A Vitamin For Leos

Melanie Griffith

The celestial vibe has not been altogether supportive to our Leo of late. There is a whole line-up of influencers in Taurus, the sign that squares Leo. Mars is spending a huge part of the year in Scorpio, another tricky relationship with Leo.  You would look to Sagittarius – their fellow Fire sign – for support but Saturn is there, the relentless candor proving wearing for Leo. Uranus in Aries? Moving toward Eris, totally bats.

But wait: Asteroids Pandora and Sappho are aligned together in Leo until July. JULY.  Could this be the magic astral vitamin that Leo has been looking for? Yes, Pandora means ‘all gifted one’ and she is a version of Rhea, the original mother earth goddess. Saturn’s mother for fuqs sake. That crap about her opening the box of evils was just propaganda, a later version of her story spun to find yet another way to blame the crap that besets humanity on a woman.

The astrological Pandora is resourceful and wily, a bender of rules and skilled shit stirrer. She is genius with information and unlocking assets. Sappho is often the called 10th Muse. Passionate and free-living at a time when few women dared, she wrote so prolifically and intensely about provocative subjects (she was gay and a single mother) that the then Pope tried to burn her works. He did not succeed, thankfully.

Sappho and Pandora together in Leo are a potent, golden influence of Awesome.   You are Leo (or Leo Rising) – you can create your way out of anything.

Steven Meisel


Image: Melanie Griffith as a child, with Neil, her pet lion

Image: Steven Meisel

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Wish Upon a Star

I have Sappho conjunct Dionysus in 5 the house Leo. Conjunct Venus in Cancer.

Writing prolifically and intensely about provocative stuff. Just what I need to hear as I want to write about my life.

All the pain I have endured will be grist for the mill.

This post has cheered me up immensely.

Marcia G. Blair

Thank you. With my 12th house Leo Sun and Merc, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in my 11th, I SO needed to hear these words of encouragement and hope. I have been sick, feeling weak and discouraged but I’m ready to start shining again ?


Thank. God. and Sappho. and Pandora. and Melanie Griffith’s lion. Thank you for the glimmer of hope, MM.


FINALLY is all I can say. Some support people.. over here look at ME. Us Leos have been alone in the corner , not quietly, doing it tough… on our own! Becoming too independent is not a good thang for Leo’s as we need admirers to shine our light upon. I have been creating and recreating myself for months now without any close support and I am exhausted. Having moved house by 2000km with no admirers nearby is tough but I am settling into a new town soon and will seize control of this poor sulky Leo stitch via meetup… Read more »


Well I think you’re amazing, mwah pi xxoo


Oh Leos don’t need vitamins. Leos ARE vitamins. Just look at a Leo and your body naturally synthesizes Vitamin L.


It’s like, you don’t need vitamin D, you just bask in the golden light of Leo rays…


Ok well that explains this crazy month! One thing after another, and then pop go the epiphanies. Funny, the page I read before clicking here also had a bit about Sappho on it. Clue.


A pet lion???? wtf


Phew…thought it was just me going batty. One part of me screams, you can not go on, surrender. Another says keep going you are almost there. Almost where?? Who knows. But it says keep going as exhausted as you are. Mostly my emotional control is tested almost on the daily and one of the tricks that I have pocketed is to stay out of the weeds and look at things from a VERY long term view. That is the only way to currently stay sane.
Leo, Aries Rising, Cancer Moon


Who’s the drummer in the bottom pic? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Great news for this Leo moon! 🙂


Leo sun, rising,venus,uranus (conj sapphos) here…its been a lot of years of thinking “ok..i just need to get thru this” and then another life thing happens…and I think “ok, I just need to get thru this…” I’ve become semi reclusive.. i need to get out and blow the stink off ……Also noticed I have natal pandora conj my natal mercury in cancer 12th house

Leonoira von Scorpington

Yeah, been having a similar thing. Restless lions are a dangerous thing.

I feel like a shift is coming though … a really good one. 🙂


oh golly, i needed this too! thank you, mm, and thanks to all you cats for commiserating!

Leo Scorp Grrrl

Leo Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars. Leo Midhaven. Scorp Rising.
Fatigue oscillating with full on awesomeness vibe. After Saturn on my rising sign and now in my second house – I am trying my best to just keep at laying the ground work for the anticipated August of Awesome. I did splurge last month on some new duds to change my look and attitude to coincide with the current transforming vibe. I’m backing me.

I have gone back to read older Mystic posts and remind myself how far I’ve come since 2009.

Leo Scorp Grrrl

And, yes, bring on the astral vitamins !!!!


Hey, Scorp rising with multiple Leo here. Sun, Saturn, Mercury, MC. The vibe seems to me like a giant bear hug from life that hurts but opens your heart at the same time. The kind of love and and change that someone ruled by Pluto would love.


