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Anna Billing

This is Anna Biller, writer/director of the new indie movie The Love Witch

She has a brilliant eye for retro femme archetypes, witchy aesthetics and irony. She intrigues the fuq out of me so i asked her some questions about her process – creative + magical – she responded fabulously.

Q: You clearly know your way around the occult – what was your introduction to the esoteric world?  

A: I’ve felt like a witch from a young age. As a child, people were spooked by me because of my sensitivity and the way I could see through people. People who studied magic used to tell me I had an “old soul,” but others were not so kind and thought I was creepy. As a teenager and young woman I bewitched a lot of men almost by accident. I have intense eyes and strong intuitions, and for a lot of men if I was just being myself they felt like I was in love with them. When I became an artist I harnessed my power through that instead of through my personal relationships, and that helped me relationships to become calmer. I lost a twin sister when she was only a few months old, and she died next to me in the crib, so I think that part of my feeling of being a witch has to do with that connection to death and the worlds between. Since childhood I have dabbled in occult studies, but it was only in preparation for my film that I studied magic intensively.

Q: You don’t need to divulge birth details but what is your astral vibe? Sun Sign? Moon Sign? Rising Sign? 

A: I’m a triple Aquarius – sun, moon, and rising all in Aquarius!

Q: Do you practice any form of basic house witchery? Feng Shui?  An Altar? Space Clearing? Marie Kondo Japanese Juju?  

A: I do have an altar at home where I perform basic rituals. Usually the spells are to bind negative energy, but sometimes they’re to give me personal strength. For awhile I was really into love spells.

Q: Top Tarot Tip? 

A: Only consult the cards when you have a real problem. Be honest with yourself in readings. If you keep getting the same card over and over gain, it means you are not dealing with some aspect of your life that you need to pay attention to. When you are troubled, don’t pull too many cards at once; too many cards leads to too many possible interpretations, and you want less confusion and more clarity.

Q: Do you obey Mercury Retrograde religiously or loftily ignore it? 

A: No, I ignore it. I’m too busy to put my life on hold for Mercury, although sometimes later I’m sorry!

Q: You’re partnered with a guy renowned for writing books on manipulation and seduction (I loved the 50th Law so this is not a critique) – did you cast a spell to ‘get’ him? 

A: Yes, of course! He will say that he seduced me, which I let him think, but it was definitely a spell. It was through the eyes. He may eventually have pursued me, but he never would have done so had I not cast the spell first.

Q: What was the inspiration behind The Love Witch? 

A: I wanted to make a movie of that feeling of being a witch that I’d always had, because I suspected a lot of my feeling of being “different” had to do with just being female, and witches are persecuted females. So I wanted to create this witch character that was powerful and crazy, the dark and light aspects of being a woman, or the inner and outer aspects of women (how they see themselves from the inside vs. how men see them). The figure of the witch is so imbued with hysteria about female sexuality, and I wanted to go into a period of cultural interest in witchcraft – the 1960s and ’70s – when there was all of this prurient interest around witches who were naked and sexually voracious, featured in films and pulp novels, and make my character like one of those characters on the outside, but also go into what she is on the inside. I also wanted to put the craft elements of being a witch in the film. Like so many witches, my main character creates her own world, painting, making crafts, soaps, and candles, lining her dresses, cooking.

While I was writing the script I was having a rocky period in my relationship, and I literally felt my heart breaking. It was such a period of darkness that I consulted the tarot every day, and no matter how many times I did it I kept getting the same card – the Three of Swords. I stopped getting it when the problems resolved, and have never gotten it since. Another goal in the film was to put that feeling of heartbreak on the screen, to make the audience feel it. And I feature that card in the film as well.

Q: Do you see ghosts/aura/UFOS?

A: I do see auras, but I have only seen ghosts twice. I can read someone’s essence very quickly. Sometimes I can see things about their past. Because I can see hidden things in people, I love most people.

Q: You’re obviously a successful creative with an interest in occult and alt-culture + aesthetics – does magical thinking inform your art at all? 

A: Yes, I do engage in magical thinking. But I don’t see how you can be an artist and not do that. That’s what art is after all; you create things in your mind and they magically become real through your efforts.



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31 thoughts on “Astro Interview with “Love Witch” Anna Biller

  1. Very interesting.. I was hoping she was going to do some Love Witch Consulting…

    Mystic when you say Indie movie, does that mean she will be feature in an Indie Film Festival? I am new to the film industry and the Indie Film Festivals are in May here so I was curious.

    • This sounds right Ellie, I believe there is a person who goes out and seeks films for the festivals.

      Or maybe like for film comps, filmakers submit films, so it would be accepted by the organising group.

      tbh I have no idea but i totally love the production values, and synopsis, and it looks like a mega load of work went into the making of this project!

      Every Anna I’ve have ever had the good fortune to know has always been the classiest!

      ‘…triple Aquarious’, could you be any cooler’


      • Tried a homemade voodoo doll once, didn’t work.
        Tried some love spells from a library book, didn’t work.

  2. I def can relate to her backstory.

    I keep getting the 3 of Wands in the 3rd position in a 12 card reading over and over and over again. For years I pretty much only got Hanged Man and solitary cards bu the last 20 months days it’s been mega Soulmating, abundance of fire and earth and mega money and success. Forum gave me some insight – I keep getting the cards to enforce that I’m staying on the right path to receive some gifts. Bless the witches of the world <3

  3. Great interview! She & this whole film project are fascinating – & I confess I’m more than a little tempted to do a love spell now!

    • Tried it a few times – never worked.

