The Aquarius Moon Is Always Objective

Julien Nonnon image of cockatoo in a business suit, projected onto the wall of a warehouse.

Should you blame the Aquarius Moon or Mars Retrograde for this dystopian deja-vu hell-scape of deadlines and somatic memories? Both?

See your Horoscopes for more, but this is the broad vibe:

  • Wondering if ANY of your relationships EVER were based on Authenticity.
  • A newfound appreciation of carbs as an actual DRUG.
  • The weird urge to remote view men (Mars = Men) from your past. As in WAY past. Early youth attractions.
    Ancestors. History Crushes. Ghouls. Whatever, this is Mars Retro in Scorpio, who said it had to be light?
  • You are reframing your defeats and victories throughout your entire life to date and with a loftier perspective.
  • Becoming conscious of what makes you grip/clench your jaw and deciding to eliminate that/them from your life, rather than continuing to spend $ on osteo-chiro, whatever.
  • You are thinking about a very RAW statement of needs to a partner/online dating ad entry OR upgrading to a more high tech personal pleasure device.

The Aquarius Moon is inspiring a more detached appreciation for the ongoing weirdness of the Mars Retrograde. No matter what is going on, this is always the Moon of Detachment. You don’t need to strive to be Zen or objective; it’s there for you like a drop-down menu option in your psyche.


Image: Julien Nonnon

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I mostly feel itchy, but like… in my soul. It’s like the scab wants to come off the edges but the middle isn’t all the way healed yet.

Mmmm… carbs.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

ha ha ha, brilliant.


Saturn leaving Scorpio (well, right through Scorpio) was an extremely turbulent time for me. A lot of confrontations with self in a hall of mirrors, riddles to answer before I could be let through. I don’t feel that I quite got it right so this mars back-burning could be a good thing. Or at least a good final sweep thru.

Taurus Vixen

Eee Gads! So this is why suddenly I found myself Internet hunting my 7th grade boyfriend.


hahaha i’m spending so much on chiro-occlusal splint-dento- kinesiology
but we Caps like to work with bones and teeth

Year of the Phoenix

how big was that Mars! Such a seething red colour too….


Oh my fucking God you just nailed my life in every bullet point. Like dead on. Wow. Everything.


damn shizz getting real with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce! I wonder which one is telling the truth?



Year of the Phoenix

Agree – she has the look of a woman pushed too far and it takes one to know one


Really? He bugs me, I won’t go into it here, but one of the things I had respected about him is that he’d stayed with Vanessa Paradis so long instead of trading in for a younger model. Annnnd, here we go. Honestly, quel surprise.


#1- She did looked pushed
#2- That video saying sorry about the quarantine rules. His was a virtuoso performance in sarcasm. She looked and sounded uncertain and compromised. Had it been a pleb those dogs would’ve been destroyed.
#3- He has gone on to believe his own myth. I used to look forward to his films. But he has lost his mojo.
#4- Don’t bruises spread.

But l’ve never thought, “lets go see a Amber Heard film”


Plus Mars retro!

8th house

Mystic is always warning us not to pick a fight when mars is retro ’cause you’ll lose.

Who started the fight I wonder.. and who loses?




I don’t think there is a winner in this situation. Unless Amber can show she is a person of upstanding ethics she is compromised. Johnny is going to be forgiven because he is embedded in the public’s eye, regardless of if his behaviour was unspeakable and criminal. Hollywood forgave Woody..


True. Entertainers n comedians usually get caught at their Uranus return


I have created two scenarios in my head: One is of an Amber who used her Saturn to try and help Johnny curb his Pluto-Uranus-Mars conjunction via her Saturn squaring and that didn’t work. She cared for his ill mother while he worked. But she wasn’t the party anima he thought she was – with his Venus/Mercury on her Venus – and she suffered the fall out, a mercurial slap of an iPhone on the cusp of a Mutable square. Bad Johnny! The second scenario they both crave fame/money/sex but he is suffering from ‘elder abuse’ by a gold digger.… Read more »


Ps. this is me remote viewing a man from my early past, lol. Young Johnny was pretty!


Johnny Depp elder abuse made me LOL!!!!! Amber seems like a POS putting on a show to get lots of $$$ out of him as she prob doesn’t have much of a future as an actress. But who knows – will give her benefit of doubt for now. He has gone downhill since being with her so def seems like they are bringing out worst in each other.


Lol! Your astrological breakdown is gold!.


There is synastry on them by others about the interwebz, I am just gleaning.
This drama does distract from Moon in Aquarius though!


I feel awful saying this, but I am trying to figure out how that perfect rectangle ended up on her face. How would one throw/smack/whatever an iPhone to make that? I am not even going to take sides but I think they are probably both telling their own version of the truth.


