Asteroid David Bowie

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David Bowie

YES there is an Asteroid DavidBowie.  I have it conjunct my midheaven, which is a thrill, obviously.   It is number 342843 and if you are an Astro Fiend just go to the Extended Options bit of Astrodienst and enter it into the box where you put all your other fancy stuff.

It is currently at 4 Aquarius – Bowie’s Ascendant.   But really he was so Lilith, Mars, Mercury and Sun in Capricorn:

I hate sleep. I would much prefer staying up, just working, all the time. It makes me so mad that we can’t do anything about sleep or the common cold.

And…Uranus – the chart ruler – on the North Node, in Gemini. I literally met David Bowie, when i was a teenager, on a film set and under strange circumstances. With literally no idea who he was at the time, i deemed him to be alien or angel.  My key recollection is that he had no pomp, no perviness, no pretence and an unfeigned interest in my thoughts on the Ursula K Le Guin Earthsea Trilogy.  It was only later that i got the peeps sidling up to me saying “did you know who that was?” etc etc.

ANYWAY, thoughts?

Goblin King

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68 thoughts on “Asteroid David Bowie

  1. DB @18 deg Gemini
    Smack bang in the middle of my fifth house stellium: Saturn,Venus, Vertex @ Sun

    I am so jelly that a bunch of you got to meet him.
    My teenage self in the early 80’s was just gobsmacked by him and his music. Luv X

  2. Ooooh – smack dab on my natal Mercury. Less than a degree away, in fact, at 13 Libra in the 6th.

    Noodling on what that means – especially since my natal Mercury was Rx at the time.

    Strange thoughts and ideas, check. Ability to think two conflicting thoughts at the same time, check. Ability to talk under wet cement, check. Passion for sharing the crazy ideas, check.

    Hm. Much to ponder.

    And in other news – I share a birthday (thought not year) with Ursula Le Guin, which I’ve always thought was kinda cool. Your story is WAY cooler 😉

  3. conjunct my Taurus Jupiter in the 4th house. would I have loved to have him over for tea? oh, yea.

  4. Hoy… I’ve got David Bowie 25 Vir 07 Conjunct North Node 24 Vir 27 in 10th House… Opposite Venus – South Node.

    And Progressed DB is 22 Vir 29. Have always had a thing for DB… Guess he’s supposed to inspire me to be in my North Node.

    Don’t forget to change the Asteroid No. up there in your Mystic. David Bowie is 342843 (Thanks to Skarab for that correction).

  5. Natal DB is at 4* Aquarius in 6 th house

    My David Bowie is conjunct David Bowie’s Ascendant!
    No wonder I love his music so freaking much!

    It is opposite my Leo moon and square my Taurus Mars. It is trine my libra Pluto.

  6. 1 degree of Cancer – 1st House.
    Um.. The Fat White Duchess? Lol.
    Weird but accepted?

    So cool you talked about Le Guin with David Bowie Mystic! What a gem of a little memory.
    Love his story with Davidl’s mum too. What a stone cold gentleman. Angelic Alien is perfection to describe him.

  7. asteroid David Bowie conj Chiron, right on the line demarking 12th house…I always knew doing my own thing and flying the freak flag high was healing.:-D.

    • I guess where that asteroid shows up would also be where one has a indomitable work ethic and ability to stay relevant…

  8. I got David in some fairly non-descript part of my 4th house. Opposite my Neptune in Sagittarius whatever that means (might explain predilection for musicians?) The other asteroid though? At 15 Scorpio sandwiched between my Sun (12) and Mars (18). Dying to know what it is if anyone has any info. Google gave me the secondhand Mazda and a random research paper on ‘Gravitational Microlensing Toward The Andromeda Galaxy: A Search For Dark Matter in M31’. Which I now have every intention of reading…

  9. The Boy has David conjunct his Gemini 3rd house sun. I remember him being all of three and walking into the kitchen, cocking his head to the side and asking: is that Bowie?, of the CD his Dad was playing.

    We both looked at him in wonder. We’d played lots of Bowie for him but this was an album he hadn’t heard before. Decided we were doing all the right things in raising him if he could pick Bowie.

    • i love this 🙂

      those gemini ears, so attuned to sounds! language, tone, expression, radio comms, timbre, local habitat/neighbourhood… a talent also used to a fault in their ability to imitate just about anyone

      • Oh yes. He’s not yet 12 and has been doing the most astounding impersonations and accents for years. Grok memory he also has his mercury (and perhaps Venus ?) in Gemini. He’s soooooo Gemini it’s not funny. That’s what I got for deciding I couldn’t have a Gemini child – Mawhahaha. He was a due date Taurus!!

