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The other night, i came out of Shadow Yoga and then went straight to the police station for my chat with the constable running the apprehension & case against my daughter’s stalker.  There was a weird whiff of something on the breeze, one of those scents so evocative you wonder if they wafted in from a past life dimension.

The constable and i had a conversation that i can only describe as poignant; we shared information about our own past experiences with predatory energy. it felt profound. By the time we left the station, that scent had vanished but i had worked out what it was – Pluto.

Somehow i was having a Pluto transit that i had not even seen coming. Crazy, right? But i checked the ephemeris and there it was: Pluto on the threshold of the 12th House and Pluto on my Lilith. That was an interesting moment and a (for the astro-fiends) an affirmation of Placidus house cusps.

Shadow Yoga, btw, is super Plutonic; it feels just like hard squats and holds but it is supposed to break up layers of frozen shadow selves in your etheric body. Apologies if that’s a simplification but it’s so hardcore classic to do Shadow Yoga and go to the police station for a Plutonic dialogue.

So anyway, i recalled that it was Pluto that got me INTO astrology. I was a 17 year old with Pluto crossing my Moon and thought what the fuq is this?  It felt – psychologically – like someone had opened a trapdoor and i had dropped into a different world. Before that I’d been obsessed with Sun Signs but nothing in Linda Goodman seemed adequate to explain the Pluto-Moon experience. In fact, before that astral passage, i did not even know properly about charts, the whole deal. So Pluto sent me shrieking off to astrologers, esoteric bookshops, the whole damn deal.

So, two Pluto notices. There are a batch of Pluto Power Candles shipping on Tuesday – they are divine but i don’t know if i will be doing any more as the margin is super low because i splurged on the ingredients. So if you would like one, pounce soon.

And, I am writing a Pluto book.  It is going to be launched as a legitimate actual physical book on September 27, when Pluto turns Direct. (It is going Retro in a few hours).  I am totally feeling a physical book, even though i have been scathing of them. I blame Mercury in Taurus – it’s causing me to love papyrus again, even though i love minimalism, digital everything etc. My Aries dog ate my kindle so i am rediscovering the pleasure of actual, physical books.

So it is a real book – if you pre-order – you get it cheaper & dispatched to you hot off the press so to speak, or you can just wait till it is out.  Pimp Your Pluto Transit is going to have real life Pluto transit examples (because we all know this shizz gets results when it comes to authenticity), delineations and tips for Pluto transits through the houses and to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and so forth, Pluto in Aquarius info (because…why not?) and the full Babylon-Innana-Persephone-Jungian-Esther-Harding etc deal.

So pre-order here if you want it cheaper/sooner or stand by for more info later!

Pluto Candle

Access Horoscopes, Insta-Tarot, Oracle and More

All Access Membership – This is not a recurring payment – you are not locked in.

Email Mystic if you would like to trial for a few weeks first.

79 thoughts on “New Pluto City

  1. This is so good. I love real books. My Gemini daughter asked me a couple of years ago what we would do when the Internet died. Go back to living a real life.

  2. Oh gawd, have I needed this book over the last few years!! Pluto back and forth over Sun for a bit, then over Merc, opposing MC and now to-and-fro over Saturn opposition. Looking forward to it squaring my ascendant at 20deg Libra! Woo hoo! Ugh.

    So far my Pluto transits have had me feeling beyond nihilistic. So nihilistic. Even more than I was as a melancholic teen. My feelings are so much stronger than they’ve ever been, as is my intolerance. If I hate, I hate with a passion. I feel it in every cell. I want to change everything – my name, my genetics, my skin. I want to disown most of my past even though it wasn’t particularly bad or embarrassing. I’m questioning everything. I’m constantly changing my decor. (Okay, not so unusual considering I am a Libra rising but I’m actually throwing so much out. I get angry when I go into people’s houses and see too much stuff. Stuff is infuriating me at the moment!)

    I feel like I’m walking through a dark swamp, tip-toeing across stepping stones, not sure where I’m meant to be going or even if it’s going anywhere. I’m starting to think I will never be partnered up and I honestly don’t mind. But I do worry I’m becoming too independent if there is such a thing. When I haven’t socialised in a month, that’s probably not good for the mind or spirit. But I really am preferring the company of nature over people more than ever.

    It probably sounds like depression from the outside but it’s quite a rational, clear-headed nihilism. Maybe I’m finally being more honest with myself and others instead of letting my Libra-rising sugar coat everything and try to play nice so people like me? I recently crossed the 40 threshold (now 41 and in denial) so I imagine hormones and age-related existential crises are adding to the whole Pluto transit fun.

