The Weird Moon

David Palladini Aquarius

So it is a Dark Moon in Aquarius or – a more simple concept – the Weird Moon.  Access the detached lucidity of Aqua Moon in sync to Saturn + Uranus for genius insight flow.  But if you’re too biz-as-usual, immersed or non-objective, you only get the jangled, scattered Qi of this Moon.

This lunar vibe can seem cold-blooded or sociopathic if you’re very Earth or Water but there are Air intensive people out there taking great big metaphorical gulps of all the blissful extra intellectual freedom and breezy thought style. So think fab for thinking & eureka flashing – and a great antidote to the Swamp Of Feeling we have been trekking through with the South Node in Pisces action.

More in the Monday Daily Horoscopes, just posted.

Oh and relationships at the moment? Fairly nuts. The friendships too.

Frank Bez

Images: David Palladini
Frank Bez

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61 thoughts on “The Weird Moon

  1. Tell me about it…my Aqua Venus getting seriously freaked out by too much attention from the Triple Toro. He”s fallen hard, and early, and seems ready to shift it from dating/light hot romance to couch-and-slippers in front of the TV every night. He called me at work yesterday and I almost rang the cops to report a stalker 🙂
    Hoping I will settle down. As a friend pointed out, he isn’t committing a crime. He just likes you. I’m so not used to it. I wish he’d give me some air.
    He has no air in his chart. Sun, moon, Merc in Taurus, on my Jupiter. So I’m about to gain 20 kilos 🙂
    His Psyche on my Neptune. His SN on my moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno. We have Eros conjunct. Not sure what to make of it.

    • My Gem and I have a strictly south node relationship, it’s very comfortable. I don’t understand why it is considered to be unfavourable really. I don’t think being forced into growth is necessary as much as self imposing that growth.
      I don’t need to be challenged by my intimate relationships, I challenge myself and the world can be challenging as it is!
      So his SN on your moon seems a really comfortable placement to me. Enjoy! I usually enjoy mega Toro’s, they change the world to suit them in the best possible way when haute.

    • he’s getting comfortable on the couch like a good Toro will 🙂 can you just indicate that you need a little space Chrys?

  2. Our pet fish – moon, the albino white cichlid in the solar system fish tank off’d himself yesterday.
    He’d been exhibiting strange anti-social behaviour, despite the other planetary bodies (aka – the other fish) wanting to hang with him.
    Since his suicide, Uranus has turned into a prick and is chasing everyone, trying to be dominant. Venus has gone into hiding.
    Only Mercury and Pluto dare to hang, with fleeting glimpses of other gas giants.
    It’s a dark moon – literally, our moon has gone.
    We’ll probably have a new one by the time there’s a new moon.

    • I heard /read somewhere that only scorpions could kill themselves but don’t dolphins & whales do the same by beaching themselves. Maybe a frantic attempt at belated evolution.

      Now fish.

  3. Sociopathic detached lucidity would seriously be the best thing ever right now. Weird intersections of internalized other people’s emotionality and desire to watch it burn are happening instead. Pisces moon in an hour– I KNOW how this story goes. Weeks of hard work and sobriety, you’ve been good. Now ,buhbye.

  4. ‘there are Air intensive people out there taking great big metaphorical gulps of all the blissful extra intellectual freedom and breezy thought style’. Guilty as charged!!!! 😀

  5. The moon is on my Mercury at 29 Aqua right now, and I’m Aqua Sun too. Also have all that Pisces stuff in my chart so the SN/Chiron thing is working me too.

    Having a difficult time. Had changeover of housemates and it’s been a rocky transition. Not feeling good about it, and it’s triggering past trauma I still have around the issue of housemates and basically having to take a gamble on inviting strangers into my home. I really want to live alone at this point and am considering kicking everyone out, which I can because it’s my place. Will be tough, very tough, on me financially, but may have to find a way to do it. I’m just burned out, need to not have people in my space.
    Maybe this has more to do with being extra sensitive to my Pisces-stuff transits than to do with the dark moon, but I think just everything is getting churned up at this point and I haven’t been this overwhelmed in a very long time. I hate this feeling, and I keep having to go through it, the fact of which I hate even more…. This issue keeps arising due to….not having enough money. If I had enough money, I wouldn’t have to have any effing housemates!

