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Ellen Von Unwerth

Thank you Eclipse with Chiron on South Node…for the insights, the dredged up memories and feelings overload. It may be unfashionable but i prefer Saturn to Chiron.  With Saturn you can work your way through it. Chiron requires you to feel your way through. Chiron was discovered in the 70s and immediately dubbed a sort of bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Note to architects: do we need this bridge?

Seriously, it has been rough for a lot of people but also a kind of crystallization of the last year.  The next Eclipse, in Libra, is more old school: Full Moon, sexy, whacko Jupiter square Neptune, Venusian Voodoo – the works. More on that in the Horoscopes and Daily Mystics.

Meanwhile, we have the Grand Earth Synergy between asteroid Pan, Jupiter and Pluto. Stoic Pragmatism as refuge. If in doubt, re ground your body with something legitimately nourishing, take a cold shower and do the next task.

And, a few announcements – I am off the blog till next week as have a huge book deadline and am also completing the Asteroid Galactica consults. If you would like one of these, they close off on Friday. Horoscopes continue as normal, obviously!

Astro Hacks (my online astrology course) is back next Thursday – subjects: Carlo Ponzi and 12th House Vibe. Not together. Ponzi is fascinating. Any inquiries re Astro Hacks: support@mysticmedusa.com

The Astro Alerts app is still in play – thank you for your patience.


Image; Ellen Von Unwerth

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73 thoughts on “Well That Was Fun

  1. The last 10 days have had Chiron uncover health issues that are freaky. ECHO results of heart not reaching my Doc for 8 months, when at the time the cardiologist said no probs. Well there IS so not so smug after all.This news came after i felt like i had a mild dose of meningitis, swollen brain, fuzzy head and sleeping, sleeping sleeping thro’ it.
    To top that off eclipse morn received porno texts from ex, sick not sik. He tried to make it better with sending a kiss, then did it again yesterday, so that cancelled my thought of seeing him again. He disturbed me last time, so not risking it again by replying at all anytime he texts. UGH. Dumb way to attempt seduction with a women unless he gets his rocks off by simply sending them knowing they are unappealing which is stalkery.
    So not a pleasant week a la Pegasus for love or health. Work is almost non existent to boot, work being my raison d’etre, thanx to Saturn. And i’m over Pluto also after 23 years on rising and Sun.
    Health is truly Wealth, so had better start banking.

    • That is upsetting – personally I dislike porn. So the idea that it is in any way a seduction seems a crass deduction and a relationship obstruction that would assure intimacy destruction.
      Hope your Jupitarian heart heals and Juno and Chiron are your bankers.

  2. That pic of the car wash is driving me crazy. It looks so familiar. Of course it does, it is Southern California Googie architecture. I just spent an hour on googling Google car washes and I could not find it.

    • I thought the same thing! Reminds me of this massive car wash place that was out in the San Fernando Valley where I lived as a teen…..can’t remember exactly where it was, this was back in the 80’s….

      • I found it! It’s the La Cienega Car Wash. Yeah, I used to get my car washed there, back in the 80s. YOu can find it on Google Street View. Hasn’t changed a bit.

        • Omg, wow, I knew I recognized it! Weird how the mind will record things like this, a place that I haven’t consciously thought of in 30 years, but it comes right to the fore when the memory is jogged…. something familiar, but relatively unimportant. Maybe the mind associates the image with that time period in one’s life in general, so a car wash place could be an orientation to place and time, a marker, and therefore more likely to be remembered at all when seen again.

          Anyway……fun to have this random memory, and interesting timing, as during this eclipse, I was clearing out ‘gunk’ having to do with my family issues that happened during that time period when I was a teen and my family lived in LA, so that image MM chose was right on cue, for me..

    • Too funny, we thought of identical looking car washes! The one on my mind was Lankershim Car Wash in North Hollywood. Los Angeles architecture forever.

