Your Saturn Square Neptune Love Life

Lois And Superman

Your Saturn Neptune square Love Life may not live up to expectations, but there is a particular grim relish in reappraising the scene sans delusion.

If your idealized mating matrix turns into a solo consciousness-raising trip, at least you know you’re in alignment with the Saturn Neptune square.

Zero tolerance for lies + delusions is just the start of it. Like, the beginning of a trek with all the signage.

Where Saturn-Neptune excels is ensuring you can’t even mate from expired aspects of your awareness.

Old selves that you automatically deploy in more or less any mate/date/sex/love/seduction scenario, like clones in a Philip K Dick novel, don’t function anymore. You can’t be fuqed, or Saturn deleted them for non-validity.

Saturn square Neptune says give me genuine whole-person intimacy or give me freedom.

There is a middle ground, but it is fenced off for the duration of this astro passage.

When does it end, you ask? Well, the actual square is done by the end of September. It began late last November – you may recall that sudden jolt of awareness that occurred then.  But the consciousness shift this evokes – if you’re integrating it – is permanent.



Image: Superman

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So much YES! It’s as if the universe kept sending me the same crap in a different package, after I exorcized my past, just to make sure I *got it*. Like a pop quiz I’m finally acing! The current Saturn-Neptune Sq situation for me is= -Neptune Square my natal Neptune in Sag (H1), -Saturn Transiting Conjunct my natal Neptune in Sag (which it will bowl over 2 more times, Yey?) -Saturn Transit Trine my natal Saturn in Leo (H9) & natal Eris in Aries (H5)– both will be pinged twice more. As I stepped through the magical eclipse season portal,… Read more »


Saturn-Neptune square brings news of dementia in older brilliant friend. New biz chez work assesses peeps’ sharpness then does uni type classes to increase-preserve cognition.


Haha oh this is very true! I’ve been single for around a year now, because I haven’t met anyone worth not being single for. Until a recent trip back to my home town where I met an Aries who I just got along really well with. It was all very exciting but long story short nothing happened. No fuqing it just didn’t work. Not from like of trying I was transported back into high school days. Hmmm universe telling me to get the fuq out before you get fuqed.


But I really would like the comfort of a man. It’s hard being so strong and independent eevvveerryy single day. I’ve learned from my past relationship mistakes and I’m ready for something new. I keep having dreams about being coupled and in my dreams, my man is so loving, kind, supportive and protective of me. That’s exactly what I want, so I’m hoping I’m getting a taste of my soon to be reality. Back in November, I took 100% responsibility for the crushed state of living I was in – financially broke and spiritually broken down after a relationship with… Read more »


I think it takes more guts to admit you want a partner. This is not to denigrate those who are happily single.

Mores the point that you live your astro positively. My Asc Moon Venus Mars Neptune & Pluto (in a major aspect fest) have that need. Dont run from it, dont fight; run with it.


If I may add: the Saturn vibe also translate into the fact that if someone gave me clear signs I am not that big of a deal for him, I am not going to add the old “and that’s because I am NOT that big of a deal” low Neptunian victim-y vibe to it.
It’s more like “Ok, fine, got it. Bye”.


I dealt with the hardest aspect ever with Saturn couple of years ago when it opposed my Moon from Scorpio.
And from then on I have started a process of “never settlling for bullshit ever again.”
I am still having a hard time feeling happy about the “no compromise” thing, but I have this “alert system” that starts really early on the relationship going “it’s either better than being single or I don’t bother”.


I’m totally feeling this Neptune Saturn square in the way you describe, and it’s good! Keeping me on the straight and narrow, as I have a tendency to impractical relationships, and to LZ at times.. It’s kind of a similar feeling to when Saturn transiting in Scorp was on my Neptune in Scorp in the 5th. That helped me out a lot at that time too! The Neptune/Saturn square is happening in my 9th and 6th, respectively, but it still seems to have reined in my approach to dating/love/romance/sex, etc.. Basically I’m just not into it right now. I really… Read more »


Rhis fits what I am going through perfectly. I’xe decided I really don’t want to be married anymore. I would rather be single and lonely than married and lonely. I may never find love again, but it’s a chance I will take over no possibility.


