I Was A Scorpio War Zone Tour Guide

Uriel 1

Mystic & Friends,

I offer this story to you under the dark delectation of the the Scorpio Full Moon, bringer and fulfiller of the unholy blood seeds that light up consciousness. These seeds have bloomed in me over the last 7 years, and they have a sweet and redolent blossom for you tonight.

It is the story of how I lost my life and my soul, and regained it for myself with a lot of help from Pluto.

I am bi-stellium, my chart with its two straining points of focus straddling the uncompromising need for mastery enflamed in Scorpio, and the unrelenting call to communicate what I see… which is dark, rich and fruitful…. through the Twins.

I float like a butterfly and baby, I sting like a bee.

This was my downfall and my salvation on the battlefields of the darkest part of Eurasia, in Afghanistan where I ferreted out dark places of fascination for my Army masters.

I connected thought leaders, Prime Ministers, Donald Rumsfeld (ahem) with the real-time battle as it was being fought.

Yes, I was a combat circus master, combining a fascinated audience of senior military and the diplomatic corps with the real-time battles they crave and “needed” to observe.

I told myself that, anyway.

I was a live battlefield tour guide.

Yes, it is a real Army posting.

It didn’t end any wars, my flawless execution of battle-field tourism (delivered ripe with self-justification that the war was helping anything).

Instead, it stole my soul away down dark paths into the dark chamber of Pluto. Here, I met my soul-unmaker, Hades, Lord of the Underworld.


This is a term that is, you understand, strictly used among us tour guides. Generals and Presidents don’t like to think of themselves as “tourists,” natch.

When a General or Prime Minister or United Nation Observer mission needs to, well, observe an ongoing war, they call me.

I am a trained military officer (a Communications and Electronics officer, yet… hail Mercury.)

I am also trained as a cosmic dark events manager for the most lurid of all VIPS, military and government leaders who need to observe a war, live. (Hail Pluto).

Is my work gory, prurient, disturbing and yet necessary?

Oh, my, yes.

I learned very well in the Forces that until your boots are on the ground, you don’t know nuthin’ about a situation.

Wise leaders know this too.

Wise leaders contacted my boss.

They asked for a 7-day itinerary in the land of mines and mortars, where they could really observe.

Baby, in allegiance with Pluto and Mercury, I deliver.


What should you bring on your combat tourist visit to Afghanistan??

  1. You should not bring wine. We will confiscate it (or you will offend every village elder we’ve managed to win over.)
  1. Bring a scarf — like the hipster khaki schemagh you got in Venice Beach, CA.
    Or else the sandstorms here will scour your skin raw.
  1. The sand and sun will also blind you, so, also bring ski goggles, orange tinted is best. Do not buy Combat Oakleys – that is trying too hard.

    And you will lose them when the tracer fire lights up the sky over your head and you dive into the nearest ditch, with your Close Protection Special Force bodyguard on top of you.

  1. Bring a Close Protection Special Force bodyguard with superior comms technology (satellite phone is expensive, but best.) CPSF’s are also expensive. If you can’t afford one, though, don’t come. (Likely your government will foot the bill).

    Why can’t I protect you?
    I can and have de-escalated international conflicts using gestures.
    Don’t. Like. It.

  2. Bring headphones: you can pop them in during the nosedive the plane will take on its combat landing into Kandahar Airfield Base so we don’t get shot down by missiles.

    This will also reduce shock to your tympanum and if you are listening to something energetic it will turn your knicker-pissing adrenaline rush into pure energy when you hit the ground on what looks like the moon.

    Also, you will need this energy when you are carrying 65lbs of life support or your bleeding comrade back into the helicopter.

  1. No, it isn’t nice being a combat tour guide. It is exciting, though.
    We get shot at along with you.

    .. unlike villagers in the Pashtu tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan who have recently taken to smoking dead scorpions to get even a highly painful and brief high, when it comes to this land of 600+ years of constant invasion, rape, slaughter, and war…

    We do get to go home.

Uriel Gray is a transgender shamanic practitioner who works globally via Skype call; he finds the intimacy of the global long-distance line to be akin to a confession booth.

Uriel 2


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Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love that you are a Subscriber!! Aaaah! Mystic Peeps be the coolest.


Mind. Blown. That there is such a thing as “war tourism” and that our amazing Plutonic messenger has been able to share zis story so generously, still with a sense of light in the darkness. Truly an underworld Hermes.

Suddenly Leo

I love everything about this: the list, the connections, the zinging into the darkness to bring us back what treasure you’ve been able to pull from the muck, the amazing puppy-in-a-warzone picture that illustrates the butterfly-bee dichotomy.

Thank you for sharing – that is incredibly generous and open.


Yes Mystic, please post a link or somesuch to the full piece, I would love to read it.