      • Ah! That’s the one I was probably first thinking of, because I lived closer to that area, but I’ve seen the other one too… 30 years ago memory a bit of a blur, here… :p Ghosts of car washes past…. 😉

  3. Literally found out on the day of the eclipse that our water is contaminated with bacteria–so have been living without running water for the most part.

    We already knew the iron was high, and thus had already been getting our drinking water from our neighbor, we were cooking and washing with the tap water though–

    On the upside, nobody in the house seemed to get sick, so presumably our immune systems must be functioning well! Good work, immune systems!

    It is also shocking to realize how much water we use…and having to make due with less water for things like washing dishes, etc. It is sobering to think of all the people around the world who live with water insecurity, and what chronic dehydration can do to the body…

    Virgo in the 3rd, Pisces in the 9th…

    • Yep, it’s Pisces eclipse and stellium action for sure. I just had my tap water tested by the State Lab, initial tests showed it is just barely within EPA standards. I am still awaiting the bacterial culture results. I would never drink it, no matter what they say. I bought a bottle of Evian for the lab tech so we could compare it, then I realized I had to take a sip first so he wouldn’t think I was trying to poison him. LOL. He tried the Evian and said “Ah, now that’s how water is SUPPOSED to taste! Tasteless!” I said no it’s mineral water, try it again, it has a faint taste of pure snow melting on the granite slopes of Mont Blanc in the Swiss alps.

    • glad this didn’t make you sick!

      this is nowhere near as concerning but my dishwasher won’t drain and I just came here to report my Merc/Neptune woes. will it clear miraculously on it’s own in a few days? or, sigh, repairs.

      • I bet you have hard water. Get a gallon of white vinegar and dump it in the empty dishwasher just before it starts the wash cycle. That should clear out clogs from mineral deposits and lime. I have to do that every few months.

        • thanks Charles. I can’t currently do that as the washer won’t work because the bottom is still filled with water from the last wash. I need to drain it before I can flush anything else through it. Scooped most of the water out, can’t find anything there blocking it, might be in the pipes.

  4. Communication.

    That seems to be an issue since, during, maybe even before…this eclipse. People don’t seem to be present and are not listening to what’s said, just trying to push forward with their own agenda. At every level, from simple communications to the more complex. So annoying!

    Simple communication example from an email –
    Me: I am only available for appointments on Wednesdays.
    Them: How about Friday at 4pm?
    Me (in thought only): WTF?! …..then I kindly, through gritted teeth, reiterated my appointment availability… urgh!

    Complex communication example – can’t really quote, but had one of the worst – and possibly the only truly bad communication experiences I’ve had – with someone in an online dating messaging format. Glad I didn’t end up meeting them in person! But, sheesh! Just an awful, verbally abusive, vindictive person! It was very obviously ‘their stuff’ projected, but it was still disturbing.

    Anyone else having that experience with communications these days?

    • Mercury is debilitated and conjunct Neptune at the mo – communication is garbled at best. Dat intuition, tho….!

    • This is actually the third story of online daters gone batshit crazy in the form of aggressive messaging that I’ve heard this week. I”m sure LV is right- Merc/Neptune madness!

    • Dont go on em.
      Ppl lie n bullshit on there a lot of the time.
      If they cant say it straight on ‘hidey’ screen how hard will it be to straight with ya f2f.

    • Aye! The Merc/Neptune madness…… wasn’t thinking of that because I’ve been living with Neptune transiting on my moon and not far from my own Mercury for ages now. Guess I’ve just learned to navigate it, so it’s not a new energy to me at this point…

      Yeah, online dating is pretty lame. I had a good luck streak with it last year, but it hasn’t been good second time around and I think I’ll just leave it alone…

  5. A womens’ health alternative practitioner I have known for a long time, helping us to conceive our child is having a turbulent time…with his partner. I was seeing him for menopause, but I think I won’t go as he is unhappy, a bit distracted and vulnerable. My partner and I both really adore him…He treated my partner for infertility too…I think he is shutting out some kind of reality, is not present, and seems vague. I told my partner I thought he needed some psychic protection (general). He has been very committed in the past to protecting others, but cannot be resilient enough for himself. His partner seems OK, but pretty domineering. There is a power struggle. It will turn off the clients big time…It up to him to manage it. I am sorry for him…I think it best to give him space while he sorts out his life…He and my instructor are like family…almost like semi attached limbs. But I think it unfair to expect healing from someone is broken and needs care themselves…

