*Sagittarius Confidential – Ten Rules

Francois Gragnon

Are you Sagittarius, Sagittarius Rising or Moon in Sagittarius? Follow these rules for a GOOD time.

Everyone knows about the Sagittarius disdain for “rules” but nonetheless, there are certain guidelines that will make life easier for you right now.  Why? Because Saturn is in your sign for, let’s just say, many moons. And Mars is staunchly siding with Saturn so this sagacious influence has now got muscle.

(1) Embrace feeling more like a Capricorn.  It’s just the side-effect of sombre Saturn in your sign until the end of 2017.  You know what time it is. Hours, minutes, days and associated performance metrics feel more vital to you.  What you lose in joie de vivre you make up in efficiency.

(2) Mars zips out of Sagittarius from May 28 until July 23 and into your Soul Sector. Also known as Operation Shamanic Genius. The revolution starts within and then you take it “to the streets” from late July/all August.  Warning: You may not be or feel so outwardly popular in this nine and a half weeks.  Bonus: Less time lending your charisma as a short cut to fun for Qi Vamps.

(3) If you want some light relief from Mars, Saturn and Co, asteroid Varda is in Sagittarius. She is an actual deity of Tolkien. Also gracing Sagittarius? Asteroid Magadalena.

Suggested reading?  The Silmarillion.  The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene.  The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind – Ten Unconventional Laws To Redefine Your Life And Succeed On Your Own Terms. Because there ain’t a Mars-Saturn astro-passage in the world not improve by the perusal of a “now” self-helper.

(4) Resist grinching yourself over the past. This is a rather grotty side-effect of Saturn in your sign. Like a non-stop forensic audit. But pull yourself up with a swift, sharp “is this productive?” 

(5) Remember that Mars in your sign for most of 2016 is prepping the turf for The Awesome that is Uranus trine Saturn in Sagittarius for most of 2017.  Vision Meets The Prepared Business/You.

(6) Saturnine Image Tips:  Strip it back. Better the gleam of zeal, a decent, deprocessed diet and your hardy pumice rock than layers of gunk, artifice and trickery. D.I.Y. beauty-hair are totally Pluto in Capricorn. When Saturn is in your sign, you don’t do so much beauty or retail therapy as therapy-therapy. That’s if you need anything. Often, just doing the Saturn Rules can be enough of a psychic boost. 

(7) Routine sounds tedious. So upgrade it to a sexier sounding Regime. One that you have devised to deliver solid, albeit slow, results between now and late August, when Mars and Saturn meet in your sign. Impose it upon yourself. No long shots. Yes realistic goals usually bore Sagittarius people senseless but they work brilliantly at this time.

(8) Get OCD about your posture. It is legitimately proven to have brilliant effects on your brain and it is also a basic way to suck up to Saturn in your sign.  Notice what certain people – particularly those you may or may not be in love with – do your posture, neck tension levels, gut vibe and all when you are in physical proximity. When Saturn is in your sign, people who make you feel light, brittle and flimsy are not good for you. 

(9) Fuq tolerances. People or situations you’ve been tolerating in your life out of what you deem “kindness” but which could also be laziness or a fear of confrontation need to be dealt with now. Pluto in Capricorn is about to be squared by Jupiter (your ruler) in late 2016 and through 2017. You need a clean slate, true confidantes around you and no hostiles whom you “have” to invite over or talk to, whatever.

(10) Saturn is in your sign only once every 28 years.  See this is as like some crazy mentoring or study program where you get to work your tush off but it’s absolutely amazing once you’re out.


Image: Francois Gragnon

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You’ve done some great posts lately Myst.. no time to read comments and get in on the mix BUT.. thanks for this one. Yes!!


Oh, and ironically I started my vintage hard cover copy of the Silmarillion late last year but couldn’t vibe it. That’s the thing with travelling between lands.. it’s all about the timing or you just can’t cross the threshold.. I knocked too early 😀


Double Saggo here (Sun/Mercury) and can confirm that this whole year has felt like one big celestial bullying/whiplashing of some sort, picking on Centaurs this time in particular. Saturn+Mars bullies. I have felt so stuck and akin to a puppy outgrowing his cage and being hit everytime I whimper about my barriers. So this list will be consulted on a daily basis. Uranus next year? Oh boyyyy!


