How Can I Get A Sagittarius Man Back?

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How can I get this Sagittarius man back? Mystic advises a woman whose real question should be along the lines of how she can get herself back.

Dear Mystic,

Further to your blog about the crazy eclipse edge around at the moment, I thought I’d share this with you.

I went out last night on my first date to meet a Sagittarius I’d stumbled upon online just before the previous eclipse. We had hit it off, and I find him incredibly attractive. It seemed that was mutual, but, for all that, he was a no show. I know this kind of thing is not unusual; I’m sure it happens all the time. Only this was a little different, actually quite different.

I was particularly keen to meet him because during our ‘chats’ I’d asked for his birth details and done his chart. The synastry is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any of my relationships and more along the lines of seriously sexy soulmate-style stuff. His Mars conjunct my Venus/Mercury conjunction (in Scorpio) and opposite my Vesta. He has his Sun conjunct my Ascendant; his Eros conjunct my Psyche, Neptune and our composite Venus (also in Scorp); my Eros opposite his Psyche; his Moon opposite my Mars and trine my Venus; and, right now, our progressed and converse Moons are just about to conjunct smack bang on my North Node in Aries. There is a stack more, including progressed/converse hits. All the aspects I’ve listed here are within a 2-degree orb, many less than 1. 

All Of The Soulmate Links But He Can’t Show The Hell Up

Could the problem stem from the fact that his Neptune is on my Moon and sextile my Venus? Lilac Wine anyone?

So I had high hopes. Perhaps that was the problem.

 I’m freaking out thinking that for some godawful reason I may have just missed the sexiest soul mate of my life. I am hoping against hope that there’s a lot more to play out here. Watch this space, I guess. I know things are in flux, but this is, frankly, doing my head in. It’s crazy making. 

We met on Tinder (I know, right!), but a mere two days after a friend of mine had alerted me to its existence (I live under a rock, apparently) and I’d signed up. I am a total novice on there. So we ‘matched.’ We had a scorching and heavy connection right from the get-go, it was mental, and he is just the most stunning looking man I have ever laid eyes on, ever! 

So anyway it started up, went for two days and then fizzled out when I freaked and asked if he was for real. I knew how easy it was for people to invent personas online and I thought he was just too gorgeous, into tantra, which I’m so keen to explore and all sorts of other stuff that just made me go… ‘wait a minute.’

Do You Want A Paranormal Romance? Because He’s Ghosting You

So then he vanished down a rabbit hole for four days, no comms, then came back and said he’d thought long and hard about it. He said he wasn’t mad with me for being skeptical, promised me he was real and so on. He really wanted to explore the connection because he’d felt something that he’d not felt before and wanted to see what it was about.

Then said (I’m paraphrasing) ‘I want to explore what I feel, what we feel. Opportunities like this come along so rarely, and life is too short to waste this just because of social norms, etc.’ So then we had another hot and heavy session – this is crazy – and then agreed to meet up last night at a pub in Adelaide, where we both live.

He’s ex-army, got out early this year after three tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. He’s for real because I’ve seen his FaceBook page with pics of him in the army over there. He runs an army kit supply store in the outer burbs here.

There was no bailout, he didn’t show, and I’ve heard nothing. I walked home and just fell in a complete heap that lasted until about midday today. I’ve tried to reach him but… disappeared again. All I can do is wait. Fuqing eclipses!


How To Get A Sagittarius Man Back? You Never Had Him In The First Place

My Dear A,

How to get a Sagittarius man back? You never had him in the first place. It is more about how to get your self back. Okay, so my response is more 8th house than usual.

I have – for various reasons – spent hours this week at E.R. – not for me personally but with my son. He was in there TWICE in a row, one adverse reaction to a drug and one collision with a car. Just vile. My daughter’s stalker is also back. Being on first name terms with local police and E.R. staff is not quite the “broader role in the community” vibe I had in mind when Saturn entered my 11th house the other week.

In an adjoining cubicle at the emergency ward, I saw a woman who was literally a hundred years old this week, holding the hand of a paramedic who looked like a God. She said over and over again in absolutely beautiful enunciation and crystalline vowels, “I don’t want to go.”  But she did. The machine called it with a series of beeps. The Apollo level stunning paramedic held her hand and maintained eye contact till the end. I think she had suffered some episode on the street and her family could not get there in time.