    • I really like my GP, she is very smart, generous and open to alternative therapies. She sends me clients and I send my friends to see her. However, when she was in the middle of her divorce she would have two hour consultations with me in which I was really the consultant (all while my hyper toddler had to be controlled in her room full of medical instruments). A friend told me off for seeing her and said, “She is utterly toxic right now, you should NOT be seeing her”. Thought it was a bit harsh, but in this case, yes she was right. I see her again now tho. He’ll be fine in a year or so.

  6. Dang. Yeah. Struggle mixed with irritation/frustration with a shot of mind-blowing “Oh, THIS is the new era, then” wow. It’s actually not been bad for me so much as intense as hell. I like it better than Saturn, for sure–not sure I could physically handle it very often though.

  7. I had been feeling really good about things then got stressed about something at work, binged and baked and fell off my diet. Blerg.

    Having a weight problem effing sucks. I gained a bunch of weight after I moved overseas 13 years ago and have had issues with disordered eating ever since then (overall much better now). I am a short vegetarian. I lost the weight once (got motivated and did 12wbt) and kept it off for a couple of years, then gained it back when I was going through some shizz. Gained even more weight last year when work got incredibly stressful. I want to lose weight but don’t want my whole life to revolve around it. Have tried so many different things, and have had lots of counselling too. Hopefully one day I will find what works for me. If not I guess one day I will get to an age where it is socially acceptable to be a little fatty lol.

    • I’m finding the 16:8 achievable, up till last week, was even throwing in a couple of 5:2’s…have you seen Michael Moroselys (i think that’s the spelling) programmes on sbs about it ?, handful of friends have long term (well, over 6-8 months) sucess….best of luck, defo a tough gig.

  8. Well that was interesting. After a really shitty month of a turdy morass of emotions floating to the top (Pluto also opp my Sun, for extra laxative action) – I had a truly wonderful eclipse.

    Venus had me covered. It is now conjunct my 4th H Chiron – which is opp my natal Venus. So Chiron is sandwiched between the Goddess of Love – totally beautiful and soothing. The eclipse happened in my 5th – so creativity is the ALL right now, and flowing.

    Arachne has come visiting too (now conjunct my Merc-MC) in the form of a real spider which has made its home about 3 feet from my pillow :-/ And it won’t budge. I can’t see a web, but it stands there stoically all day like a sentinel – making me aware that no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel – i will have to listen to it.

    • Ever since I moved into my home 4 plus years ago the front and back always had a kookaburra in full view. Around 5 weeks ago that stopped. I still hear their laughter filling the space but no sight of one (until a week later I saw one). But magpies? Magpies are here. Ever since I shifted the balcony and home energy the home is surrounded by magpies. And always in pairs. Never seen feathers before now they are everywhere – even in the house! I went into the city a few days and I decided on a seat and once I got there a yellow feather was seated. Went to the beach with my kid – this little boy was running around in circles than when he saw us ran up to us and threw a feather between us. After my neighbors cut down my trees the bees and butterflies and dragonflies disappeared but now they are everywhere again. I look out the window and see black ones cruise by. Look out – see a bee just cruising past, too. But when out and about big epic green and blue ones.

      Seeing a tonne of pairs. Pairs of butterflies dancing, dragonflies, pairs of birds and when I walked out of my house and looked above my outside front door TWO spiders in the same web in the corner. I get it – collaboration time. They also remind me you make your “home” from the inside out so be aware of the energies you pull out to make your life with. To be able to sleep near one? Amazing. I can’t do it. I respect them but not inside the house, all I can handle are daddy long legs. FORGET huntsmen, no can do, lol

      • Feathers sound like a good omen. Your pad and leafy surrounds sound lovely, VF…. I miss kookaburras… I also have lots of tricksy magpies around here – even in the inner city.
        And no – i’m not really thrilled at having this crazy spider hanging out here – but she insists – it’s a bit of a challenge i’m willing to participate in….i used to be borderline arachnophobic (was bitten once… unpleasant).

