Some Thoughts On The Sarma Melngailis astrology

Sarma Vegan

The weird saga of New York’s “hottest Vegan” fascinated many people but I was most surprised by the Sarma Melngailis astrology! She’s a Triple Virgo! Seriously when i first saw The Downfall Of NYC’s Hottest Vegan I thought it was a tragicomic vehicle for Reese Witherspoon or Rachel McAdam even. But it’s real.

Read the story for full details but basically, it is about Sarma Melngailis a  Virgo vegan, with a super-chic-successful restaurant and fit as a fox, who came undone via a Saturn transit. Note: If you’re living a lie, Saturn transits will effectively unmask it. You’d think Change Gods Uranus or Pluto would but no – those transits are when you unmask yourself.

Anyway, she is now in prison, facing multiple charges, including grand larceny, tax fraud and violation of labor laws. The dude is facing even more charges, but they’re no longer a couple. This is not a love story.

The Most Shocking Sarma Melngailis astrology fact? She’s Triple Virgo

But, she’s got Mercury square Neptune which has a transcendental dimension but which can also be slippery with the truth. Mercury-Neptune people are seductive, eloquent and aspirational.

It is a surreal tale complete with lines like this;

“He said he was a retired Navy Seal, shot in the line of action in the chest. I would always see what I thought were bandages, but he was just taping his man boobs down.”

“A delivery of non-organic, cheesy Dominoes outed them.”

“She was lonely because she was obsessed. She worked constantly, often sleeping at her office.”

“There are no gluten-free, vegan, organic options in jail. She is having to make do with cucumbers…”

I am paraphrasing but you get the point. How could such a now person end up bemoaning the lack of contemporary nutrition options in a prison? A staunch anti-gambling advocate & icon of the raw foodie scene turned felon? She is charged with stealing the profits from her healthy restaurant chain to fund this guy’s dodgy gambling/biz crap. She was also nabbed ordering a particularly greasy – animal fat laden variety of delivery pizza.

It is the latter that seems to be shocking the most people.  It is also haunting. Many people know what it is like to be grinding away, putting your all into a business you love and being literally unable to meet potential lovers. Perhaps she lifted her head up from the books, jumped into online dating and met a marginal man?

Of course, there is a court case to come out of all this yet and Ms. Melngailis will have the chance to tell her side of the story.  It somehow seems so zeitgeist.


Sarma Book

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All these bloody disgraced “wellness warriors”! Shame on them.

Also, I think it is great to want to eat healthfully and take care of yourself but I think for a lot of people “clean eating” is just another form of eating disorder. Touchy subject for me, if you can tell.

Pass me the gluten, thanks! 🙂


I bet there was a huge Pluto effect playing out in their combined charts. I had this with a guy who I got divorced not over but about, we then set up a company and I put in vast amounts of my divorce settlement. It was just beginning to make profit with some great staff I had hired but then I found out that although I had not taken a penny from the company in 18 months but was keeping myself and my daughter (without any aid) he had been back pocketing thousands of pounds. I called him on it… Read more »


Thought this was going to be one of those before-after meth photo stories with a vegan twist. 😯

Didn’t Gwyneth say she would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can?! There’ll be meth and cheese in prison I guess, so some choice at least.

Sad Neptune/Saturn story. There are guru’s who suggest that food isn’t as necessary as a connection to Spirit, spiritual types who haven’t eaten for a decade etc. Then there’s this option I guess, disconnect.

cosmic fleece

The next Orange is the New Black HBO Series !
Hoping this turns into her Phoenix Life Story.


Kale is the new macaroni cheese.

(I eat both ftr)

cosmic fleece

Whip quick Madame Pi !
How about Kale is the New Mash ?

cosmic fleece

Morning Jupiter, Am on the same thinking track. I wouldn’t be surprised if she revolutionized food in the prison system after this stretch. Gardens where prisoners can grow their own vegetables – thus saving $$’s for the state and getting peoples hands dirty in the soil. Chickens for eggs and eating. Fruit trees, green houses…Jamie Oliver on board, she can re write the world of Prison food and well being here….


I remember YEARS AGO reading a blog post by this Sarma woman about her experience going on a green smoothie fast. She said she had been eating and drinking too much at the restaurant and had gained like 20 lbs or something like that and was all emotional about how the green smoothie cleanse was so healing (plus helped her lose the weight, of corse). It definitely was indicative of a weird relationship with food and I thought it was odd that she would put all that out there because if she can’t be lean and feeling great when she… Read more »


10k for a new engine?!? 10k what? Pesos? Or was this a Ferrari? That doesn’t sound Taurean. Getting a second bid, now THAT is Taurean.


My guess is that her business practices weren’t strictly on the up-and-up (and possibly in a very small way that only a Virgo would even notice or worry about) and this guy served her up some philosophical justification for whatever it was that made sense to her. Plus sex of course. This is how people get conned. They have a chink. She obviously had one, and I’d bet that whatever it was is mostly in her head and invisible to the naked eye. The man could have just been throwing s*** at walls seeing what stuck and it stuck to… Read more »


A former employee of Bear Stearns and Bain Capital, whose business practices were not strictly on the up-and-up? That is unpossible! I am sure that her degree from Wharton helped her to conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as practiced on Wall Street: skim money from everyone poorer than you.

