Hermione Granger Is A Multiple Virgo

Hermoine Granger

Harry Potter: “But why’s she got to go to the library?”
Ronald Weasley: “Because that’s what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library.”

Hermione Granger is a multiple Virgo*.   She is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, North Node and Lilith in Virgo. That’s a LOT of Virgo by any counts.  She has Saturn square Neptune, which totally fits her having to repeat-battle nebulous forces of murk and mystery.  It could also depict her keen sense of social justice, sticking up for the rights of house elves. But really…

Hermoine with newspaper

…here’s to the girls (and women) obsessing over spell craft, herbs, oils, the wanderers and complicated cats. Reading, studying, deducing, thinking and reading some more.

Hermoine reading* Hermione Granger birth details and quote from Wikia

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Emma Watson is Virgo rising too!




Hermione is ‘my people.’

Nike Vk

Jo obviously know her astro–

She gave Harry Potter the same birthday as herself, and he is a Leo.

Her Chinese/lunar calendar sign is the snake also, hence the interesting Snake/Lion symbolic imagery.

Nike Vk

and while the character HP, birth year 1980 would be a MONKEY–the actor Dan Radcliffe is ALSO A SNAKE–I know because we have the SAME BIRTHDAY. <3


She’s my spirit animal: always in control, cool-headed, lets-think-this-trough kind of vibe. Fun fact: In the books, the astrology teacher (a Pisces teacher called Profesor Trelawney) predicted she would leave the class during the year, and she did! Also, the Time-turner is SO Virgo. Love her.


Love love Hermione Granger! She’s one of the best female characters I’ve ever read and watched on film


Why am I unable to read any HP post without feeling teary? This is no exception. <3

Year of the Phoenix

Am a multi Virgo too and the library is my third place, a bonus is how the local suburban libraries of Brisbane I frequent are like tiny modernist masterpieces which appeals to need for style AND substance!


Libraries are the best.


I too love libraries. I am in one right now! The mild “bleep” of the auto-book borrowing terminal… neutral spaces… aahhh

sometimes I feel like a virgo-who-is-not-a-virgo

Is it the capricorn moon or the 9th house sun-mercury? Institutions of information. mmmmmmmm. data. so delicious *crunch crunch*


and the community-centric way they operate, as a matter of principle – hello, absence of self-interest! hi, shared goods! g’day, free for everyone! greetings, book-loving proletariat!
oh god it’s the gemini / in me of course. Virgo 3rd house too. mercury mercury everywhere

The Venus Fly

LOVE libraries. Always join every one I’m eligible for.


She’s a great, classic character. Loved her w Ron, tho I know many shipper her and Harry. Never felt Harry was given an interesting enough love interest in the end. But liked how the three merged into the Weasley fam in the end. Anyway, book Hermione is great. I may be alone in this, but the film treatment of her via Emma Watson was never my fav. I liked that she was described as being somewhat bushy haired and buck toothed – more of a true book nerd. Hollywood wouldn’t allow for that of course. Shrug. Anyway Virgoan wouldve been… Read more »


yes, I knew it!
Very Virgoan. Love her.


She was the Harry Potter character I related to the most. I also have Virgo Sun, Mercury, and Lilith. I noticed the Hobbit Frodo is also a Virgo.


Me too! My Virgo moon approved of her studiousness and ethics. I wonder if JK Rowling planned this or if it was just fortuitous.


Since my North Node is conjunct Pluto Virgo, and Neptune is trying to drown my 1H South Node in the Piscean swamp, I’m trying to do more of what Virgos do to not only swim but transform. Thank you for this invaluable blueprint!


I have exact same – PL conj NN in Virgo (8th house) opp Venus conj SN in early 2nd.
I already know how to swim, absorb, morph and blend. My Virgo/Pluto lesson (apart from organising, and being disciplined) is to investigate, discern, and structure, and oh turn up on time!


Hermione is my spirit animal! Love her (and libraries!) Virgo Moon, Pluto, Uranus and Vertex

…“It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!”


Sun, Mercury, ASC, South Node, BM Lilith, asteroid Lilith, and Vesta all in Virgo in the 12th house.

Never read/watched the Potter series..but this SO accurately describes my life.

The Venus Fly

Virgo rules my 4th. My house is filled with plants, books, music, films, oils, crystals, fresh flowers, Bast statues, sensuality, cleanliness and orderliness, heck I just spent the last 2 hours pouring over “spa” books for bath recipes, lol. It’s Winter and I’m sacral clearing and the baths need to go to that NEXT level of sexiness. I know this to be true because synchronicity confirmed it ;P #Salud <3

The Venus Fly

TYPO – winter soon. For Winter Is Coming ;P


My Virgo sun husband used to cut school and spend the day at the library.


awww ..v much me…thinking reading….mulling stuff…love oils natural beauty products…not much virgo tho…can’t understand….also have a love of stationery!


I watched the first Harry Potter movie all the way through for the first time tonight.
Synchronicity much?


I watched “Harry Pothead…but l was Pbilosophically Stoned”.


I got lead poisoning at the same time

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