        • Back in the old neighborhood magpies used to swoop. Going outside daily with an umbrella close to the head was the norm, lol. It’s nice to have them feel comfortable that this is THEIR space to vibe out with them.

          Every country has such wonderful creatures to vibe out with. Truly grateful for all the beauty and magic even during the hard times 🙂 <3

    • If I may? Writers often have spiders as totems…she may be telling you to put the pen to paper – especially if you have Mercury on the MC. 😉

      • Jeeezus LV! You know, i just about know every damned animal totem/meaning there is – but the spider – I just thought the obvious like creator, weaver, feminine, mother, mystery etc. But writers’ totems?? So i just did a bit of a search on the *web* ….. and found that “the Spider is the guardian of the ancient languages and alphabets!.
        Also the bleeding obvious like Merc/MC. Ok, i looked at that as “communicating” but not necessarily writing – for that I looked at the 3rd H where i’ve got Saturn in Cap – and thought blaaach…. i know, i know, – don’t berate me too much. Also i had a really nasty experience at uni with a misogynist pig of a journalism lecturer that made me take a different track altogether. Thank you, LV!!!

        • Due to excessively toxic experiences as a teen I was able to “sense” a toxic teacher later in life a mile away. I kept away from ALL of them these past 3 years (3 in total) because I realized it was my job to teach MYSELF through schools. All I know is once I stopped taking on their advice and trusted myself and the great teachers my work sky-rocketed.

          I love hard teachers – they tell hard truths but if you take them on they will revolutionize your life. But toxic teachers feel like failures in their own life than come and shit on others for no good reason. They will put down talented students and elevate sub-par students to bring down their perceived competition (all in your head, dude) and to feel superior to the lesser talented students. It’s a sick situation.

        • YW! Remember “Charlotte’s Web”? The nice little spider who would weave words into her web? That’s what spiders are to me – Weavers of Words. Animal symbolism is the same as working with any other kind of symbolism (astrology, tarot, etc), IMO – yeah there’s the book stuff, but when you really immerse yourself in it for long enough you do begin to free-associate and form your own, more personal connections to the energy. I hear Arachne over Mercury on the MC; my little brain conjures up an image of the friendly spider hanging out in the corner of Wilbur’s pen…the one that made him famous.

          You have a double (possibly triple if Capricorn rules the cusp of your 3rd H as well) Mercury/Saturn influence, then – Mercury conjunct the most Saturn-like part of the chart (the MC) and Saturn in the 3rd house. It’s no wonder there would be a block of some kind to push through regarding making this connection, and a negative experience w/ a journo or lit teacher to boot. It also means you may come to your writing later in life.

          • (… just double – Capricorn/Saturn intercepted in 3rd. Jupe is cusp ruler.)

            LV – what you say makes so much sense – you are genius, luv – thank you.

      • LV what if people have tried to force you to be a writer your whole life but you LOATHE to write but love to improvise? I have tonnes of spiders creating webs on the balcony due to being so close to nature and when I clean my bedroom I usually come across 4 but yes, I really loathe to write. I feel like I’m in a prison of words stuck in solitary confinement AGAINST my will (and I love solo time) however I can improvise literally 24/7 and never get tired of creating.

        All feedback much appreciated 🙂

          • Sorry for butting in, but that is an excellent point. Liberating yourself from the rules and having fun with writing is important – as it is with just about anything. That is where it is hard for me – Saturn in Cap in 3rd H needs structure and rules. It wants to do it right or not at all. While Merc-Uranus needs spontaneity and free-flow. It can be a struggle.

        • Have you considered audio recordings ? I have Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ recording of “seeing in the dark” on repeat in the car….its soothing to hear stories .. Got the cd for katakan bestie who now doesn’t mind traffic, and her young libran and piscean listen to it in bed to go off to sleep too..its sublime to be spoken to, and have stories told so beautifully….