The super-reassuring constable charged with helping my daughter sort out the man who keeps ringing her with pervy questions says the problem is that (major telco) could tell with one keystroke who the person is but that they charge $200 a “search.” There are so many of them, and police budgets are limited because of cuts. Apollo Paramedic, who spends his dinner break helping this lady pass over in peace and Amazonian Cop trying to protect kids work around “budget cuts to save the nation” while other groups have their perks intact.

So I saw the unfailing professionalism of doctors, nurses, police, paramedics and other professionals working under immense pressures to deliver fantastic service, save (literally) life and limb while politicians quaff chardonnay and go on about “innovation.”  Why not claw back some of the routinely evaded tax and pay it back into the pocket of the people who do the work that matters?

So, forgive my bluntness, but you need to get a grip. You know way too much about his chart for someone you have not met. You cannot understand your chemistry without meeting someone. He is a ghoster and a bullshit artist, possibly a con man. You say all you can do is wait, but that’s not true. You can get an ego. He did not stand you up because he was taking fire in Fallujah or putting out an orphanage fire.

Has it occurred you that his apparent interest in Tantric sex and military prowess are not accurate? You’re running deep astrological analytics on someone who has probably lied about his birth date as well.

You say it got “hot and heavy” before you met. That is not generally an indicator of a person who is seeking a date, let alone a relationship. See Virgo Dating Efficiency for a better way to work this. Mars on Mercury is epic synastry, but you have not met him, and he could not even cancel the date. Exfiltrate yourself from this hostile territory and deploy to a terrain where people show the fuq up.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Steven Klein


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“It’s SO easy to talk about innovation in a big ad campaign or tantric sex on Tinder but seriously – showing up would be a start.”

Profound words Mystic! Your wisdom is timeless! those words are gems ringing so, so true for me at the start of this 2018!! Thank you as ever!


Just wanted to make a comment on nurses, medics etc. Whenever I work in a hospital I too have nothing but admiration for them all. My taxes are paying for everyone of them also admin, cleaners and all the staff . I do not mind paying these taxes ever as we are blessed in Australia to have a fantastic health system . There are many angels, like the ambo MM knew, in this system and they are working over the break as many others are- firemen, aged care and disability nurses too. Love to them all.


WOW! Mystic telling it like it is- wise, wise woman


Oh my god YES! Such incredible advice. Show the Fuq Up. Such a win.


Simple…Soul mates don’t stand you up.


Mystic. The Apollo paramedic who stood head bowed whilst he held the hand of an ancient departing soul wasn’t an angel was he? All I could picture were wings, not on his heels but appearing from his upper back.


Oh and A in my experience this guy is a fantasist who can live out his best sexual life on the chat and the idea of meeting seeing doing you. Never ever worth it if you are not a fantasist.


The frustration is real. I agree with Mystic that doing someone’s chart prematurely is kind of a jinx. You might have spooked him off. Plus he has Venus/Uranus in Sagg, hello! 😉 and with Mars /Saturn currently there and Jupiter/the nodes square to trigger, it may have all been too much. He did sound too good to be true so he probably was putting on a front. Tinder peeps are generally looking for quick hookups and that’s it. Sorry you’ve had to experience this but I think you’ll find someone better in the real world with their feet on the… Read more »


Hey Mystic I’m so sorry for your f’ed up 8th house week. What IS it with Libra eclipses and intense stuff?? Although oddly beautiful picture of Apollo paramedic and policemen with integrity, heartbreaking too. Personally, with Gem rising, i find all this 8th house action of late (i’ve spent some time in hospitals, funeral parlours etc) exhausting, give me some comedy! My best friend had to call the police today because of a psycho neighbour, it really is a full moon eclipse of lunatic behaviour… Great advice to Le Querant, although, Querant, i had to flick my head back and… Read more »


“I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you. And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you. No I wanna fall in love… No I wanna fall in love… With you…. What a wicked game you play To make me feel this way What a wicked thing to do To let me dream of you…..” You know what I have always found most interesting about that song, other than its obvious correlations to Venus/Neptune? The fact that about 90-95% of the time you come across lyrics for it, the word “don’t” is thrown in there…”No I (don’t) wanna… Read more »


*Applause* Yes LV you said it. We defo have our part in it too because courting does need a bit of Healthy illusion, I mean how else can we otherwise accept less than perfect qualities into the flaws we love? But there are definite boundaries between the cloud of love’s first bliss and outright deception.

I agree with the desert period too, hunger can be a very powerful aphrodisiac if not acknowledged and managed.