Quadruple Cappy

Thankyou for this post;MM has a way with words that just makes my day;laughing out loud?


Found her in the ephemeris.. Virgo sun mercury mars, libra moon, Leo venus. Oh dear, prison may not be an optimum environment for her.

The glee, the snark, I feels it. It’s not the veganism, it’s the whole lifestyle guru vibe. Though, to be fair, she looks dreadfully unhappy in those 2011 pics. And that guy! Dear Goddess, what?!?


He is no Navy Seal, more like a Navy Walrus

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



“Virgo sun mercury mars, libra moon, Leo venus. Oh dear, prison may not be an optimum environment for her”.
Oh dear indeed.
My Libra Moon Virgo Mars boy is a germphobe since toddlerhood. He cries at the sound of a person suffering post-nasal drip (not for them, for his ears).


That “fit-as-aa-fox” vegan is actually someone who struggles with bulimia, anger mangement, bad relationship choices and really bad eyebrow game. You can’t take things into extremes.


Perhaps she could use her apparent nutritional know how and marketing persuasive skills to work with the US prison system to serve nutritious meals. If she is having some kind of massive Neptune transit, that’s a tale of Misery And Redemption right there.

The rest seems to tie in with the scorp shaman ex army post from a couple of weeks ago. Puritans always come undone. Walk the middle path, there’s less chance of going to hell…


I doubt our prison system gives 2 shits about her nutritional and marketing expertise. Nor do they care about the meals they serve — it is modern-day slavery, but without the need for the slaves to stay healthy enough for manual labor.
“Liberty” and “justice” for all. Good times.


OMG I am so glad you are talking about the astro of this story, Mystic, because it is SO INSANE. I live in NYC and I used to go to her restaurant. I’m not remotely vegan, but it was delicious and interesting. I loved the lettuce wraps from her takeout place, too. It really was the only place you could take people with ultra crazy diets who also considered themselves food people. I still enjoyed eating there back in the day, but this place has had trouble from the start and food people have always gossiped about the level of… Read more »


‘this makes me wonder about all the complex deficiencies you can develop on restricted diets if you’re not very careful — and how they impact the brain and decision making’ – this is something I think about too. I find people consistently low in energy are really not dependable. People who are idealists to the point of damaging themselves, aren’t really concerned about people, they have chosen abstract ideals over people. To an extent that is ok, ideals are important and sometimes our lives are worth losing to demonstrate that. (I suppose I am talking extremes here, like cannibalism in… Read more »

12th House Virgo

“People who are idealists to the point of damaging themselves, aren’t really concerned about people, they have chosen abstract ideals over people.”



Totally agree with krs3 and you. I have known a lot of people through my practice that are on rigid or exclusive diets. They are the most unbalanced people I know – physically, mentally & socially. All control freaks. Some are lucky to be cushioned by their wealth. Others lurch from one health or mental problem to the next.

And yes, ideals can become prisons where reason and common sense soon wither & rigidity sets in. And yes to the middle path – flexibility in thought and action avoids a lot of pointless suffering.


‘She educated the other inmates about veganism and healthy eating’
Someone’s gonna get shanked.
Everything about this is amazing.


or shishkbobbed!


I personally pledge I will deliver to her prison cell throughout her term of incarceration, an unlimited personal supply of organic kale, on the sole condition that she eats nothing but the kale. No trading with other inmates for food, they wouldn’t want it anyway. No condiments, just pure kale, all kale, all the time.


No one deserves that!


But it’s organic and vegan! I’ll even throw in a blender.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

ha ha, I love that. Jupiter in Virgo=blessings in disguise!


We’ve cracked this, Jupiter!


Sorry to sound synical but to me she seems a perfect example of fame, 21st C style. Hyped to the max thanks to modern technology, good looks, advocate of something ‘in’. IOW, lots of trendy superflash when in fact she might have always been quite the shallow, opportunist nutbar underneath all of the Today sparkle. It’s often just a matter of time before the muck is exposed – with the help of Saturn. He doesn’t like phonies does he.


I have to agree with you.


Yes, another Belle Gibson!


Sounds like she was already feeling an enormous amount of pressure… This is certainly the most extreme story I’ve heard about this, but I’ve heard others as well, about being vegan or super fit or whatever and feeling this immense pressure to keep up, or “keeping up appearances” (thinking of her bulimia) and then when they are no longer vegan or super fit even if due to health issues having this huge backlash against them, death threats etc. It’s like their “fans” or whatever put them on a pedestal… I think this is an unpopular opinion but it seems like… Read more »


We’ve lost religion as a means of deifying and persecuting people. Now we like to use equally nonsensical grounds such as food to do the same thing.
Xavier Rudd, anyone? How’s that for a fall from grace for something that had SFA to do with his actual music.


Totally true! The same fanatical nature, just a different channel.