God relationships. Never in my life have they been so … so … goddamn nebulous and complicated. I’m actually in love with the Complex Capricorn and have been since I met him last November. My head is un-enthused and thinks he’s way too much hard work. My heart appears to not be listening. He comes and goes because of a previous on/off relationship he had before meeting me that he can’t quite seem to let go of. I never really understood why as … well call me shallow, but the woman is profoundly fugly, insecure and a control freak. She… Read more »


Hi Prowln. Something similar happened to me at age 45/46. I never had a child and it was only at that age I realised how I could have been a good mother and how my deep fear of being crap at it had also kept me away from nieces/nephews/children of friends. The realisations were painful and poignant but now I channel the energy into building good relationships with the children who are in my life. x


Thanks Chrysalis 🙂 … yep having moved through that grief process, now have a way forward and gratitude for what one already has in front of one is always a good first step ain’t it? 🙂


Same here…same age group…. struggling with the idea I may never have a child because there is no one to make a child with. But i also believe in miracles. Halle Berry had a child at 46 and I have heard of women having children at 50. Perhaps I will have a miracle?


Yep. Wow. I’ve been having a really rough time in my marriage for around 2 years. Last year was full on and we recently started counseling. Last week tho everything reached a full on head like a horrible pimple that’s been aching away all red & irritated just under the surface then finally turns into an active volcano of gross. In other words I finally reached my limit ( I seem to have a very strong threshold for shit). Right now I have sun& Uranus exactly conj my Jupiter & chiron. Jupiter exact conj IC, Mars conj DC and fuqing… Read more »


Wow timely post, Mystic. Just took a long drive home from the Triple Toro’s place pondering these very issues. Although we met online we have so many people in common that it’s surprising we haven’t met before. He was the only connection I made online, the rest were so disastrously mistimed or and failed to launch that it seems clear this guy was meant to step into my life at this time. We have even worked for the same small organisation albeit a few years apart. We like to do all the same things, and the bedwork is outstanding. You’d… Read more »


You sound alright Chrys!
Properly centered in your own good self. Time will tell.


I understand… Could it be Saturn squaring (ish) our Pisces things? Kind of take it or leave it vibe. Odd yes? Maybe the wtf and psychic re-combobulation of the last few years (months, in my case lol) has made us somewhat impermeable to certain emotional states? Think of Gwyneth in sliding doors, when she drops her earring in the lift and English actor guy assists…The second time around.


Ahh (blonde) Gwyneth in that film is my style icon and hairspo. Yeah that could be right. I wish I knew. I have had some kind of weird mental health setback, cowering at home with crisp sandwiches and blue devil. I should be happy but all that’s happened is it has set off some inconsolable, dreadful ache for my old Neptunian Cap lover. I’m even dreaming about him again. Perhaps the Triple Toro doesn’t have quite enough Neptune. I think I might be looking for a creative collaborator rather than a life partner. Anyway, if these weird symptoms persist I… Read more »

Loquacious Air with a Scorpio Moon

Well that explains why I have no time for my man’s BS, the last few months. I’ve been reading KonMari and am a convert (with provisos), he wallows in his dusty junk. I sweep through the CDs to sell or donate, he comes home with Engelbert Humperdinck, FFS. Each weekend I’m on a tidying & cleaning mission – he vegetates, falls asleep by 8, worn out from a busy day of sitting in front of a computer gaming screen. I’d normally give him his space and just shrug and get on with me, but right now I want to shriek… Read more »


🙂 I imagine once mars gets back into scorp, you may actually start shrieking IRL!!

I can relate to this – am loving the decluttering and cleaning, getting hooked on the new energy that gets opened up with it all, but SO seems to be overwhelmed with all his physical crap
But it is sloooowly shifting….i feel like if it is not mostly gone by the end of this year I don’t want to be with him anymore cos i DON’T want to live this way, and I’ve said as much



Saturn squares Neptune for me already so I’m feeling this intensely.

Praying for some ease and lightness while I’m expanding – my husband is resisting my development and it’s been really hard lately. I just keep doing me and am hoping that everything else will fall into place.