Hey gorgeous – just saw your response above! Seems we’re on the same general wavelength despite arriving at the same conclusion via slightly different angles. You elaborated much more eloquently than I, though! 😉 xx


Was his name… Woodrow? (sorry .. Simpsons reference hahaha)

As soon as I read about the too good to be true photo, his “not being mad” that you doubted him [lol fuq off, he thinks you need his forgiveness?]
and macho hunk FB profile with actual photos of military activities in mideast (rly?) I thought “things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ”

comment image


but to sound more nice and less sharp-tongued, sphinx was there with the layers and projections. if this inspires some massive, deep sense of yearning and missing-ness within you, can I suggest you turn the mirror upon yourself to find out exactly what HE is triggering in you. In my experience we dig a very, very long way down through the gradual accretion of our identities until , like the atom, we arrive at a core that we think is Something – from the outside – but it is actually pure Nothingness. his is not good but it needs a… Read more »


*this* is not good, not “his” is not good. Sorry, typo


hang on, sorry, i am not making sense. I meant to write “This is not a bad thing, but it needs a bit of thinking”

good luck. XO

Taurus Vixen

Wow, you go Mystic! That was bloody fantastic reply.


+1 Wit and wisdom and grace under horrible pressure, which I really hope will be alleviated soon.

Wishing you some resolution to this situation too A, it can be frustrating the not knowing, but standing someone up without explanation is always unforgivable. There is so much good guidance in comments here. Mine is get angry, how fuqing dare he. Do THAT. To beautiful YOU?? hmmph.


Yes the the 11th and groups. Received a local Council brochure wanting people to give ideas, create agroup etc for Active Ageing Alliance. OUr area is lucky to have many reserves and ovals, clean &b green, so thinking thinking thinking….
Saturn looks to be sitting on top of my natal Sun on March 2, so hasn’t moved much, and Mars sitting on top of my Mercury, doh, no wonder my ears are pricked up and my tail swishing.


This last week or so has been about health and sexuality. Following the stars with renewed interest. Thinking of you Myst, keep the lamp and sword close by. There is a real shoot-from-the-hip vibe around, Mars is featuring energy atm indeed, gathering all the secrets from Scorpio into a call for freedom and integrity from Sagg. As a natal Mars Pluto and Saturn 8th houser, i think Lexie is being led by Yoni and should tell herself ‘The Soldier is simply squillions of molecules spinning around the earth the same time as me’, and not give a fig as you… Read more »


Love the reply, Mystic. It def intense eclipse times. Love to you and team. X

A, I think he has done you a favour. Try and move on. X


Day by day the sanity of the world slips quietly away. Did you hear the whimper ? As described by the wise from the past, the end is not explosive, the end is when the last human slides down the rungs of sanity and submits to disconnection of its soul from its ruling place. We look at images of war from past days, hundreds of dead bodies piled in the fields. That’s how we must look now to any conscious being. The end days, where the unconscious toil in machine world, to build the new virtual world, with its promise… Read more »


Gem rules my 12th (AH #48). My thoughts just ran to somethn like what you just said DL.

Im over this shit. If aint smack dab, in ya face, you shouldn’t pusue it


Dude have you been reading Bataille? This is right up there. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m on the right book here x


DL have you met ra uru hu yet. 2027 I’m off to find Bataille


I just looked him up and will read more.

Emg, a message for you. You are aware that the operation was unsuccessful ? That most forces have already been withdrawn or have fallen ? David has been lost in his grief over this outcome but there is still an open channel. Your testimony is required, there are still seeds to plant. Seeds to collect. You are not forgotten.
Ari x


Never heard of Bataille ?
I was sitting in my backyard and the words came through. I stepped aside and let them come.
Didn’t have much to do with the thread as such but I posted it for someone here, not sure who. That voice has been with me for many years, my teacher.


Dear A, I’m sure you are disappointed that he didn’t show up but it sounds like your chat was intense and that may be too scary for someone who may or may not be who he says he is. He could have been freaked out or simply yanking your chain. Cut your losses…next! Keep a healthy skepticism when it comes to online encounters.

Mystic I’m so sorry about your kids. Excellent rant and spot on. I got that South Node in Sag too. Justice and fairness has been a theme for me since Saturn moved in.


