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Nancy Regan Interview MAg

Even before she changed dimensions the other day, i always felt like Nancy Regan was a ghost of another era; an apparition of a socio-cultural realm reigned over by Tom Wolfe’s “social X-Rays“. She was, obviously, a young actress who along with her actor husband, ended up running America from the White House. It would be like if Brad and Angelina became President and First Lady, not such a bad idea given some of the current options.

Nancy Regan was a tuberose fragrance loving astrology freak, with the reported interest being most likely just a small percentage of her real involvement.  She was a multiple Cancerian (Pluto, Mars, Sun, Athene, Mercury and Midheaven) with Moon in Leo and Libra Rising. A renowned operator, she swung some deal with Clairol to have a salon and top hairdresser of the day installed at the White House – her personalized hair dye, which Clairol was apparently permitted to publicize as their part of the agreement, was a blend of Miss Clairol Moon Gold and Miss Clairol Chestnut.

I have always fancied her as an undercover witch, secretly gliding around around the White House on moonlight nights, a brisk scent of ‘means business’ sage beneath all the Giorgio and Estee, in a long Pucci thing, tracking along secret ley lines laid out by the alchemists whom (according to Dan Brown) laid out the giant occult pentagram geomantic Feng Shui spell that is Washington.


nancy And Ronald



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27 thoughts on “Lunar Nancy

  1. What a charming tribute to a possible fellow Pseudo Political Astro Witch! i don’t know much about Nancy but I liked her more when I heard about her Astro interest.

    Remote viewing the Vatican, certain organisations politically oriented like the Freemasons is said to be interesting. I am too busy for such shenanigans, but they have apparently all sorts of energetic protective measures in place.
    (Apart from, like, physical bullets of course.)

    So good on Nancy for taking good care of her own on as many levels as possible.

  2. with a CancerVenus, i connect with the witchywoo and yes, lots of that with Nancy…i’m giggling about the “before she changed dimensions the other day” as the same could be said for that other LunarLady–Jerry Hall 😉

  3. Reading this about Nancy made me feel sorry for the Bush matriarch. I noticed her looking frazzled at one of her nut job sons political rallies. Not sure what people will say about her legacy.
    Let’s do a quick comparison. Nancy, married to the most idolized republican in living memory, the man who won the Cold War and bought down the wall.
    Mother Bush … Well we all know what happened there. Poor dear.

  4. i loved that Jane Fonda played Nancy in THE BUTLER (Alan Rickman as Ronald).
    What surprised me most was reading about how dedicated Nancy was to Ronald when he became ill, loyal until the very end.
    Wouldn’t let anyone else get involved.

    • Coincidently was loaned The Butler a few weeks ago and was going to return it unwatched but now shall view it!

  5. In a Teri Gross interview circa 1989 she said that after Ron’s shooting that they almost lost him twice- Maybe anoxia contributed to the dementia later.

    That was the Pluto Kataka generation. In the States, women got the vote in 1920. She was an era unto herself. Much admired by my mum- who thought that Mrs. R was brainer than than Mister.

  6. Reagan began dismantling California’s first-rate — and virtually free — public college system when he was governor; Nancy and her “Just Say No” campaign initiated the War on Drugs which destroyed so many lives. (I have personal experience with both of these travesties.) A lot of the dysfunction you are now seeing in America began with the Reagans. They weren’t heroes.

    • I was not actually commenting on political Nancy but more her persona in culture via her frequently noted interest in astrology, a sort of whimsical post riffing on that. If you read it, you might see that the post is free of actual political commentary?

      But speaking of politics, whatever that thing is called doing the rounds with Trump inserted into Game Of Thrones is hilarious

      • Did you see the Stars Wars meme? I had fun traumatizing my hardcore SW friends with that one, lol #MayThe4thBeWithYouAll

      • Thanks Mystic! An insightful, eloquent and beautiful write up!

        The Pucci picture imagery is just darling, as I imagined Nancy out on the ranch as Ronnie’s carer, alone and a recluse, now i think of someone with incredible light.

        facta non verba x

      • I apologize, Mystic. I was actually replying to some of the other comments … People who weren’t around back then can have an idealized picture of that era …
        I don’t know what Neptune was up to in the ’80s, but acting (!) as POTUS and FLOTUS the Reagans were able to delude the whole country into thinking it was suddenly 1950. Everyone wanted to believe the schmaltzy slogan that it was Morning in America Again, with Ronnie and “Mommy” (as he called her — so Kataka!) our benevolent sit-com parents.

  7. Thank you, Jamma. Each to their own but yeah, to many of us NOT part of the mainstream (a.k.a. who are NOT Anglo) and especially for POC the Reagan’s never have nor ever will be remembered fondly for the swift undoing’s they did to many families by way of their policies and agendas. May her transition be peaceful. I just hope if she return’s next lifetime she embodies more compassion and more foresight from a less privileged space that she inhabited for this lifetime.

  8. ah, this paralleled the thatcher era did it not? deregulation and so on, changing economic conditions and various other lead-ups thru the postmodern condition thingummywhatsit to wherever we are nowadays..

    i quite like cancerians, i mean i don’t quite understand the extreme cardinal thing blended with Mothering The World Or Else, but the emotional acuity and wise strategic thing based on a complete and thorough baseline assessment of all the elements that count, spesh the human element, i really appreciate and learn from. so… yeah

    • I sometimes think that the Cardinal energy in Crabs is not to be “understood” until decades later, upon deep reflection, if at all. These are the people that you feel, first. They seem to drive very elaborate emotions out of you.

  9. Nancy and Ron were the most heroic couple in the US to lead this country. He was the most respected President and his wife is the most beautiful of the First ladies in this timeframe. We will never have that couple again.

    I will not say anything more since I know how most feel about the Republican way of life.


  10. Brangelina for US President, he’d make such a cute first gentleman

    Russell Brand for UK prime minister

  11. “I have always fancied her as an undercover witch, secretly gliding around the White House on moonlight nights, a brisk scent of ‘means business’ sage beneath all the Giorgio and Estee, in a long Pucci thing, tracking along secret ley lines laid out by the alchemists whom (according to Dan Brown) laid out the giant occult pentagram geomantic Feng Shui spell that is Washington”

    LOVE that visual – so poetic! I was young during the Reagan admin, so can’t comment much re: personal observations of Nancy, but I will say that once I found out she was an astro-enthusiast she was deemed at least partly OK in my book. I harbored similar fantasies of her being a closet weirdo all zipped up in this Conservative veneer, LOL – what’s not to love about that? Straight-laced vanilla on the outside, tutti-frutti on the inside, LMAO! I always appreciate people who are not what they first appear – I love surprises, and have been known to give more than a few myself 😉

    PS – GODDAMN that woman had a shit-hot Sirius!

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