    So yes, I need this book. I’m so glad you take Pluto seriously, Mystic, but the best bit is you don’t make it all doom and gloom as other sites seem to. I have enough doom and gloom within me. I need to hear there’s hope and renewal beyond this Pluto quagmire and there is actually a point!!

    • EG, love your grit! Pluto is nearly squaring my Libra Sun- and Saturn in Scorp killed the nice co-dependent Libra.

      Pluto does require solitude until you find your new tribe- and I promise they are out there. Pluto also gives you xray vision into the foibles/innards of others. Bleahh!!

      You sound like you have been tempered already in that alchemical astro flame-

      Wishing you strength and night vision to see the path- even on Moonless ways.

    • Hey EG nice to hear your voice, hope you’re going well. You sound together.
      I can relate to your thoughts and Kell’s below – Pluto stripping away before it rebuilds. Seems to be a common theme.
      All the early Caps I know have done it super-hard with Pluto on their suns and usually a couple of personal planets in the mix also. But all have emerged more authentic and finely honed versions of themselves. x

  3. This site and your incredible insights have really helped me own that astrology does affect my life. It just never does it in a Sun SIgn way. Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury transits seem to be the ones I clock back to as an Oh, so that’s what happened thing. And anything transit Uranus my chart ruler or in Aqua leads to super weird dreams seem to have charts of their own. Thank you for being so NON Linda Goodman, which I too read as a child in despair. SHE really HATED Sagittarian females, LOL.

  4. Same here. A passing interest in Sun Signs. Then a stronger interest in them from 2008; little did l know it was Pluto going opposite my Kat Asc and Sun.

    Then really bigtime when Pluto when it turned direct EXACTLY on my Dsc. To the date and time a degrees & even minutes.

    My life has been Catyclismia in episodic dollops ever since.

    Hard copy books are so much better; you cant food stain an electronic copy and have that memory marker by which you recall that thought or revelation.

      • That is heavy placement. I think ….far out….l just had deja vu writing this. I was gonna (& l still am) that tho l am Uranian…and tho l am Plutonic…..and tho l am Neptunian….l think l am intensely all 3. I feel like l am juggling an idling chainsaw, a machete and a cat.

        But what l was consciously gonna write is that there is good n bad in all placements. You should read Neptune in Scorpio & Neptune in the 4th. I am still tryn to see the best in that one. DavidL alerted me too that.

        It is funny readn stuff that unhides thing the psyche ‘knows’ but won’t nnecessarily admit. That is Pluto dog.

  5. Pluto transiting the 12th house scares the shit out of my after my pluto square pluto. And it’s coming in five years.

    • I’m hearing ya! Thank goodness I won’t live that long to experience that Pluto house transit – the 12th. I had Pluto square my natal Saturn, sun, Venus, Chiron, Mars, Pluto and Uranus 2005-2007 and I am not the same person I was before that. Never will be. I am so much more aware of my powers and my shortcomings. This was all going on with Saturn transiting my natal moon. I am soooooo glad I will never have a 12th house Pluto transit. Mystic, we’ll be here for you!

  6. I had Pluto on my moon right when I was graduating college and trying to venture into the world breezy Sag moon style and oh no it was so heavy. What an awful time for that transit. In retrospect, it was a total life game-changer.

    Can’t wait for your book!

  7. A while ago I had transiting pluto go into my 7th house and then over my sun/neptune conjunction in that house (20 Sag). Moved to end of world for relationship and then after 10 years it ended in 2009. Single ever since, with a few crushes here and there.

    Now have transiting pluto conjunct my venus (17 cap) in the 8th. Wonder if I will meet Mr Right or Mr Right Now… Have a crush at the moment on someone unavailable and don’t see that going anywhere. Or maybe I will have some big internal shifts…

    Got myself a Mystic pluto candle and it smells divine!!

  8. My Uranus opposition brought me to astrology.

    re: Pluto, I got a message this week from my Uncle, who after other major losses recently lost his furry friend. he and his son were discussing life cycles, identifying what they had been going through as a “bad phase” and he wrote asking for a future map but joked “if the news is shit, don’t bother coming round”. Voila, Pluto on his Merc/Sun in the 6H. Sounded like I was making it up.

    • Yes I suppose his Pluto transit would = “a bad phase.” Sorry for his losses. You are a good niece & friend, supakali xx

      My uncle finally made The Transition last week & now I want to know his astro. The last words he spoke to me were off-color & in jest, so typical of that guy lol. I’m guessing Pluto was a major player in his chart: many a funny are born of Pluto, I think.