        • “When we grew up and went to school… there were certain teachers…who would hurt the children any way they could…by pouring their derision…upon anything we did…”

          Oh, this is a topic so endemic to Pluto in Capricorn & to its recent mutual reception w/ Saturn in Scorpio in particular – fuqed up teachers! “Authority figures” get quite power-trippy under this influence, whether that’s government, teachers, or the cops – look at the repeated theme of police brutality that has been surfacing here in The States as illustrative of this…these days a badge seems to = a license to kill. It has lessened somewhat now that Saturn entered Sagittarius (thereby breaking the mutual reception) but Pluto is the anchor planet and it stays in Cap for quite a loooong time yet!

          Back to the topic at hand: I loved my teachers in school – I was “old for my age” as a kid and it was easier for me to relate to adults than to other children a lot of the time, as I had some pretty serious stuff going on at home. But all it really takes is one bad teacher to spoil your love of learning…for example, I loathed my honors Spanish 4 teacher enough to get up and walk out of class one day and never go back. When corrupt authority is allowed to run amok, this is the kind of power they have…the power to take a love of something and singlehandedly destroy it in one crushing blow because of their unprocessed dysfunctional, controlling, megalomaniacal bullshit. So yes, I know all about this topic and can empathize completely!

          I think anytime we’re *forced* to do something the natural reaction is going to be rebel. But sooner or later once the traumatic stimulus is removed from the equation and enough time passes, we can come back and revisit the issue on our *own* terms. Do we really hate the activity, or did we just hate being pigeonholed? I think this is an important distinction to make.

          • I relate when many writes state “I had to write but love to have written.”

            I think because I’m a loner by nature, when I am alone I want be ‘moving’ not behind a notepad or computer. I don’t like ‘planning’ character etc Even with my craft, I don’t keep emotional diaries like some do I “listen” to the words and just go deep to the instincts. I create from the guts. When I HAVE to write creatively, I really feel like the life is being zapped outside of me. I love to write essays, that ish is fun but poetry, stories, scripts? Loathe it. Set up the video and let me improvise until everyone else is exhausted and needs to go home because I can go on FOREVER, lol.

  9. Unless I am due (again) for a massive crash, this event sort of went by with me feeling like I had either shared a really decent spliff, or had just the perfect amount of shrooms to get me high and mellow but not messed up. At least, I hope so hahahahaha

    • Also my year’s work ahead finally crystallized for me when I was hazing out in alpha-state yesterday evening, I recorded it on my phone speaking less than 3 mins captured it all perfectly… And then realised that I had not pressed record properly hahah doh no matter, I still remembered the shape of things. Onwards

      • So like Saturn Pluto flux, this was a few degrees off my 9th house Sun mercury so that helps
        Also ‘suddenly’ (as in, last 3 days) hard to explain but just feel more chilled within when I go somewhere solo and meet ppl, or not
        Jupes 3rd house epiphany?

    • Omg! Sorry last one haha
      I had a nice dream about the Capricorn guy. Not angst. Not steamy either, but I’m v happy with not angst at the moment.

      • Do you journal or draw the dreams? I think it a lovely idea too…who knows where it will take you.

        I have had no more dreams…excepts strange ones regarding the brutality of work, or LOL, fear of…which I must face…or will it face me?…

        Pisces is 6th, 7th…having chiron return…conjunct mars…south node is the trifecta…all 7th now…

        Opposite virgo stellium 1st…growth through compassion, sacrifice, saturn 4th is making the structure of this more apparent.

        • That’s a lot to have in your 7th house, aquasunbird…
          Saturn 4th squaring … Intense.
          Pisces also insight and ‘higher’ understanding.
          Take care with that sacrifice part..