Unicorn Sparkles

we don’t allow for the whole ‘being human and fallible’ thing.


Yeah it’s weird.


Reminds me of the Lulu Lemon sales culture which resulted in taunting and a murder-


I just read an article about part-time vegan and cheaganism as a lifestyle now. There is even a big movement to add oysters as a valid part of veganism, since oysters dont feel pain, cost very little resources to keep, and purify the environment. I suspect the reason why veganism gets such a bad rap is that “purity” thing…like you are quietly shaming others around you. So when those others witness what they think is a cheat they go apeshit. It all seems so competitive to me. When i used to be vegan, i got really tired of people trying… Read more »


Strang-is her partner
Strang-is this story.


In a similar vein….

Cafe Gratitude was a strictly vegan and raw institution in California…. And now this:


Yes I was thinking about this one as well!


PS look at the first comment on the Youtube vid….exactly how I feel about all these people- the privilege just oozes out in between the fake spirituality and the diet:denial played as a competitive sport.


🙂 Quite accurate! NarcissEATs – quite plentiful in California….


Activated cashews…and ugg boot hugging.
Hilarity +.


I feel like Activated Cashews should be a new band name.


So hilarious. I’ve been meaning to go eat at their other restaurant since this story broke.

Unicorn Sparkles

She sounds tightly wound from even before she met him. Anyone who puts themselves under so much pressure/scrutiny can only hang on for so long.
Is it a low Virgo thing to try and offset the good with bad when under pressure? Living with the darkness but being able to justify its presence by assigning its responsibility to someone else?
(Not a judgement of virgos …just an observation on duality which many virgos tend to display)

Unicorn Sparkles

Yes, It’s like she was so far gone in the spiral that she chose to just keep falling.
And Virgo already has intense self scrutiny.
Imagine the post fallout self assessment super guilting she’s doing in jail while on depleted nutrition due to basic cucumber diet…


Latvian surname translates as “black cock” or “black rooster”.


Interesting! Is that what is on her tattoo? Looks like a black chicken or duck.


I think it is
“Galapogas Duck of the 24th and a 1/2 Century”


Her tattoo is her One Lucky Duck logo. She is a friend of mine.


Virgo, the Unlived-Life-Portal is calling…rsvp Neptune.

Year of the Phoenix

Yes! Have this in spades!


Sounds like there was some dark depth beyond the sunny vegan facade. (But we’re always more than meets the eye). Maybe the darker Virgo tendencies (obsessive-compulsive) were at play, too? Like, once she realized she’d been duped by him, she couldn’t admit and let everyone else see how”untidy” her life had become? Would love to set what they spent almost the money on. Random thought: I wonder if she’s bearing the collective psychological weight but of people wishing for Gwyneth Paltrow’s downfall. Similar look. Similar persona. And there’s a hint of (glee?) in the Post’s takedown. (Although the Post is… Read more »


I was thinking this too about how she can be the next Martha stewart in prison. The prison system is so awful in the u.s. It is almost inhumane and needs an overhaul very badly.

Plus if she has strong Neptune in her natal chart and heteronormative, then pretty much men = drugs. I’m just saying. Men pretty much jizz out substances that make you feel calm and content. And yet the FDA does not regulate them despite the side effects. ….may cause random crying, criminal behaviour, loss of mental acuity, ……… I speak from experience.

12th house Neptune Jupiter

So true Annica


Also the virgo tendency to think they can help/save someone too. I have venus there so i feel that as well.

I would be curious what sign strangi was as well. Any guesses? He looks creepy as hell in that photo.


Yikes! That is an epic tabloid story. The pull quote that got me is that even her lawyer doesn’t really know what happened: “We really just ask that the public reserves judgment until we figure out what’s going on.”

I’d be interested in hear someone unpack the astro influences a bit more — Saturn on natal Neptune, Neptune opposition on natal Mercury, etc.


Very cool! I feel like I’ve gotten a grip on natal aspects but am still kinda fuzzy on the vibe different aspects have when they transit.

Looking forward.



Well, as a Virgo under pressure right now this story terrifies me. And as a symptom of where I’m at, perhaps, it was the cheese that shocked me most, also!

The Venus Fly

My LZ era “love” affair was with a so-called ex-marine. So called because who the eff really knows. I know this – he was allegedly dishonorably discharged. He also couldn’t swim. Neither could the guy I dated late 2006 who claimed to be a former Marine. I know first-hand when one is at a low ebb in life low sociopath’s and users can smell it a mile away and WILL feed you dreams to feed their insatiable need for power and greed. However, you draw the line somewhere and I drew mine when I saw my ex using an investor’s… Read more »

The Venus Fly

You know how the story goes. Man, the havoc and trauma that man has wreaked in one lifetime – wowsers.

The Venus Fly

Muah! <3

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

That “cancer” quote is so Virgo. She’s even self guilting, poor thing!

As a Virgo, I sympathise.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Oh my wow.

That thing about the “Navy Seal” story turning out to be taped-down man boobs should be read as a caution by everyone thinking of online dating. Be cautious!

Sounds like she got sucked into his web of crap.

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