Oh man, void moon tomorrow exact on my Venus. The last time I had a direct hit was on my 25 Gem Jupiter and I was a freaking mess.

Intimacy or freedom – exactly. Working on this exact thing as it relates to boundaries with people in general, not really the dating scene.


god yes. read that alcohol bk…trying to delete it from life but not ready to do so totally yet.
getting bored with boyfriend drinking all the time…I want a bloke who doesn’t drink! never had that…time will tell whether we stay the course.
don’t like the thought of being on my own but if I have to….


This is right on… Started dating someone for the 1st time in 4 years. Both of us trying to get close to each other while also keeping our defenses up. We both drink too much and he also is a pot head. Despite that, everything was moving along, slowly but surely, until I discovered his active online dating profile. I immaturely confronted him about it (through the site!), he immaturely reacted and his wall went WAY up. Have not seen him since. He is super responsive when I reach out to him, but he all of a sudden has no… Read more »

Maxene Schreck

Affection is being thrown from all different directions in my circle. On one hand I’m loving the attention on the other hand I have to keep reminding myself that THEY are in an open relationship, not I. I would never cheat on my BF either. But he has been so busy and distant lately that titles and boundaries are becoming more and more nebulous. So…I must fix this. I am confused. I wish I knew how to post .gifs here because I found the perfect image for Saturn square Neptune: it’s a bottle of Saturn tears and the bottle says:… Read more »


So relevant, I was repeating “fuq” in my head after two sentences–and then finally uttered it aloud after two paragraphs.


like, ridiculously on point. Do you have an NSA spy tech/extraterrestrial mind tech or something? (Arguably, astrology is extraterrestrial mind tech LOL.)


Each man I am involved with is an evolution from the last, in terms of my awareness of the type of ‘connection’ long gap but the Aries currently in orbit is making me re-calibrate myself in relation to another … it truly has been an enormous 3 years since the last one and I am a different person. But I don’t actually know what kind of person I am any more. It’s… wierd. I just can’t be fuqed with the ego trip. Maybe living with an aquarius rising 5 planet gemini for way too long is making me destructively indifferent…… Read more »


Saturn deleted my relationship broken files when it toured Virgo-Libra (7h) & Scorpio (8h). Wiped those drives clean, it did. So this Saturn-Neptune square is happening in my 9h/1h, & I’ve been morphing more along vocational lines than anything else. It’s true: can’t go back to the past if I wanted to. Which I don’t. Some middle ground does sound nice, though… But can’t find the middle when I’ve yet to find the other end of this thing. So by September’s close I should know my parameters (& be able to find the median)? That’s a good thing. It’ll be… Read more »


I WISH! #zombie


I am setting past relationships free, shredding old letters and thanking people for the lovely times, the lessons, the experiences while i do it…. Time to let go….I have Neptune in sagg 7th with Saturn hovering around. It’s been tough in a way, but part of this mad process that came out of the zap zone times. The process is accelerating now to become part of each and every day, it’s amazing! I feel like a veil was lifted and now I can see what I have to do and why. Thank you MM for the consciousness raising that you… Read more »

Libra Venus

Couldn’t be a love zombie if I tried. And I have tried. Lol. It just ain’t sticking. I’m Teflon coated


How crazy spot on is this!

Being new parents we kept a lot of our frustrations and pent up anxiety inside

Come November that shit became unbearable

Almost broke up in Jan

Went to see a therapists

And are opening up beyond belief
I thought our relationship was pretty open but we soon found out we both kept a lot of our feels and opinions to ourselves

Our relationship is next level and parenting had become much much easier less stress


” But it turns into a solo consciousness raising trip” – hell yeah! So much working out what it is that I actually want, instead of settling for whatever/whoever comes, or going for the emotionally unavailable guys because they’re safe. And reflecting on all my baggage and letting that go. And leaving the delusional “he’ll never really be into me despite the pretty words” guy behind, finally! “Saturn square Neptune says give me genuine whole-person intimacy or give me freedom.” Hence the solo journey into tantra, and taking responsibility for my own sexual exploration. Because I don’t want the same… Read more »


Lots of long term relationships around me suddenly over. Most of them people in their early 50s to 60. It’s hard on people when there is so many years , children, property to have to sort aside from sorting feelings of hurt on one side, exuberance on another. Mix that all in with some of them having serious health issues and shit it’s a real mess. Advice to younger folk .. If it’s not right early on it doesn’t get easier. Sure those issues can get pushed aside when you’re both busy raising young kids, working to get ahead etc… Read more »


yup to everything you wrote here.


