The Virgo Whisperer

Virgo Personality

Do you know how some people continuously gloat and go over their accomplishments? Sun Sign Virgos are the opposite.

They harp on what hasn’t happened, undone tasks and their failings. If you think their carrying on to you is intense, you will freak at the inside of their head. Virgos guilt themselves to get off to sleep at night.

The Virgo Whisperer is a position that a sycophant with basic psych training or artificial intelligence could do. It would offset their “my failures versus the perpetual to-do list” negative feedback loop.

Affirmations would be easier for this sign than building a Validation Robot. But they are often superstitious around affirmations or creative visualization. They’re worried that not worrying could create problems to worry about later.

Sun Sign Virgos can think that saying out loud “I am always on time and inspired” would result in a scary strike back from the universe. That the Virgo will be nonpunctual and creatively blocked.

The Validation Robot/Virgo Whisperer would need to have perfect pronunciation so as not to trigger them. If you think that none of the Sun Sign Virgos you know need any validation, you’re not analyzing thoroughly enough. They won’t ask for the reassurance.

Or worse, Sun Sign Virgos default into Saint Virgo mode and attempt miracles, even as they berate themselves.


Image: The Secret Life Of The Arrow Collar Man

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Or that saying out loud “i am always on time and inspired” would result in a scary strike back from the universe, with the Virgo doomed to be forever non punctual and creatively blocked.



Virgo Moon-1st house…….I really need the Validation Robot, virgo brain is ruining my life……… maybe I am not mentally ill ……. maybe it is just my natal planetary placements !?!?!?

Patricia Agatina

Double Virgo 1st house. This article is worrying me. I worry about the things in the future that most likely won’t even happen and then I worry about how I will fix them. **sigh**


I got over paranoia by not worrying about it.


HA. So true…all of it.

Yes, I have a stellium in Virgo, plus I am Virgo rising. I am so wrapped up in “being” virgo-like, I forget my sun sign is in fact, Taurus !

Even worse, my Mars is at the last degree of leo, so I have a tendency to get pretty dramatic in my non stop virgo style self assessments.


Not all virgos, I’m sure. But this post isn’t narking either.. I am not virgoish despite my sun sign. But this, this is accurate. Sometimes I feel like being proud of myself will cause instant hubris and downfall. As if saying “good job” will result in the immanent implosion of everything. How silly is that.


Laughing so hard at this and just breathed a sigh of relief. Just reading this was therapeutic in itself (Mars in Virgo also conjunction Venus in 7th house) through realization I am not alone in that. Had actually just woken up worrying about current life state!. i analyze and worry about other people’s reactions to things obesesivally and the note on affirmations was spot on…worrying I am canceling out with other negative thoughts! Virgo perfectionism can also interfere with those creative visualization or ‘list’ self dev tasks which can then become a form of torture (I.e what do you want… Read more »


(I.e what do you want to change in your life / what could u improve lists are endless pages…’what do u want’ qs result in blanks and paralysis…

Perfectly said.


In what world is Mystic’s post “narking”? My Virgo is simply the semi-generational Pluto/Uranus in Virgo conjunction (which I suspect I share with Mystic). I adore my Virgo parts and my haute Virgo peeps. And I consider this a celebration.


gosh so over mystic narking on virgos. issues here. Probably to do with her to do with her mother. I love vireos. They are loyal, hardworking, modest and always look put together. leave them alone.
yes, you say you don’t have to read this page. of course I say. I was passing through and am no longer a subscriber. virgos, you rock.


I’ve been around here for a while and if I had to pick the sign Mystic admires the most it would have to be Virgo. So I think you’ve made a rash assessment. See ya 😉


Yes please, sun, asc, jupiter, mercury in virgo 12th house.

Neptune in 6th has helped massively

Catfish moon

Virgo as ascendant and Virgo Venus in conjunction here! Yes please to the Virgo whisperer! Love this.


Sign me up for the Virgo whisperer. Virgo in Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto here, so… yeah.


I could do with a virgo whisperer and Im not even remotely virgo. I put these virgo traits of mine to plain anxiety which Im working on and recognising with deep breathing and getting out and exercising more.
As I read somewhere here ‘truth is superior to perfection’


I may occasionally have Virgo Whispering ability. I think it’s the combo of caring Pisces and career-ambition-reality-checklist Capricorn. Or something. Plus Virgos are usually bright (as in, intelligent) and witty, so it’s not painful to be in their company to workshop the whatever. When they get caught like a leaf in their own eddy-current about a detail that is not helping that particular phase, I think part of the thing is to note it as ‘something to worry about later when I am working on X’ rather than let it clog the mental RSS feed. (Do those even exist still?)… Read more »


Virgo moon. Can’t handle superficial bullshit.