MM, I love this post. Especially the bit that distils this whole debate about growing inequality in this country and how sick that is. I am watching the 30th? hour of our senate sitting to ‘debate’ a bill that is designed to pmake it almost impossible for individuals To get the numbers for a seat in the senate. The system was designed so the paramedic could have a tilt and have a voice amongst the suits and lawyers who are sitting on party baked tickets. And the debate is irelevant, they have the numbers, it will pass. On an individual… Read more »


Mystic –

I hung on every one of your words and I too, send best wishes for ease – and rapidly. Through the fire you are graceful. Kudos.

Dearest A – I have walked in your shoes, and I gotta say, I agree wholeheartedly with Mystic’s assessment. I’d have said the same thing, but she wrote it so well I don’t have to. To quote the Oracle – why not let “x” prove himself to you first? 🙂

Sending you both heaps of warm wishes.


Thank you 🙂 XX

Jessica Mars


Ren Wah

Best rant ever Mystic, loved it

xox Rockstar Libran Publicist xox

Firstly (& most importantly) – MM – CAN NOT imagine the multiple challenges at your end ATM!! I did email to check everything was OK. Be strong woman, thrive and survive – Saturn Girl the Warrior – Impregnable protection done, Teflon suit & engage the bullshit deflectors. You got this x The story of the woman passing and Apollo the medic – poignant and touching. A blunt life message placing al;l situations in reality. As for daughter stalker – I can’t quite conceive frustrations there … at all (send that fkckr my way). The Teclo sitch x Government analogy is… Read more »


Hey Girl,fab to see your Avatar and know the ols school’s still around.x


You’re back!!!! Hello!! Such a long time

xox RLP xox

Hey Pegs & SB – yes yes still around. haven’t had the time to linger in comment stream like the old days – but hearing Mystic’s plight …. well my thoughts above ^ ^

xox 🙂


Wow what a week…well I am truly sorry to hear of other’s children being put through such horrid trials of suffering, disappointment – a toughening up that is unexpected, hardening…And it appears to be relentlessly so at the moment…There is not much space or time to attend to the wounds of others…Saturn is being a tyrant, and chiron is reminding us of this…The pain for the adults who must bear this for their children too. I really wish you well, peace for the children (Mystic). A strange sort of mirror this has been, the theme from where I am; yesterday… Read more »


Oh Mystic I’m so sorry your kids are going through all that and hope that things improve soon. Your observations about emergency services and politicians are incisive and spot-on, as usual. To A – run, run, run. The guy has done a number on you. Classic manipulations – reel her in, compliment, promise, then go silent, let her blame herself for a few days, come back – or wait for her to msg first – and start the whole toxic thing again. I am going through a sort of white-bread, G rated version of this online at the moment. I… Read more »


“Let Saturn be the door-bitch to your heart”. Yes. I think so.

Guess what happened today, after my post above.
The cad texted me. It’s been months of blessed radio silence. But, his stepdad saw me in the neighborhood, blah blah, he thought he’d say hi.

I blocked his number.

Keep us posted on the bloke whose voice shook, Chrysalis. xo


Thank you for asking 🙂 He is really nice. I like him a lot, and could see us being great mates. But no romance, at least not for me. He is really keen. I will need to let him down and I realised that at post-Chiron return I still have no idea how to say no to a man properly, and with grace, because I grew up expecting to have to be grateful for any attention. Fuq me! I am learning a lot and I realised yesterday that this experience of online dating is actually important and healing for me… Read more »


My advice, humble or not, but at least honest:

Say ‘no’ early & without any ‘you’re a nice bloke’ stuff. Qualifiers, reasons for the rejection, are a shittake.

A clarion call
Beats it all


Thanks PF I appreciate you chiming in.

We’ve had two dates – I liked him the first date and wanted to see if my reticence was just first date nerves. It wasn’t. Time to woman up. *Sigh.*


The reason for this post, Lexie’s Blues, was bcos he couldnt do as he said. Variance between intent and actions are the abstract problem with dating; esp online stuff.

“Woman up” made me think of the coming women’s AFL


Thanks Chrysalis. Yes, Saturn… hmmm. And that whole online thing being so awesome was why I suggested we meet up. Didn’t seem any point in being uncertain any longer whether he and our connection was real or not, I wanted to know. Thank the Goddess I didn’t let it go longer than a week before trying to arrange to actually meet him, ho hum.


Ohh right it was only a week – I’m sorry I didn’t understand the timeframe properly and assumed it was much longer.
Good on you for not letting it go longer. I would agree that a week of to/fro is enough before meeting someone. Sounds like you’re learning a lot about what’s right for you in your new world of dating after your long relationship. Good luck and keep us posted xx


Let saturn be the door-bitch to your heart needs to be on a shirt! Brill!

