Black Moon Lilith Rituals


The Dark Moon + these last days of Lilith in Libra are perfect for Black Moon Lilith Rituals.  Some things are never going to be forgiven or resolved, that flower is wilted now.  The letter you write but don’t send, the goodbye you murmur to the four winds, that quiet release deep within your psyche. Think also a quiet “hah-hah” to the fuqwit who never ‘got’ you. Reappreciate your resilience and good riddance to trolls. Lilith rules renegade strength and outsider mojo. You’re not invited to some Muggle event? Good.

Salvador Dali

Any ritual should ideally have the four elements or even five elements present if you’re more into the Feng Shui/Oriental practices. Fire, Air, Earth and Water OR Fire, Metal, Earth, Water, and Wood. But the big deal really is that you have set aside even the six minutes of space to gather your wits and direct them into this moment.

If in doubt, a shitload of sage smudging helps everything. I also think the Buddhist mantras playing OR grindcore if it feels energy shifting to you can help. You devise the occult disrupt and resetting of intent that feels natural to you. After all, as the actor, Gary Oldman famously said “‘fuq ’em’ is the shortest prayer in the world”

Because you want to clear the scene/your psyche for the new love/business vibe/art inspiration. The future IS calling even if you the line is all static, echo and delay while Mercury is still Retrograde.

What are your concepts for Black Moon Lilith rituals?


Mars Attacks


Ysambre Fauntography

Salvador Dali

Mars Attacks

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Funny I’ve been a little Badass administrative bitch y’all and all sorts of odds and ends tidied up. Not everything is a feel good happy ending but I’m clearing the decks. My years long grief of service to lower vibe people is over but I’m recovering from such shit. I love my new meditation: just let that shit go. And fuq that shit. I’ve been sucked into the vortex of financial, worth and time shit that literally feels that the mighty hand of God is about to flush me down but it’s all good. Once I get past a bankruptcy… Read more »


Oh god yes, this week has been so tough. Terrible sleep, waking up drained, dragging myself to work every morning with my partner, having an argument or moments of ‘grrrrr’ with him every morning, feeling like suddenly we cannot communicate well because I see him as ‘preaching and lecturing’ and he sees me as ‘bleating and moaning’ and neither of us think we can handle each other’s opinions!! On top of that work is cold, barren and soul-sucking. I feel trapped. My heart feels heavy. I just want to give up on everything because I feel like I have no… Read more »


Broken sleep (and hyper weird dreams – including the return of the action-disaster dreams, only they seem to have moved on from the tornado dreams and this was aircraft falls from the sky, cars stopping, mayhem and chaos though I was navigating it, was empowered this time, going into the heart of it (a tower?) rather trying to get the hell away from it?!) and tonight, no sleep. I have to front up at the hospital in less than two hours to try and get some answers about my mum’s condition which had deteriorated by the time I got there… Read more »


Sorry to hear that about your mother. Strength to you and hopefully the tide turns for the better soon.


Am in the hospital now. Hoping there will be answers today.


Just wondering – are we talking about Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith or Black Moon Lilith?


This has been the hardest week in a long time. I’m a bit scared of Lilith moving into Scorp if any of this is her doing. Dark fuqt up dreams, no sleep, chaotic work conditions (‘radical restructuring’), arguments galore with my mister, tears, an ever-growing list of ‘to dos’, did I mention no sleep? Thank god I have a cat. This is why cats are great in a crisis: they don’t give a shit about your problems so long as they get fed and pats, and some personal space. Curiously if I replace the word ‘cat’ with ‘men’, I’m suddenly… Read more »


“If i replace the word ‘cat’ with ‘men’, I’m suddenly annoyed”



Especially the Aqua variety.

YEH. Ain’t that full of fq, tho?


This one is Aqua rising to a T. I have an Aqua sun but he out aquas x 100. I vibe more to my rising sign, the ever pugnacious Aries. Maybe I need a pug.


Soo funny Alouetta! As if men could ever replace cats *observes cat/dude as he licks his butt clean and purrs contentedly* Good luck with those Aqua men, 😉 and before anyone gets upset I am referring to all Aqua men.






Hearing you!


Yes to cats and their expectations to be kindly treated- no matter what! Mine expect their world to run on time- and they expect good qi. Our cats chased away an old ugly energy- Uranus is on my Aries South Node in the 6th. Not feeling the codependent stepnfetchit vibe. I stepped up for a stint at work- outside my comfort zone. Totally challenged my old story about certain people and places. I survived. I could see my story vs the reality. I was wary but willing. Alouetta, wishing you strength and the calm to regroup. Toro: put on your… Read more »


Yes, sound advice. I’m going to start sleeping on people’s laps. I like the idea of having my hair stroked by a distracted co-worker.


Hah!! Great strategy!


Sorry about the evil to do list. I hope there is something, just one thing, you can get off it that feels like progress.

And let’s hope there is some sleep in the near future for us all. Xx


I’ve been smudging a lot lately, feeling vulnerable. This apartment/neighborhood/city really piles up with dodgy, dark-side vibes. I feel I have to constantly do clearings… So Lilith is going into Scorpio…..didn’t know….that should be interesting, Lilith going into my 5th house and Mars retrograding back into my 5th when it goes back into Scorpio. Been taking a break from dating, but wonder what all that could dredge up? My natal Lilith is in Taurus, too, so there will be a Lilith opposition Lilith at some point…. I do want to do these letting go rituals….I would like to feel free… Read more »


….ooooh, also, if Lilith is now in late Libra, that means she’s on my South node too, so speaking of ‘love gone by’, perhaps if I do a ritual, I can clear out all past life love gone by, too, and really get free and clear on a deep level for a truly new beginning!