      However when I used a Shiva Lingam? WOW. Amazing. Not only does it raise Kundalini and promote Tantric union it unhooks energies from the vagina on a potent level. The synchronicity I experienced was amazing. But than again, I am mega earth and you said you can’t vibe with crystals except in the earth section of your home, so maybe the smoke works better for you more mutable/cardinal folks 🙂

      • I was noticing me and smoke don’t jive either. 🙁 maybe that’s it?

        Love spells are over rated imho.

        But i do dig the Love Witch! Can’t wait to see the film.

        • I don’t “do” spells. I just “live” energies. You want more love? Be more love. Clear the heart, keep pushin’. I sage or frankincense rooms after I clean them but for me, I shower/bathe, dip in the ocean, spend time with nature or place crystals on my body and just surrender to “them” *makes wavy motions in the air*

  4. Oh this woman is absolutely going to be a new obsession! I just checked her website and trailer for the movie – endless tunnels of delight! (pun intended). I have had a lifelong witch-pull as well, though I have never officially practised. When I was in high school I asked my dad for christmas gifts from this little store in Cambridge, MA called Arsenic and Old Lace. Being the best King Daddy ever, he actually went to the place and got me some books, despite his very practical doctor perspective that all of it was crazy hoodoo not to be encouraged too much. He commented that the store was a “very, very strange place.” But I digress…..

    Ms. Biller and I both got our MFA’s from CalArts, so I feel a little Brush With Greatness there. Thank you, Mystic, for this culturally exuberant morsel. I am off to the cauldron now!!

    • I remember Arsenic and Old Lace. The ladies who ran it were NOT “white” witches. And they had a great collection of herbs, way before the Internet made every bit of exotica on Earth push-button accessible.

    • OMG I love it when Dads indulge their daughters with things nourishing to their soul! My dad used to spend some of his fun money to get me witchy herb books too. Back in the day, he….conservative Repub that he was….actually took me to see The Crying Game for my late birthday request one year. He did not complain one little bit.

  5. Oh man! Tell me how I just knew she was going to be a new moon baby based on her first paragraph alone? People born on the new moon are so sure of themselves and in control in a way I find dreamy. My bf is a Cap Sun/Cap Moon.

  6. When I saw this movie recently at The Stranger With My Face Film Festival recently I so knew Anna Biller was the bomb! I think the film is just one big spell and so glad you MM and your readers dig it!

  7. Love it!
    Cool retro 60’s stylin – tick.
    Magic – tick
    Love spells – tick

    Have been intrigued by magic from the time I could read. Devoured books on fairytales and folkstories then onto books like Women’s Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets, Women Who Run With The Wolves etc with love spell dabbling along with the bees wax essential oil balms and body scrubs.

    Agree about the Tarot and the less is more approach….

    60s style is the background look to my life, old movies from a young age and a deep love of Soul have forged it.

    Suffice to say I can’t wait!

  8. “Only consult the cards when you have a real problem.”

    This! So much! I have a wise Aquarius Grandmother figure I’ve been seeing for tarot off and on for about 15 years now. She is dead-on-balls accurate, but I only go to her when I am legitimately at a major crossroads in life and need guidance – I refer to her as “The Big Guns”. So I’ve seen her a total of maybe half a dozen times over 15 years, tops. I trust her counsel implicitly, which is a feat in itself since I so rarely ask for advice…..growing up, I figured out very quickly that the “adults” (and I use that term very loosely) in my life had very few (if any) Pearls of Wisdom to offer me, so I was much better off just figuring it out myself. I made plenty of mistakes along the way, but the Saturn School of Hard Knocks was a far better option than looking to any of them as role models, I assure you – I knew they had nothing to offer me that was going to help me find my way in life. But the one good thing about this is it does teach you to be your own authority…you learn to trust your own judgment. Consequently, I am usually the one giving counsel rather than receiving it.

    I think it’s so important to treat divination tools with respect, and I also believe that there are some things we are just not meant to know. This could be for any number of reasons…perhaps it would interfere with our free will where it’s the choosing that’s important, or maybe on a spiritual or developmental level it doesn’t truly serve us to know about an event ahead of time. I’m OK with not having all of the answers, and do not press for information beyond that which serves my Highest Good.

  9. ‘Creates her own world, making soap art and candles…lining dresses’.
    Have done this with a different selection of ideas and created my own world that i love.

  10. is that her actual bathroom or a set? My parents had those exact same towels in blue. They probably still have them. This woman is fantastic! I checked out the webs after the last post and just yes. Multiple Aqua plus a smattering of projects at all times.

  11. “and for a lot of men if I was just being myself they felt like I was in love with them”

    Um. How/ did you turn this off? Because this quality is the bane of my working life. I have never been an approval seeking type yet constantly get this reaction from men. As if they think I’m pining over them as soon as I go home.
    I’m not insecure. I don’t flirt. I assume everyone is just on the same level and when I’m being normal it’s being misunderstood.
    Is it an aqua thing? Or should I just check in to therapy for something I’m clearly missing?

    • yes me too; I can’t stand it and never give them a second thought. Then came the Great Reversal and I was in those shoes of the Other – pining and obsessing with every breath for the One who didn’t give a toss for me. It’s been a Big Challenge to negotiate these waters and I am still in them. I put it all down to Neptune transiting my ascendant 5 degrees Pisces. Then Neptune hits his Venus at 7 degrees Pisces and I am the Siren aka Witch and there’s some floundering on his part now. Finally I just think I chose a gorgeous chocolate – hard on the outside with a delicious soft centre.

      • Yes, from experience on both sides of the waters, I would say:

        it is THEIR problem, not yours.

        Don’t let their obsessive energies steal into your boundaries. Hard, because so intriguing. Currently having one of these leaking issues…what i did was escape and find it worse in the escape…even a mermaid it seems is vulnerable to the Siren’s call. I’m just hearing myself, right?

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