Suzi E

He’s not a REAL person…

There’s lots of them on Facey… don’t believe it just because you see it… in pictures… hehe.

I think it’s time for you… TO GET REAL 🙂

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Don’t stress to much about missed opportunities—hottest dude ever? THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HOTTER ONES—-FACT.

Dude didn’t show up—-that’s not very soulmatey is it? Also THIS LINE: ‘I really want to explore what I feel, what we feel. Opportunities like this come along so rarely and life is too short to waste this just because of social norms etc etc —–sounds like he has a wife and kids or something.

Personally I don’t do online dating–I prefer to date with my nose.


The Australian Army has strict rules about posting pix of operations on social media. Everything about this profile screams “fake”. Be glad it was a no-show. Go and do something amazing and don’t waste your time on fake people, fake careers, fake love and fake concern from our government.

curiouser and curiouser crab

Loving the soapbox Mystic. Hope the kiddo stuff has happy endings and yes, yay for these wonderful community workers.


Mystic made me laugh wholeheartedly about the ongoing banality that just keeps rollllllling from the next to the next to the next like the big cosmic joke and pantomime, then getting to the end and saying “I don’t want to go”?!? Axxxxx- am over the mess of an individual who tapped the most animus, lizard brain self of my being- triggered all my deep wounding/ trauma- through abuse, through assault down down down way back to the separation and death of my twin at the age of a premmie week old! That only took a half-lifetime to resolve then- thanks… Read more »


i am realising that online exchanges are extremely prone to fantasy/play, Neptunian perhaps, and therefore often unreliable. This could be me, as in I had a story quite similar. I was upset fro a while but then it got boring. I hope this seems boring to you soon A. I think someone above when they said this could be a lesson rather than an opportunity, a lesson for you and I don;t mean that in a disciplinarian sense, I mean a gift. Good luck! Mystic, tough week! love to you and the kids! yes, when you are vulnerable there is… Read more »


The odds of that happening, the pic above, are very remote,,in Oz at least.
There is hardly any publicphones left.




So lol …. Been there, done that. So lol. Mystic is utterly right xxx


Hey sounds like the normal tinder scenario to me. Seriously girls, get off that thing. The ruse is not good for anyone.


Mystic I’m so grateful for you. Bullshit tolerance level of 0 isn’t cynicism. I’m not sure if that’s even the right word or philosophy to describe what it isnt.

It’s like a watching vajra clarity smite the oppressors. Deep deep compassion visible amongst the totally reasonable anger at unjustice. Thank you.


Dear Mystic, So sorry to hear what’s going down with everything family wise. May the force be with you, not that you need it strong, beautiful mumma!!
What a freakin fabulous and superbly written on-point post. This should be a front page news article!!! There has to be total rehash of the equilibrium and it’s got to happen ASAP!! Thank you again Mystic (as alway).
And dear A, been there, done that too. Ultimately, you’ve ‘dodged a bullet’, and with time you’ll realise just how deserving you are of so much more xx


He has a shop nearby, you say? Fuq what are you waiting for: that’s like fish in a barrel, Axxx! Get over there & ask to speak with him by name, like you’re a customer with a complaint or something. Do not wait: Confront. If the shop worker doesn’t know who you’re talking about, then you have your answer; if Mr Wonderful-on-the-phone does appear from the backroom, then you can let him know what a disappointment he is in real life. In other words, Closure. Get over there & get yours. Does that sound cray? Sorry, you’ll have to speak… Read more »


Yeah I’m seriously considering a little visit to that store. Problem is he’s a manger and I know he runs the online store from home too so he may not be there. Worth a shot though you’re right. 🙂


😉 Fishing expedition. Take your waders & net. Good luck!


Oh yes. I’d be organising a group outing with my friends 🙂


Mystic, I too hope that all turns out well, safe and sound, for you and yours. Holding all of you, and the professionals helping you as best they can, in my heart. As for Axxx, I concur with many of the others that he may be an illusion. However. For what it’s worth, I met my now husband on Tinder, a little less than a year ago. We met May 26th, 2015 and got married September 6th, 2015. There wasn’t the screen chemistry that my other Tinder matches made possible either in photos or conversation. He didn’t stand out to… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

Aries girl… changed your name for a moment.. Congratulations! Thanks for the descriptive dating success. Love reading about these!!

Good Luck!