      • Thank you so much for the vibes, hdq! 🙂

        I’m so frazzled right now, and thrown off my center. I don’t know how I’ll accomplish this, but I need my apartment to myself, and to be able to afford that, for a good long while! It’s time!

        • Sounds to me like a square or opposition of some kind is in play here – lots of pressure being applied so that you become very clear about what you need. Is Saturn squaring your moon right now? What’s going on in your fourth house?
          Go for it, Flowerchild – you can make this happen Harness Neptune on your Pisces stuff to manifest it and make a plan xxx

          • Ah! Good call, Chrysalis! What you’ve said is EXACTLY it !!
            Pressure being applied (I feel it!) so that I get clear about what I need (something I’ve never been very good or assertive about).

            And…thank you – I don’t know how I did not notice that Saturn is squaring my Mars (at 17 Pisces) right now!
            That means Saturn is also squaring my MC, which is also at 17 Pisces. Dang!
            And that adds to the melee going on over all my Pisces stuff at the moment. Neptune is transiting right between my Mars and Moon (which is at 7 Pisces). Saturn will probably more closely square my Moon again since it’s retrograding now.

            In the 4th, I’ve got NN transiting right on my Pluto… with transiting Chiron/SN opposing my natal Pluto.
            So the opposition transit aspect has been NN/SN/Chiron transiting my natal Pluto at the IC – Mars at the MC opposition. The last thing anyone needs is something firing up a natal angular Mars/Pluto opposition! But it’s happening…

            Tonight I asked the new housemate to move, and he is cooperating….phew! The other one can stay because I’m used to him since he’s been here awhile and we get along better and he’s moving away in July anyway, so that’s just another few months. So I think I’m manifesting what I need already!
            I think I read that Pluto in the 4th natally means one does better living ALONE!!! Which is true of me….sounds sad, but it does suit me very well when I’m able to afford it!

              • Aw thanks!

                My Mars/MC is in Pisces, though, so I tend to faff around a bit more than if it were in another sign…. :p Otherwise, yeah, I may have taken over the world! Ha ha! 😉

  6. Weird alright. Last night i dreamt i was walking naked through an Indian village on the way to the local baths. I was not feeling as uncomfortable as i should have been about being naked, and was pondering that issue in the dream. Anyway, Indiana Jones (circa 1981), donning hat and whip, came out of a house and introduced himself. We chewed the fat for a while about Life and such; and then he invited me inside and gave me the best guacamole dip i have ever tasted, and then i woke up 🙁 This is not how i’d ever envisaged passing the time with Indie, if you know what i mean.

  7. Frazzled and jangled is a good way to describe it. I’m too earthy for this schizz.

  8. The weekend was weird and yeah–I’m not a fan of dark moons much less ones in Aqua! Ughh.

  9. House sitting for a week and just the change of scene and space is the best! I have been working two jobs plus organising own biz stuff and need a break….. Nothing like a cruisey airy moon to vibe with

  10. Having a lazy weekend for the first time in ages but it still doesn’t feel like enough! Running on fumes but hoping for some bodywork/shamanicish healing work later on…

  11. Great…a full three-quarters of my chart is either Earth (including no less than five planets in Capricorn) or Water. Is that why I’ve been feeling like shit?! This swamp is deeper than I expected…

  12. Huge storm rolled in last night while I was in the bathtub and I could feel the thunder shake. Today is super windy, going to fly a kite later. I can breathe and my back and neck are not so tense. Finally.