          Drawing the dreams, that’s interesting. I might do that. Forms and tones, not nec scenes – I find drawing people to be a bit overwhelming for some reason
          Thank you

  10. So for some reason, while everyone around me was insanely melting down (as in – sprawled on couch bawling for hours and asking ridiculous questions such as did I “see” them getting what they wanted from a blindingly obviously abusive relationship that I had been telling them to get out of for months -type of insanely), this eclipse didn’t seem to affect me….

    BUT (it was a couple of degrees off my natal Mars) I woke up yesterday morning, thought “it’s about time I joined the Gym”, promptly did so and then had my first work out in at least 7 years. Then thought “I’ve always wanted to do Ninjitsu”, googled it, found a class near by and took myself off to my first class last night…

    This might also be connected to the fact that Mars is in my personal stomping ground (Sagg), but wow, nothing like a good shot of Mars to wake you up! 😀

    • ooh – wasn’t Chiron also a PT for ancient princes etc? Maybe that’s another aspect to be investigated..

    • This eclipse hit my new boss hard in her family life and it has made me reflect on a much deeper level about the right balance between work and the rest of our lives and the costs of living out of balance on those issues.

      I’ve worked really hard the past two years and got a promotion last week, but now that I’ve reached this new point, I think the Universe is asking me to broaden the horizon.

  11. Speaking of Chiron,
    I had a pretty mindblowing experience a few days before the eclipse. We did a somatic exercise to become embodied in a particular event in our life or lineage. I chose my birth, because why not. At the end of the exercise, we were told to face a wall, let the stored feelings flow freely, and make a shape with our bodies that expressed those feelings.
    I went from being pretty chill to consumed with rage. My middle finger flew up and I stood there, shaking with disappointment and frustration and fury.
    I did not want to be born. I have been angry with no explanation for my entire life.
    1/2 an hour after I was born, the moon hit Chiron. The first aspect. I was born into Chiron. He may not have been discovered for another 4 months, but he had already arrived.
    I don’t understand him being Saturn/Uranus at all, but he forms a T-square with them in my chart, so perhaps I cannot see any of them independent of the others.
    The feeling thing is true. As a Gemini with all my personal planets in the 12th, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than feelings. I could not do them at all as a child — they were too painful and just too, too much, so I repressed them all. It’s only since my mid-30s Pluto transits that I’ve had the strength to allow them and only recently, as Chiron squares my AC and Sun, that I’ve been able to dig into them. There is healing happening on a deep level, healing that I’ve been sitting with my entire life.

    Oh! One more revelation. After the grief ritual 2 weeks ago, I asked for an ancestral guide. On the Family Search geneology app (which is amazing, btw — the only good thing the Mormon Church has ever done), I found Marcus Aurelius and instantly was like YOU! Guide, here, boom. Looked at his chart and found crazy, crazy synastry — mutual asteroid Karma-SN conjunctions (as T Pluto was on my Karma and T Karma was on my Moon/Ch/Ma/Ve – his Sun/Juno/Mars/POF/Maria!)! Obsessed with Meditations ever since. Stoic philosophy is the way through Chiron. Stoic philosophy is EVERYTHING.

    • I picked up ‘Meditations’ myself last week. Just finishing off this Chakra book and than I’m onto it.

      The reliving of your birth was INTENSE. Good luck with all the healing wrapping you up within it 🙂 <3

    • HDQ, I have the same… Chiron exact on my descendant, opposed Uranus ascendant, and square 9th house Leo sun. Not exact of course because you’re gem (I have an 8th house gem stellium tho). I also have repressed feelings & anger, my parents are good people but didn’t really care much about who I was, just that I confirm to their religion and insanely strict rules. They would tell me all the time that I had a chip on my shoulder with complete disdain.

      Your work sounds powerful. Dude. All that coming out…

      My regressions found me through a dream. I made a mask about it to work through it and also process on my own terms.

      Im kind of blown away that we have the same angular t-square. it’s not an easy one.