      • jah, this guy is very Jovial actually, a Jupe in Sagg native with a trine to natal Pluto in Leo, both trining his MC in concert with an airy Neptiune/Venus trine. I was at his mother’s funeral last year and he almost turned it into a standup routine, if you could imagine such a thing not being distasteful. Saturn is sitting right on his Jupiter now. sad to see him knocked around.

        You should find your Uncle’s details, a chart is so good for contemplation of a person. I’m sure he’s still close by. and thank you, and you, Ankh. A true support xx

        • Omg my uncle was the same at any serious event! In 2008 we all sat together in the hospital waiting room for 10 hours while my dad underwent mega surgery & my uncle was in true comedic form for the duration (without being insensitive). At his memorial service last week, it was the first memory that my dad’s twin sister shared of him because his good humor during that time was so helpful to see us through… Another mark of Plutonianism?

          Your uncle sounds really grounded. Just your presence will empower him & see him through…

          And as for you, Woman: anytime 😉 xx

              • Yeah. Probably “funny” is not the right word for that which Pluto inspires: “humor” is better. There’s Uranus funny ha ha, & there’s Pluto mwaha/baha ha. Also, that special kind of humor that is born from the darkest, most Plutonian times…

                • And you 2 are merc uran conjuncts so you should know.
                  But mind bending funny is Uranus.

                  Dark humour, yes, Pluto

  9. I’m in the midst of Pluto on my moon/Lilith now, half way through my 5th house and heading for the rest of my asteroid lineup. It has been hard core. So much loss and yet after the fires, a lot of regeneration. Fire images have filled my creative work in the last couple of years.
    I came to astrology via Pluto going through my 4th house, it was the first time I got a consult and had no idea what was going on – the consult helped it make sense.
    I have come to recognise how Pluto works in my life, he doesn’t bowl in through the front door but usually takes the side entrance. IE a series of inexplicable rapid losses in one area of life leads to an impact/realisation/ lessons in another. The year Pluto went into my 4th I got really sick and my husband lost his job. I ran to therapy as a last resort to cope with the immediate stress and found myself addressing my family-of-origin issues for the first time.
    Something similar is happening right now and only this weekend did I recognise it for what it is: Pluto. Significant and some inexplicable 11th house losses in the past six months. Pluto opposing my empty 11th… am regenerating my 11th house associations via 5th house activities.
    And how’s this for a Pluto retrograde symbolic gesture? Almost to the hour, I got rid of my spare bed, the one I had bought to sleep in after I moved out of my husband’s bed. I had been sentimentally attached to it as a symbol of my first foray into a new life. It has freed up a whole room to use for my current creative practice.

    • agree about pluto side door and series of losses. textbook for pluto crossing my DSC and moving into my 7th house.

      • Yeah just wondering in my case if there may have been Pluto squares involved?? I’m not being very PIAB about it, should go back and check

  10. will it cover pluto on mc? I got it going on till 2017.
    I will buy anyway.
    love pluto , don’t know why…pluto- venus conjunction iguess, and pluto ruled.
    can’t wait for the bk, the candle IS divine!

    • is that just the normal house cusps? +1 for me if so. all my big astro events have been when outer planets have moved houses. so to speak

        • There differing are ways of working out how many angles are contained in each house. In signs it is always 30°. But houses are determined by the day and night cycle as determined by the tilt of the Earth in whatever season it is at that time. Usually scope between 25-35°.

          Placidus is one way to measure those durations that make up a house. It’s main drawback is that it doesn’t factor in ppl born in the Arctic Circle (almost no-one has been born in the Antarctic Circle).

          On Astrodienst’ “Extended Chart” sections you can play around to see if the other systems, eg Koch, put your planets in different houses. See what resonates…..and what doesn’t.

        • Oh right so all I know is the way that astrodienst does them. Based on latitude of where you were born. Like an unevenly sliced pizza… Unless you were born around the tropics.

  11. I have never turned to a kindle. I have books and books stacked on top of each other crammed onto shelves and long for a room of floor to ceiling shelves of books. Paper, bound and real. The smell, the excitement of a library.
    As to Pluto, it has been opposing my moon and mars and has now moved onto my sun and jupiter Oh lord how life has changed in the past eight years beyond belief really. Not a piece of it remains the same. I’m not the same either! It’s demolished its merry way through my career and now starts the long haul through my 11th. And of course I sit here wanting the place I am in to change, the people to change the whole damn thing to just shift up a gear and let me get on with it at last.
    Oddly I still love Pluto I consider it the most real of the planets with the most to teach.

