The Moon in Sagittarius Full Beam

Sorin Petelscu

Paulo Coelho is Moon in Sagittarius and it’s glowing full beam in this quote from him!


That is why it is so important to let certain things go. To release them. To cut loose. People need to understand that no one is playing with marked cards; sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Don’t expect to get anything back, don’t expect recognition for your efforts, don’t expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Complete the circle. Not out of pride, inability or arrogance, but simply because whatever it is no longer fits in your life. Close the door, change the record, clean the house, get rid of the dust. Stop being who you were and become who you are.

— Paulo Coelho

When your Moon is in Mutable Fire, your psyche is like wildfire. You need truth, space, oxygen and to travel light. Paolo Coelho wrote of his pilgrim soul, another apt illustration of the Moon in Sagittarius.


Image: Sorin Petculescu – Let There Be Light

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Impeccable timing MM. As always…


Love, love, love that


Clear out happening in my house, including food! This Libra full moon has been in my 4th house…. Clear out trying to happen with letting go feelings about recently past relationship. Last night during the full moon eclipse I repaired a necklace that broke during the last time I saw my ex-lover, while I was at his house, which was right after the last eclipse this past September. I had let it sit that long, six months, without fixing it. So last night after I fixed it, I wore it for a few hours before going to sleep. I guess… Read more »


Glad I manifested this.


Just went outside to observe the eclipse but it is too cloudy. Came back in and MM has posted the next Astro Hack to the minute! Hmm, why for is this auspicious?


I was planning to clear out my cupboard as my energy felt stagnant. This quote is timely.




Beautiful – thank you


dreading today at work. hope silly cow co operates ugh… its just not worth the stress anymore.
so moon in scorp for easter and Christmas then???


The quote above is so apt not only on a lunar eclipse but also as general counsel for all in this, a 9 universal year in numerology – 9 being the number of completion, letting go (of people, trauma, attachments in general – however hard it is), and being spiritually tasked with trying to uphold the highest spiritual values (love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, service to mankind) without expecting a reward. (But boundaries are OK!). I found this post on 9 universal years recently, and I re-post it here in case anyone is interested. The ideas here are also particularly apt… Read more »


Hi lovely x I was taught gematria from a young age, i found it laborious and amazing ! this article on the gematria of the no. 9 might interest you.


Hey Dave!
Thank you x
Fascinating although I will need to read it several times for even half of it to sink in.
I’m uber 9, I gather according to the numerologists – birth day + month = 9, year = 9 (ie born in another universal 9 year), Life Path number = 27= 9. So this year, I’m a 9 in a 9 personal year cycle in a 9 universal year.
Good, but hurts like childbirth and exile as it attempts to be good enough to reach 10. That just about sums it up! xx


amazing thankyou Mystic . Hope you and your family are doing ok x


I just cleaned my house 🙂

Mars in Virgo 6th house


Well it’s about time, sheesh !


Well I could hardly wait for you to come and do it 😉


Yep – Mars is transiting my 6th. I went berserk yesterday with sugar soap, baby wipes, mops and orange oil. Didn’t wear gloves because you can’t ‘feel’ what you are cleaning properly…Today my hands are swollen and so raw it hurts to type on touch phone, lol. Duh.


So my news is not good.
They found a second mass and I will now undergo chemo and I require another mastectomy on my left breast. I am more terrified about loosing my long, golden blonde hair than anything else (ego/attachment) – so tonight it goes. My fab gay-lady friends are going to do it for me – lesbians always have the best hair cuts, and I’m getting a My Little Pony vibe on.
One must go bold before bald!


Oh Catzai…I’m so sorry to read your news.

But what an inspirational woman you are in the face of this crap hand.

Stoicism isn’t the word – it’s one (no, two) better than that – i.e its taking control, with style AND a sense of humour!


you said it Pandora, you rock it Catzai, lots of love, fierce love xxx

Crystallised future

Well said and ditto Catzai.


What Pandora said. Oh man, best of luck and may the treatment work wonders!


That’s tough. Best wishes for safe treatment and your recovery.


Strength to you Catzai x I think you will look stunning without the locks. Might be fun getting some crazy wigs ? You could go all Erykah Badu on us.


