I Love Witch Movies Where The Witch Wins

woman holding tarot card with red nail manicure and glass of red wine. It is from The Love Witch.The room is Seventies decor

I love witch movies, especially the ones where the witch wins. So, of course, I am super thrilled about The Love Witch.

It is written & directed by Triple Aquarius and Mega Mystic member Anna Biller, renowned for her brand of “narcissistic feminism.”

The Love Witch is a film about pathological narcissism and men’s fear of women. The main character Elaine is a witch. She is not ashamed of the blood that her body sheds every month. To her it is something magical and she plans to make a witch bottle with it. Witch bottles, which may be filled with menstrual blood, urine, nail clippings, or hair are an ancient tradition.”

It’s set in the Seventies, creating plenty of room for epic retro-astro styling and kitsch witch decor. I’m there already.  Thoughts? What other witch movies do you recommend?

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Omg. Will this be available for purchase anywhere? An online screening somewhere, perhaps? My country has film festivals but I’m not sure they’d show this movie here, but OMG <3


good gravy, my Lilith AND my Venus are both in Scorp, (not to mention my Mars) … maybe I should just stay home and not talk to any men at all till this passes …


I like the Giallo vibe ( I’m seeing Edwige, Franco, lenzi ) I want to see it.

Lizard King

Got to see this awesome film in at the Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival in Hobart this weekend – Awesome Film and Anna Biller is a genius. Think Bewitched meets Germain Greer.

Year of the Phoenix



I want to live in that universe!!!


I LOVE IT and how spot on is that Weekend Daily, Mars retro, secrets are powerful, talking so frequently dilutes them. It’s almost too subtle to put into words but when I read it I was blown away. Just EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING resonated because I’d been Kondo-ing, journaling and working so hard but in secret. It;s no one’s business and actually, rather fun to keep it to oneself. Those who don’t get it and cling to old ways, drinking, muffling feelings, or pretending everything isn’t shifting are very put out and yet although it’s clear it has something to do… Read more »

Suzi E

Can we have a Love button here please?
I want to press it… hehe.

I’m with you Invicta… Keep on moving 🙂

The Venus Fly

In the last 3 days I have spent 18 hours cleaning the kitchen. Currently 70 percent of the way through. You know those ‘take everything out clean inside and clean everything inside dry and put back?’ cleans. One of those. I do it every April, have to wash away all lingering vibes. Have two garbage bags of kitchen ish I don’t use to donate too – awesome!

Only need to do the top cupboards, wipe the fridge doors and magnets and clean the oven and it’s ALL good. Feels right 🙂


Sounds fantastic, Invicta! I’m doing the same, in my own way and it’s like fresh air on tap. xx


Looks like a bit of a hoot but its one of those trailers were you feel like you’ve seen the whole film already.


Agree! The trailer for Neighbours 2 (Bad Neighbours 2) is much better. Film looks like a good laugh, but 2 hours might be a bit tiresome.


Me too! The visual allure alone makes it worthwhile.

Interesting trivia: Anna Biller is the girlfriend of Robert Greene (of 48 Laws of Power, etc)


the rings!

Lizard King

No it’s highly entertaining for the whole 2 hours! Hilarious and illuminating at the same time!


Love it! Blue eyeshadow and love-zombieing are all I’m living for at the moment (transit Pluto conjunct natal Neptune in the 12th – I’m trying really hard to go the haute route but so far all I could do was imbibe and obsess over a very complicated cancerian whose Venus in Taurus opposes my Pluto).


Also Oracle presumes X is the same person. It is not designed for a Piscean with Venus-Aqua trined Uranus-Libra who needs to ask multiple questions very quickly (Merc in Aries) 😉


Thank you, Medusa! I will have to stop doing this outdoors 🙂

But of course i adore the oracle because it is designed by a Piscean Aqua with Merc in Aries. Direct approach,huh?


I have been cultivating my own brand of narcissistic feminism. Unfortunately, it has been drawing in the Air sign men. I am trying to open my heart to love again. Just not with them. Though i have to be open to sharing my time. They’re great people. All were Aqua until the Gemini just asked me to spend some time. But testing my Neptunian boundaries with um, Neptunian stuff. I know Neptune/Pisces/12th house is strong in a couple of their charts. I have had to bang about the Oracle quite a bit so that I play there instead of on… Read more »


wow Love Zombie deluxe!


My thoughts exactly!

Suzi Edmonds

Oh my…. that’s a little bit quirky crazy black…. hehe…
Magic is powerful… be careful what you wish for…
Hope it doesn’t bring back ‘Burn the Witch’ sentiments… eek!

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