Lots of comments about this on the Daily Mail. Some say the placement of the bruise has shifted too, implying it’s a makeup job.


Same here. I am not a fan of either one so will be interesting to see who wins.

The Venus Fly

I don’t know. As someone who has experienced profound levels of abuse, I always give anyone my ear to hear. But something about her…I dunno. I would say 99.9% of abuse victims are telling the truth but I HAVE encountered the 1% who are liars. At this moment I am tending to not believe her. Leaving him within days of his mother dying, demanding sole residence of a certain house, sole rights over a certain car, alimony, sole custody of two dogs without even a divorce hearing yet? I dunno. I hate to say it, but I think she’s a… Read more »

The Venus Fly

And my kid out of nowhere JUST decided to put on Pirates Of the Caribbean while I was typing my response, lol. Go figure. Currently writing up crystals and opening books randonly to the exact crystals I am writing on. Gotta love dancing with the Universe, yes? ;P

Virgo Ellie

It’s interesting, once I saw your post I Googled the story. I hadn’t heard about this and I like Jonny because of his acting skills. I’m an actor.

So I watched some videos of him and her on the red carpet. What I noticed is Amber’s forced camera smile. She would smile and then look down. Very symbolic of someone who is being forced to do something and she is not comfortable. She wasn’t there in spirit.

I would hate to see that Depp gets cremated with this story. The entertainment world is harsh.

Virgo Ellie

I hope the accusations are incorrect: Vanessa Paradis: Johnny Depp’s Ex-Girlfriend Defends Him Against Abuse Claims, Report Says


YES! To all of this!

I’m Aqua Sun and Merc, and Mars is retro-ing back into my 5th house.

Also, my days feel more ‘Mercury retrograde’ now than when Mercury was actually retrograding……WHY is that?!
I felt more serene and things were going more smoothly during the actual Mercury retro! (and I don’t have Merc retro in my own chart)

Anyway……can’t seem to get anything done efficiently right now! I’m getting things done, but feels chaotic and seem to waste a lot of time trying to do so, too. Frustrating…. I’m usually quite efficient and appreciate a streamlined day…..


Oh, I agree! Too many things blowing up and going much too slow, even for a Taurus. What’s more, there is zero patience and zero chill with anyone anymore.


Completely ignoring the zombie lovers thing by distracting myself with IMCF World Championships Medieval Combat and cheering my local fighters on. (Wishing i were healthy enough to fight *with* them but that will have to wait until Mars is direct, i’m thinking….)

Go team Canada! 🙂


LOL, LOVE the cockatoo dude – it’s so, SO perfect for Aquarius!

But yes, that Mars back into Scorpio vibe is STRONG! “Genghis Khan” came on this morning right as Mars made the transition from Sadge to Scorp and I just chuckled – how completely fitting!


I just bought a book on Ghengis Khan for my husband. Feelin the Khan vibes, haha.


Oh wow – that is just too FREAKY! Thanks for the validation!


Yes, it’s an amazing image!! Perfection.




Yep. I got ** of these symptoms. AS WELL AS wondering if every single man in this godforsaken town I’m in is really and seriously just some penis-driven sock puppet with alpha and beta male issues. I literally had a stand off with a dude last night whilst on my motorcycle because he kept honking at me because I didn’t ride the car in front of me last night close enough during stop and go traffic–ie, I paused to flex my clutch hand. Mars Retro in Scorpio indeed. This explains everything. How long does this shizz last? Thank Gawd for… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

It’s across the board SheRat. The men are so damaged by previous relationships AND realizing they could lose everything if they committed. It’s crazy,


They are also damaged by the role that they have had to play over the last 5000 years of patriarchal culture; just as women are.


Having moved from the Left Coast, it’s a bit of culture shock. I’ve not seen Madonna/Whore complexes and so much threatened masculinity since, well, I moved away 26 years ago! LOL. No disputing that power imbalances devastate both parties, preventing all who lack the critical thinking to work at getting out of these patterns from enjoying the full range of human possibility. How’s this for Mars Retro in Scorpio? In my most recent episode, I accepted an invitation to a party from an alpha male (fellow biker, hot, like Waylon Jennings with an Irish accent) because we’ve known each other… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

Wow, yes, that is sad. He initiated and then blamed. Sounds like a female really threw him off course.

Sorry the night didn’t go as well. I honestly feel bad for the men out there. They are trying just as hard as we are trying to get better with connecting.

Did he get upset that you went with him and hit a lot if attention before or after the sex?