Beautiful story, thanks for sharing


No need to apologise – it was beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring to read, thank you x

The Venus Fly

“In between, I had brunch and dog walks with several interesting, intelligent, well-traveled, emotionally mature men who were like angels escorting me forward, illustrating a diversity and nobility of male expression that I am still grateful for, even though they and I never met more than once.”

This is everything. I adore the Sacred Male presence and to see you “see” it and value it is just gorgeous.

Congrats on your marriage, darlin’ – health, happiness, love, laughter and adventure in abundance to you both 🙂 <3


Yes! Yes, yes YES! See this is why I’m on Tinder. I want to meet new people and just see. I’m not looking for anything special, I’ve just emerged from a 16 year relationship but I want to hang with people and hell, maybe it’ll yield something and I’m hoping to gain experience from being in good male company. But this just happened!! I wasn’t expecting it at all. Talk about being knocked on my arse – I really REALLY liked this guy, he sounded awesome on screen. Pretty shitty start on Tinder but I am soldiering on, no pun… Read more »


Lexie, I met someone on RSVP 2yrs ago and it was very obvious from the very first time we wrote we had a connection… Yes sounds mad. I felt an incredible pychic connection between us before even meeting. I could even feel when he was thinking of me and about to even text me to when he was close by. After we met it went on and on for 9months i had some strange experiences ive never experienced before or thought could happen psychically. our moon and sun is in Leo. His Mars and venus in gemini, mine in aqua… Read more »


Hmmmm, Anna I really hope he does show again, party because I really want to see if this zing is as zingy in real life. I wonder if he got scared and ran too, it doesn’t excuse his behaviour, but it’s possible. Not knowing is the killer. I mean shit, he could be under a bus for all I know. And if we did meet, maybe we’d be like, ‘Oh, what the hell was all that about? Yep, see ya.” in which case, hey ho… next! But I’d rather know, which is why I asked him to meet me. So… Read more »


L, I hope he appears again too. Give him heaps of space if he does. He could have felt too much pressure of not living up to expectations. Or a bad experience in the past of feeling entrapped or something. Have faith that if he is a good sort he’ll appear again and if he was dishonest from the start then that’s why he hasn’t followed through. Get busy doing something else for now. Lift your spirits n dont mope one little bit 🙂

The Venus Fly

I don’t believe men get scared by connection. I think they get scared by a woman they LACK connection with latching onto them. When men are fascinated they run towards not away. At least that is what I have observed living on 4 continents.


I agree Venus Fly, and I resent romantic comedies/dramas for perpetuating that idea. Sometimes even if a man feels connected to you, he won’t go through with it if some aspect of it doesn’t fit his idea of what he wants. The frustrating bit is that what they articulate about what/whom they want doesn’t necessarily follow what or who they pursue, likely for subconscious reasons. So I do believe that actions speak louder than words on this, if they want you they sure as hell come and get you.


I agree. I remember reading a guy saying “why would I run away from something I wanted” in regards to the myth of being scared of a connection or liking someone too much. Pretty much everyone is in search of love, why would we run if we felt that was a possibility with someone?

Even if it were true, I wouldn’t want a man that ran from what he wanted. It does not show a healthy sense of self.


It took me a looong time, and lots of bitter experience, to realize that this is the case. Your second sentence especially is so right on.


” illustrating a diversity and nobility of male expression that I am still grateful for”

yes, this! in between times, appreciate all the other men for simply existing and sharing time and energy. balancing, fun, calming. Our brothers out in the world <3


i guess i meant that in a fraternal sense not in a dating sense! still


Hello Axxxx, I know how hard it is to stop thinking about those instant-attraction-karmic type men (it’s been a hell of a dating year for me). But they’re so often soul-progression-encounters not really enduring-partner-material. Sexy but not exactly nourishing. Anyway… this guy: not enduring-partner-material. This could be a major opportunity for growth though! Find your awesome. Lick your wounds. And remember to have a light touch on Tinder. There are good men on there, but so many more wankers (as you say down under). Plus, when I meet a man and the South Node is in any way involved I’m… Read more »

The Venus Fly

You sound crazy spot on to these ears. I was fortunate to realize quickly my last 2 crushes were both resets, not a potential relationship. The first crush was a hardcore mirror into stepping back into authentic self (versus muffling her because she “intimidates” those who weren’t right for me in the first place) and the second exposing deep heart chakra trauma but it was needed because big shifts are happening and the real deal is on its way in a myraid of ways. I truly believe the angels and Universe activate what is needed to help you reach your… Read more »


Amen! Or should that be ah…men!? 🙂


” Personally, i would freak if someone i was yet to meet asked for my birth time – i would be worried that i was being sized up for a non-Virgin sacrifice.” LOL, I feel ya! I give *no one* my astro-vitals….not that many ask, but I treat that info almost with the same level of security I would my SSN. In the wrong hands, it gives licence for someone to project all kinds of garbage onto you, and as a Pluto Rising, I’m rather sensitive to that. As to Ms Axxx, *checks watch* Is Venus conjunct Neptune yet? Why,… Read more »


“… showing up would be a start.”
The woman speaks truth, people!