Speaking Generally, not referring to other comments!

Did merc just go rx?


It’s in the Rx shadow, but still going forward. 🙂


Thanks for that affirmation MM ! Up side is the Virgo preparedness to take responsibility, and give others their due. But yep, my www is about 4 years of out date, just don’t put self-promotion high on the list. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Virgo.


So true; affirmations are always problematic for me. I want them to help me feel more positive, but then I worry about how the affirmation isn’t true yet, then worry that my worry is actually making it worse than if I didn’t do any affirmations…so, yes, not even a joke.

MY VIRGO STELLIUM NEEDS THIS WHISPERER. At least my Pisces bf is pretty close. 😉


YES! This should be a thing!!! My daughter has sun in Virgo, and so I am constantly wondering at how to put her Virgo mind at ease.


How do you know the insides of me?! Virgo Rising here…unable to cope with affirmations as I basically just know I’m lying to myself and can list all the ‘proofs’ exploding the affirmation in a heartbeat.

I was taught by a friend to do AFFORMATIONS instead…

So instead of saying ‘I’m always on time and inspired’ you say to yourself…

‘How am I always so on time or inspired?’ or
‘Why am I always on time and ultra inspired?’

It kickstarts the problem solving part of the brain which is much more Virgoan I think than just spouting mushy platitudes.


Afformations – this feels so right. Affirmations are like lies made real; afformations are so much more about already having done that. Mercury in Virgo, need to pick apart language til it makes sense to me.

Thanks for the insight.


Exactly! Its like they start putting you in the mindset/solving the problem of how to actually do or be the thing you want, rather than affirming a reality that doesn’t exist yet…Virgos can spot a front at 90 paces 🙂


Oh, I like this


Woot! Glad it speaks to you 🙂


Maybe you and your friend are the Virgo whisperers… seriously, I’ve been trying this out all day and it is brilliant.


haha omg, highest of compliments! thank you **deep bow**

sure I’m virgo rising myself…i know the pain of which i speak 😉 …and a life coach…

affirmations work for pretty much NONE of my clients. afformations all the way!


I’ve always hated affirmations, too! I’ll give your way a try. 🙂 Thanks!


Thank you I think afformations will help with the dissonance. Even though it sounds like something geological. As in the mountain was afformed.


There is a whole range of terms you can use.


heehee love it!

‘please affirm the aforementioned afformation firmly!’

Year of the Phoenix

Yep the confidence boosting is tricky as we can smell a manufactured platitude a mile of and don’t respond well to buttered up bullshit BUT give us a genuine pat on the back for our efforts and we stand a bit straighter and glow from the inside I have been in business with an Arian boyfriend and now with Virgoan twin and give me the hard truths, hard work and joy from making beauty over the bravado and badly thought through World Domination plans anyday My twin is married to another even more Arian and never know anyone to throw… Read more »


Yep to first 2 paragraphs.

Year of the Phoenix

Yeah sorry just had to spit that last one out….


Cool…Your rants are objective. The first 2 resonated with me bcos of my Mars Pluto Venus trijunct which is trine my Saturn.

Roxy Scorpio

erm…uncanny. was not aware how much my virgo moon actually affects me.


My 2H Virgo posse feels this. It also seems like my Katakan sensitivity and my Scorp intensity form a triplivortex of Yin energy that can suffocate me.

In that mass of colourwhizz l look for my Uranity as a touchstone. (You guys must wonder why lm such a nut)


Virgo moon here, and … yep. Put that together with my Cancer sun and it can be super (not) fun times up in my head.


I am also a Virgo moon with a cancer sun. I feel you.


“Or that saying out loud “i am always on time and inspired” would result in a scary strike back from the universe, with the Virgo doomed to be forever non punctual and creatively blocked.”

Virgo Moon… this is sad, sad truth. I constantly worry (and have experienced) that setting any intention or affirmation is just going to show me all of the million+ ways in which I need to perfect myself before I can have the desired outcome.

But at least I can fret myself to sleep in a perfectly made bed.


I swear it backfired on me a few times. I planned ahead even but bus was an hour late. Friend was beyond pissed at me. I doubt she ever forgave me.
I do have niggly fears that the Universe will play a Cosmic joke on me and reverse the affirmations talk about crazy negative worries I’ve self created.