Aft the op.l hope the news is better


so sorry to hear that. I too am having a recurrence of breast cancer after 10 years but this time in the breast where I have had the breast removed and have had a reconstruction. I have also had heart failure so treatments/ops are problematic. I too had a lumpectomy then they found a second mass and had chemo, a lot. All I can say is be kind to yourself, get support (I have had homeopathy, it helps a lot..) I am so shocked and disappointed, never thought it would come back after all this time. Sending love


So sorry to hear both your news. Truly difficult and I am wishing you all the loving support possible on every plane of existence! Much love to you both.
And it’s all about awesome headscarves these days & many actresses (eg the gorgeous redhead from Mad Men) wear divine wigs. Tres Ancient Egyption.


Yes to covering one’s self in beauty! Getting gorgeous mendhi over one’s head is a thing, too; if I ever lose my hair, that’ll be the new beautiful for me.

So much Strength & Love to katycoyote & Catzai. Facing cancer head on & battling to get your wellness back is beyond beautiful. xx


Wishing ultimate victory to all our warrior goddesses- especially those in full battle mode. Xo


Much love to you and everyone helping you through this too. xxx

Catfish moon


The Venus Fly

Keep strong. Sending oodles of love.


I’m really sorry to hear this. As others have said, how brilliant that you are doing what you can to take control of something super important for your identity. Love to you xx


Bold is so fuqing hot. Bold & Not Having Any Mess are waaaay hotter than any head of hair. Remember, re these cancer cells, YOU have the home field advantage! Game on, fuqers.


Yes to going bold, sending you much love xx

PS if you are in Oz there is a relatively new treatment with cold caps, which prevent hair loss


I love you guys all so much – I may not comment often, but I am always here with you. <3 And I did it!!! I am now rockin a concave bob in funky Galaxy colours (purple, pink and blue) It looks ah-mazing! And to K.C. – I'm so terribly sad to hear your dreadful news. I'm so sorry this is happening to you babe, it's not fair and my heart goes out to you. You never know just how devastating cancer is until it happens to you. Sending Love, Light and Healing. Thanks again guys, your well wishes and… Read more »

The Venus Fly

Blue hair? Oh my *cue girl crush HERE* <3


Let’s hope fortune favours the bald!! Tough day, soz about the news, thank goodness for awesome friends x


Catacat, I love the new do. The new look is fierce and ready for battle. I’m also delighted to see you sharing here, as the love and good thoughts from miles away all contribute to boosting the protective glow around you.

You are supported my lovely warrior and we will arm you any way we can, with good thoughts, funny words, and all kinds of support. xoxo


I am so sorry to hear this. All the beat with your treatment xo.


BEST not beat, although I hope you beat this!!! xo

Catfish moon


Catfish moon

Exactly! Morphed this week and have needed it!


Just what I needed to hear. Thank you. ?

The Venus Fly

I hear you. I was speaking to one of my crystal dealers today and we were talking about how fantastic the eclipse season is and how crazy the muggles are right now. Both of us took heed when we went through major changes last September with that final Cardinal Cross blast and we chose to grow and phoenix. I was speaking to him how interesting it is to see the issue I was going through THAN have NO effect on my life today but see it running rampant in others. Spirit has done amazing work on the heart chakra the… Read more »


That’s so beautiful. I can feel the energy in your words. Thank you.

The Venus Fly



Love your herbal chakra healing and stunning weekend planned too – inspiring : )

The Venus Fly



wow VF, that all sounds pretty amazing 🙂 sleep hygiene FTW 🙂 (written from laptop on bed at 11.15pm haha)

The Venus Fly

Sleep hygiene is REAL. Us night owls need it for this New Era 😀 #Recharge #Reboot #Phoenix


I’m impressed with how gracefully you are moving through this transitionary time!! I’m over here like WTF – this eclipse period has been insane for me and chakra cleansing sounds so perfect

The Venus Fly

Here – have a steroid sized Eostre egg of love. Now go on with your bad self 🙂 #KeepPhoenixing <3

Ashley W

Needed this tonight. Thank you.


You had me at D’Angelo!

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