Hope things are looking up, MM, so sorry to hear about your kiddos. 🙁


Aside from all the other levels of no going on in this situation, cardinal rule number one of synastry must be observed at all times: it doesn’t matter how GOOD the interplanetary connections are if the people involved are not ready or capable. Never do the synastry seriously without studying each chart separately first. I once had almost hilariously good synastry with a guy who was not my usual type at all, it was deep, karmic, soulmate stuff but also soothing and like a homecoming. However his own chart was fraught with harsh Venus/Neptune, Moon/Saturn, Venus/Moon/Uranus stuff that just left… Read more »

Taryn Tantra

Loved your rant ?? Bless you… My beautiful Pisces sis had the exlipse on her birthday – ended her relationship that day (finally) plus my gorgeous nephew #1 had accident ended up having to go for (surgery yesterday and not well, but we’re a strong team and he will come out today). Was prompted to respond because yes, wtf do we care about ‘hot & not happening’ scenarios right now when we’re being hammered by reality! Saturn on my sun in Sagg and Chiron in pisces are done with the rose tinted realms. Thanks lovely…I do wish you and your… Read more »


Oh boy is this true.

In particular, when she mentioned his Venus/Uranus conjunction in Sag, alarm bells started going off. Not exactly a rock of stability there- if that is even his real birthdate!!!


Wow, Mystic, so very sorry to hear about your beautiful kids and their maturation into the dangers of youth. Ugh, the broader community, so inspirational and important to avoid if possible. (Sorry, that’s probably a little dour). Hope it all improves in Chez Medusa toot sweet! As to the lovely young Axxxx. Take this tale or leave it, I am sad to say it applied to me and possibly others pre Saturn Return. So, I have this theory that when we are young, we obligingly cut out along the dotted lines the paper dolls that represent concepts we are supposed… Read more »


That is heartening to hear. We don’t always expect or get support I suppose and it is wonderful when people step up and support, xx. You are a tower of strength!


Yes! In the 20+ years I spent on the front lines, appreciation & some credit can be hard to come by, & can make all the difference in staying strong to fight on another day.

Taurus Vixen

Well as a community worker here in the States all I can say is a fat THANK YOU. It means a lot when a patient or family member says that. Especially on a trying day/week.


Thank You! 🙂
Power Ups & Stay Strong x


Yes, fastest way to break a crush/obsession is find out who they really are. Nothing like the disappointment of reality to bring you back to earth.


“If you think you’re about to fall, point your hands in the direction you are going, and dive gracefully.

At the very least you’ll inspire someone watching you.”

E. Spring


Love this, Sphinxy. xx


Wow, Sphinx, what vivid and poignant imagery. Made me tear up a bit.

My last relationship was the first time I was aware of being projected upon AS it was happening. It was so very odd…like, I’m sitting right here, yet he doesn’t actually see me! So that’s why I never get to talk!


Xx, thank you.


This is so wonderfly poignant, and it rings so true to this Libran. Thank you for posting!


Thanks so much Sphinx. I’m in the process of moving on from a loooong time relationship just like that. Perhaps I was easily sucked in but I know the Universe has been supporting my growth and I thought it had delivered me something special. Guess it did, hah! More growth!!!! 😀


Wow Sphinx, that is one of the loveliest pieces of writing I’ve read on the inter webs in a very long time. And excellent advice as well.


Xx, too kind.


Pure gold Sphinxy, pure gold. Very true to the process of why we move through relationships as we move closer to ourselves.


Thank you Astro friends! Shucks, wish I had taken a mo to polish the mixed metaphors now, didn’t think anyone would read it, lol.

Best wishes for an exciting new time in relationships Lexie, you sound great, enjoy yourself! Blessings & hugs, xx.