  13. Spot on with the eureka flashes! Doing work and study, and I’m just on a roll with more questions and ideas.
    I’m loving the fact that even my comm with partner are so right-brained lately… especially after that super intense and stuffy last few days. It was so heavy! I’ve been the zombie in this but I’m weaning off of the tendencies…

    He’s been stress-testing me and telling me I have to ground me for me and not just for the relationship. If that’s not logical talk (and a good sign I’m in a worthwhile relationship) I don’t know what is. He’s Pisces Cap Rising while I’m Capricorn Aries Rising. He exudes the hardworking goat better than I do it seems. He’s still swimming under after I kinda injured his ego telling him “he wasn’t being sweet enough” but that was just me talking out of my butt, and making impossible demands.

    How did I get to this story?

  14. With interpreting the South Node in Pisces, are we meant to be remembering useful Piscean skills/things that we can incorporate into our lives today?
    Eg. I have been meditating bhakti style and really enjoying it.

    And I SWEAR that is Gwyneth Paltrow, but intellectually I know it isn’t.

  15. yep, just stopped a whirlwind romance dead in it’s tracks after a few days, a friend I’d been overlooking. Hilarious, lean, muscular, tattooed, long hair and the sex was off the charts. Also he works in construction so was constantly wandering around flat threatening to replace all my light fittings and so on. He did say “i love you VERY soon, but it felt natural. We were in sync. Also full disclosure re my past life elicited a few chuckles but only made his respect me more. Just what the doctor ordered. Till I saw the red flags, the selfishness, the bulldozing over out having agreed 7 times to meet for brunch at 12 because I had a pilates class at 10.30. Rings me at 9.30am “On my way over, beautiful day, lets make the most of it. ”
    But I’d have to cancel Pilates. So do.
    Arrives at 10 with a six pack of fosters beer and make “hurry the fuq on” noises for an hour statements like “you women take forever don;t cha?” which considering I’d cancelled Pilates and we are mid season change which represents certain wardrobe challenges I felt were patronising and uncalled for at best..
    Other boundary invasions include calling and texting repeatedly from the pub later that night to tell what I already know, that I’m in different class and he’s smitten.
    Me, thanks but i really am trying to focus.
    Him sorry, really, won’t happen again except it does.
    I just see red flags.
    Amazing sex and red flags.
    So I finished it, by text after a 4am “miss you so much I can’t sleep”
    Not what I want, sorry, thanks for the sex, bye.

    • Hot sex with the musician, the construction worker – woot woot! I “sense” mine is about to turn up… :p

    • And the biggest red flag – Foster’s !
      I would’ve called it all off right there – good save ; )

    • Amazing sex and red flags ?Sounds like one of those Chinese soft porn ghost flicks. Or is that just me ? 🙂
      Scene 2. The Torment.
      Knowing that he will never again be the recipient of your supernatural martial arts moves, he sells up and moves to Tibet Over many years, under great austerities, he succeeds in gaining a 5th Dan in Tantric Pilates. But now he must leave his High Mistress. He must return to London to face his incredibly hot demons.
      Scene 3. The local Pilates bar and grill just off Portobello Rd.

      • I think that’s the title of my last few days’ chapter:

        Facing Her Incredibly Hot Demons


    • Good for you Invicta…sounds like he’s got some Neptune issues happening there re the Fosters. Manipulations big time. Shame about no more of the great sex tho’ 🙁

    • hahahaha maybe all his construction work made him completely deaf to hearing what you actually preferred or wanted in any of those situations. See ya! shame to miss out on the hot sex tho. then again no boorish idiot is worth it, once they start to live in a hall of mirrors occupied solely by their ego.

    • LOL this actually sounds super fun but yes, not sustainable if you actually want to be a functioning person…

      I’m in a bit of an intense thing with a Pisces right now…we both note that we have “sloth field” (lazing around talking about philosophy and not needing to do anything other than eat, bang, and talk) and can intensify one another’s sloth field and create a power sloth field. So it was cute yesterday when he helped me finish a bunch of things in order to prove that our whole thing can be more than just Neptune/Uranus spacing out. 😀 But yes, relationships gotta be functional!

  16. Loving it – exactly as you described for us airy people. It’s just feeling fantastic – like being continually high creatively!

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