Love this post. Is it possible to have Uriel’s chart posted too as this would really give an insight into the way the astro plays out in this consciousness.
Fascinating stuff


Interesting Uriel! Adore the first paragraph – I have seen those blooming pomegranate blood seeds in my inner vision.
And I have Moon in Scorp with Twins Ascendant, it’s a sometimes useful if jarring combination. Interested to know more of how your astrology plays out for you in your personal & the transpersonal storylin, how your ideas are formed within that alignment of energies or planetary crucible.


Uriel, have you published a book yet that I can pick up?! Wow. Just, wow. Your experiences & the way you relay them… I’m mesmerized! Big Scorpio love to you 🙂 x Stay strong!


Also, you have that Pluto humor. Love!




Yes, I’d love to read the rest of Uriel’s story! This narrative really resonates for me as a (retired) therapist & mental health professional working with people in crises/PTSD/history of abuse (albeit my tours were thru an internal landscape, not an external one). People who haven’t had to go through Hell with others as their job may not understand that if you are going to continue to get sleep & go back to work everyday, continue to function, there is a certain degree of detachment you must possess in order order to continue your work & stay mentally strong. I… Read more »


Yes, would like to understand the myriad themes presented here more deeply too. I have a lot of issues with Rumsfeld, western meddling etc and I feel I need to understand where Uriel is coming from better to benefit from Uriel’s perspective. And am very interested in how Uriel ends up with shamanic enlightenment.
The tone of the book ‘Saved By the Light’ by Dannion Brinkley, a soldier who had an NDE via lightning is similar to the tone-feel I get from Uriel’s story.


oh I would read the rest avidly. A real individual take on what must be horrific in all it’s bloody power. A journey taken by a soul, a remastering of the self after such annihilation. An understanding of that soul and that journey. Encore


Mmm yes! An intensely Plutonian tale.

Suddenly Leo

I would absolutely read it. I already went to his website and signed up for the NL. There is something powerful and true here.

Also, I don’t know what you edited out, but it was punchy and left me wanting more, and I think that with such a challenging subject, a light tone that gets to the point was a smart choice. It could have been too heavy. But yeah, would love a follow up/more!


i agree. 🙂 <<— that is a smiley face if it appears as a square instead


Yes, please post more stuff! I am interested in their story. I do not feel you are being pro-colonist or anything.

Hate the game not the player! At least in the U.S., the military machine takes the strongest and poorest at a time when their minds are not fully formed (before age 25), and lures them in with promises of financial security, adventure, college tuition, etc,, but it is like you have to trade your soul for it.


“Hate the game not the player”. Yes, that is my perspective on this piece.

How many of us could say our work forms part of a larger machine, that we do not necessarily trust; nonetheless, our own part of the work can be fulfilling and executed cleanly.


Thank you for posting MM. I’d like to read more. I’ve shared hospital spaces over the years with many a returned service personnel. Sharing a common diagnosis and a space in time, teaching me to become a veteran of life. Giving thanks is beyond words and a truth unspoken and never forgotten.
I am a recent convert to snake bile. It allows me to shed the life of the last 7 year. A cycle of skins that I am no longer akin to.


ah, thank you now i understand… makes sense x


These people haven’t been in “constant warfare for 600+ years” as you vaguely put it. Their problems aré rooted in our actions 35+ years ago (that is: invading them and funding what is now the Taliban and Al Qaeda just to undermine the Soviets )


Look I’m sure you didn’t mean it to come across like some type of insane US reality program but that’s sorta how it sounded to me. In a previous life, well a long time ago I was in places like you describe and the horror of it makes me sick inside. There is no glory there, no honor, no wisdom. Just horror. Did you miss that ? I suppose when you work for the the worlds most insidious military industrial complex youre bound to lose some perspective. Let’s be clear there is no such thing as a wise murderer. Especially… Read more »


I love this! Amazing story!

Wow and to think boiling scorpions makes medicine (TCM) that helps stroke victims or bell’s palsy but smoking scorpions gets you high!

Also check out this video of this guy who atoned for the years he used to sell scorpions to restaurants. He made his house into a scorpion shrine!


The Venus Fly

My brother has a Master in TCM and I remember when he was doing his final 2 years on herbs he was like “Yeah, don’t touch these scorpions, okay?” I friggin’ LOVE Scorpions and Snakes. I don’t use or abuse them one iota, but I wear them via jewelry and “prints”. They’re magical but safe in my world 🙂


Yeah the scorpions smell so bad when they are dessicated and put in those jars. I can’t believe how desperate people must be to smoke them. Also the scorpions are so cute too! I really want one for a pet,


Crazy cute in a scorpion way video! Does he need to put them in his mouth, though? I’d sting him just for trying lol. Boundaries, my man. Boundaries.


Those scorpions really like that guy. i can’t believe his wife is cool with that. But i would not put a scorpion in my mouth either.

The Venus Fly

For the last 24 hours my son is obsessively mentioning Hades. I talked to him about Ishtar visiting Erishkigal not even a half hour before reading this.