Also I am suuuuch a Tolkienite, the fact that you referenced Varda as a feel-good source for Saggos definitely cheered my tired heart up! I always believed in Tolkien deities growing up.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

MY GAWD THIS IS BRILLO. Just what I needed right now.


Thanks for this Mystic. I had a reading with a healer-friend back in December 2015 and just reviewed the recording again last night – and even then she was saying “your spirit need to stand up straight. Take what’s yours, own it.” So reading (8) “Get OCD about your posture” made me laugh out loud. This Sagg Moon-Neptune-Vesta is getting the memo, reading it, and taking it to heart.


Thanks so much, Mystic, from this Sagg Sun, wading through the barren lunar landscape with Saturn goggles firmly in place xxx


On second thought, maybe ‘wading’ is not the right word? Although… it does feel so STUCK, so lacking in light and air… And what with fuqing Mars retro… Argh!!


Only my neptune-mercury conjunction has had the kiss of Saturn so far (Sun, Eros, Psyche, Athena, PoF and all the rest of it in the late degrees, still to come!) I have a Capricorn MC, so I feel like a bit like this is all too familiar, but different at the same time. Putting some daily structure into reading tarot (my neptune-mercury super power *chuckles*) is making it feel a lot less barren than it could. Saturn’s been aspecting my moon for the longest time and that feels like the real hard hitter. Moon also aspected by Pluto and Jupiter.… Read more »


Saggie sun in 12th house, conjunct saggie ascendant in first house….can already feel the layers peeling off


I would like to add, 11. A cape does not work for the office. You will knock everything off tables, where you haven’t already, and most likely swish it back into the face of the person behind you (who will most likely be that boss or client following you in your erstwhile glorious wake).

Saturn in Saigittarius is no longer the time to be sweeping into rooms half-cocked and on fire.

And, yes, that wisdom is borne of experience. Both the cape-wearing and the attitude 🙂


lol. Half-cocked and on fire… usually so fun and functional! But yeah, lately not so much.


Needed to hear this, glad I seem to have already been doggy paddling myself with about half this list, although it’s mostly felt like flailing… the extra synchronicity helps!

Natal 7H Sagittarius with Saturn conj. DC, and Uranus, Moon and Juno hanging out near the galactic center in my 7H with my 7H Cap Mars in on the party (as well as 8H Cap Neptune, the party never stops it seems)… Shit has been realer than real since the end of 2014, 2017 feels like a lifetime away!


Hello, my name is Electro and I have a Moon Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. I feel like every time I comment these days I reference that aspect. Apologies for being repetitive. This list is perfect. I remember looking at the ephemeris to see how long Saturn would be in orb of my moon and having a slight freak out when I realized it would be all year due to the retrograde. I actually liked Saturn over my ascendant during the Scorpio years and I dig the value Saturn brings. Second house Sag over my most personal aspect is harder but… Read more »


And those awesome legs of mine spent plenty of time stretching themselves during long long long walks on the beach. Missing it.


Genius timing with these “guidelines” (grin) Mystic! Incredibly helpful! Yes,yes,yes and yup to all of them, but number 8 really struck me. I have been continually rechecking and adjusting my posture the past 3 weeks or so, trying to ground myself within my body in order to be productive and stay outta the messy whirl that is my brain and have been surprised at how much it is helping. was thinking it was all the Toro Astro, but the Saturn thang makes so much sense.
Thank you so much for these!!


Saturn back on my Sun/Great Attractor/ Jupiter on my Uranus/Pluto in 10th. Both (well, the Saturn/Sun, Jupe/Pluto anyway) exact, again. Right now it’s all about rule number 9, “Fuq tolerances” – the perfect antidote to my waaaaay too nice Venus-Neptune-Isis on Scorp rising. Dammit, am STILL way too much a soft touch, even after said chart feature got mown over by Saturn in Scorp already. Damn, I have learned a lot games people play in the last year of intense-self-development, and found a shitload of rage. To assist, the universe keeps sending me victims/narcissists, whenever I pop my head up… Read more »


Yup. So hear you with resurgent challenges every time I wander off hermetical mission! Hang tough and forge on!