I have this frequently too. And usually it’s someone or something holding me up for an appointment.

I notice it mostly with my new moon intention setting work. Come full moon i’m dealing with a list of horrible things that show me JUST HOW FAR I HAVE TO GO in order to “deserve” what I’ve set my intent to. Definitely trying the “afformations” suggested below for a while!




With natal Jupiter in Virgo along with a stellium that include Merc, Venus, Pluto & Uranus–I can’t catch a break from myself and when I do–it’s not long. I was keeping lists for a while of what I was accomplishing each day–that kept my Jupergo (Joyce Mason coined the term) somewhat contained from its hearty deprecations.

Some kind of weekly “Notes From The Universe” type email from a Virgo whisperer would be soothing.


The Virgo ways are my trigger. I was raised on Virgo consciousness and that’s intense shit! Fixing what’s not broken…I’ve logged a lot of miles on that never ending path. Yep, way too many psych triggers and yet, I have witnessed the greatness that is Virgo and as a Leo, I give the species my respect.


When I think of perfection I can’t help but feel like I’m starting to suffocate. To perfect something you have to trap it , overpower it, restrain it and then train it in a way that is congruent to its nature. The constant strain needed to maintain this subjective state of perfection on the object will certainly limit the scope of works so to speak and remove it from any synergistic flow that any great work requires, meaning that ultimately perfection is nearly certain to lead to insignificance, followed by morbidity. Imagine walking through a natural rainforest and coming across… Read more »

cosmic fleece

Ahoy David ! I hear you re the ‘perfect’. Have been listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estes for a few months now, and one of the things she says is ”Perfect is the opposite of done”. It has helped immensely with 2 upcoming half year assignments..I’m less stressed, and more ”Meh” just get it done, doesn’t need to be perfect, no point busting a foo-foo valve over it. She’s right, just do it. Speaking of perfect, our Hort class went to Canberra overnight to check out the autumn colour, Arboretum, coupla nurseries…Berrima – how cute is that town…However, how souless does… Read more »


Hi lovely Fleecy x Canberra is like a sinkhole ! I have cousins who grew up there and it is a troubled place for youth. I can only stand short stays there when I’ve been forced to be there. Just wrong on so many levels. Trust you and your crew are doing well. Did you go to the redhead protest ? How weird was that ? We are all good, my oldest is off soon for an overseas adventure while my youngest is weeks away from his barmitzva and feverishly learning his portion of the Torah. We are all nervous… Read more »

cosmic fleece

Hiya Hon,
Quickie before walking the (ginger) dogs !
Nope to march, only learnt of after the fact.
Bon Voyage and safe adventuring to your eldest, and blessing for the big day for your youngest little bloke.
I am sure he will shine magnificently. xx

PS – Did i mention a book i think you and Mrs Kat would love ? Geraldine Brooks, The Secret Chord, about David. xxx Mwa


i dont think you can blame the architects for anything much apart from the those confounded circles. He did the same to Leeton and Griffith.

it was the strictures of the new puppy govt try to show Big Dog (Pommieland) we know how to think by ourselves that caused it to be so sterile.

Mores the point why did we follow other Anglo-Saxon countries by putting our capitals into one of the coldest parts the country???

Crystallised future

Paragraph 2 of the above.

I’m like mystic, Mars in Virgo opposite Pisces sun. The Pisces side of me is already in fanatical judgement of me, so the Mars (and in my case, Pluto and Uranus) in Virgo nagging does my own head in sometimes. It’s gotten easier to let go of that bloody list as I’ve gotten older, but since last year/last decade blew everything about me up, I’ve recently been fretting about my lack of care factor in striving to do better. I actually almost miss that Mars in Virgo push.


I have Pluto in Virgo in direct natal opposition to Sun, and Lilith also in Virgo…that Plutonic Shadow over my head is a Bitch for the Things the Pisces Has Left Undone or Not Done Well Enough. Mars in Virgo sent me bats, particularly when it went right over natal Pluto. It may also be because Pluto is square my already heavily squaring Mars.

You know, your Pluto and Uranus in Virgo is an astro-signature i recently read about and was tremendously impressed with. Lucky you!


Really? I have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo as well. What did you read? (or send a link if that’s easier. :))


Guilty…Virgo Sun, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Virgo. Spot on Mystic. I am a Librarian and Cataloguer, my career lets me indulge my perfectionist nitpicking to the limits. If my team thinks I am critical of them, I smile and say well imagine what I do to myself! Perfectionism is a bitch of a mistress. As I await my second Saturn return with great trepidation, I think as Virgos age we do become kinder to ourselves. I get a thrill when I go through paperwork and find old lists. I then find I have achieved more… Read more »


‘dissonance in the psyche’…perfect description of affirmations in the Virgo mind.