Fortunate cycle for interests, but I am physically stretched. Instructor is preparing for o/s so I will try to maintain my committment to the internal martial arts I have been doing…have an intensive to look forward to soon…fully informs my being and is reflected with scorpio lillith coming, to be conjunct my ceres 2nd house, in grand trine my moon, mercury…which I suppose it is in in already…


Omg smudge Yes! I have been meaning to do that for the last week cuz I can just feel the shit static noise building up & I’m wading around in it. Fuq that! Thanks for the reminder, Mystic: tomorrow I strike! (What? It’s fuqing late here; I need my sleep, yo.) x


Amen to sage. Clearing space and schizz before boys come home from uni. NM is dead on my Desc and square 9th Uranus- and Chiron.

Have kept main 1st floor clear and clutter free- now working on me, library, basement.

I dreamed about feeding stray dogs- which were curled up right at my gate.

Lilith is hitting my 12th- all those shining stars getting a deep clean! LOL!!

em price

Such resonance! Exactly what is needed now. And I love the way this is written, too.


Beautiful thoughts Mystic and wow that Dali image, exquisite. For once it’s not old love I need to release/deal with… things seem to be deepening w the Triple Toro. I am enjoying the gentle pace of it. My release/let go ritual will be around work, fitting for the new moon on my MC. After another crazy day at work yesterday it became clear I really need to move on, and I fully accepted the realisation. Been fighting it for a while as it will mean massive transformation and reinvention, not simply polishing up my CV for more of the same… Read more »


Good luck with the career shift. Exciting times. Glad you feel good about it. Remember this vibe in times of uncertainty or doubt. X


Sounds exciting and terrifying in equal measures. For me, that’s usually the litmus test that it’s the right direction.

I was reading earlier this week that the intentions set for this new moon are ones that take time to manifest and unfold. Sounds like the perfect time to be planning a career metamorphosis.

The Venus Fly

I always play 17 Days by Prince before my birthday. Full Moon and Lilith in Scorpio this year – woot woot! The Universe gave an eclipse a few years back. Love being in sync 🙂

The Venus Fly

The images. That tree of life sphere holder? Nearly bought it on Monday, lol. Dreamed about an old affair and the last crush back-to-back last night. Former is dino era – megh. The latter? Never dreamed about anyone so much in my LIFE. What I learned is chemistry does not always mean there will be spiritual alchemy. That I’ve outgrown confusing passion for compatibility. That my horniness IS contained in the physical world, lol. I have standards. That I don’t fling pass-agg ish when ish doesn’t go my way (consensuality is exactly that) by spiritually berating someone in any context.… Read more »


Ain’t that the truth though? Spiritual Alchemy is far rarer than chemistry and much more precious. Chemistry feels so level one now.

But to be honest, i wonder if it is possible to still have terrible sex with someone who you have spiritual alchemy with? Dear Universe, as your trusted and loyal servant the only way for me to give you a non-speculative answer to that question is for me to test the goods! Lol! But first, i have to be provided goods!

The Venus Fly

See for me it’s the opposite. It’s EASY to find people I have a near-level psychic level of rapport with. Meeting people want to make physical love with has been a little more trickier. And I kinda require both to go there.



The smell thing doesn’t work for you? I can literally smell who would be good in bed and who Isn’t for me. Sadly, smell can’t predict spiritual compatibility or friendship. 🙁

The Venus Fly

Oh yeah. I smell them before they even turn up, lol. Sadly, the ones I’ve met are still are not ready for a loving relationship – they’re used to playing ‘Superman’ or being in an unhealthy relationship dynamic by an abusive dominant partner. So yeah, the sex WOULD be great. But that would require me to play therapist afterwards and those days are done and gone, so, I just walk on by. Fantasize, but walk on by, lol ;P


“Part 1 of the epic is written and lived – ready for Part 2.” You have no idea how apt those words are. I’ve been getting the message, clear and unambiguous in the last few days to let go – to really let go and stop using my grievances about a past relationship as a life raft. To let go and open, to trust. I’m bad at second chances. But I’m being told this is worth it. First I have to let go of the old shit so a new dynamic has a chance of ignite. So, today I am… Read more »

The Venus Fly

I had a dream 9 months ago that changed my life. I really met my lower Neptune urges face-to-face in a way that had me shook for like, 3 weeks. It was crazy. But I’ve been doing the work. I had to swing extremes a few times before I was “ready” to balance out but like you, old pains that had just become habit within the body needed to be released to make way for the new era. I know diamonds need the dark to grow, but once they’re mined they need a platinum partner, so, mama had to transition… Read more »


I’ve had Neptune square my natal Neptune for the last two years. I’ve been distilled down to my most potent.

And now, what I hope, is the final shedding. First this and then go deep to start working on abandonment issues (last relationship totally triggered this into consciousness!!) I suspect these are generational issues. Or ancestral issues.

Kudos to you for putting in the work and for the wonderful pending.

The Venus Fly

I hear you SO INTENSELY on the ancestral issues. I realized I had inherited a LOT of psychic junk which had hindered my ability to be loved. Crystals have really helped me, as well as working with Archangels. A lot of pain and trauma and resentment has been cleansed from my heart and sacral the last 9 months. I revisited a toxic place today and yeah, it bothered me like it did a year ago but NOWHERE near like it used to. It doesn’t attach and suck the life out of me. I can see the fuqery, but shit ended… Read more »

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