Ask Mystic: Prepping For Pluto In Aquarius Already

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Bill Carman

Dear Mystic,

This Aqua rising is becoming increasingly aware of a moment of either impending doom or some superheroine type glory: Pluto’s transit into my ascendant (after it’s done cooking up quite the psychic storm in my 12th house), followed by Saturn’s shift into my 12th house on the coattails of pluto, then, saturn and pluto all up in my ascendant, which also houses my natal mars. I am a triple Gemini sun, mercury, and venus currently experiencing their first Saturn return in Sag. Woooooo!

I’m trying to assure myself that this could be the moment I become a superheroine and I am going to transform into some magical and insanely powerful person, but I am also terrified of what will be sacrificed along the way.

Any insight into us poor Aqua risings who will be morphing? Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?!



Dear L,

For a Triple Gemini, you sure as hell are forward thinking. Pluto is not in Aquarius until 2024 – January 22 to be exact. So it is a little early to be prepping for Pluto in Aquarius?   But then, Saturn Return – or anything Saturn related – is always a time when the broader patterns of life and its choices or goals become apparent.

Still, i am also Aquarius Rising and i ain’t worrying about Pluto in Aquarius yet. The psychic storm in the 12th house is – yes – imminent but Pluto is augmented by Jupiter in the 8th house. This = Awesome. I have not to the 12th House chapter in Pimp Your Pluto Transit yet.

The most likely thing to be ‘sacrificed’ will be your naivety, any faux loyalties and/or cloying sentiment without spiritual basis.  Pluto transits are often when you realize that sentiment is the synthetic, tacky cousin of emotion.

Finally, if you are Aquarius Rising, then Uranus is your patron planet and Uranus is about to hook up with Eris for months on end. Warp Speed Evolutionary Eloquence could be yours!

Let’s keep this in the now.  Or if you want something to flip out about, try Neptune in Aries from 2027.  How nuts does that sound?

Image: Bill Carman

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30 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Prepping For Pluto In Aquarius Already

  1. I’m Aquarius ascendant with Mars in Aquarius in 1st House, North Node & Saturn RX in Virgo & Venus in 12th House in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune in 11th House. Uranus conjunct Midheaven in 10th House Scorpio and Pluto Retrograde in Libra 9th House. Jupiter in Retrograde at 0 degrees Leo 7th House. Sun & Mercury in Pisces.

    Uranus transits cause havoc in my life, the only awesome Uranus transit was when it was in my Aquarius ascendant, the shit hit the fan after it left Aquarius and life has been topsyturvy ever since and still not back to normal. The worst transit was when Uranus was going through Pisces, where I have the Sun, Mercury and South Node – lost my father suddenly in a shocking robbery shooting, my health deteriorated and still haven’t recovered. It was just one shock after another. Now that Uranus is moving through my 3rd House (where I have my Part of Fortune), it’s changed my close surrounding and neighborhood and have had lots of fights with my siblings (I swear we never ever fought before Uranus entered my 3rd House). Uranus in 3rd House has also brought sudden, shock happenings involving my neighbors (stuff involving the police, criminal behaviour), all of a sudden a married person who’s been a neighbor all my life, has fallen for me(didn’t notice me all these years??!!). A brand new mall has sprung up near my backyard and there’s no peace and quiet anymore, it’s now filled with hustle and bustle, bright lights & loud music. I’m dreading Uranus hitting my 4th House Taurus, it’s in it’s fall in Taurus, so I’m just so freaked out at what havoc it will cause for 8 years in Taurus. And Pluto hitting Aquarius and it will be in my ascendant in 2024, Seriously hope I’m not around to see that!!! Is Pluto in it’s fall in Aquarius??? Some websites says it’s Aquarius and others says it’s fall is in Virgo?? Any input will be greatly appreciated…..thank you folks!

    • wow, that has been a heavy time for you.

      i just wanted to write, “something about making peace with uranus”

      it is on your MC? wow!!
      can you research that more?
      I was wondering, with all that external uranian chaos, if you integrating uranian energy within your life, vibe, public image, persona might be a thing?
      as an aqua rising, uranus is your ruling planet and to have it on your sadge MC (with Jupes in Leo, and sun-merc in pisces) basically says to me, like, you are the person they send out to rescue astronauts lost in space? or communicate with lost satellites? or invent cyborg emotion-microchips? or be a travelling musician with a containerload of synthesizers and incredibly unusual instruments?
      hope this makes sense.
      also sun mercury pisces here.