I want to lay in bed with a lion! No, no, no, I am already a Leo and hubs is Leo rising. How fun would it be to play pawsies with a real lion? This is good news, I had been feeling that all these cray transits would actually make me more Leo. Yes, yes. I have my Leo sun at the apex of an angular t-square and so I’m not sure if I’ve ever fully embodied my Leo power. I knew Saturn on my moon would be hard and all the other stuff like tromping the moors but with… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

The Owl and the Pussycat and the Pea green boat !


This is sweet. I am not sure Sappho can rescue me from my doldrums though! Just learned I have Pandora conjunct my Sun/Hekate within 3 deg (Hekate is exact my Sun). So I have recently had a Pandora Return! I always felt sorry for Pandora, she is like this gorgeous Earth Elemental with crystalline gifts for heaven who gets constrained and shat on for being a vital curious kinda gal. I really disliked the Greek pantheon after reading her story, thank goodness it is only a recent (sorta) confabulation of a more ancient myth. Pandora is giving me Eve/Lilith vibes… Read more »

The Venus Fly

My Sekhmet is in 1′ in Scorpio in my 5th house. LAWD, lol. Bast reclining in Taurus in my 12th Stellium. Makes sense – she was the first Divine Feminine I ever saw in meditation.

The Venus Fly

Interestingly enough I went to see Captain America several hours ago and Black Panther mentions Sekhmet and Bast back to back which reminded me of this post, lol


This Libra is not having an easy time of it lately but in my dream last night there was a lion sleeping in the next bed


thanks for the nudge x


I can say that getting into full Performance Leo mode yesterday transformed me on every level. My life feels lucky & rich again, & I even gamely shrugged at the thought of the all bureaucracy compliance that I must do. Right now, devoting time to unleashing creativity is a NECESSITY for the leonic ones among us. We worry it might waste our time, but actually it will refuel us. It’s what we yearn for.

*Tosses Leo Rising (wavy & in need of a trim) mane*


Yes I think you are very right about that. Leo rising as well


I hear you honey, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow but letting the art projects grow long.

Champagne Leo

I agree completely with that. I have been busting out the mandala colouring books and Goddess cards lately for a creative salve. Leo with Leo rising

Nike Vk

SO FASCINATING “Asteroids Pandora and Sappho are aligned together in Leo until July. JULY. Could this be the magic astral vitamin that Leo has been looking for? Yes…” right around this point I instantly thought of two things–ONE–I recently did a–rather alternative–performance for a queer burlesque company where I was decked in plants and came out of a basket as a kind of sexy gaia, first basking in all my abundant glory, throwing flowers and herbs to the audience, and then going through a phase of a kind of possessed self bondage, following liberation and hope–taking on a kind of… Read more »

Nike Vk

I am leo sun, mercury, mars and venus, with my SOUTH NODE nestled between my Mars/Venus conjunction (and, I recently discovered, asteroid Geisha ON said South Node) It has been rather difficult and yet productive lately, LOL. One of my cats was hit by a car and died the day before yesterday, as we are in the middle of huge house projects, plumbing, breaking concrete and digging trenches, having a well drilled, etc. I am devastated about my cat–his mother was a feral cat and so he had very strong wild instincts and boundaries–was not a typical “lap cat” lol,… Read more »


So very sorry to hear of your loss, rachel.


Call on Bast! I love Bast so much. She is sweet, warm and motherly with a touch of spice. She will guide your baby home. I think it is the same process as for humans, we have to celebrate their new freedom and passing, let them know we will be ok..as hard as it is. Condolences on your loss and blessings on his crossing.


I’m Leo moon and Leo rising and recently lost my cat. …I’m sorry for your loss. .
Thank the Angels to watch over your kitty and guide him to where he needs to be , happy and safe ?
Much Love ?


Sorry about your kitty! xx

I love your burlesque show stuff, sounds fab.


Sorry to hear about your kitty cat. feel your pain

The Venus Fly

Sending loving scratches and soothing rubs to all the Lions. Everyone needs TLC <3

Leonoira von Scorpington

Thank you. Much appreciated, especially now. And back at you, too. 🙂


rolls over on back for tummy rub mmmm


Oh my god, I love your (new?) name x


Maybe they are suffering “Pandora’s Pill Box Blues” (apols to Bob)


Yes! I wondered what fab energy was happening in my 6th– and here are 2! Pandora & Sappho. Yassss


I needed this too – really helped me understand what had been going on with my ex shortly before our split. And yes, the images- LOVE them.


I really needed this. I was starting to get SOOOO worried – I just feel drained and wiped out and could not figure out why.

Ready for an infusion of energy!


Thank you for this, really needed to read it. Even the image soothed my heart.

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