forget to wrap myself in an invisible black blanket, to protect myself from the negative entities.
    Or for when I go to sleep, in an invisible purple blanket from the people trying to invade my space.

    Fluroscent Lighting – Apparently (if this is true, or has since discredited), I read that working in artificle lighting all day causes the body to believe it is in a perpetual state of Winter.
    Thereby causing it to store fat, thus causing women (or men am unsure) to become fat).
    We have an light in our kitchen, and recently a swarm of bugs have come in to dine on the kitchen table fruit/veg.,
    It’s a hideous long thing, but great for night work, we found an old fluro lamp in an op shop, the bulbs are 0.15 at Officeworks.

    Eyes – Went to get my eyes tested in mid-late 2000’s, advised I needed glasses, but could hold off, then I went to the naturopath, took a plethora of liquid fish oil, and other minerals, and vitamins, went back and they were dumbfounded, my eyes had improved, but now I can barely see am so stressed. I would say it was the liquid form of fish oil, from the naturopath, who is Greek and totally into 75 veg/salad meal no carbs.

    Pheromones – Wonder if the place behind the ears one of the sensual points, like on the wrists and behind the knees, where you put parfum?

    Bangs/Fringe – Now I know why I get so sick when I cut a fringe, but if you’ve ever had a fringe, like a coffee/food/smoko when your hungover, you know that feeling when you pull if back, it’s like fresh air!

    Cataracts – My nana was telling people that it was hard to see for years, turned out it was cataracts, when they were done, here eyes were clear as crystal, it’s done with a laser, it’s a day procedure.
    An old bosses’ son was playing Pirates in the back yard with a friend when he was about six and the stick went into his eye, he was rushed to the RCH, wrapped his eyes in bandages and put him in a pitch black room for days, he got his sight back, miracle!

    Sacred Eyes – They’re considered ‘sacred’ in some cultures.
    Why do people’s eyes get gouged out in some films, or is this just Hollywood mainstream narrative film, can’t think of any films atm?

    Computers – This makes me wonder if those PC screens work, I could never see through them properly, but can now see the point, like microwaves I cannot stand them, once I temped for the ATO, and they made us work with the blinds drawn.
    Apparently it was better for our eyes to work around computers without the glare of sunlight.

    Jet Lag – What’s this whole thing about adjusting your eyes, wearing sunglasses before you leave?
    I’ve had it before on my last trip o/s so bad it was like a three month hangover.


    What’s the option, live indoors, lack of sun, get sick from working in an artificial environment, and live on a supplements, or go out and get your third eye nourished? x

    • This was back in the day when the flights were 19 hours to LA, don’t know how long they take now, sorry I just wrote a draft for an essay, forgot this was blog………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Great writing.

    Have you seen pictures of Paisley park? Looks like that Prince had an allergy to natural light. He bathed in a purple glow.

    • Yes, stunning, but unsure if they turned the lights off since he died, because the photo’s I’ve seen since then it’s like a temple of sorts….
      But at night it’s sort of Taj Mahal beautiful xoxox

  7. Interesting concept… haven’t worn sunglasses for years… don’t own a pair… also don’t have a hairdo fringe.. hehe. And lots of Pisces planets here too… so I know about the ‘getting sucked into others’ energy… and them getting into mine… have had to remove myself from a few peeps for some ‘time out,’ so to speak… to regenerate, recuperate, and recreate.

    Although I’m light sensitive… and wear contact lenses… (think maybe it’s better to have Lasik than wear contacts, though haven’t got around to that yet)… I find sunglasses sight restricting more than anything else… and don’t like the feeling on my face.

    Also can’t stand being in the ‘new’ dimmed supposedly environmentally conscious lighting that we have to put up with. I try and escape them wherever possible. Way more toxic to us and bad for the environment… imho.

    Also agree with The Sun is the Giver of Life… definite energy giver.