      • typo making no sense.
        From this:
        if you integrating uranian energy within your life, vibe, public image, persona might be a thing?

        as this instead:
        if you consider that integrating uranian energy within your life, vibe, public image, persona might be a thing?

      • point being, uranus is currently acting -externally- to you. But like Pluto, or any outer planet, and the lessons smashing us over the head, once we go “ohhhh riiiight” then yeah, maybe…

        I don’t know how that would have helped with your dad though 🙁

  2. I’m also a Gemini Sun and Aqua rising, and right now I’m more concerned about what Saturn will bring me…
    Until now, it has been a new… Partner? He is a really good friend of mine, and now we’re sort of dating. He happens to be super cappy-saturnine, which fits perfectly in the Saturn in Sag, transiting my house 7th and 11th.

  3. If you need something to worry about, I’d go with Uranus in Taurus squaring your AC. It begins half a decade before Pluto and very well might set the scene.
    Also, this is silly. Love, quad Gem.

    I do hope we get this patriarchy shit sorted before Neptune in Aries, otherwise…

    • Haha it is silly (I am the above poster). I have such a knack of preparing for the shit on the fan far, far in advance. I think it’s my way of being able to be emotionally resilient for “the worst” 10 years from now.

      I should look into this Uranus in Taurus situation. That would be approaching my natal Jupiter in the 3rd house, so this sounds rather intriguing …

  4. My partner is also Aqua rising–

    I have Aqua 8th house–which, now that I realize–makes sense that Mystic is the astrologer I follow so closely–her “forward face” presence resonating with my deep mystic life space–also, my North Node is in Aqua.

    Neptune in Aries, OMG–my MC is 0 Aries, Moon 3 Aries–asteroid Magdalene conjunct. So, anticipating a shamanic, divine-feminine, springtime feeling.

  5. I’m a triple aqua with my rising sign in lateish Cap so am aware that when Pluto leaves my 12th and crosses my Asc, three or four years from now I think, it will only be getting started, my Aqua planets ahead, and that is interesting to think about. In general, my chart is in the bowl pattern (#astrohacks) with all my major planets spaced between my Scorp Pluto (sq aqua sun) and Mars/NN in Aries.

    So Pluto has been churning through the signs where I have planets all my life, with different intervals of intensity for conjunctions — and in general planets are either in the mostly bare half of my chart or I’m going through a long cycle of having things successively activated, which is interesting to think about. Very much looking forward to Jupiter getting into my neighborhood in a couple years.

  6. I’m not even sure how to pay next month’s rent. Ahh youth.

    Not preparing for 2024 in 2002 is probably what landed me here though, so kudos for forethought.

  7. Last year I kept saying ‘Phoenixing’ – the point where people I know equate me with that word, lol.

    Last September’s eclipse activated the last 9 months of hardcore heart and sacral healing.

    I go IN or I go home. Many changes, much decluttering (both material and psychic) have gone into effect the last 2 years.

    The new era IS here. I have mentioned over and over but ish bubbling in the ether. I am excited for them to manifest tangibly though. I have truly spent enough quiet/solo time “dealing” and sorting. MEGA ready for act-ION!!!!!


  8. Have Aqua Rising too.. I feel like something bigger is going to go about, out of the chaos and the catastrophe that is happening in my life. Wanna do something, all crumble or something else comes and stops it. This happening since last year. Pray something good happens. A better lead. More on finding my true self, and my destiny here.

    And God, I’m feeling like i m here to do something big in this life, just don’t know what yet. Natal Pluto in 10th Conjunct MC. This better be good. It will (that’s what I feel and that’s what I keep telling myself and the others around me).

    All I’m gonna do right now is to nit pick on myself and improvise.

    I keep drawing the Judgement(Pluto), High Priestess, and Wheel of Fortune for me along with the Star( Aqua alright)

    • Something is definitely stirring, there is definitely no going back now. I think that’s why I felt so compelled to reach out to Mystic (I’m the poster mentioned above). I just feel this transit on the horizon and that a lot of events around me are the pre-main-event shows.