Virgo Ellie

Oh Lord.. I was just posting a comment on a dating site about how I feel today. It’s Memorial Day w/e and I had the love of my life around. It was our first w/e together and I walked away on cloud 9. It didn’t last but I have such wonderful memories of being with him, him making dinner for me, having great sex and I “thought” maybe he was into me as s girlfriend. Nope. That was 5 years ago and I ended it with him in 2013. We had some drama based interactions since then and for about… Read more »


lots of ghouls in my dreams! Dreaming like a mad thing! And a revisitation of surgery I was told I couldn’t have in 2014, which will bring great relief and less pain…


this Mars retro has a kick yeah? and for me it’s all wrapped up in Saturn Schizz. and they shine on down from overhead. well, time to deal I guess, bring the next thing on.


tick to all of the above mystic. I have at last felt a touch more normal for the past 20 hours, which is a relief. I am just amazed that out of nowhere (cosmos) can come such intense and bizarre feelings that could and do create havoc and change and realignment. I don’t know about paying for Chiro, I think the universe is doing a quick toggle on us right now…Crunch.

The Venus Fly

I sometimes wonder why Astrology/psychics/tarot readers never, ever, ever get my ish correct. Like for 20 years none of the shit written or said to me comes true at all. They get my past, present, future wrong, seems only I can receive messages directly. And unlike other folks, I have to replace cynicism with hope and faith while planting seeds. Because my gut IS always spot on. And I have to honor it with patience and tweaking. But yeah, I would friggin’ love to hear someone who can read give me great advice or insights that come true. Because it… Read more »


Maybe this is where you embrace the mutable rising. Che sera, sera…..

The Venus Fly

It’s one of those days. I am just inherently impatient. Yet still the Universe gives. I sat down and did a Celtic Cross reading – SIX Pentacle cards saying the usual message (abundance, success, big money) with the Magician as outcome. Literally as soon as I say okay my phone rings to inform me of a message that someone wants to buy some used clothes I put up online months back – the one in triple digits to boot. Life keeps on giving. It may not be giving the BIG stuff yet, but the gifts are always given. The synchronicity… Read more »


Why you waiting on action, lass? Your words and your vibration – you are (channeling) the action!


action, inaction and neutrality are the 3 states of being


Action meaning the two-pronged desire to be PAID for creating or to meet someone worth fucking, lol.

Speaking in code, lass, speaking in code :p


Haha remote viewing men from the past omg I love that and now I will definitely be thinking about that! 🙂 thank you for being so cool and spot on – this Virgo sun/ Leo ascendant just had to flee the parental/ childhood home as Mars stations in the fourth house – the urge to escape/ say noooo to draining family dynamics came on strong and I felt brilliant driving off.
Also as of yesterday my long infatuation has just dissolved into thin air- I’m feeling free again 😀 -Jupiter’s on natal Mercury right now getting the Saturn reality- check.

The Venus Fly

None of the above. Truly. Here is why: – I understand that I settled in ALL my past relationships which is why they sucked and which is why I made the choice to follow my bliss knowing that the right one/s for me would be the following the same path of bliss and authenticity. – Not messing with carbs at all. – Not thinking of men from my past. If they do flash up, I see clearly why it didn’t work and promptly forget. – Life is life. I learned something from everything so no defeat or victory, just life.… Read more »


#s 2, 4, 5 & 6.
Esp last 3.
#3 has never been an issue….hahahaha

#6- l relented, went back online. I now have had best contacts ever, courteous, even. A Scorp and a Pisces. And l got dates on June long weekend with both.


Good to know I’m not the only one; dreaming about old loves, questioning a current long term relationship, and stomach clenching reassessment of my entire life.

8th house

“Wondering if ANY of your relationships EVER were based on Authenticity” Yes!!…. and “Becoming conscious of what makes you grip/clench your jaw and deciding to eliminate that/them from your life” YES!! Omg, it’s being going on for too long and I can’t take it anymore. I should say “NOT” much going on for to long. 🙁 Being a Scorp sun, I can’t be friends with exes / lovers. I need to cut them out completely. Got pmt and feel sad and like I’ve wasted a decade of my life living in hope. How could i have been SO deluded for… Read more »


Wow. So accurate! Thanks Mystic! Trying to get over myself at the moment.

“Netflixxing and chilling” by myself to The Bounty, an 80’s film. Lots of historical men and homoeroticism.


I remember little of that film other than a scene where a man has been taunted by dropping him into the sea while a shark circles, followed by said man appearing before the captain, in the presence of David Bowie with a fake shark fin strapped to his back.


Are you sure that wasn’t Yellowbeard? (Also an equally awesome film!)


Moby Dick eclipses them all.

Ruby Tuesday

Totally. Weird. I have an aqua moon, which maybe makes this more so?

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