  8. Give a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with sun damage on her eyes from not wearing sun glasses I’d say don’t listen to this man. I would also say our spirit (and I’m 110%) sure goes beyond our body, so I don’t see how our third eye could be dodgied up by wearing sunglasses… We are spiritual and perceptive beings, wearing sunglasses will not change that in my opinion (although it will no doubt let you see for longer ?)

  9. Saw a video that an eye doctor created about eye health and he said that the spectrum emitted from the sun actually heals the retina and could correct vision and that the chief cause of vision loss is a result of tension held by the muscles that control the eye. My Yoga teacher always says to allow the eyes to relax like egg yolks. Its a good practice.

  10. I love this topic. I do believe that sunglasses block “third eye” energy. Which sometimes can be a GOOD thing.

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed things about myself. One major thing is that I’m more in tune to the energies of people/things around me than the average person. I live in a major US city and I don’t drive a car…so to get around I hit the street on foot, ride a bike, or take public transit.

    If I walk down the street without sunglasses, or (headphones, or cigarettes)…on a given day it can be overwhelming for me! I pick up on other people’s moods just by watching them walk by. Some doctors might call this “anxiety” or “OCD” or whatever but really I think this comes from being more aware of the magic in the universe…which is something I’ve been practicing and taking seriously over the past few years.

    It’s like if you wake up in the morning hungover and grumbly and need to shuffle to the corner shop to buy coffee…how much more comfortable do you feel when you have shades on? These days I pull a tarot card when I wake up so it makes me feel even more hyper aware.

    I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes there are times and places for the “third eye” vibe but other times it can be too much for just a little daily thing.

    I also read an article somewhere that cigarettes block psychic energy which is why I need to smoke sometimes. Also with the headphones…

    Sorry for all my rambles haha…

  11. Oh I get this very much. I am blue eyed and need sunlight. I need light fullstop. I have never been one to wear sunspecs as it seems to dull my senses and orange shaded ones make me very unbalanced. If I wear any for skiing or sailing they are always blue or violet. I was beginning to think that I was weird that I need such light exposure, so this Prince of yours really makes sense to me. Prana nutrition is sunlight and I must say I need my sun calories daily.

  12. Interesting…in kundalini yoga it is taught big-time that the bones in the forehead absorb the light that goes to the pineal gland = HENCE why bangs are looked-down upon. Personally I love sunglasses so I’m gonna keep believing that 😉

  13. I love how the Sadge prince thinks, but goddess no! I recon you actually *sharpen* your other senses by using sunglasses – when one sensory faculty goes down (i.e. the dimmed vision), the others will tend to try and overcompensate. And not just the corporeal ones, either – I believe this can heighten the etheric senses as well.

    I only started wearing shades a few years ago, believe it or not, despite being a Pluto Rising w/ Pluto also aspecting my Sun & chart ruler. It was the start of the Zap Zone, which my chart was hardcore wired into, and my intuitive development has been off the hook since then, seriously. Anecdotal I know, but I do at the very least feel it to be true for *me*, anyway…

  14. Sunglasses protect from cataracts, non? Good fiend was a lifeguard and had to have cataracts removed- he was not even 50.

    • cataracts can also be caused by long term low vitamin e intake too as well as exposure to those spiral fluorescent bulbs.

      • I hate fluorescent lights. My old boss did full spectrum lights in his shoe store back in the 1980s. Physics major. Set up a telescope so we could see the rings of Saturn.

        • What I read was that the paint that coats the spiral curved edges on the bulb flake off over time leaving your eye exposed to UV that is supposed to be blocked. That UV is what causes the eye damage especially if the bulb is mounted in a light fixture without a proper shade or covering. One of my birds got cataracts in this way…yeah he was over 30 y.o…but still.
          Obviously it is probably ok (although yuck) to put a spiral CF in a closet or garage you are in for 10 seconds to get something, but I would never put them in an area a spend a lot of time in or read in.