Very true. My best friend ended her 20+ year relationship last year. The kids had flown the coop and it was time for her to individuate. However the separation has brought her a whole host of realisations about how, from the start, there were fundamental cracks in the bond between her and the ex-partner. They made a good working team, but the soul connection was not there. Oddly enough she the Virgo (with Cancer moon) is far more attuned to this than he the Pisces. But then he does have a Toro moon and whopping Mars Cap in the 10th… Read more »

Unicorn Sparkles

If this also relates to friendships then someone has left a rather large bucket of ghost pondscum outside my door… Or the new moon is yet to register here.
Zero tolerance yes. But been dealing with sudden residual mind fuq relating to someone in my past. That horrid feeling like suddenly, under the cover of darkness, that person has set up camp in my head.

I need a sage stick pronto.


Oh yes! So very yes!! Thought it was one of my jaded about love stages. I’m fine being single it doesn’t scare me nor do I pine to be pair bonded. It’s been cathartic telling ones that try to drift in & out to basically fark off not interested.


Wow. Just wow. Packed up and left our home of 5 years on Nov 31stand have been traveling round trying to find our next job/thread/freakin’ direction since then.

Huge, like earth shattering, blow out with my husband last week. Things are better but tentative now… We’ll see where it goes I suppose but this transit is seriously working we over. Ouch.

Lizard King

Yeah but what if u have Tesla? Lol

Maxene Schreck


Maxene Schreck

Okay. I posted the laughing so hard I’m crying emoji here but it read it as question marks


LOL, I married someone with mercury AND venus in aries (AND sun) and it IS very deadpan and slapstick at times…

Imagine mercury conjunct uranus aries! My partner is having this transit now, heading for his venus, sun. its sextile my sun/ vesta, conjunct my north node. LOL both our 8th houses…


This. Is. Real.
I’ve Saturn square Neptune natally.
Zero tolerance is an understatement.


SO real. I’ve been—for the first time ever, it seems—unfuqing my brain when it comes to dating. In finally admitting that yes, I really do want to be with someone in a serious way, and that yes, being partnered with someone worthwhile is important to me, I’ve been able to be really comfortable and happy with the single life. By no longer pretending that I’m “down for whatever” I’ve lost my patience for making do with suboptimal options. I’m learning to really value what I bring to the table in relationships, and if someone isn’t good enough to meet me… Read more »


Death to ‘down with whatever’! Well done 🙂


Yes, the whole “down for whatever” is such a trap, right up there with society’s worship of the “cool girl”. Burn all that shit down! Who needs faux youthfulness and a lack of boundaries under a facade of modernity?

The only thing disturbing is once you refine this, men stop showing up who would otherwise waste your time which i interpret as good, but seems like there is a lack of any flow at all, like no men at all. What is up with that?

Libra Venus

I hear ya Annica. That’s why i’m still single. Couldnt be arsed playing the game. I dunno… it feels like you either play the game (pander to their fragile ego) or it’s tumbleweeds.

And it feels like the more self respect and integrity one has the less chance of finding a partner.

Maybe it’s just my unlucky astro. *shrugs*


No words except yes, yes, yes.

The Venus Fly

The mind may Zombie on occasion (damn Pisces moon) but my BEHAVIOR has phoenixed. Can’t settle for delusions and ‘hopeful hope’ no more, for REAL for real. The New Era is here.


My god, this is my truth. Reconnected with a good friend (and 2014 Object de Love Zombie) on NYE after months of no contact. He reached out to me with no warning, manned up like a champion, and admitted he realised that he’d let me down badly. So the beginning of this year has been crazy honest friendship repair, full of difficult truth bombs to accept and integrate, for both of us. Then eclipse week … All of those contained feelings just exploded, in the most incredible way! And in all of this rapidly escalating intimacy, we are still being… Read more »

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