  12. So happy that you are printing a real, physical book on Pluto. And i’m sending a huge hug vibe to your wise Aries dog!

    From someone whose Pluto effects were much too real (read brutal) during its transit through the 12th H /NN through teenage yrs, while squaring Sun/Moon and conjunct AC. I don’t know where i pulled the strength from to survive the effects. Just tracking this whole episode this morning has left me agog. I’ve just been going through a Pluto/Sun opposition for the past 18 months, and yes, not easy, but having had your guidance & this site, has been a blessing. Thank you, MM.

    • You just made me realise Pluto in Libra ( l think 71 -84). Basically my high school years / marijuana intake years / young family years

      71-75 l was being bashed about by my stepfather and bashed at school. Once hospitalized near death. I remember the time fondly. That would been T Squaring my Asc / Saturn opposition back n forth. My Mars Pluto conjunct saw me thru.

      When it squared my late Sun l got married and our 2 kids were born. A much nicer time.

      • Yeah, that was a real bum deal – like it’s hard enough with all the teen angst/hormones crap going down without Uncle Pluto showing up & taking you down to Hades and back… a few times in 2 years, in case ya missed something on the first tour. Ah well, what doesn’t kill one….And here we are, Uncle’s back facing Sun Hahahahahahah! …. so whilst i write, Van Morrison & Johnny Lee Hooker have come on with “Don’t Look Back” 🙂

        • Dunno what the reasons were for being abused 65-70 were; astrowise. Must get my book ephemeris. This FM is zapping my Neptune. Been reading what a scheissenfest it is to have your Scorpio Neptune in the 4th is. My conjuncts (Mars / Pluto & Merc / Uranus) have kept me going as well as my Uranity

          Van n JLH doin that song. It’d be better than Bowie/Jaggers.

          Pluto Rxing my Dsc eventually pingn my late Sun.

            • Its doing the cleanup work this Rx. Back to within 6°. But at 17° it is about halfway between Asc n Sun

              2012/3/4 Rxs were the major hits. But like you said. New places n faces. Been all NSW and now finishing a stint in Qld.

              Now l got got a job today back NSW just as MM said might happen. The Sun went over my MC this morning.


        • “And always look on the bright side of life”.
          Music, comedy and films are 3 of the 17 obsessions l possess. A blend of Neptunian and Plutonic energies

    • I have Pluto opposing my sun. worst year ever…. Pluto is transiting my 5th house and my child hurting and my niece dying have broken me.

  13. i’ve realised why i have a problem with kindles , e-readers, those rechargeable public transport tix etc: you can’t share them with anyone. double-dip the bus ticket for a mate who is short a ride. say “omg you should read this” and pass them the book off the shelves.

    having said that i have a lot of books and books are heavy and i am homeless in a manner of speaking so yes


  14. Since Pluto has begun conjuncting my Mars in the 8th house, the energy of reform has been super present in my life. Being a part of a transformation of things that are deeply broken, or so stuck you thought the impasse would never budge, or a dysfunctional system that needs an overhaul. These have all arisen–or rather, I’m being shown these situations through a new len–in my family life, my work, and my personal life. I’ve also experienced that staunch, bedrock force of Pluto–whatever else might go off the rails in life, the Universe is there for me, and will give me what I need to change these situations, if–and it’s a big if–I only trust and don’t try to do it on my own with old habits that no longer work.

    As a Scorpio Sun, I’ve been able to access this nonnegotiable, look-things-straight-in-the-eyes energy of Pluto over the years, but I’ve never felt it so intimately near to me as now.

  15. I’m definately going through some serious Plutonian tinged weirdness lately.
    Although my Pluto is transiting Capricorn/3rd House of Communications conjunct natal Sun and Mercury in Virgo/11th House trine Saturn in Taurus 7th House.
    Dealing with a stalker (Pluto) in my neighborhood (11th House Community).
    Wondering what Pluto Retrograde may bring.

  16. HOW is your work always so apt with what I am needing in my life–IT IS SPOOKY–what is going on here synastry-wise?! LOL. As I have mentioned lately in other posts–I am doing Pluto opposing my ascendant, and then transiting through my 7th until 2024 and beyond.

    Also I am a huge advocate for you to continue with the astro candles–I am MOST intrigued by the possibility of bath and body products though. Ever since I quit traditional hair and body products it has been an area of struggle for me, trying alt products, diy etc. I am a huge LEO for fuqs sake, if/when I find hair care products that are made with super fine/ethical materials and WORKS, I will be mad loyal.