  15. Interesting! Personally I am prone to migraines if I don’t wear sunglasses most days- super fun. But I’ve done meditations where beams of (energetic) light come into my third eye region and I can almost feel it kicking the dust around. Also I’ve meditated out on the deck before in the sun, no shades, and it felt pretty marvelous, I felt like a plant growing toward the sun, so nourishing.

    Also this does help explain something I already felt… screens undo that blissful meditative feeling! Maybe I’m more prone to it bc I have a Taurus moon, but screens bug me.

  16. My shaman galfriend always covered her third eye in public. Usually with a bandana. She said she it was a type of protection from psychic assaults.

  17. Sunlight stops the pineal gland from making melatonin and darkness stimulates it, so probably should say no to both sunnies and late-night screen watching equally. If you want to reset your insomniac-body-clock, just go tech-free camping for a week ?? If only we could go to bed with the sun!

  18. The modern day way to nourish the pineal/3rd eye is to stay away from fluoride. Have never heard that Sun assists so can’t really comment but it all won’t matter if you’re calcifying your pineal with fluoride.. just one of it’s erm, gifts? Dumbing down the world.. an attempt at stemming the flow of evolution? Yes, perhaps another kind of control. I don’t know, I just don’t do it. Another side effect of no fluoride.. well tooth sensitivity (yes the kind 1 out of 3 dentists prescribe more fluoride with anti-sensitivity magic) just goes away.. magically and without it. Removing such things that we all have a history of doing most likely.. well I’d suggest clay.

    I could get weird on the alien angle and suggest that energetic implants could inhibit above and beyond what glasses or fluoride for that matter would do but.. I won’t 🙂

  19. i wish i didnt feel like i need mine so much-light sensitivity is to do with over stressed adrenal glands…will try not to be so reliant….i wear contact lenses any way so i have dble the cover!

  20. I totally agree—I find my dreams to be more vivid if I’ve spent time with my face in the sun and try to do this every day. People think I’m bats.

  21. Mystic, he named his band 3rdEyeBlind – hence the sunglasses.

    I know they say it’s between the two eyes but my third is bang in the middle of my forehead, fact. I sometimes kick back with a nice pice of Labradorite on that thing, boom – friggin’ awesome vibes going down.

    • Prince’s band was named 3rdEyeGirl. Third Eye Blind was (is?!) another band entirely.

      An honest mistake. 🙂

  22. Made me think of Prince’s band 3rdEyeBlind. And there is the pic 🙂

    I used to obsessively wear sunglasses. Because sometimes the light in places like Los Angeles and Sydney gets a little too bright where I find it disorientating (which is why I try to avoid living in heavily concrete areas – I need green!).

    Since my last pair broke a few years back I haven’t bought a pair because I want to upgrade to some Dior or Cavalli, lol. I could give zero fucks what anyone says – YOU do it the way you feel. If I took on everyone’s “advice” 24/7 I’d be a miss contradicting myself.

  23. I have heard this too. It was talked about in my kundalini yoga class that even having bangs on your forehead blocks light and affects your 3rd eye.

    But honestly, i am still gonna wear rx sunnies to drive. Still got my bangs, but i pull them up frequently and keep them super short anyways.

  24. Wow! I have heard that fluorescent light messes with pineal gland and third eye chakra but not about sunglasses… I don’t like wearing them anyway… Thanks!

  25. The Sun is our gorgeous benefactor and we would have no liveable arena for these lovely organic carbon based bodies of ours to roam about in without Him.

    Now we just need to petition Uranus or whoever for a new organic carbon-based body to channel his genius and create the Sun Computer.
    Yes! Stare at yr PC all day and receive the benefits of out door living!

    The pineal gland produces melatonin so it has to be in tune with the Sun to give us the correct dosage to sleep at night, no?

    • Come to think of it a computer backlit by sunlight might send my melatonin levels off the chart and I will be in bed 8pm.

    • Ah yes! That’s it. Melatonin.
      Expose our bodies to solar and lunar rhythms to be in tune.