  9. Sagg sun and Gem rising, I’m seeing it all, baby. No, don’t fear Pluto transit – I kinda breezed through it – although it’s the hindsight that is really important with Pluto, I don’t ‘get’ the transit until it’s over. But your life is changed – and you just didn’t realise it at the time – it’s an incremental shift that is very subterranean. It’s a loooong transit. Get on board. Mystic and Michael Lutin will be your guides…. So. That’s that. But. It was not until my Saturn transits of my 12th/6th and now (ffs!) the 1st/7th that I really understood ‘challenges’ and powerful, yet painfully slow, forced change. Marriage breakdown (finally saw the friggin light there!), mother’s decline into dementia and slow death; change of career and workload shit of the worst kind imaginable (14 hour days for weeks on end); and then (of course!) the loss of a huge amount of weight because I forgot to eat (image has changed drastically). And also depth charge psychotherapy, which has also changed me inside and out (as if there’s a difference?). No, get with the program, focus on Saturn right now, and prep for Pluto, but don’t go overboard. Believe in your power. Saturn could be seen as a great prep for Pluto, yes? May the force be with you! x

  10. As someone who has been through it, I can assure you that you will neither become a superheroine nor insanely powerful after Pluto crosses your ascendant. Sorry bout that.

    What is more likely to happen is that in the last degrees of your 12th,
    Pluto hits you with circumstances where you feel you can’t go as is anymore. You desperately want transformation. Perhaps someone really, really does a number on you, like so many have done before, and you get really, really, mad, and have your “as god is my witness!!!….” moment.

    From then on, once it crosses your ascendant, Pluto sends you experiences designed to help you find your power in the fight for very survival (emotional, material, corporeal – the details differ from person to person).

    As you find your capacity to survive against the odds and transcend heavy losses strengthening, next you may also be confronted with your dark side – the temptation to abuse your power to ensure you are never at rock bottom, or never face such significant losses emotionally, materially or physically again.

    If you succumb to these temptations, you lose the very things you were afraid of losing, one way or another. By the end of the first house transit, you are a much older, more self-aware soul, given the various abysses that you have found yourself in and out of.

    And then, Pluto hits your second house, and you face more loss – this time specifically of your self-esteem, possibly your job, and very likely, someone or something that is of great value to you.

    And then you use the skills you learned during the 1st house transit to keep going anyway, through yet another near-psychological death experience or fifty, and find yourself rising again – that is,when Pluto has finished his first-act destruction part of the house transit, and entered the second act phoenix bit. (Oh, and there is a phase where you think you will never rise from the dead in the middle of those two phases – perhaps it is third phase, or the black-as-ink intermission).

    And on it goes. Through the houses.

    Fear not. Love Scorp rising 1st house Sun square Pluto on MC gal xx

    • Aw, thanks love! I feel it. I am really disheartened by the nonprofit sector and I feel that this forthcoming series of transits will ask me to achieve the greatest whistleblow seen in the world about how power in the industry of helping the less fortunate only perpetuates the cycle of oppression. Is it Saturn or Pluto that’s typically responsive for bleached hair? I have a feeling that’s also going to happen.

  11. Pluto crossing your ascendant is awesome – don’t worry.
    I’ve been going through it the past few years and it’s mainly very slow… at least it has been for me, with a few bumps when it actually crosses the cusp to supercharge you into the feeling of liberation that comes from authenticity.

    As an aqua rising I imagine you’re pretty true to yourself as it is, but as a triple gem (I’m also a gem) Pluto helps you nail down a focus, (at least it has helped me to come accross that way 😉 )

    • Hehe! This is enlightening to hear. I already “feel” it coming. I think, I know, deep down inside, I am about to become a deeper and more 100% authentic version of myself, fresh off my Saturn return for extra effect.

  12. Pluto opposition my Cancer ascendant has just started and it’s maaaaaad how it just immediately activated this drive in me to just change everything! It’s like when you’re wearing really uncomfortable clothes all day long and you can’t wait to go home and just rip them all off!!!

    Any advice / stories from people who have completed this transit? Did everything mega change?

    • Pluto will change any thing not substantial. I got my Cap Super Low Bitch boss the month Pluto got into Cap. Chucked my job in over the issue bcos no-one in senior positions believed she was doin what she was. The Pluto Rx of 2013 was pingn my Asc thru the agency of my Scorp reset woman. My marriage ended that year (l didn’t cross the Rubicon) That climaxxed on the VERY day Pluto went 4wd on my Kat Asc/ Cap Dsc of 8°53′.

      Likely ppl who are Saturnal or Cap energy or Plutonic or Scorp energy will be instrumental. (Just my gut-feeling)

    • yes, I left my best ever boyfriend when Pluto crossed my Dsc, and even though I missed him terribly, I was never really sorry. I remember lying on the lounge just feeling compelled to end this relationship, by a force the source of which I had no knowledge (at the time 😉 )!

    • Yes. Felt the “everything is about to change” pressure for months.
      Then, got pregnant. Got married. Had babies. The end.

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