I am feeling this! I am totally optimistic and tend not to see people clearly or give benefits of the doubt out like ice-cream cones. Saturn is changing all that. I’m in hermit mode too but loving it. I know a stronger me will hit the social circles in good time.


Your words “mown over by”… and “I pop my head up out of mission-focused hermit mode” inspire my response.

“The Garden of Who I Am” is not a naturalistic Eden these days but personally constructed, or at least tinkered with. I love those tough the little joyous whatevers that tenaciously grow up through all that brick paving that I so assiduously laid down in a past era of self-definition and self-determination.


Virgo Son has early Saggo Moon, Jupiter, Pluto. Flourishing in uni life: foreign language/ESL major- poetry slam/judo/MMA/ gender/rape culture peer educator. Stayed home today to do laundry and make flash cards for language study. Not letting up on language during break.Saturn transiting his 9th of course! LOL!!

Saturn in Saggo way better than The Scorpio trip.


Hey, it’s my Saturn return & although I’m a Gem, I’m taking this rules as my own for my Moon conjunct Jupiter in the 9th because that is one helluva Sagg-style Moon placement right there. Uranus is currently hitting on the natal Jupiter, finishing up its long transit of my three planets/ points in this house. Oh yes, a bit of Saturn vision will go a long way! What a fabulous post MM, I love how you saw that the Saggs may need a bit of help right now xxx


Yeah we’re usually cheerier than most, but this astro as of late is particularly difficult.. And i wondered myself how other Saggis are faring these stormy skies (figuratively so to speak)

Has anyone else been needing a lot more tlc? I have hurt myself uncharacteristically so many times in accidents (mars retro?) and i feel like when i talk, people think I am a backwards record or something. Spinning in circles in the mud, Not going forward.. All the while being freakishly painfully aware of cycles and patterns, and freak qi zaps..

Suddenly Leo

Re: needing a sexier word for the word “routine”: I use “algorithm” because an algorithm is just a set of instructions repeated again and again. It’s a trick I learned from teaching coding and programming to children.

My morning algorithm is coffee/pack, Primal class, shower/change, work. I don’t have to think about it – I’m the computer being programmed.


and within the algorithm rests sweet magic. mwah!


“Algorithm” makes my Virgo rising happy


As a humorous aside, does anyone else find the words “Sagittarius Confidential” to be a complete oxymoron, LOL?

Carry on, carry on! 😀


Ahhhhaaahah, no i didn’t! Thank you 😀


Saturn has always said to me: ‘go back and do it 1000 times until you get it right’.
PLuto in Sagg had me exploring deeper states of consciousness via bodywork.
My wish is that Pluto on my rising would direct me on how to take all that learning it to the bank 🙂
My life full of Saturns and Plutos, no wonder Venus has had a chance to do her Love thing.


You called? Just had the flash to log in and check the astro advice as felt i needed some.
And Lo. Here it i all laid out for me…phew!Yes always write regime, softer and not so demanding. Know it well just don’t follow it as meticulously as i could or would if i wasn’t so damn Sagg.
Thanx you Myst. This shall be commited to memory or at least consulted daily if not hourly 🙂


So on the spot MM – Sagittarius Rising here! Going through exactly everything you have described! xxx


My asto DNA was amazing!!! Thank you MM Wow, yes, it totally resonates! And to answer you question about exercise, Yin Yoga and Pilates. I am a total convert. My first Pilates teacher held a class yesterday lunchtime and she was shocked and really excited as I haven’t seen her since late March. she could not believe how much more flexible my spine and hips were. Best moment yesterday was after a mostly Yin dominated class yesterday evening, my first and only Yin Yoga teacher did tree pose. Fully expecting to fall on my face, I prepped for the usual… Read more »


Oh man, I just love those little yoga victories. Such direct result from persistent effort is so rewarding.


(4) Resist grinching yourself over the past. This is a rather grotty side-effect of Saturn in your sign. Like a non-stop forensic audit. But pull yourself up with a swift, sharp “is this productive?”

Oh wow I LOVE this.
The whole post, just bought extraordinary mind xxxx


I love that too but I also give some deference to what’s happening in Pisces; usually in terms of elevate, elevate…

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