      Apparently looking at the moon most nights also helps to regulate our cycle, if one is at that point in life.

  26. There is a Buddhist practise, done with total respect for your eyes of course to look directly into the sun for a few seconds.
    One does get after images but done during Winter to dispel seasonal affective disorder it has benefits.
    I worship the sun it is my god, but ahh, the MOON….

    Your prince knows his stuff 🙂

    • The Ayurvedic bloke l spoke to about manifold wide ranging health issues said sunnies should only be worn when driving into the sun (safety). He said hats are better in the 3hrs around noon – early afternoon.

    • NO – never look directly into the sun with eyes open, this is madness.
      Only if you blink rapidly for the whole gaze. And literally for a second only.

  27. I don’t get it, sunglases don’t cover the centre of our foreheads, there is just a little bridge over the nose between the brows (for most sunnies.)
    I don’t know about other racial backgrounds, but as a white person in a very ultraviolet-y Australia, I wear sunglasses most of the time because basically ifh squinting and being blinded by the blazing Sun 300-odd days a year…
    Sorry, my usual un-cosmic input… I’ll go now

    • The 3rd eye is found by closing your eyes, going crosseyed and looking up.
      Was told by an ancient clairvoyant-psychic many moons ago.
      Possibly why one sees pix of funny guru’s doing the cross eyes?
      Personally when i do that i see a geometric face and sometimes that alien face, the one with the long pointed face with the goggley big black eyes. Sometimes just colours.
      Sometimes the neural pathways in my brain….

      • I’m so curious about where that alien face comes from Pegs. My daughter is so drawn to big eyed stuffed toy type things, I’m sure it’s because they look like a being we actually know x

  28. I’ve been wearing them less and less. I figure if I wear them all the time, then my eyes get used to focusing a certain way. If I do that too much, they won’t focus well without them…?
    Dunno. Just like seeing things in technicolor as much as possible 🙂

  29. Sunglasses are bad for your normal eyes let alone your 3rd eye.
    Apparently you look cool if you wear them.

    Cool? I’ll report it if l see it.

  30. Can see why am so ill now, but am only wearing to block light and sound, as it literally affects me like Miss Havisham (Great Expectations), which is who I’m slowly becoming.
    Evidently, now I know why I’m dying a slow death for the past twenty years.
    As for Prince, someone maybe told him to wear them or a stylist gave them to him, or they told him the Third Eye needed protection, are there pap shots of him in them, amazing!
    I am really interested now, no more sunglasses for me.
    What about all the A-Listers who wear them, indoors too, they’re the only ones allowed apparently, it’s rude for anyone else!

  31. The dog ate my sunglasses too, then my reading glasses. Apparently it’s because the most amount of pheromones are behind our ears. So the dog nicks the glasses because it’s the one thing that is the closest to us scent wise. Not really about the third eye I know, buy hey, thought I’d chuck it in there.

    • Errrrr both my jack Russell bitches ate gussets out of my knickers if I forgot and left them on the floor or in reach or a small mut. Recently my friend who also has a terrier reported the same thing. Pheromones ?!?!?

  32. I believe sometimes it becomes necessary to protect ones third eye and pineal gland, just like the days when it is necessary to wear a hat to protect the crown chakra….
    From an Aries rising with a prominant neptune.

    • Did this prince have brown eyes?
      My blue eyes and pale skin and possibly other factors make my eyes very light sensitive. I wear prescription glasses that change in the sun.

    • Yes, I was going to say, Prince strikes me as someone who’s third eye was wide open. Likely he needed the protection to block unwanted receptivity. It’s exhausting involuntarily tuning into the energy of every single person you meet in a day. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Pisces in the 7th house – involuntarily tuning in to people is like breathing, I can’t help it.

  33. Um what about the third eye at the back of the head? The third eye goes right to the back, hence the saying, “eyes in the back of the head.” True.

      • Correct, the third eye in back of the head.
        It’s as if to say, there are only 7 wheels of light in the body in the body.

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