My Goddess, my Mars in Virgo makes me the Virgo Shouterer.
Seriously not good with understanding the Defence Against the Light/Dark/Semi-Dark Arts they have going on their origami minds.
Being required to be the cotton- wool to the permanently open paper-cut that some Virgoans are is beyond my skill!
The only thing worse being critiqued by a Virgo must be being the Virgo being critiqued by themselves (as they worry about not worrying about worrying).

Having said that, I do love the deprecating, self-aware, wry humour of the haute Virgoan. Earthy mercurial is the bomb.

Crystallised future

Mars in Virgo makes me the Virgo shouterer. Love it. I’m gunna take that up.


I will up you an ‘origami mind’


Origami mind.

Oh Sphinxy, i do so love your way with words! That synaesthesia is a gift for eloquence.

It perfectly describes a Virgo i know well, and several others i have known. Their humour is wonderful, though sharp…mind the paper cuts.


Thank you lovely Mille! Yes indeed their sharp minds can make yr death by a thousand paper-cuts long and uncomfortable! It’s a bit shallow of me to associate Virgos with being the King and Queen of foolscap perhaps, I know there is more. But I do think of Virgo as the rulers of all they survey and surveying the staplers and rulers is often the self-imposed limit of their rulership. A pity as they make excellent leaders except they loathe it. Can’t believe you remember that post when the synasthesia was discussed! That was like 4 years ago at leas?!!… Read more »


One of my former friends, a Virgo, was committed to ‘non-punctuality’, sometimes up to hours, without explanation, a hint of recognition or acknowledgement of my WTF. Of course it was selective ‘non-punctuality’. I came to realize it was a power trip, her 2nd most used while the 1st and most prized was sex as power, wielded with all the determination, focus and subtlety on the unsuspecting/underage/everyone else’s partner or husband of a skilled and notorious predator. I was the 2nd ‘closest friend’ to abruptly end contact with her. But so did every man she’d ever targeted and won over. These… Read more »

Crystallised future

She wouldn’t have Pisces moon would she? I’ve met a Virgo bloke like that lately and when I looked at his chart and the Pisces moon, it all made sense. I understand it because I am Pisces, but his hunt for love is almost ruthless when he discards someone as ‘not up to scratch’.

Virgo Ellie

Yup Mystic! That is me to a “t”! I cannot stand when I see someone gloating about their accomplishments. I have a new co-worker who does that every flippin’ day. She ends up talking about herself and how she use to do things all by herself, blah, blah, blah, for about any hour. Yesterday it was ALL day. I want to smack her. Well, I am thinking of leaving. lol! I am very humble, don’t think too highly of my accomplishments and just enjoy when things are smooth and eventful. The thoughts are awful. I beat myself up repeatedly. Maybe… Read more »


i am the EXACT same way, so hard to let go of the chatter in my mind. virgo rising here…..

Virgo Ellie

Do you talk to yourself? After a session of attacking myself I start saying “whatever”.. “what are you gonna do”…. lol!

Do you have a favorite statement to justify the chatter in your mind?


I like people who do the work and don’t brag about it also.
It’s without a doubt an American concept to brag and bosses seem to love other braggarts. It’s one major issue I have with American culture (I was born and pretty much raised here).
Virgos like others who get stuff done without whining and love modesty. I feel ya. I’d want to smack the loud mouthed braggart also. Just turn up the music in the office or say, “oh were you talking I wasn’t listening sorry.” 😉


That a winking eye emoticon. Not sure why it looks skeptical.


lol!!!! This is so my virgo brother – “worried that their not worrying would be a worry”


I am a sixth h sun and have this! Ahhh!


6th house sun here too, conjunct vesta – mercury opposite jupiter conjunct virgo ascendant!…

Yes and virgo steliium 1st…pluto conjunct uranus…

Did someone say worry?? Fret?? Anxiety?? Restlessness? Moral dilemma?…

Previous work ethic nearly killed me…neptune in pisces chapter undid all, healthwise and spiritually changed my obessession…

It can be hard, re-inventing oneself of a work identity after burn out…

Soulfulness, compassion soothes the neurosis!

Feathered Fish

OMG yes!!! To be overly optimistic would invite failure. Better to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised. Virgo rising.

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