June Monthly Horoscopes Are Up

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The essential guide to the Hyper-Flux AKA the June Monthly Horoscopes are now live!

We have…Saturn square Neptune with support players Jupiter, the Nodes & energies in Gemini.  There is also an amazing synergy between Mars, Chiron and Psyche + the Earth Magic of Jupiter-Pluto-the North node…

And more…!

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scorpiodawnMM Member

dont think i’ll b getting up at four am to do new moon wishes somehow…but i mite…

seawitchmermaidMM Member

Fuqing genius. Both rising and sun, but damn, in the sun one, there were a couple lines that described in detail *exactly* what I’m experiencing right now (Pisces, btw). Thank u Mystic <3

ElectroMM Member

These are incredibly detailed, thank you! The insight is needed to work the magic.

milleunanotteMM Member

Just want to say THANK YOU for the new Oracle q! My only options have made me feel like an LZ, which drives me into a flurry of questioning myself and my perceptions of reality. I have taken years, as a Piscean, to learn to trust my gut and my instinctive intuition, because it is always on target. Plus, as an Ascendant-Moon-Jupiter-Neptune conjunct Sag , i seek endlessly to discover the Truth and overcome delusion. Thus my Oracle adventures end up burying me in LZ-like questioning because, despite the actual reality of what is going on (complex) I cannot understand… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


CentaurusMM Member

You’ve changed your format.. I like it. Exceptional as usual Mystic.

Hoping it’s a great as it reads in between the flux. Barely keeping my head above water these days.. almost given up on that and am now resigned to refining skills at breathing whilst under…

SleepfulInBrisvegasMM Member

It would be pertinent to develop gills here too. May was awful and I have finally had to concede that I can’t tread water any more because I’m exhausted. So gills would be appropriate. Rather than just drown.

CentaurusMM Member

Hi Sleepless 😀 That kind of fits me at the moment too. Waking before 5am most days for the last week or so. I know there’s a massive biological (read – mind) pull to push on but sometimes we just have to surrender. Yes, much easier to type than do.. when there is so much to do and process. I’m somewhere in between numb and manic after a house move with guests from Brisvegas descending tomorrow. Maybe we can just float for a bit? Maybe it’s the caffeine talking? Sure beats drowning lovely! Perhaps we should invest in some lilo’s?… Read more »


I think June is gonna be good! and kinda interesting. Toro Sun with Scorp rising and saggie moon. the last 2 weeks has been so interesting. i have had at least 5 people from my past resurface and contact me. to call out a few that stand out: an old gf and one ex bf that was a constant fling in my 20’s. both the gf and the bf had some alcohol/other issues going on, so we parted ways gracefully. No word from either of them for over 10+ years, and now they contact me both within a week? what… Read more »

jeskileMM Member

Question for one and all:
I am an Aries (25°) with a late Taurus rising (25°). Often when reading any Sun horoscopes, the things that are happening in my chart, are actually in Gemini’s scope. So, sometimes I find myself reading all three and amalgamating them together.

Anyone have any thoughts and feelings on this? Is it just too much? Do I need to simplify?

CentaurusMM Member

Are there any natal planets aspected either in Gem or by Sun/Venus transiting Gem?

Also check your progressed chart for a clue. I’m a Taurus rising currently Gem rising in progressed so I can relate.

JaneyMM Member

Yes, I’m also 24 toro rising so I read the gem scopes. They seem to be more accurate.


Yep..I’m officially a Cap rising but read Aquarius too and Aquarius resonates. Like completely.

The Venus FlyMM Member
The Venus Fly

29 degrees Stellium Taurus, Gemini Rising. I resonate more with my Pisces moon scope than my Gemini Rising.

supakaliMM Member

my AC is close to yours, I eventually dropped the Taurus scopes even though my Moon is there. Gem works better for understanding transit action in pertinent houses 🙂

The Venus FlyMM Member
The Venus Fly

RE: Dailies I was a day ahead – today, lol. Was strangely teary throughout the day, don’t know if it was because I was up until 5am sequencing my new sexy-ass ‘Edge’ phone, or all the Prince slow jams and 90’s era R&B slow jams were getting me emotional, lol. I dreamed about rejecting someone in my dreams last night and than when inputting all my damn numbers and going to friend’s FB pages to copy pics to align with contacts (yes, I am THAT OCD – custom ring tones will be linked within the week for each person to… Read more »

Caterina senangMM Member
Caterina senang

Thanks for all those well wishes Venus fly may your artistry soar!

The Venus FlyMM Member
The Venus Fly


scorpiodawnMM Member

yay june already!
but my taurus rising is 8 degrees…still gonna count myself in for the magic thing at the end of june!

skarabMM Member

Thanks Mystic. This is going to be a happening month. I can feel it in me bones. Dosing up on Reishi ‘shrooms – why should Geminis have all the fun?

JokermanMM Member

I like the paragraphs

LexieMM Member

Thank you Mystic!!!! 🙂 XX