  10. Moon conjoining natal DB. “Bowie” is a legitimate and often used descriptor of mood and mindset in my household.

  11. David Bowie is on top of my sun in Aqua in the ninth. Explains the obsession with new tunes for my long nature walks this month.

  12. 29 Cancer and it’s the only thing I have found at any 29 degree in my chart. Also conjunct my early Leo sun. Fun, Fun. I have no story but I adore him!

  13. Asteroid David Bowie conj my GARY in Scorp!
    They are 7 degrees apart. I’m sure that matters to both of them, but in different ways, lol

  14. Love it. I have asteroid DB conjunct my Capricorn sun. Seems fitting as I was born an hour shy of sharing a birthday with the amazing Mr Bowie… Well, one hour and about 30 odd years, but you know what I mean…

    So cool you got to share a moment with him MM.

  15. Wow so very cool; great story, love it! Bowie is conjunct my ascendant at 16 degrees of Gemini. Love that too 🙂 Made my day!

  16. Yes his asteroid conjunct my midheaven too! Snap; met and partied with him early eighties. Genuinely lovely guy. Unique

  17. Coolest asteroid in orbit?! I think so…

    I have David right on 29*55 Aries (could it get any closer to 0* taurus? how many parts of degrees are there?)…conjunct my Venus + Lillith, all in 8th house.

    Feels like home to me…

      • I heard from someone today that the 29* refers to past lives…an interesting take for sure.

        Don’t know much about past lives tbh. Tend to have enough trouble figuring out this one…

  18. Ahh that’s so cool! Coincidentally I just re-read Catwings to my oldest tonight before bed, will have to look into Earthsea. Anyway, asteroid David Bowie is conjunct my Ceres in Virgo, opp. Jupiter. My parents love him but probably everyone’s do… they’re also very Aquarian/Uranian.

  19. My family has there own Bowie story. My mother was once the PA to a CEO of a large US multi national in the late 70s. They had a conference in Sydney and mum had booked some suites at the Sebel Townhouse in Elizabeth Bay. Bowie was also staying in the hotel and didn’t like his room so asked if he could swap with one of mums booked suites. They call her and she pops into the hotel to sort it out not knowing who this MrBowie was. Anyway she agrees to make the change and when David found out he invited her up to his room. Apparently he was so thankful he asked her to sit down for a tea and commenced drawing a picture for her. It was full of color, stars, love and blessings and a special thank you note to her. When my sister and I found out we were absolutely gob smacked and gave mum the word that she had just met a music God. She just said he was a very nice man. We still have it 🙂

  20. Connect my 2nd house pluto…sextile my 4th house neptune/moon conjunct. I think he owed me money. lol. nah. But I did love his music…admired his cheekbones.

  21. Asteroid David Bowie is on my South Node in Sagittarius in the 3rd house conjunct Uranus. Did I enjoy his weirdness and originality coming from an environment where I didn’t readily find people waving their freak flag. I don’t know what it means exactly. But it’s conjunct Uranus so it was telling me: “Rebel. Be weird. Fuq it.”

    • Did I mention transiting Lilith is hovering my natal Pluto and Lilith conjunction! Guess I can’t complain! Holy shit so just plunge in asteroid Bowie and it is exact my Descendant — do you think I could have him as ghost mentor? Lover? Hmmm

      • Fuck Mercury ok just input the right number and now it’s in my first house too wide an angle to consider unless you consider sextile Venus – I’ll take it.

        • Ok now I’m freaking out as I remember a patient of mine tell me I reminded her of the goblin king– and she just messaged me this morning– sync sync ? freaking out. Thanks for the post Mighty MM?

  22. Mystic, i think it’s 342843.

    How lovely for you! And wow! – we have something in common – I have him conjunct my MC too! And i met & talked to him as well. Tho i was in my 20s and knew exactly who he was. He was having a meal at my friend’s restaurant who was so nervous that he asked me to deal with him. He was lovely and reminded me of an alien cat-person. We talked about gypsies & their music.

    • I can trump you. I met Dylan’s cousin…ha ha ha ha bloody ha

      Seriously, David 2° applyn my Moon, ergo, near opp of my natal David at 10° Leo. I cant sing but l do like to show off my lack of talent.

    • oh thanks Skarab, I plugged that other number in and it was doing nothing, NOTHING in my chart and I was trying not to feel disappointed when I saw your message – voila, asteroid David Bowie conjunct my Sun! Wooohooo, rockin 🙂

      • Supa K – that so rocks!

        I tried to find what asteroid that other number stood for, and curiously this came up: Used Mazda Demio 2007 for Sale. Reference no. 324843.

        I think that this somehow links to Chrysalis’s Gary. 😀

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