Darling MM, my God what a week you’ve had! Glad to hear all are safe and sound and you’ve been blessed with the devotion of those who truly serve. There truly are angels in our midst. I’m still a agog with the whole $ charge for exposing the pervert. It makes me wonder if it would be possible to record the perv the next time he calls, submit this on a police report and request a restraining order..but the number of hoops are daunting. This is the kind of thing that really makes me rethink our privacy laws at times.… Read more »


Thanks fallenangel, all sooo true 🙂 XX

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

hello Angel!

ps.I forgot about Sewer.
He’s probably hanging out with Le Ram and other lesser, long forgotten versions of ourselves non?

Hope you are thriving

xox 🙂 xox

Crystallised future

Sphinx, this is so beautifully written. I had a meditation with crystals some 15 months ago now that said all of this in one sentence – you can only see them properly once you break the reflection. It was a perception changing night.

And yeah mystic, what a manic week. Hope you still get to that damned book deadline!


This is just so true – and expressed so delicately – thank you!


There are a whole bunch of sites like that you can try to see if his photo is on. Also look for reverse image searches where you upload picture and they find the original source. Tin eye is one such site. Chances are you are not the first time he/she has done this. The pictures could be stolen from some other person’s site. Also you can pull EXIF data from a casual photo to see if it matches up with what he says. Many people do not wipe geo location on that or what kind of phone took the… Read more »


Hey Annica, thanks for your suggestions. I already did some sleuthing with reverse image search but came up with nothing. I’ll give your other suggestions a go tho. And yes, if I catch him I will be naming and shaming for sure. No one deserves that kind of behaviour. It beggars belief really 🙁

Taurus Vixen

I did not know any of this. Thank you for sharing.


Talk about projection!

The Venus Fly

BTW Mystic I am sorry to hear about your son. I really hope he’s okay from hereon <3


If it waddled, paddled and quacked, its a duck,
If it didn’t waddle, paddle and quack, its a shmuck.

Telcos are bastards; pure and simple.
It doesn’t ‘cost’ $200.
They charge $200.
Some bloody lawyers and accountants came up with this idea.
It it tacitly says “it is ok to stalk/harass/freak ppl” using comms/media.

The Venus Fly

Mystic – from 11th house humor to putting the pollies in line, I just loved every minute. And she’s right BTW. It’s a waste of think space. I’ve met guys who I have insane IN PERSON chemistry and our charts don’t sync. All the astro ish in the world means nothing when two people choose to NOT meet in a space of mutuality. He stood you up. Not only emotionally prior but physically later. Yes, lilac wine is making your drunk on “hope” but hope is a bad habit – too many men and women have given up years of… Read more »


I agree. I cannot see HOW you can have insane chemistry with someone you’ve never physically met. And looks….pshaw! I’ve met heaps of gorgeous-looking guys with whom I just would never even want to get to first base, because nothing doing. Conversely, the last time i had a massive chemical and mental connection with someone before I met my insanely gorgeous and chemically/mentally connected husband was with a 60-something-year-old bald, short (almost shorter than me and that’s really saying something) academic at a dear friend’s wedding. we started by talking and ended by looking lustfully at each other and planning… Read more »


I love you on your soapbox Mystic! It really does feel like the world needs a big dose of no-bullshit. Though, ironically, the desire for straight-talking is probably what’s fueling Drumpf’s campaign. As for A’s soulmate, no shows are time-wasters. Life is short! And while A is keen to convince herself that there is a connection, I have BEEN THERE sister and there isn’t anyone on the other end of the telephone. Or maybe there is, but he has his hand busy. Meanwhile there’s a virtual sea of hot amazing people waiting to be met, and in there is the… Read more »


Saturn before Neptune- self respect first. Consider it a blessing that he did not appear.

The Venus Fly

^^ This. It’s hard, especially if you’re lonely and/or horny but seriously, this here is it.


I get what you’re saying guys, but I didn’t think that arranging to go out for a drink with someone to ascertain whether or not they were real/get a handle on whether the connection was real in person was in any way lacking in self-respect 🙂


Couldn’t agree more, on both fronts.


Sweet Jesus help me! I am setting up my soap box next to yours while I bust the workplace bullies and their cronies. Am taking it to the next level but am expecting them to fight back nastily.Thought I would wait until the weekend before Mars goes retro on the 18th of April to email through my case so then they have to go on the defensive through the period that Mars is retro. What do you think about that timing? Is there any reason to do it sooner? Do I even need to mention my ascendant is at 24… Read more »

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