        • “my parents are good people but didn’t really care much about who I was, just that I confirm to their religion and insanely strict rules…”
          YES EXACTLY! I never felt seen for who i was (and who was that, exactly? would i have even known?) and i felt completely defined by the rules. Now I’m wondering if the rules really were that strict, or if they just totally clashed with our t-square. nobody else seemed to be very bothered by them, whereas i still get all internally seethy when there are rules, any rules. gah, repression! that t-square filtered through the 8th and 12th houses!
          also we’re geniuses. 🙂 xxxxxxx

          • Conform is what I was trying to type, but yes. My husband, bless him, has learned how to approach teaching me something because I’d always freak out because I felt like he was being overbearing.

            I have moon-Neptune, so I KNOW I let other people define me for way too long. My brother had severe substance abuse issues and died from a speedball but for years I thought it was because my parents were so lenient on him. Maybe a bit but I think we were equally fuqued up but he (Aries rising with Aqua moon and Pluto DSC) dealt with it different than me (Scorp rising with Chiron DSC & Sag moon-Neptune). He went out and I went in.

            Healing blessings to you. xxxxxx

    • Wow, hdq. That somatic work, so revealing!!!! I am starting to get into a similar zone – the purely and unchangeably non-verbal. (For me it was through a kind of movement-research workshop)
      Maybe like you, it’s always been about the words so to go to soma-land is actually quite powerful and releasing…

      • dude, yes. i got more out of 2 exercises than a full 6 months of talk therapy! digging at the root, where it matters. let the gemini go, embody the fluid
        i’m going to grad school for this, i’ve conclusively decided. it must be spread. everywhere.
        so excellent it’s working for you too!!! xxxxx

    • So great to get to the root of that rage.

      I’m using the “What would Sun Tzu do?” oracle a lot to reset my point of view.

      Stoic is good.

  12. I was looking forward to this eclipse. The last one in September was heavy with in-yer-face shadow vibes that instigated a “didn’t-know-I-had-heart-baggage” mega heart-chakra opening. It was when the devas first came a-calling too and mega synchronicity was on overload through the crystals. Oh the moods, ups, downs, contradictions, inner rage oscillating between universal love. A mess so all could just…settle. Maat style. Perfection.

    Eclipse was great. Ran into an old era acquaintance and after a brief 3-way chat with a hot sauce seller they sauntered away quietly and I was like “That’s right!”. Was invited to an event at the old-era dinosaur pit of my last place of training – pass. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I spent the day vibing lovely just grateful for all the good stuff presently and incoming. Than my son was like “Don’t we have fencing?” and I was like “Oh shit” so away we went.

    So I’m sitting their in the auditorium wondering what to do with my spare D’Angelo ticket for his show in several weeks at the SOH seeing as 1) I’m currently single and 2) I have zero friends in Sydney who I share similar tastes with when it comes to music, cinema, cooking etc

    Twenty minutes later some random dude texts me via my ad of stuff I’m selling on Gumtree asking “Ticket?” I’m like “Huh?” He’s like “We have the same taste in music so I thought I’d ask if you have a ticket to D’Angelo.” I replied “I have two.” He flips his wig – the concert is sold out and he texted me on a whim and it turns out I DID have a ticket. And I usually only buy one ticket to shows but I felt the urge to buy two so yeah – I wondered, life took care of the rest.

    Shout-out to personal tenacity and audacity – after experiencing pains being radically authentic had paid off for me and hence why eclipse season truly is ALL good – muggles, go muzzle thy selves if ye refuse to speak authentically to ye selves. And tenacity and audacity paid off for the dude. He has a ticket in several hours, and I have cash in hand. Winning all ’round. Trust your instincts, y’all and enjoy the start of a wonderful 2016 – if you’ve done the inner work 🙂

  13. ‘It may be unfashionable but i prefer Saturn to Chiron. With Saturn you can work your way through it. Chiron requires you to feel your way through.’

    I’m with you on that Mystic!

    I felt like I’ve needed a vulnerability cloak this past year. I’m kind of a sensitive person anyway (Pisces Rising) but it felt like it was magnified. I’ve been trying to balance it with my Super Saturn Practices and having Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th house certainly helps me to buck up!

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