  17. PLUTO has been on my Sun and Rising for nigh on 24 years now. Think it entered Sagg round ’93 and that was when i developed my Endorphin Flow bodywork techniques after a 2 year sojourn in the South Pacific.
    Wanted to bring the feeling of paradise to people who couldn’t go via my hands and voice.
    Pluto in Capricornus hasn’t been that sweet to me in many ways, but still says ‘uncover-discover’ the body and mind.
    At least what i chose to do then, has no finite point, it is a never ending exploration, like NASA 🙂
    There HAS been many deaths of friends and acquaintances in the last few years, and the death of many delusions, rather Plutonic.

    KIndles are not ma thing, not tactile enough.
    So looking forward to your Pluto Book Myst.
    AND the Falconer has a new one i have just ordered
    ‘The Blood in the Beginning’ wowser!

    • Jeez it’s the 12th house Pluto is transiting chartwise and my talking about ‘uncovering’.
      Well yes, i can suss motives of peoples and the psychology behind actions and re-actions, which could lead to mass cynicism, luckily my Sagg nature balances much of that.

  18. Excellent! I just pre-ordered….<3

    Perfect timing for the last two Pluto swoops over my moon! Thank you as always MM!

  19. Yay! Preordered already, can’t wait to read it. Pluto is SO interesting, I remember that your very first astro lesson to me was to keep an eye on Pluto.

  20. Pluto hitting my MC was signing my first book contract, being nominated for me first big award (all in the same week) and my son falling out of mainstream school because of anxiety and the end of that version of my publishing career. Intense week in what was a huge transit. And coincided with Neptune-sq-Neptune.

    Pluto has lately been kissing up against my Lilith/Ceres conjunction.

  21. Did the earthquakes in Japan & Ecuador coincide with Pluto turning retro? Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn (square Venus) & the earth moves under our feet, we feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down…

    Congrats on the book, Mystic. And who did this Pimp spray paint? It’s fab.

  22. Pluto drove me to astrology. Burning the Pluto candle now.

    Felt depressed by Mars standstill. I have Mars natal conjunct my AC at 0 libra. Today I learned about a boy who was burned in bath water, dressed for bed, and left crying all night until he died. How can that be? These things people do to each other seem impossible – yet I read them over and over again. I thought I’d just stay away from the news, but I googled more. His name was Austin. And when I knew his name, I felt light. He’s OK now. Still this sadness – I held it. Because its not fair. But an insight came to me and said “Let death happen.” And I noticed I was crumbling meat for my dinner. And I felt thankful.

  23. Sweet lord, I sure as hell am going to need this. Pluto in 12th right now and my rising is in Aquarius. I’m also experiencing my first Saturn return, which is also bang on my Uranus & Neptune, 10th-11th houses.

    Lots of “waking up” to irrational power dynamics and taking no shit to bullshit politics in the office; industry that I work in, and rising up to protest to protect the civil and human rights of people of color and to fight back against global warming.
    There’s been a tremendous amount of pain and disappointment in others, but this has been an opportunity so far to unlock my power & purpose in this life. I feel like katniss everdeen and I realize I’ve been playing some serious fucking hunger games and this transit has me ready to break the fuck out of this arena.

    I’ve also been attracted to strengthening my clairvoyance and reiki skills. I took a dive and started my own healing business devoted to healing fellow healers in our society. Additionally I am working on a television script about my work in the education sector when Pluto hits my ascendant it’s all about geniusely using this show to whistleblow the fuck out of the education industry.

    Everything I’ve tried to find about Pluto in the 12th and 1st isn’t helpful, but I feel like the themes of healing and breaking through to your soul mission are there for me. Or it could be the Saturn return. Pisces also shares my 1st house (and my natal Mars! Fun!), and Saturn will transit the 12 and just miss Pluto at some point, so my 30s and beyond are something I can’t even begin to grasp. Am I going to morph into a super heroine?! Is that how my life will drastically change?

    Not sure if it’s the Saturn or the Pluto or the anticipation of I feel for the coming of Pluto in Aquarius, but I have an urge to bleach my hair to a silver white and go really hard on my current training as a boxer and sabre fencer. The art of war is my bible. I want to throw away all my frilly dresses and only wear clothes that are a cross between Star Trek meets the French Revolution. I also applied to be an astronaut this year because why not. That could also happen.

    Anyway, I am dying to know if this is all Pluto. I feel like I have destroyed all preciously know incarnations of myself in this life alone and a new story is about to begin …

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