How can life be so beautiful, devastating, vile and eden-like all at once? I don’t know. I’m just mega glad to be here living it. Surviving the worst chapters. Thriving now. The HUGE raw Black Obsidian copped 2 days ago has been amazing, it’s all amazing. This Scorpio Full Pink Moon and Prince transitioning and this story and all the synchronicities it’s just…right on time.


the clarity is so amazing. the astro around the scorpy moon has been like a clear, refreshing plunge into icy water. I feel like I have my Capricorn moon back, the part that can dispassionately assess status and resources and make decisions that frame the future. Not the frozen part. someone’s comment recently somewhere talked about empowerment. (since we’re talking mercurial scorpio shamanic war envoys, i figure i’m at least in the cheap far-side grandstand of the same playing field hahahahah) I determined that this was the word whose semantics I needed to evaluate now as I realised this was… Read more »

The Venus Fly

The abundance is just flipping me out, too. At the bus-stop someone had left a Giftcard for the mall with the amount written it for someone, anyone. That was me. I was able to put that balance towards the Aquamarine ring I was going to buy. I won second place in a garden competition for the Best Edible Garden so I got a $50 voucher for the local gardening place which means I can get the last of the plants I wanted. And I JUST found out I won a voucher to my fav bedding company for triple digits! Every… Read more »

The Venus Fly

Oh – and someone I’ve been wanting to study with is throwing a free masterclass to which I scored a ticket. Man, it’s been wonderful! 🙂


Are you having a Jupiter transit ? Somewhere? 🙂

The Venus Fly

Dunno. I have Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd and it’s currently transiting my Virgo 4th house?

The Venus Fly

To be honest I’m “lucky”. No one can tell me nada, I believe it to my core. Last year I won tickets to see Grace Jones and several days later won tickets to Soulfest. You gotta be in it to win it, yes? But these comps I’ve won this week have been due to ACTIONS. The garden I CREATED. The words I WROTE. Not random draws. Very cool 🙂


Cool. Did you get to take them to the villages where body parts of locals and combatants of all sides alike were strewn around? visit mothers of exploded children? That’s gore tourism for you, any statesman worth his salt should be up for the real spoils of war and the on-the-ground consequences of their decisions. so *real*.


that scorpio full moon and venus/uranus all up in Aries is really somethin eh 🙂


“terribly sorry for your loss, ma’am”
*looks at watch*


I’m sure those men would vomit on site. The worst of them would merely b disgusted at being shown. But blood breeds blood-lust in the warmonger, so no. Not a good idea for those hardcore Statesmen. Statesmen will always B statesmen. I do not say stateswoman or person. A man can b a person, or a statesman. The choice is clear. And made well before they meet Uriel Gray.


So true Mille, also I think that a war mongerer is a person who has wealth, has power and none of that is enough; all that’s left to thrill such a person, with ample access to worldly things, is blood.


Hm, yes in some cases that is so. I do also think of those child soldiers trained in brutality, though. They have no wealth until they’re fed consumer wastes (hallucinogens, liquor, etc), and only power through the brutal hierarchy of fear. I feel that is a distinction between the war mongerer, and the military strategist: feeding on, or mastering, the cycle of fear.


thanks for your replies ladies – good to read xx
maybe those two types need each other to survive. (well beyond the role of Uriel of course)


I guess I am just a bit confused about the things you have chosen to describe, which while my aries/venus gets crushy on special-forces types in general, for me, I feel like I am just reading the newspaper byline…the article for the sunday magazine liftout… when as an international scorpy shaman-of-mystery, your journey in ~that~ direction is what I (personally) want to know more about, how did the warzoning fit into that life-path. Maybe that’s not the deal though.

Pi curious
hahaha typo but leaving that there LOLOL


ugh. never mind me. it’s been a long day and its not even 2pm


Pi curious lol! So glad you left that that as it is: it’s a keeper 🙂


Lol! I am curious too, but more in a pastry than numbers sense, pie curious, mm.


I too am also pie-curious hehehehe


And his name is URIEL. Watcher of the West. Master strategist of military terrain. I love that Uriel sees it for what it is: war tourism. I think this too when I have seen clips of Statesmen visiting sites. I have only said it to my Libran father, who gently combats the idea with an explanation of the States figure’s duties. So I like to hear this uncomfortable truth from someone who knows it more than i do, in the safety of my sub/urban life. Practically speaking, i have become aware that there are some days i come home with… Read more »


Yes, great voice & name! All the pieces fit.

Your headphones, in but not, remind me of, “On the Earth, but not of the Earth.” That perspective, or degree of detachment. Transcendence? Yes, maybe 😉


On the Earth, but not of the Earth…haha!

Don’t feed the Indigo Adult animals! 🙂

(More kidding/warning myself.)

I like the idea of it being transcendent, in detached perspective. Yes, that is how it feels.


Hail Mercury



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